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Presented on October 7th, 2015

Your Award Winning MarTech Division

2007 Leading Real Estate Companies of the Worlds Best Marketing Piece
2007 Luxury Portfolio Conference Luxury Presentation Materials Award
2008 Quebecor Gold Ink Award for Corporate Magazine Print Quality
2008 Internet Advertising Competition Web Award for Best Online Marketing Campaign
2008 Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Corporate Brand Advertising Award
2008 Luxury Portfolio Conference Company Brand Advertising Award
2008 Luxury Portfolio Conference Company Luxury Property Advertising Award
2009 Luxury Portfolio Conference Company Luxury Corporate Branding Award
2010 Leading Real Estate Companies Best Marketing Piece Award
2011- Web Marketing Association WebAward for Best in Real Estate website
2012 Communicator Awards for Best Home Page and Best Real Estate Website
2013 Most Innovative Brokerage Tool by Inman News for Touch Screens
2013 Best Overall Website by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Awards
vs. 600+ Global Real Estate Firms
Best Visual Design
Corporate Brand Advertising Award Mobile Campaign
Specialty Marketing Award Re-designed Halstead Property Business Cards
Interactive Marketing Award Touch Screen Real Estate Search

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Awards
Most Innovative Brokerage Our innovative use of technology, social media, video,
philanthropy, and web/mobile products.

The Big Three Real Estate Section Front, Featured Properties, Search Ads

The Big Three Contextual Ads, Featured Properties

Featured Properties placement
on each of these top sites

Accessible from any device

Faster than any other mobile site in real estate
More content and property information than any other firm

ProperTV Facts
First Real Estate Firm to Embrace Video Back in 2007
Partner Documentary Film Crew
High DeAinition Video Production
Over 3000 Videos in Our Library
Over 7 Million Views Since Our Launch

ProperTV Content
Property Tours
$400 for over $1M and $300 for properties under $1M
Agent Video Biographies
$400 for an agent for a $2500 actual cost
Neighborhood Tours
40 different neighborhoods toured
Behind the Numbers
2 Quarterly Market Report Show hosted by Greg Heym
How To Tutorial Videos
$400 for an agent for a $2500 actual cost
Costs for Each Off the Top

Print and Online campaigns that promote the

corporate brand identity
2006 How Real Estate Gets Real Campaign (see left)
2007 Real Access to New York Campaign
2008 - S3 Level of Service Campaign
2009 Value Factor Campaign
2011 The New
2012 Real Estate Eye Candy
2013/14 New Halstead Mobile Fully Exposed

Most Innovative Brokerage

Needed A Bigger Home Campaign

Halstead App Campaign

20+ storefront locations w/ awnings, touch screens, displays and flat screens promoting brand

1. Create Your Agent Biography

Write Agent Bio or work with a copywriter
Review with Director of Sales in your office
Enter into Halstead Marketing Center thru admin or email to

2. Get Your Agent Headshot

You will be notified when next professional agent photo shoot takes place by Sandy Coots
After the shoot, youll be emailed a contact sheet link to choose from

3. Enter in Your Past Closings

Go to the Halstead Marketing Center or speak to admin and under Past Closings to enter them in. This will automatically be fed online.

Dear Residents of The Churchill,



After 20 years in the business, I am thrilled to announce that I have

Halstead Property. I believe that this transition will enable me to
continue to provide the same level of service and professionalism
that you expect from me and much more.

Halsteads extensive presence throughout New York City, The

Hamptons, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey with more
As a Building Specialist for The Churchill I have sold and rented
over 75 plus apartments in The Churchill alone.
I am excited to join the Halstead family and look forward to our
continued relationship.

Geri Epstein

499 Park Avenue New York NY 10022

In addition to the same residential services that I have always

provided, Halstead offers me the ability to embark in new
development marking and sales, as well as offering commercial and
relocation services.

