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Satchel Paige
Satchel Paige was one of the greatest baseball
pitchers who ever lived. Because baseball was
segregated, he played in the Negro Leagues.
Paige liked traveling the country almost as
much as he liked baseball. He could strike out
the best hitters with his crazy pitches and longlegged windup. Even when he settled down
and started a family, he could not keep away
from his first lovebaseball.

Crazy Cards Work with a family member

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to create baseball-style trading cards for

members of your family. On one side, draw a
picture of a family member that shows a real
or imaginary claim to famewas Grandpa the
first person to swim across the Atlantic? Did
Aunt Mae eat the most hot dogs in recorded
history? On the back, describe your family
member and his or her story.

Comprehension Skill

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Fact and Opinion


A statement of fact can be proved true

or false. A statement of opinion is
what someone thinks or feels. Statements
of opinion often contain words that make
judgments, such as interesting or beautiful.
A single sentence might contain both a
statement of fact and a statement of opinion.

Play-by-Play While a member of

your family is doing something (cooking,
cleaning, playing), try to describe every
action they take as you might hear a sports
announcer do it. Use both facts and opinions
in your description.

Family Times


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Lesson Vocabulary


Words to Know

Compound and Complex


Knowing the meanings of these words

is important to reading Satchel Paige.
Practice using these words.

A compound sentence contains two

simple sentences joined with a comma
and a word such as and, but, and or. For

example: I went to the game, but Juan

stayed home. The comma and the word
but joins two simple sentences into one

Vocabulary Words
confidence firm belief in yourself;

compound sentence. On the other hand,

a complex sentence is made up of a
simple sentence and another part. The
other part has a subject and verb, but
it is a dependent clause, which means
it doesnt make sense by itself. For

fastball a pitch thrown at high speed

with very little curve

mocking laughing at; making fun of

outfield the three players in the

outfield of a baseball field

example: After he finished his homework,

Juan came and joined me. After he

unique having no like or equal; being

the only one of its kind

finished his homework does not make

sense by itselfit is a dependent clause.

weakness a weak point; slight fault

windup a swinging movement of the

arms while twisting the body just before

pitching the ball

member to create a graphic organizer.
Put a simple sentence in a bubble in the
center. Take turns adding new bubbles
to the main simple sentence to create
compound sentences. See who can make
the silliest sentence.

Practice Tested Spelling Words

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If, And, or But Work with a family

DVD30 Family Times

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