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Word Smart

Mintios bleg, ntru, nuc, neghiob, nerod, netot, tmp,

tont, redus, ntng, nepriceput, prost, prostnac, tntlu

interpellate interpela

interrelated adjective/ntrletd/closely connected and

affecting each other.a number of interrelated
problems.interrelated with something the belief that the mind is
closely interrelated with the body.

salacious/sles/expressing sexual interest, or containing

too much sexual detail,salacious gossip.-synonim lascivious

lascivious/lsvis/lasciv,sexually interested or active in an

unpleasant and unwelcome way -Care a la plceri senzuale;
senzual, voluptuos; obscen, imoral.

prurient adjective/prrint/having or showing too much

interest in things connected with sex-a prurient interest in the
details of a rape case

loquacious adjective/l
kwes/locvace,locuace,locutius,talking a lot-He is particularly
loquacious on the topic of politics.synonym talkative-Vorbre,
care vorbete mult.

spontaneous adjective/spntenis/spontan,not planned

but done because you suddenly want to do it-a spontaneous
offer of help,often doing things without planning to, because you
suddenly want to do them,(specialist) happening naturally,
without being made to happen -spontaneous remission of the
disease,done naturally, without being forced or practised a tape
recording of spontaneous speech.-a wonderfully spontaneous
performance of the piece

remission noun/rmn/remisiune a period during which a

serious illness improves for a time and the patient seems to get
better-The patient has been in remission for the past six
months.-The symptoms reappeared after only a short remission.
(British English) a reduction in the amount of time somebody
spends in prison, especially because they have behaved wellWith remission for good behaviour, he could be out by the end
of the year.She has been granted a remission of sentence.He
lost two months remission after he attacked another prisoner.(formal) an act of reducing or cancelling the amount of money
that somebody has to pay-New businesses may qualify for tax

voluble/vljb()l/volubil,someone who is voluble talks a

lot,voluble speech is quick and continuous.

reminiscent adjective/remnsnt/reminiscent,reminiscent of
somebody/something reminding you of somebody/somethingThe way he laughed was strongly reminiscent of his father.[only
before noun] (formal) showing that you are thinking about the
past, especially in a way that causes you pleasure-a reminiscent

reminiscence noun/remnsns/reminiscn,[countable,
usually plural] a spoken or written description of something that

somebody remembers about their past life-uncountable] the act

of remembering things that happened in the past-countable,
-usually plural] something that reminds you of something
similar-Her music is full of reminiscences of African rhythms.

procrastinate verb/prkrstnet/procrastina,to delay

doing something that you should do, usually because you do not
want to do it-People were dying of starvation while governments
procrastinated.A amna sau a ntrzia nceperea execuiei unei
sarcini; a temporiza, a trgna, a tergiversa.

prolix adjective/prlks/prolix(of writing, a speech, etc.)

using too many words and therefore boring (Despre vorbire, stil)
Lipsit de concizie, prea ncrcat; (despre oameni) care se
exprim cu prea multe cuvinte (adesea inutile), confuz sau

liability noun/lablti/rspundere[uncountable] liability

(for something) liability (to do something) the state of being
legally responsible for something-The company cannot accept
liability for any damage caused by natural disasters.-[countable,
usually singular] (informal) a person or thing that causes you a
lot of problems-Since his injury, Jones has become more of a
liability than an asset to the team.-The debate on Europe is
proving to be something of a liability for the Prime Minister.[countable, usually plural] the amount of money that a person or
company owes-The company is reported to have liabilities of
nearly $90000.-Our financial advisers will concentrate on
minimizing your tax liabilities and maximizing your income.

excoriate verb/ekskriet/excoria,excoriate something

(medical) to irritate a persons skin so that it starts to come offexcoriate somebody/something (formal) to criticize
somebody/something severely.

exculpate verb/eksklpet/disculpa.exculpate somebody

(formal) to prove or state officially that somebody is not guilty of
something-The defendant was able to exculpate himself from
liability.A (se) dezvinovi. Tranz. A recunoate c un acuzat
nu este vinovat (i a-l scoate din cauz).

exiguous adjective/ezjus/exiguu,very small in size or

amount; hardly enough-an exiguous salary-Exigent. 2. Foarte
mic, nesemnificativ; insuficient.

proclivity noun/prklvti/proclivitate,procliv adj,proclivity

(for something/for doing something) (formal) a natural tendency
to do something or to feel something, often something bad-his
sexual/criminal proclivities-the governments proclivity for
spending money-Most regimes have self-destructive proclivities.

minatory adjective/mntri/amenintor,threateningminatory words

ominous adjective/mns/de ru augur,prevestitor de

rau,suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the
future-There were ominous dark clouds gathering
overhead.Things looked ominous for Susan.

mingy adjective/mndi/crpnos, small, not generoussynonym stingy

stingy adjective/stndi/zgrcit.crpnos.not given or giving

willingly; not generous, especially with money-You're stingy! (=
not willing to spend money)-Don't be so stingy with the cream!It was a stingy offer and he turned it down.

niggardly adjective/ndli/zgrcit,crpnos.unwilling to be
generous with money, time, etc.(of a gift or an amount of
money) not worth much and given unwillingly

nostrum noun/nstrm/(formal, disapproving) an idea that

is intended to solve a problem but that will probably not
succeed-He criticized such right-wing nostrums as wage freezes
or cuts in public spending.-(old-fashioned) a medicine that is not
made in a scientific way, and that is not effective

linger verb /l(r)/zbovi,a-i pierde,[intransitive] to

continue to exist for longer than expected-The faint smell of her
perfume lingered in the room.[intransitive] (+ adv./prep.) to stay
somewhere for longer because you do not want to leave; to
spend a long time doing something-She lingered for a few
minutes to talk to Nick.[intransitive] linger (on
somebody/something) to continue to look at
somebody/something or think about something for longer than
usual-His eyes lingered on the diamond ring on her finger.[intransitive] linger (on) to stay alive but become weaker-He
lingered on for several months after the heart attack.