Lic. R.E. Salesperson

Building Specialist
Halstead Property, LLC
t: 212.381.3279 c: 917.969.2579
green is better 100% of Halsteads direct marketing cards are
printed on FSC recycled paper using the most energy efficient process.
New York City



New Jersey

Hudson Valley

Announces you to the firm, no cost to you 100 free through your admin

Speak to Your Sales Director
Know Your Message
Know Your Audience
Know Your Budget
Email to set an appointment/call



226 East 12th Street, Apt 6H 1 Bed, 1 Bath

226 East 12th Street, Apt 7GH 2 Bed, 2 Bath

Designed by our Art Dept, .39 per card plus postage

226 East 12th Street, Apt 2A 3 Bed, 1 Bath

Christian Wittmann

ridgewood expert

Let your contacts know the state of the market Email out the CT report or video

Placed on your bio page, ProperTV, your agent website, youtube, google
videos, and facebook. Only $400!

$29 a month

We ensure that we will place and post a

newly painted post and sign at the start of
each listing along with as many as three
directives placed for each open house in
high traffic street locales.
Note: Outdoor signage is subject to local
zoning ordinances.
40+ Million Hits Per Month
2+ Million Unique Visitors Per Month

How You Present

A Property Is A Reflection
Of Both You
& The Brand

Your listing is streamed automatically to an

unmatched exposure on the web which includes real
estate searches on over 30 sites including,,,,,,,, etc
For a full list of our partners download the Online
Partners One Sheet in H-Net.

Your listing is waiting to be photographed by a

marketing approved list of photographers at
competitive prices.
How Do I Order?
Through your administrator
Varies from $250-300 off the top for photo shoot off
the top

Visit the Halstead Marketing Center to order.

Free for over $1M or $25 for under $1M.

Go Big or Go Home

Your listing can be drawn by a licensed floorplan

specialist at Floorplan Online at competitive prices
How Do I Order?
Through your admin
Varies from $100-$300+ off the top, order it with your

Documentary Film Crew works

with you to capture the best of a
home and the details photos
cant capture.
How Do I Order?
Order through the Halstead
Marketing Center to order.

Higher Level of Video Production

that is lifestyle oriented and gives
you a glimpse of how you can live
in that home rather than what is in
the home.
How Do I Order?

How Do I Order?
Order through the Halstead Marketing Center to order.
$75 per staged photo

Every home with an address on

our site automatically comes
with StreetView embedded on
listing and map to give buyer
idea of street and locale.

Every home comes with the

ability to instantly share over
facebook, twitter, and pinterest.
It also tallies in real time how
many users shared to each

Every piece of press we get on

your property will appear on the
listing page.

Since we are the innovators of the Office

Storefronts, it is a must to showcase your
property in our office windows which can
be 3 people deep on some occasions full
of potential buyers. Transition continues
to move forward to LED Displays.
How Do I Order?
Go to the Halstead Marketing Center.
No cost

Propose your best photo, if approved and Featured Property
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Flickr
20+ Flatscreens throughout Tri-State Offices
How Do You Appear?
Submit request through the HMC for Featured
No cost if chosen

Be ready with all of your information on

your exclusive for open houses by
ordering color showsheets.
How Do I Order?
Order through the Halstead Marketing
No cost

6x9 Glossy Postcard to use for a

mailing or to hand out at open
How Do I Order?
Go to Halstead Marketing Center
$0.39 per card

5.5 x 5.5 Compact Handout

Professionally Printed and visually
How Do I Order?
Go to Halstead Marketing Center
100 free for properties over $1 Million

For a high end exclusive our art department

will design an appropriate flat sheet or
brochure for your property.
Company moving to heavy silk finish stock
How Do I Order?
Thru admin who will order thru HMC
No cost for 50 for our Luxury Portfolio

These are easy to use, attractive jpg files

to insert into an email to promote a new
listing, upcoming open house, or contract
signed to your sphere of personal contacts
that fit our style guide.
How Do I Order?
CT/HPT: Admin
No Cost

Hand-picked by Management, the new

book features our top listings. In this
award winning perfect bound crown
jewel of a marketing piece. Over 1
Million Total Online and Print Circulation
in WSJ.
How Do I Order?
Through the RealPlus Ad Module
No Cost

9 times a year we will do a full page Open

House ad in the NY Times Sunday Real Estate
Editorial Section promoting all our Open
Houses in Tri-State region
How Do I Order?
Will be notified in advance
Small cost out of budget to promote open

Two Page Spread in every issue

of NY Times Homes. Comes out
once a month and reaches over
How Do I Order?

