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Autocorner- It is type of winding M/C in which Ring bobbins are

coneerted into large cones by removing of spinning fault.

In order to form package of right weight for subsequent processing

stages, the winding M/C can be led by Ring Sopun yarn bobbin.
Package Can thus be Sub divided according to their shape.
(a) Cylinderial
(b) Cones with tapers up to 420
(c) Conical with taper Range from 55 to 915.
The yarn unwound from the package passes through yarn tenscouring

ad. Control system.

With the help of groovel cylinder yarn is wound everly around the

large package.
The yarn entry the Recess in the cylinder 1 this the Rotas Movement

of cylinder correspond to translation of yarn.

Ring Tube
Waxing Device
Yarn Clear
Winding Drum
A modern winds M/C can be process yarn Raging from a count a No.

2 to final. Ones at a wind speed of 400 to 2000m/min.

Further function of winding are to check the yarn and to eliminate any

found is found. This is done by process clearing to passed by yarn

through a electronic device known yarn clearer which assessed to
According to set foalameta yarn section and certificate if those
exceeded value are exceeded then yarn is cut and spiced.
Spliy is done by using air spliy system or twin splicer system.
Waxing Service to lubricate the yarn redacting to Minimum its
friction with its parts when it come in contact.
This operation is normally carried on yarn so that design to process of
knitwear M/C where smooth Running if yarn is Essential.
Waxing is carried on the winding M/C which is equipped with
positive drive adjustibe waxing system that provide constard waxing
of the yarn
Objective of Winding

(1) To prepare are bigger package from Ris bobbin with specific paytm and
(2) To remove spinning faults
(3) To waxing and condition of material
(4) To improve ability of yarn.
Cradle It is function is to provide setting to cone/ package having package
holders it lies on upper part of M/C on drum.
Drum- It is polished surface Mettic drum slighty cone type having different
diameter at both Sides- 90mm on one and 100 mm on other mm on side Drum
has groove cut to obeyed cross winding on package drum speed 1000-2000
Tension Assembly - Yarn Assembly provide sufficient tension to the yarn
during unwounding from cap to winding on conesidue to sufficient tension hold
on yarn ad densce package can be formed.
Yarn cleare- As the spun yarn has various faults i.e. this, twick, place, web,
rairness embedded particles of dust, leaves coloring metres, fly, short and long
defect. It function to Removes these faults according to given set of value on
electron touch to meet the quality requirements.
Cutters The purpose of cutter is cut to yarn whenever required during winding
Ballon Breaker- Its function is to break ballon central the length of yarn ballon
during unwinding from the cap because yarn is passed at high speed during
winding operation an hack high tension developed. Therefore that tension
become equalized by ballon breaker.
Waste Yarn cutting and supply it sucks the waste yarn.

Bobbin plate- The function of bobbin plate is to Rotates the bobbin one by one.
Bobbin Per/holder It is disk type it function is to hold the filled bobbin for
unwinding fourpas.
Lower scissor- When bobbin is complete if and the yarn
Upper Scissor It friction is to takes out the yarn from lower scissor towards it
Tension clip It is employed to give tension waxing, bruch to provide smooth
surface to yarn wax is applied especially intended for knitting. The function if
waxing is to apply wax to yarn to Make it hair stick.
Waxing Motion If function is to completly Run wax.
Precleaner- It function is to gauge the yarn according to the required of count
for instance + 16 gaugae 1.2mm, Ne 20s= 1.0 mm and 30s = 0.8mm.
Enter Flip Its function is to provide path during bobbin inlarge when one
bobbin is completed.
Sunction Mouth Whenever yarn break during winding a packing more in a
direction with slow speed, during this sunction move to suck the broken yarn.
Spilicer- Splicers is used to cisco two beeds yarn by air splicing
Hariness Nozzle- Nariness Nozzle is used to reduce hariness.

The billed bobbin are placed in Magazine end the each bobbin yarn is


putted in suction head of Magazine for each spinder

Cone are placed on creel.
Then spindle start running after empty Bobbin fals upon the bobbin
plate through centre lip after this the pipe takes the yarn from the

bobbing plate towards the spliring Mech. Where it is joined with On

the end if yarn which is caught by sunction.
Effect of Raw Material on Autocones ProductionRaw Material as in cotton May be cotton like J 34-MCB, S-6. If we take about J
34 cotton which certain more Nep, Thick, and slub due to which break in cotton
take place a certain times. The quality product and be produced from cotton like
S6 which as less Nepas, slub as comparison to J 34 for the issue cost and
production and quality factor, the Mixing is generally take place (S6+J34) is
spinning due to production increase and cost decreases.

In Raw Material parameter that effects are staple tenth span tenth,
Staple tenth led to increase in production because less twist/ inch is

required to given enough steering.

Fibre strength.