onus noun/ns/rspundere,obligatie de raspundere,the

responsibility for something-The onus is on employers to follow
health and safety laws.The onus of proof lies with the

panacea noun/pnsi/panaceu,panacea (for something)

something that will solve all the problems of a particular
situation-There is no single panacea for the problem of
unemployment.Medicament considerat atotvindector. 2) fig.
Remediu contra tuturor relelor; soluie salvatoare n orice

schadenfreude noun/dnfrd/bucurie de a fc rau,,a

feeling of pleasure at the bad things that happen to other
people-I couldnt resist a touch of schadenfreude when he was
defeated so heavily in the election.

docile adjective/dsal/docil,quiet and easy to control-a

docile child/horse

embodiment noun/m
bdimnt/ntruchipare,ncarnare[usually singular] embodiment
of something (formal) a person or thing that represents or is a
typical example of an idea or a quality.He is the embodiment of
the young successful businessman.

ocular adjective/kjl(r)/ocular(specialist) connected with

the eyes-ocular muscles-(formal) that can be seen-ocular proof

sycophant noun/skfnt/sicofnt,a person who praises

important or powerful people too much and in a way that is not
sincere, especially in order to get something from themDenuntor, delator; clevetitor.

pregnant adjective/prennt/pregnant,gravida,(of a woman

or female animal) having a baby or young animal developing
inside her/its body-My wife is pregnant. pregnant with
something (formal) full of a quality or feeling-Her silences were
pregnant with criticism.-preggers adjective/prez/pregnant.

cognoscenti noun/knjenti/people with a lot of

knowledge about a particular subject.

convalesce verb/knvles/convalescen(formal) to spend

time getting your health and strength back after an illness-She
is convalescing at home after her operation.-synonym


acolyte noun/klat/acolit,(formal) a person who follows

and helps a leader-the Emperors faithful acolytes-(specialist) a
person who helps a priest in some church ceremonies-Persoan
care urmeaz, care ajut pe cineva (ntr-o aciune, ntr-un
domeniu de activitate); persoan care urmeaz ndeaproape
ideile cuiva. Prta, complice la o uneltire (criminal). 2. S. m.
Slujitor de rang inferior din clerul catolic, avnd atribuii legate
de cult.

cognizant adjective/knznt/tiutor,having knowledge or

understanding of something.cognizant of the importance of the


1. AVATAR n./vt(r)/avatar,(in Hinduism and Buddhism)
a god appearing in a physical form an archetype; a temporary
incarnation of a continuing,a picture of a person or an animal
that represents a particular computer user, on a computer
screen, especially in a computer game or on social media.entity;
the embodiment of a Hindu deity (esp. Vishnu).

2. AVER v./v(r)/afirma,declara,aver that aver

something + speech (formal) to state firmly and strongly that
something is true ,to declare, to assert; to assert formally or to
prove(in low)She averred that she had never seen the man

3. FLAGELLATE v./fldlet/flagela, to whip; to punish as if

by whipping-flagellate somebody/yourself (formal) to whip
yourself or somebody else, especially as a religious punishment
or as a way of experiencing sexual pleasure. A bate tare cu
biciul, cu vergelele etc.; a biciui. Fig. A critica, a satiriza cu
asprime cu vorba sau n scris.

4. GENUFLECT v./denjuflekt/pleca genunchiul, to bend

one's knees or touch a knee to the ground in worship; to grovel[intransitive] to move your body into a lower position by
bending one or both knees, as a sign of respect during worship
in a church-[intransitive] genuflect (to somebody/something)
(disapproving) to show too much respect to

5. INTERDICT v./ntdkt/interdict, to prohibit, to forbid; to

stop enemy movement by destroying supply lines(law) an
official order from a court that orders you not to do somethingThey are trying to get an interim interdict to stop construction of
the road.-(specialist) (in the Roman Catholic Church) an order
banning somebody from taking part in church services, etc.

6. LICKSPLITTLE n./lksptl/linguitor
,ordinar,adulator,lingau,mgulitor, a toady, sycophant,a person
who tries to gain the approval of an important person.

7. LUBRICIOUS adj./lubrs/lubric, slippery; marked by

instability, elusive; lewd;sexually stimulating-showing a great
interest in sex in a way that is considered unpleasant or
unacceptable. Excesiv de senzual; libidinos. Care a
senzualitatea; excitant, lasciv; obscen.

8. MANUMIT v. manumis-elibera din sclavie, to release from


9. MYRMIDON n.mirmidon, a follower who faithfully obeys

orders without asking questions-numele unui popor foarte pitic
al crui rege fu Achile;pitic 2. fig. om de puin merit i cu
preteniuni exagerate sau ridicole.

1O. OBJURGATE v. a fc objurgaie,to scold sharply

11. OUBLIETTE n. a dungeon that has only one exit: a trap

door in its ceiling

12. PROCLIVITY n./prklvti/proclivitate,a tendency to

want to do a particular thing, especially something a tendency
or inclination, predisposition

13. PUISSANCE n./pwis s/ bad power, strength-Puissance

[singular] a competition in showjumping to test a horses ability
to jump high fences

14. SEQUACIOUS adj. tending to follow,following logically

,slavish,obsequious;obsequious adjective/bsikwis/trying too
hard to please somebody, especially somebody who is
important,an obsequious manner.The waiters came hurrying
forward with obsequious smiles on their faces.