9 times a year in the national circulation

of the WSJ to over 1.6 Million our top
How Do I Request?
Diane Ramirez Chooses each month
No Charge if Chosen

These publications we are in a full page or spread each

month or quarterly and they each have readership of over
380,000 with an average reader income of $240K or
above and are hand delivered to top doorman buildings
throughout Manhattan or to the Hamptons community.
Executive team chooses the best properties.
Each are $200 if you wish to guarantee placement,
contact Sandy Coots if interested

Local Media
Speak to your admin. Our goal is to advertise
your property when new to market, open
houses, and price changes.
No Charge
Additional Venues out of pocket emailed out
from Sandy Coots

Connecticut Cottage & Gardens

Corporate ad promoting one property from
each office that is the best photo we have.
Strictly eye candy.
No cost, Erica coordinates with sales

Certain price points receive free closing

cards if you request them
No Charge for 100 cards


Halstead Agents, Competitor Agents, Extended Industry Execs,

Consumers/Clients, Reporters/Bloggers
Neighborhood, Industry, Economic, Company Content


Halstead Agents, Competitor Agents, Extended Industry Execs,

Consumers/Clients, Reporters/Bloggers
Most Visual and Potentially Viral Message of the Day

LinkedIn Professional

Tumblr Halstead Blog

Free Promotion as a Neighborhood or Real Estate Expert

Come to Us with Topic, can be a series or one
Halstead Blog Receives 26,000 unique visitors weekly

On Home Page of for full day reaching 50,000 unique visitors
Promoted in our Social Network of 100,000+
Placed On Your Agent Page on or Agent Website
Promoted to Company in Weekly Email

Pinterest Real Estate

Eye Candy

Instagram Snapshot
of the Day


1. Gather in outlook contacts or an excel sheet so that you can easily export this
data to constant contact.
2. Business and personal contacts put together
3. Open House Sheets ask for email address first and phone number second.
Explain in the sheet what the attendees will receive for subscribing so that they
know what to expect when they receive your emails.
4. In your email signature include a link to subscribe
5. On facebook and your social media promote your newsletter and the link to


Go to
Cost of account is free, service ranges from $25-75 a month


Cant mass email from your personal account because you dont have an
unsubscribe component
You run the risk of being labeled spam by an email server of a company thus
having all your future emails go to their spam filter.
Cant send out more than 30 at a time through our email servers
Provides performance analytics
Can schedule emails
Great customer service and video tutorials

Order emailable show sheet this week in the Halstead Marketing Center that you
can take and embed a link to in Constant Contact and send out to your contacts
that you feel are in the market

Throughout the year Halstead Property will email you hyperlinked email images
that promotes a new initiative, holiday or important reminder that you can pass
along to all your contacts

Available for order thru the Halstead Marketing Center.
We find one great thing to do in NYC each day of the month and you send it to your
followers. All you need is at least 150 contacts and a constant contact account and
we will load it in for you and schedule.

Available for order thru the Halstead Marketing Center.
First stage of rollout is adhering to a corporate template that you can view in the
Halstead Marketing Center.


Featured Exclusive & Closing

State of the Market Information
Absorption Reports/Economic Reports
Videos Property/Neighborhood/Behind the Numbers/Agent Bio
Online Portfolio
Company News/Initiatives
Local news and current events from our twitter feed
Links to content from blogs and news sources on local news
Work out cobranding w/ a restaurant or store that provides value
Anything you can come up with.