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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

121 / Friday, June 24, 2005 / Notices 36559

Program for Women, Infants and Zone Management, all towns on Cape ADDRESSS: Committee for Purchase
Children, and the Commodity Cod. From People Who Are Blind or Severely
Supplemental Food Program. The Project purposes are watershed Disabled, Jefferson Plaza 2, Suite 10800,
agenda items will include a discussion protection and fish and wildlife 1421 Jefferson Davis Highway,
of general program issues. Meetings of development. Sponsors objectives are to Arlington, Virginia 22202–3259.
the Council are open to the public. (1) improve water quality for shellfish FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO SUBMIT
Members of the public may participate, beds, (2) restore degraded salt marshes COMMENTS CONTACT: Sheryl D. Kennerly,
as time permits. Members of the public and (3) restore anadromous fish Telephone: (703) 603–7740, Fax: (703)
may file written statements with the passages. Alternatives under 603–0655, or e-mail
contact person named above, before or consideration to reach these objectives
after the meeting. include but are not limited to:
Dated: June 15, 2005. Objective 1: Constructed wetlands,
15, and April 29, 2005, the Committee
infiltration basins or trenches, dry wells,
Roberto Salazar, for Purchase From People Who Are
and sand filters.
Administrator. Blind or Severely Disabled published
Objective 2: Enlarging existing
[FR Doc. 05–12479 Filed 6–23–05; 8:45 am] notice (70 FR 19924, and 22297/22298)
culverts to restore marsh hydrology to
BILLING CODE 3410–30–P of proposed additions to the
pre-restriction conditions; marsh and pit
Procurement List.
development to provide fish pools in After consideration of the material
marshes. presented to it concerning capability of
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Objective 3: Water level control qualified nonprofit agencies to provide
Natural Resources Conservation structures, fish ladders, and obstruction the products and services and impact of
Service removals. the additions on the current or most
A draft environmental impact recent contractors, the Committee has
Cape Cod Water Resources statement will be prepared and determined that the products and
Restoration Project, Barnstable circulated for review by agencies and services listed below are suitable for
County, Massachusetts the public. The Natural Resources procurement by the Federal Government
Conservation Service invites under 41 U.S.C. 46–48c and 41 CFR 51–
AGENCY: Natural Resources participation and consultation of
Conservation Service, USDA. 2.4.
agencies and individuals that have
ACTION: Notice of intent to prepare an special expertise, legal jurisdiction, or Regulatory Flexibility Act Certification
environmental impact statement. interest in the preparation of the draft I certify that the following action will
environmental impact statement. not have a significant impact on a
SUMMARY: Pursuant to section 102(2)(C) Further information on the proposed substantial number of small entities.
of the National Environmental Policy action may be obtained for Cecil B. The major factors considered for this
Act of 1969; the Council on Currin, State Conservationist, at the certification were:
Environmental Quality Guidelines (40 above address and telephone. 1. The action will not result in any
CFR part 1500); and the Natural additional reporting, recordkeeping or
Resources Conservation Service Signed in Amherst, Massachusetts on June
15, 2005. other compliance requirements for small
Guidelines (7 CFR part 650); the Natural entities other than the small
Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Cecil B. Currin,
State Conservationist. organizations that will furnish the
Department of Agriculture, give notice products and services to the
that an environmental impact statement (This activity is listed in the Catalog of Government.
is being prepared for the Cape Cod Federal Domestic Assistance under No.
2. The action will result in
Watershed, Barnstable County, 10.904—Watershed Protection and Flood
Prevention—and is subject to the provisions authorizing small entities to furnish the
Massachusetts. products and services to the
of Executive Order 12372 which requires
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: intergovernmental consultation with State Government.
Cecil B. Currin, State Conservationist, and local officials.) 3. There are no known regulatory
Natural Resources Conservation Service, alternatives which would accomplish
[FR Doc. 05–12591 Filed 6–23–05; 8:45 am]
451 West Street, Amherst, MA 01002, the objectives of the Javits–Wagner–
413–253–4351. O’Day Act (41 U.S.C. 46–48c) in
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The connection with the products and
environmental assessment of this services proposed for addition to the
federally assisted action indicates that
the project may cause significant local, End of Certification
regional, or national impacts on the
Accordingly, the following products
environment. As a result of these Procurement List; Additions and services are added to the
findings, Cecil B. Currin, State
AGENCY: Committee for Purchase From Procurement List:
Conservationist, has determined that the
preparation and review of an People Who Are Blind or Severely Products
environmental impact statement is Disabled. Adhesive Roller Mop
needed for this project. ACTION: Additions to Procurement List. NSN: M.R. 1095—Refill
Area: Barnstable County, excluding NSN: M.R. 1085—Mop
Federal lands. SUMMARY: This action adds to the NPA: Winston-Salem Industries for the
Sponsors: Barnstable County Procurement List products and services Blind, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
to be furnished by nonprofit agencies Contracting Activity: Defense Commissary
Commissioners and the Cape Cod Agency (DeCA), Fort Lee, Virginia.
Conservation District. employing persons who are blind or
Partners: Massachusetts Division of have other severe disabilities. Services
Marine Fisheries, Massachusetts Coastal EFFECTIVE DATE: July 24, 2005. Service Type/Location: Cleaning Service—

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