15. THRALL n./rl/erb,iobag, a slave or serf; one who is

psychologically a slave; bondage.-in (somebodys/somethings)
thrall, in thrall to somebody/something(literary) controlled or
strongly influenced by somebody/something

16. TRUCKLE ploconi,a small wheel used to make it

easier to move heavier furniture, a caster; v. to he subservient
or servile


17. BEDIZEN v./bidizn/mpopoona,nzorzona ,to dress in a

gaudy fashion,gaudy adjective/di/too brightly coloured in a
way that lacks taste,gaudy clothes/colours-synonym garish/
er/very brightly coloured in an unpleasant way-garish

Its a little too garish for my taste.

18. BENIGHTED adj./bnatd/noptatic,(of people) without

understanding inexperienced, naive; intellectually or morally
ignorant;unen- lightened,(of places) without the benefits of
modern life.

19. BOMBILATION n.bombilaie,buzzing, humming sound

20. COGNOSCENTE n.-cunosctor a connoisseur; one with

refined tastes,esp. in the fine arts; one "in the
know'.connoisseur noun/kns(r)/cunosctor,an expert on
matters involving the judgement of beauty, quality or skill in art,
food or music-a connoisseur of Italian painting-The exhibition
will be a delight for the collector and connoisseur of silver

21. CONURBATION n./knben/conurbaie,a metropolitan

area; a region that is predominantly urban,a large area where
towns have grown and joined together, often around a city.
Aglomeraie urban format dintr-un ora cu rol de centru, spre
care graviteaz, din punct de vedere economic, administrativ i
cultural, o serie de orae nvecinate mai mici.The region has
several medium-sized towns and cities, but no major

22. DECLASSE adj.declasat having reduced social status, of

inferior status

23. ELAN n./el //eln/great enthusiasm and energy, style

and confidence-She performed with skill and elan. enthusiasm or
vigor; distinctive style


24. ERUCT v.eructa,A rgi.emit stomach gas noisily

through the mouth; belch.

25. FOP n. /fp/dandy, filfizon, spilcuit, a dandy, coxcomb, a

man overly concerned with and usually vain about his manners
and clothes,a man who is too interested in his clothes and the
way he looks

26. FUSTY adj./fsti/muced, ncins, stricat,smelling old,

damp or not fresh, musty, mildewy; old-fashioned,
antiquated,old-fashioned-fusty ideas

27. JEJUNE adj./d

dun/neinteresant,copilaresc,neinsemnat, dull, uninteresting,
insignificant, naive;locking in nutrition; childish

28. MORDANT adj./mdnt/mordant,bitingly sarcastic;

incisive; sharply painful-critical and unkind, but funny-synonym
caustic-His mordant wit appealed to students. (Livr.) Muctor,
caustic. 2. S. m. Substan chimic care fixeaz coloranii pe
fibrele textile.

29. PANACHE n./pn//pn/pana, verve; style;

originally meant a plume of feathers, esp. on a helmet-Pompon
de pene. Fig. Pomp, strlucire:

30. SASHAY v./se/ to walk, to glide in an easy or casual

manner;to strut; to do a certain dance move in which one foot
slides sideways and is then followed by the other(like a gallop);
n. the dance move described above.

31. TATTERDEMALION n.janghinos, one wearing rags or

tattered clothes;adj. rugged

32. TROGLODYTE n./trldat/troglodit, a member of any

ancient or mythological race that dwelt in coves; a recluse, a
brutish person, a hermit-1. Om care triete n caverne.
(Adjectival) Populaie troglodit. 2. Fig. Om cu un nivel de trai
extrem de sczut, care duce o via primitiv. Epitet dat unui
om grosolan, necivilizat, retrograd.


33.AGNATE adj./aegnat/ agnat,from the father's side of a

family; n. an actual relative from the father's side of the family

34. CONSANGUINITY n. /knswnti/consangvinitate,

related by blood; a close affinity

35. CUCKOLD n./kkld/ncornorat,(old use, disapproving)

a man whose wife has sex with another man, a derisive word for
a man whose wife is unfaithful;v. to make into a cuckold

36. DOWAGER n./dad(r)/ a widow with a title or

property inherited from her husband; on older woman of high
social standing,a woman of high social rank who has a title from
her dead husband-the dowager Duchess of Norfolk-(informal) an
impressive, usually rich, old woman

37. DOYENNE n./den/ the senior female member of a

group (the senior male member of a group is called a doyen)

38. HIRSUTE adj./hsjut/hirsut,covered with hair,Cu prul

i cu barba nengrijite. 2. Fig. Aspru, grosolan. Posac, ursuz,
taciturn. 3. (Bot.; despre frunze, tulpini) Prevzut cu peri lungi,
rigizi; hispid.