Mouth from came during reverse movement

While unwounding of take place it passed to ballon break which centrales
the tension
After this passed through various operation like waxing.
After waxing passed through slub catches when yarn length deviate from
yarn length set then it out the yarn.
After it passes through spilling unit to Make the knot free yarn during spling
the wasted yarn is succeded by suction.
After spiling cross wouding is that during to presence of groove of drum.
Winding Transfer from smaller to byse keeping


Extraction of yarn faults

To Remove Spining fault+ Thick & thing
Qual of yarn.
Manufacture of large package.
Winding process, wax Applies to reduce Abrashter ad friction resistance
Make softer.

Yarn trans

Splice cutter

Gate Beela



(c) Effect of count on Autoconer production Ring frame Count has most
impacted impressed on Autocone Productions. E.g. If we task about 40 s CH
yarn and 80s CW yarn.
(1) The spindle speed was varied from 12500 RPM to 14000 RPM to 40 SCH
for 80s CH yarn from 16000 RPM to 18500 RPM.
The spacer sized varied from 2.75 m to 3.5mm and break draft from 1.19 to
1.40. The traveller Size (16/0, 15/0, 14/0) and T.M. (3.8, 4.0, 4.2) very period.
In case of 80s CW yarn for imperfection of -50% to 50% +200%
sensitivily level. Increase of rate for 9-20% by changing the spindle speed from
16000 RPM to 18500 RPM Similar trend is also observed at extra senstivily
imperfection. As a result the total normal and extra sensitive tension -40%,
-35%, +140%) imperfection increase by 15% in both case on increase spindle












Total imperfection
Normal (-50%, +50%, 200%)
(-40%, +35%, +140%)
Total classimate : fault/100 km
40 CH










+ 140%




Total (-50+50+200%) 150-184

- (-40+35, 140%)


Total classimet faults/ 100h- 310-48.4 In case of 40 CH yarn it is

observed that with increase in spacer size increase with 3.0 mm to 3.5 mm the
imperfection decrease Minimize spacer size 2.50 mm.
Effect of spiling on production
For long time winding was consider to be simple unimported and Non
production process. Because it transfer yarn only. But Now we receive
autocomon splicing. Because of its splicing quality increase As No knoll found
in cone package.
In Auoconer Splicing in Air Splicing
Protection during splicing During splicing of yarn the two yarns when spilited
some yarn is waste and this is hold as sunction waste. Splicing is done by air
Splicing satisfy the demand of knot free yarn joining. No extraneous mattering
is used and hence splicing enable a high degree of yarn clearing to be obtained
on electronic yarn clear .
Splicing Mechanical, Phenumatic Electroslahes Phenomatic is better, Othus
has drawns back like limited field of application high cost maintainance
operation property of yarn produced.
Quality feature
Q- As due to splicing quality increase of decrease.

Let we have parent parent yarn and spliced yarn. To check to strength of these
we has instrom 5540 tensile tested was used to check break strength of original
and spiliced yarn
The specinic length waste set to 500 min. And as a Result both the parent for
yarns and spiliced yarn were determined from 50 end/violet. Specimen were
mounted in clamp in such a way that the spoliced linkage of yarn was in the
Middle of clamp distance in the tensile tester. Wind performance the tests we
took Account only these measured in which breaking of spiced yarn was
situated exactly at the place of longs.
For we determine the following quality.
Breaking force of parent yarn, splicet yarn = Frn, Frp [ Cn]
Enongtion at Brak of parent spiliced yarn Ern, Erp (%)
Breaking Tencity of parent ad spiliced yarn wtn, Wtp (Cn/Tey(
Strength Parameter of spiliced yarn

Erp (Cn)

Elomagnetic Erp (%)



Ets= (CN/tax) 4.08-5.53

To compare purent ad spiliced yarn


66.70 90.87
NE %
44.88 71.53

Why waxing is Needed

Applica of proper wax Results in production of better quality yarn by product

friction different and giving Through proper waxing. A uniform yarn tension is
Maintained and through the knitting operation to obtain optimum productivity.
Major Effect of Waxing
(1) Project Yarn from friction coefficient in knitting operation
(2) Impart better perling luster to yarn
(3) Impart Tension strength of yarn
(4) Make Yarn Smooth & Flexible
(5) Protects yarn from State charges
(6) Reduce Friction Coefficient
(7) Reduce Loose Fibus
(8) Effect Steam setting.
Weight For Most effect and Economic use of P.M. Wax Roll An Optimum
Amount of Wax Adhered to yarn is Approx. 0.05%-15 or Yar wt.
Effect of Winding of Stem Speed
Production 300-2200 m/e
Depend upon yarn type and Bobbon builded M/C specification due to usual
winding we known gibbering & Pattering Occurs
Feature Drum Make Revolutions double features of effectives winding point
and Revolve at (N) RPM. The Pakage Revolves at (n) RPM). The diameter
of drum and package are D and d resp. Neglady Slipage b/w package and
drum surface of two should Eq= PDN = PdN
Time take by drum

Revolution / double

DN = dN
n D

N d

Transverse Double that time so package will rotate interval - / N revolute

By Increase of speed of winding to excess Amount Pattering & Rebounding

1 Lead to Near Breakage Due to Tension Generation in yarn
2 Due to low winding speed sleight off yarn