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VOLUME 39 N UMBER 32 | OC TOBER 18, 2015

Dear Eastminster Family,

As surely as God provided the rainbow as a sign of
His presence and His promise after the first flood,
so God is with us now.

Associate Pastor
Associate Pastor
Parish Associate
Director of Childrens Ministries
Director of Music Ministries
EDS Director
Business Manager
Member Involvement

As surely as God provided 7,000 more faithful

people when Elijah felt all alone and abandoned,
so I want those of you hardest hit to know you are
not alone. God will continue to show up and send
support in ways seen and unseen.
As surely as Jesus calmed the storm on the Sea of
Galilee, so I hope you can see the chaos, calamity and confusion of last
Sunday yielding to the Divine power of compassion, caring and community in the days since.
As surely as Paul wrote that neither hardship nor persecution or danger,
neither death nor life, nor powers, neither height nor depth nor anything else in all creation will separate us from the love of God in Christ
Jesus, so I believe even and especially after this past week that this is
true. And I hope you do too.
Weve talked this past year about being the Body of Christ. I want to
affirm and thank you for fleshing that out in powerful ways these past
days. Whether carrying furniture, cooking meals, counseling children,
calling to check on people, coordinating relief, praying, or writing
checks, I have been amazed at how you all and this entire community
have shown that our God is stronger than this storm.
Let us continue praying and working to love those most impacted this
storm. Let us continue praying and working to love those near and far
who live every day in the midst of the storms of life. Let us continue
finding ourselves by giving ourselves to become the people our Lord has
created us to be.
In Christs Love,

(Most of the above is excerpted from this past Sundays sermon.)

Advent Devotions Are Needed

Members willing to write Advent devotions are asked to contact Shelli Knapp in the church office, 256-1654, ext. 122.

Please LIKE Eastminsters Page on Facebook

Facebook users are encouraged to visit Eastminsters Facebook Page and LIKE the page by clicking the appropriate button located on the large photograph at the top
EPC Tweens attending CROSS mission
of the page. As the churchs Facebook community grows,
this form of social media can be used as a community
EPC fourth- and fifth-graders, and a parent, will be traveling to
Myers Park Presbyterian, Charlotte, Friday-Saturday, Oct. 30- wide outreach tool for telling the story of Gods work
31, to participate in the Myers Park CROSS Missions ministry. within the church.
EPC volunteers will leave late Friday afternoon and return by
Saturdays dinner hour. CROSS will match EPC participants
with mission projects on Saturday morning and early Saturday
afternoon that are age appropriate, and that kids and parents
can do together. Cost is $20 / child; parents are free. Contact
Croskeys at for more information
or to register.

Prayer Cards Available at Welcome Desk

Prayer Cards are available at the Welcome Desk. Please take one
and use it to pray for people and the ministries listed. Where
there are updates for the cards, please let Shelli Knapp or Lynn
Grandsire know.

Register now for Novembers Haiti Mission trip

Registration is open for the EPC mission trip to Leogane, Haiti, Saturday-Saturday,
Nov. 7-14, flying out of Charlotte. The team will be doing light construction and
painting in addition to offering medical and dental assistance to the doctors, dentists and nurses working at Hospital St. Croix and the maternity clinic at Darbonne.
The cost of the trip is $1,000, payable to Eastminster. The trip payment will be reflected on annual giving statements as a missions gift. Additional scholarship funds
are available if needed. To register for the trip or for more information, contact Julie
McDaniel, or 256-1654.

AC Flora Falcons visiting EPC

Please welcome the AC Flora Falcons varsity football team

as they attend Jubilee worship on Sunday, Oct. 25.

P.E.P. Adult Ministry meeting Tuesday, Oct. 27

Guest speakers William & Kappy Hubbard (members of EPC) will lead a fun
program at the Tuesday, Oct. 27 meeting of P.E.P. in Thompson Hall, 11:45
a.m. to 1 p.m. Speakers will share about
the re-dedication ceremony of the
Magna Carta in England as well as their
meeting with the Queen. RSVP to Shelli Knapp ext 122.

EPC Members Serving in New Orleans with RHINO

Applications accepted for High School Youth Director

Eastminster Presbyterian is accepting applications for the full-time position of High School Youth Director. This position will serve alongside
the Middle School Youth Director. The director will work to develop
relationships with students and their families, and provide leadership
through evening Bible studies, summer programs, trips, conference and
other related programs as well as recruit and train volunteers, teachers
and other lay leaders. The director will provide and promote mission opportunities, and serve as part of a staff ministry team. Candidates must
be, in part, clear communicators and possess a vision and passion for
high school youth. Candidates must be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ
and committed to serve Him through ministry. For more information,
applicants should contact Bill Collins, Business Manager at bcollins@

Annual Christmas Tree and Wreath Fundraiser

Sponsored by the Youth of EPC, Christmas Tree and Wreaths may be ordered, beginning
Thursday, Oct. 1 through Sunday, Nov. 22 through the church website ( or following worship services. Each young person helping with the project receives
credit toward a mission trip or youth conference.

Memorial Gifts Supporting the Eastminster Volunteer Help Needed in Church Office
The church office staff is in need of someone who can devote
In memory of Patty Tuite, given by Lee E. Rambo,
Dr. & Mrs. Edward G. Mintz, Richard F. Davis, Sue &
Ernest McCutcheon, Gill & Eleanor Ellison, Frances R.
Ross, M/M Tom McTeer, Aimee & Michael Schraibman,
Bertine J. Knoll, Ann Petty, Barbara & John McArthur,
Kelley & Anthony Woody.
In memory of Elmer Roy Benton, Jr., given by Mary
B. Benton.
In honor of Beverly Mims, given by the USC Chapter
of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Memorial Gifts Supporting the Service Opportunity
Fund for Mission Trip Scholarships
In honor of Jane & Peter Brissette, given by John &
Sheila Arnold.

their time from Noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesdays and 11 a.m. to

1 p.m. on Fridays, answering the telephone at the reception
desk. This service will help give the staff a break for their lunch.
Please contact Tricia at 256-1654 or if you are willing to serve the church in this manner.



Congregational Love and Sympathy are extended to:

The family and friends of Betty Harden, October 6.

On weekends a minister is on call. If you have a crisis which

one of the ministers needs to know about, phone 256-1654
and leave a message. A minister will return your call.

The 2015 Advent Retreat, Friday-Sunday, Dec.

4-6, at Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain,
NC, will include hiking, shopping, singing, worship and rich fellowship. Registration brochures
are available throughout the Eastminster church
property and on the church website,

Advent Retreat

Send the church your email address!

A Celebration Concert, Nearer, Still Nearer will

be Sunday, Nov. 1 from 4-6 p.m. in the sanctuary.
The concert will include the choir and orchestra,
featuring a variety of music sure to uplift and inspire.


Celebration Concert

Save The Date! There will be a Congregational

Luncheon in the gym on Sunday, Nov. 15 follow
ing worship services. More information coming!

Congregational Luncheon

Due to the recent flood, the Stewardship Committee is moving Dedication Sunday from October 18 to November 22. Further details will be
announced soon. Until then, 2016 pledges may
be made via mail or through the web site.

Dedication Sunday Rescheduled

Live Streaming

Out of town? Unable to attend? Eastminster is pleased

to announce that you can now watch the sermons via the
website through live streaming. You can use this link (http:// or go to the home page and
click on sermons. The live streaming will be at the top of the

Deadline for UPDATE

Send your information to share with the congregation

Please have your information in by October 25th
for the November 8 th update.

Eastminster Presbyterian Church

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Update for October 18, 2015