39. NACRE n. nacru,sidef.mother.of-pearl; adj. iridescent,

like mother-of-pearl

40. PERTINACIOUS adj./ptnes/ Holding stubbornly and

tenaciously to a course of action, Perversely persistent

41. POLTROON n./pltrun/poltron .craven, a coward; a

worth- less person

42.SINE QUA NON n./sne kw nn/ something that is an

essential element or condition-TV coverage is the sine qua non
of a sport if it is to thrive.Trust is a sine qua non for any

43. SOLIPSISM n./slpszm/solipsism,a theory in

philosophy that only the self,the theory that only the self exists
or can be known;can be known to exist; extreme focus on the
self as opposed to relationships with others

44. SUCCUBUS n./skjbs/sucub,female demon who was

supposed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men; a
demon or fiend; a rostitute (the male counterpart of the
succubus is the incubus)/kjbs/(literary) a problem that
makes you worry a lot amale evil spirit, supposed in the past to

have sex with a sleeping woman

45. TERMAGANT n./tmnt/zgripuroaic, a quarrelsome

woman, a shrew, a nag

46. UXORIOUS adj.uxorial,ndrgostit de nevast;sub

papucul nevestei excessively submissive to or fond of one's wife

47. VIRAGO n. /vr/virago, a shrew; a manly woman; a

warrior,a woman who is aggressive and tries to tell people what
to do-his virago of a wife

48. ZAFTIG adj. full-figured, plump


49. COMITY n. courtesy, civility

50. DONNYBROOK n. a tempestuous brawl

51. ENCOMIUM n./enkmim/encomiu,encomion,eulogy or

formal expression of praise, a panegyric;worm praise-panegyric/
pndrk/panegiric,a speech or piece of writing praising
somebody/something-Discurs public n care se elogiaz o
personalitate nsemnat (decedat sau contemporan
oratorului), o comunitate etc. 2. P. gener. Laud (exagerat),
elogiu (excesiv), apologie.

52. EQUIPOISE n./ikwpz//

ekwpz/cumpnie,echilibru,qual in weight or relation- ship;
equilibrium;a counterbalance

53. ETHNOCENTRIC adj./ensentrk/etnocentric.

believing in the supremacy of one's race or ethnic group

54. FUSILLADE n./fjuzled/fusilare, a rapid or

simultaneous discharge of many firearms or a firing squad; a
rapid outburst in quick succession

55. GEMEINSCHAFT n. a group with similar tastes or a

strong sense of identity

56. MARTINET n./mtnet/ an officer who is a strict military

disciplinarian;one who is a stickler for rigid adherence to rules

57. MELIORISM n./melrizm/meliorism,a theory that holds

that the world can he improved with well-directed human
action/Concepie potrivit creia lumea nu este nici cea mai rea
cu putin, nici iremediabil rea, ci poate fi ameliorat sau este n
curs de ameliorare.

58. METTLE n./metl/ courage; quality of temperament,


59. OBSTREPEROUS adj. /bstreprs/ stubbornly and

loudly defiant; clamorous;unmanageable

60. POLLYANNA n./plin/one who is unduly optimistic

61.PYRRHIC adj. related to Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, used to

describe a victory achieved of too great a cost

62. SANGFROID n./sfrw/ extraordinary composure,

even when in danger

63. TRUCULENT adj. /trkjlnt/truculent, ready to fight,

pugnacious; fierce; cruel;deadly; scathing

64. WEAL n./wil/bunstare, prosperitate,prosperity, wellbeing; the general good

Mental and emotional problems

bipolar noun/bapl(r)/bipolar (also manicdepressive(psychology)a person who has bipolar disorder

baby blues noun [plural](informal)a depressed feeling that

some women get after the birth of a baby-synonym postnatal
depression-depresie postnatala

autism noun/tzm/autism ,[uncountable]a mental

condition in which a person finds it very difficult to communicate
or form relationships with others

bipolar disorder noun(also bipolar affective disordertulburare afectiva bipolara)[uncountable, countable]tulburare

bipolara,(old-fashioned manic depression [uncountable])psychology)-a mental illness causing somebody to change

suddenly from being extremely depressed to being extremely


Oedipus complex noun/idps kmpleks/kmpleks/ ,

usually[singular]complexul lui Oedip(psychology)feelings of
sexual desire that a boy has for his mother and the jealous
feelings towards his father that this causes

Electra complex noun/lektr kmpleks/singular]

(psychology)complexul electrei,a young girls unconscious
sexual attraction to her father

combat fatigue noun(also battle fatigue)fatigabilitate de

combatere[uncountable]mental problems caused by being in a
war for a long period of time

catatonia noun/kttni/catatonie[uncountable]
(medical)a condition resulting from a mental illness, especially
schizophrenia, in which a person does not move for long periods

catatonic adjective/kttnk/medical)catatonic ,not able

to move or show any reaction to things because of illness,
shock, etc.-a catatonic trance

schizoid adjective/sktsd(specialist)schizoid,similar to or
suffering from schizophrenia-schizoid tendencies- (Om)
predispus la schizofrenie; tip de temperament caracterizat prin

tendina de izolare i predominarea vieii interioare; (rar)


delirium noun/dlrim/ also/d

lrim/delirium,uncountable]a mental state where somebody
becomes delirious, usually because of illness-fits of delirium-He
mumbled in delirium all night.

delirium tremens noun/dlrim trimenz/also/dlrim

trimenz/[uncountable](medical)= DTs/di tiz/the abbreviation
for delirium tremens (a physical condition in which people who
drink too much alcohol feel their body shaking and imagine that
they are seeing things that are not really there)DELRIUM s. n.
(Numai n expr.) Delirium tremens = boal caracterizat printr-o
tremurare nervoas a feei i a membrelor, pricinuit de

demented adjective/dmentd/dement(especially British

English) behaving in a crazy way because you are extremely
upset or worried-I've been nearly demented with worry about
you.-The children have driven me demented today.-He was
crashing about the house like a demented animal.-See related
entries: Describing strange traits-(old-fashioned or medical)
having a mental illness

dementia noun/dmen/demen[uncountable](medical)a
serious mental disorder caused by brain disease or injury, that
affects the ability to think, remember and behave normally

depressed adjective/dprest /depresiv,deprimat,very sad

and without hope-She felt very depressed about the future.-See
related entries: Unhappiness-suffering from the medical
condition of depression-See related entries: Mental and
emotional problems-(of a place or an industry) without enough
economic activity or jobs for people-an attempt to bring jobs to
depressed areas-See related entries: Economy-having a lower
amount or level than usual-depressed prices

depression noun/dpren/depresie,depresiune,[uncountable]
a medical condition in which a person feels very sad and
anxious and often has physical symptoms such as being unable
to sleep, etc.-clinical depression-She suffered from severe
depression after losing her job.-see also postnatal depression,
post-partum depression-see related entries: Mental and
emotional problems-[uncountable, countable] the state of
feeling very sad and without hope-There was a feeling of gloom
and depression in the office when the news of the job cuts was
announced.-See related entries: Unhappiness-[countable,
uncountable] a period when there is little economic activity and
many people are poor or without jobs-The country was in the
grip of (an) economic depression.-the great Depression of the
1930s-See related entries: Economy, Poverty and famine[countable] (formal) a part of a surface that is lower than the
parts around it-synonym hollow-Rainwater collects in shallow
depressions on the ground.-[countable] (specialist) a weather
condition in which the pressure of the air becomes lower, often
causing rain-an atmospheric depression moving east from the
Atlantic-compare anticyclone-See related entries: The Earth and
the atmosphere

deranged adjective/drendd/deranjat,unable to behave

and think normally, especially because of mental illnessmentally deranged-a deranged attacker-At first I thought he was
deranged.-The plan seemed to be the product of a deranged
mind.-See related entries: Mental and emotional problems

disordered adjective/dsdd/dezordonat,showing a lack of

order or control-disordered hair-a disordered state-He looked
round the disordered kitchen.-It is likely that the universe
started out in a chaotic and disordered state.-opposite ordered(specialist) suffering from a mental or physical disorderemotionally disordered children

dyslexia noun/dsleksi/dislexie[uncountable]a slight

disorder of the brain that causes difficulty in reading and
spelling, for example, but does not affect intelligence

dysphasia noun/dsfez/disfazie[uncountable](medical)a
disorder of the brain that causes difficulty in speaking and

echolalia noun/ekleli/ecolalie[uncountable]-the act of

repeating everything somebody says, as a result of a mental

dyspeptic adjective/dspeptk/dispeptic(medical) connected

with or suffering from dyspepsia-(formal) bad-tempered-Stare
patologic constnd n tulburarea funcional a digestiei, care se
manifest prin diaree, vrsturi, ridicarea temperaturii etc.

dysphoric adjective/dsfrk/disforic(medical)suffering from
a state of worry or general unhappiness-disforie-Tulburare a
dispoziiei (3) manifestat printr-o stare (penibil) de tristee i
fric, nsoit uneori de iritabilitate extrem i de agresivitate.

egomania noun/emeni//imeni/egomanie,
[uncountable]-a mental condition in which somebody is
interested in themselves or concerned about themselves in a
way that is not normal-See related entries: Mental and
emotional problems

exhibitionism noun/eks
bnzm/exhibiionism[uncountable-(disapproving) behaviour
that is intended to make people notice or admire you(psychology) the mental condition that makes somebody want
to show their sexual organs in public-See related entries: Mental
and emotional problems.

egomaniac noun/emenik//imenik/a person

who has a mental condition in which they are interested only in
themselves or concerned about themselves in a way that is not

handicap noun/hndikp/handicap[countable,
uncountable] (becoming old-fashioned, ) a permanent physical
or mental condition that makes it difficult or impossible to use a
particular part of your body or mind-synonym disability-Despite
her handicap, Jane is able to hold down a full-time job.

mental/physical/visual handicap-Which Word?-See related

entries: Mental and emotional problems-[countable] something
that makes it difficult for somebody to do something-synonym
obstacle-Not speaking the language proved to be a bigger
handicap than I'd imagined.-In a job like this, lack of experience
is no real handicap.-[countable] (sport) a race or competition in
which the most skilful must run further, carry extra weight, etc.
in order to give all those taking part an equal chance of winning;
the disadvantage that is given to somebody you are competing
against in such a race or competition-[countable] (in golf) an
advantage given to a weaker player so that competition is more
equal when they play against a stronger player. It is expressed
as a number related to the number of times a player hits the
ball and gets lower as he/she improves-He plays off a handicap
of 5.

handicapped/hndikpt/handicapat,(becoming oldfashioned, )suffering from a mental or physical handicapsynonym disabled-a visually handicapped child-The accident left
him physically handicapped.-Steven was born severely
handicapped.-special equipment for visually handicapped
children-see also mentally handicapped-See related entries:
Mental and emotional problems-the handicapped noun [plural]
people who are handicapped-a school for the physically

instability noun/nstblti/instabilitate, uncountable,

countable, usually plural](pl. instabilities)the quality of a
situation in which things are likely to change or fail suddenlypolitical and economic instability-See related entries: Economy-a
mental condition in which somebodys behaviour is likely to
change suddenly-mental/emotional instability-See related

entries: Mental and emotional problems-opposite stability-see

also unstableHe showed increasing signs of mental instability.Instability may arise at times of change.-racism causes political
instability and violence.-The increased inflation will inject a
degree of instability into the economy.-The law was introduced
to avoid instability during the transition.-a long period of
economic instability-economic instability resulting from climate
change-the inherent instability of financial markets

deliberately injure yourself, for example by cutting yourself, as a
result of having serious emotional or mental problems-As a
teenager I was self-harming regularly.

self-mutilation noun-automutilatie, [uncountable]the act of

wounding yourself, especially when this is a sign of mental
illness-His self-mutilation was a classic call for help and
attention.-Self-harm is often also referred to by other names
such as deliberate self-harm, attempted suicide, para-suicide,
self-mutilation and self-injury.-She points to the fact that she still
struggles to quit smoking, which, she says, can cause as much
physical damage as any act of self-mutilation .-She warned that
if a child did not receive help, this could lead to feelings of selfhatred and could result in self-mutilation and even suicide
attempts.-Children as young as nine have attempted selfmutilation , suicide and other acts of self-harm.

non compos mentis adjective/nonkmps ments/ (also

non compos)(formal)nebun, not in a normal mental stateopposite compos mentis-is non compos mentos.

compos mentis adjective/kmps ments/nebun, [not
before noun](from Latin, formal or humorous)having full control
of your mind-Are you sure she was fully compos mentis when
she said it?-opposite non compos mentis-are you sure he was
totally compos mentis?Even though anyone still living who saw
them play is probably not adequately compos mentis to
remember the occasion.He's had them ever since you were
declared non compos .There is nothing you can do without her
consent - unless you were to challenge her mental capacity and
prevail - so you have to respect her decision; either that or you
must have her declared non compos .-I heard his rant at the
RNC and he struck me as non compos mentos.-Look, you are not
the arbiter of what is or is not pro-American, you are just
another rightist flamer who

inferiority complex noun-complex de inferioritate,a feeling

that you are not as good, as important or as intelligent as other
people-She has always had an inferiority complex about her

kleptomania noun/klept
meni/cleptomanie[uncountable]a mental illness in which
somebody has a strong desire, which they cannot control, to
steal things

kleptomaniac noun/kleptmenik/cleptomaniac,a person

who has a strong desire, which they cannot control, to steal
things-She's a kleptomaniac.

learning difficulties noun [plural]dificulti de
nvare,mental problems that people may have from birth, or
that may be caused by illness or injury, that affect their ability
to learn things

learning disability noun[usually plural]dizabilitati de

nvare-a mental problem that people may have from birth, or
that may be caused by illness or injury, that affects their ability
to learn things.

maladjusted adjective/mldstd/rauajustat,(especially
of children) having mental and emotional problems that lead to
unacceptable behaviour-compare well adjusted

well adjusted adjective(of a person)bine-ajustat, able to

deal with people, problems and life in general in a normal,
sensible way-The school aims to produce well-adjusted members
of society.-compare maladjusted

megalomania noun/mel
meni/megalomanie[uncountable](specialist) a mental illness
or condition in which somebody has an exaggerated belief in
their own importance or power-See related entries: Mental and
emotional problems-a strong feeling that you want to have more
and more power

melancholia noun/melnkli/melancolie(old-fashioned)a

mental illness in which the patient is depressed and worried by

unnecessary fears

melancholic adjective/melnklk/melancolic(old-fashioned
or literary)feeling or expressing sadness, especially when the
sadness is like an illness

monomania noun/mnmeni/monomanie[uncountable]
(psychology)too much interest in or enthusiasm for just one
thing so that it is not healthy.

nervous breakdown noun(also breakdown)cadere nervoasa,a period of mental illness in which somebody becomes very
depressed, anxious and tired, and cannot deal with normal lifeto have a nervous breakdown-The stress of her job had brought
her to the brink of a nervous breakdown.

OCD noun/ si di/OCDS,tulburare obsesivcompulsiv[uncountable]-the abbreviation for obsessive

compulsive disorder (a mental disorder in which somebody
feels they have to repeat certain actions or activities to get rid
of fears or unpleasant thoughts)-to suffer from OCD

neurosis noun/njrss/nevroz [countable, uncountable]

(pl. neuroses/njrsiz/(medical) a mental illness in which a
person suffers strong feelings of fear and worry-See related
entries: Mental and emotional problems-any strong fear or
worry-synonym anxiety

paranoid adjective/prnd/paranoid (less frequent
paranoiac/prnk//prnk/ )paranoic,-afraid or
suspicious of other people and believing that they are trying to
harm you, in a way that is not reasonable-She's getting really
paranoid about what other people say about her.-Synonyms-See
related entries: Describing strange traits, Mental and emotional
problems, Nervous-suffering from a mental illness in which you
wrongly believe that other people are trying to harm you or that
you are very important-paranoid delusions-paranoid
schizophrenia-a paranoid killer

persecution complex noun-complex de persecuie,a type of

mental illness in which somebody believes that other people are
trying to harm them

post-partum depression noun-depresie post-partum(North

American English also postpartum depression)(British English
also postnatal depression)-[uncountable]a medical condition in
which a woman feels very sad and anxious in the period after
her baby is born

postnatal depression noun-depresiei postnatal(British

English)(North American English post-partum depression)[uncountable]a medical condition in which a woman feels very
sad and anxious in the period after her baby is born

personality disorder noun-tulburri de

personalitate(specialist)a serious mental condition in which

somebodys behaviour makes it difficult for them to have normal

relationships with other people or a normal role in society

post-traumatic stress disorder noun -tulburare de stres post

traumatic[uncountable](medical)a medical condition in which a
person suffers mental and emotional problems resulting from an
experience that shocked them very much-See related entries:
Mental and emotional problems

psychopath noun/sakp/psihopat,a person suffering

from a serious mental illness that causes them to behave in a
violent way towards other people

psychosis noun/sakss/psihoz[countable, uncountable]

(pl. psychoses /saksiz/a serious mental illness that makes a
person lose contact with reality-see also psychotic

psychotic adjective/saktk/psihotic(medical)suffering from

severe mental illness, so that the person loses contact with
reality-a psychotic patient-(of a mental illness) affecting the
mind in a severe way that makes the person lose contact with
reality-a psychotic disorder/illness-see also psychosis

psychosomatic adjective/saksmtk/psihosomatic(of
an illness) caused by mental problems, such as stress and
worry, rather than physical problems-Tests showed that her
problems were more than merely psychosomatic.-See related
entries: Mental and emotional problems-(specialist) connected

with the relationship between the mind and the body-See

related entries: Me

psychosexual adjectivesaksekul/psihosexual,involving
the psychological aspects of sexual desire-The first group
encompasses the psychosexual who suffers from a major mental
illness and engages in inappropriate sexual behaviour
occasionally.-Because of the nature of transsexualism and the
apparent similarities it has with other psychosexual disorders,
transsexuals are often confused with homosexuals, lesbians,
and transvestites.

psychological adjective/sakldkl/psihologic[usually
before noun] connected with a persons mind and the way in
which it works-the psychological development of children-Abuse
can lead to both psychological and emotional problems.-Her
symptoms are more psychological than physical (= imaginary
rather than real).-Victory in the last game gave them a
psychological advantage over their opponents.-a psychological
novel (= one that examines the minds of the characters)-[only
before noun] connected with the study of psychologypsychological research-Idioms-the psychological moment-the
best time to do something in order for it to be successful-The
trick is in finding the (right) psychological moment to ask him for
more money.

pyromania noun/parmeni/piromanie[uncountable]
(specialist)-a mental illness that causes a strong desire to set
fire to things

SAD abbreviation /sd/seasonal affective disorderdepression associated with late autumn and winter and thought
to be caused by a lack of light.-For people with a type of
depression called seasonal affective disorder , this need for light
takes on greater significance.-Many Americans suffer from the
form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder , with a
strong peak in the fall and winter.-Episodes of psychosis
recurring each autumn sounds like an extreme version of
seasonal affective disorder .-But, seasonal affective disorder
goes well beyond those symptoms.-For many, the lack of
sunlight contributes to seasonal affective disorder , depression
that grips most strongly in the dead of winter.

extempore adjective/ekstempri/extemporal(formal)spoken
or done without any previous thought or preparation-synonym
impromptu-an extempore speech-. Improvizat, nepregtit: a da
unor colar s fac nite exercii extemporale

senile adjective/sinal/senil,behaving in a confused or

strange way, and unable to remember things, because you are
old-I think she's going senile.-He was looking at me as if Id
suddenly gone senile.-That senile old fool!

senile dementia noun-demena senil[uncountable]a

serious mental disorder in old people that causes loss of
memory, loss of control of the body, etc.

shell shock noun-coaj de oc[uncountable]a mental illness

that can affect soldiers who have been in battle for a long time

sociopath noun/ssip/sociopat, a person who has a
mental illness and who behaves in an aggressive or dangerous
way towards other people

special needs noun[plural]nevoi speciale(especially British

English)needs that a person has because of mental or physical
problems-She teaches children with special needs.

stir-crazy adjective (informal, especially North American

English)nebun-agitat,showing signs of mental illness because of
being kept in prison

trauma noun/trm/trauma[uncountable] (psychology) a

mental condition caused by severe shock, especially when the
harmful effects last for a long time-the effects of trauma and
stress on the body-The children showed no signs of trauma after
their ordeal.-See related entries: Mental and emotional
problems-[countable, uncountable] an unpleasant experience
that makes you feel upset and/or anxious-She felt exhausted
after the traumas of recent weeks.-[uncountable, countable]
(medical) an injury-The patient suffered severe brain trauma.

Expressions from literary sources

Stepford wife noun/stepfd waf/a woman who does not

behave or think in an independent way, always following the
accepted rules of society and obeying her husband without
thinking-She's gradually turning into a Stepford wife.

Orwellian adjective/welin/used to describe a political

system in which a government tries to have complete control
over peoples behaviour and thoughts-From the name of the
English writer George Orwell, whose novel Nineteen Eighty-Four
describes a government that has total control over the people.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee noun/twidldm n twidl

di/ ; NAmE /twidldm n twidldi/ [plural]two people or
things that are not different from each other-But can you
distinguish between Tweedledum and Tweedledee ?Both parties
are personality-oriented and, in terms of issues, they are only
Tweedledum and Tweedledee .Comparisons with Tweedledum
and Tweedledee do seem apt.I am confident that a large
proportion of informal votes is from electors who refuse to
choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee , and don't wish
to pay a fine.That being said, I get a mite impatient with people
who seem to think it a mark of political sophistication to say that
our political system only gives us a choice between Tweedledum
and Tweedledee .It is quite ironic that National and Labour Tweedledum and Tweedledee - are joining together and doing
the same thing they did in the 1980s and 1990s.At its height,
the policy regulated competition so closely that the airlines
appeared to be Tweedledum and Tweedledee .

Walter Mitty noun/wlt mti/a person who imagines that

their life is full of excitement and adventures when it is in fact
just ordinary-My client is very much a Walter Mitty character.-I
was living in a sort of Walter Mitty world.

Ruritanian adjective/rrtenin/(especially of stories) full

of romantic adventure-From Ruritania, the name of an imaginary
country in central Europe in stories by Anthony Hope.

Alice in Wonderland noun [uncountable]used to describe a

situation that is very strange, in which things happen that do not
make any sense and are the opposite of what you would expectThe country's economic system is pure Alice in Wonderland.

Falstaffian adjective/flstfin/literary)fat, cheerful and

eating and drinking a lot-My uncle was a Falstaffian figure.a
Falstaffian gusto for life-a Falstaffian approach to life -There is no
reason to do anything like that with Roosevelt, whose very real
intellectual and physical appetites were positively Falstaffian
.-And between fights he blows up like a balloon, and his waist
takes on Falstaffian dimensions.-I'm sure that ordinarily he was
brimming with the milk of human kindness, full of Falstaffian
mirth, a man with nothing but the deepest appreciation for the
circle of life, etc.-He is a man of Falstaffian appetites,
Machiavellian instincts, and Svengali-like charms.-Balmat's
meals and Falstaffian humor help the team laugh away the pain
of a 6-hour Tour stage.---From Sir John Falstaff, a character in
several plays by William Shakespeare.

Scrooge noun/skrud/[usually singular](informal,

disapproving)a person who is very unwilling to spend moneyFrom Ebenezer Scrooge, a character in Charles Dickens A
Christmas Carol who is extremely mean.

Shangri-La noun/ri l/[singular]a place that is

extremely beautiful and where everything seems perfect,
especially a place far away from modern life-From the name of
an imaginary valley in Tibet in James Hiltons novel Lost Horizon,
where people do not grow old.

Sherlock noun/lk/(also Sherlock Holmes/lk hmz/ )

(informal, sometimes ironic)-a person who tries to find an
explanation for a crime or something mysterious or who shows
that they understand something quickly, especially something
that is not obvious-Oh, well done, Sherlock. Did you figure that
out all by yourself?-Look, Im no Sherlock Holmes, but I think I
know who wrote that letter.-From Sherlock Holmes, a very clever
detective in stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, published in the late
19th and early 20th centuries.

Svengali noun/svenli/a person who has the power to

control another persons mind, make them do bad things, etc.From the name of a character in George du Mauriers novel

Lothario noun/leri//lri/pl. Lotharios)-a man who

has sex with a lot of women-He has a reputation as the office
Lothario.-From the name of a character in an 18th century play
by Nicholas Rowe.

Rip Van Winkle noun/rp vn wkl/a person who is

surprised to find how much the world has changed over a period
of time-From the name of a character in a short story by the US
writer Washington Irving. He sleeps for 20 years and wakes up
to find that the world has completely changed.

Jekyll and Hyde noun/dekl n had-[singular]a person who

is sometimes very pleasant (Jekyll) and sometimes very
unpleasant (Hyde) or who leads two very separate lives-He
leads an almost Jekyll and Hyde existenceby day hes an
accountant, by night hes a singer in a rock band.----From the
story by Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, in which
Dr Jekyll takes a drug which separates the good and bad sides of
his personality into two characters. All the negative aspects go
into the character of Mr Hyde.

Peter Pan noun-a person who looks unusually young for

their age, or who behaves in a way that would be more
appropriate for somebody younger---From a story by J M Barrie
about a boy with magic powers who never grew up.

Pied Piper noun-a person who persuades a lot of other

people to follow them or do something with them-Yves Saint
Laurent was the Pied Piper of fashion. Where he led, others
followed.-From the old German story of the Pied Piper of
Hamelin, who made first rats and later children follow him by
playing beautiful music on his pipe.

Dorian Gray noun/drin re/[usually singular]a person

who continues to look young and beautiful, even though they
are growing older or behaving in an immoral way-He's a real
Dorian Gray, apparently untouched by the ageing process.

Pollyanna noun/plin/[usually singular]-a person who is

always cheerful and expects only good things to happen

Lilliputian adjective/llpjun/(formal)extremely smallsynonym diminutive, tiny-From the land of Lilliput, in Jonathan

Swifts Gullivers Travels, where the people are only 15cm high.

utopia noun/jutpi/(also Utopia)[countable,

uncountable]an imaginary place or state in which everything is

Pandoras box noun/pndrz bks/[singular,

uncountable]a process that, if started, will cause many
problems-This court case could open a Pandora's box of similar
claims.From the Greek myth in which Pandora was created by
the god Zeus and sent to the earth with a box containing many
evils. When she opened the box, the evils came out and infected
the earth.

Casanova noun/ksnv/kznv/ a man who has

sex with a lot of womenFrom Giovanni Jacopo Casanova, an
Italian man in the 18th century who was famous for having sex
with many women.

Cassandra noun/ksndr/a person who predicts that

something bad will happen, especially a person who is not
believed-From the name of a princess in ancient Greek stories to
whom Apollo gave the ability to predict the future. After she
tricked him, he stopped people believing her.

Don Juan noun/dn dn//dn hwn/ (informal)a man

who has sex with a lot of women-From the name of a character
from Spanish legend who was skilled at persuading women to
have sex with him.

Frankenstein noun/frknstan/(also Frankensteins

monster, Frankenstein monster)-used to talk about something
that somebody creates or invents that goes out of control and
becomes dangerous, often destroying the person who created itThe organization has now become a Frankenstein monster
beyond the control of the people who created it.-If you were
going to do a Frankenstein and put a swimmer together from
scratch, you would build Michael Phelps.-Can genetic
engineering shake off its Frankenstein image?