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Vocabulary Extra

Upper Intermediate Unit 2, p16: Adverbs for describing actions

1 Read the clues and complete the crossword puzzle with an adverb.




1 quickly and unexpectedly

6 without much attention to what youre doing

2 with lots of attention to what youre doing

7 on purpose

3 with lots of interest and involvement

8 in a relaxed way

4 unwillingly

9 slowly over a period of time

5 without intention

10 extremely angrily

2 Complete the sentences with adverbs from exercise 1.

1 Put it down

. Its very delicate.

2 Mom, do I have to? she asked, before going slowly and

3 She had the flu last week but is

getting better.

4 In the middle of the performance, the lights

5 They shouted at each other
6 My son dresses so

. He has no interest in his appearance.

Vocabulary Extra

cheered and clapped.

, to make sure youd see it. It wasnt very nice of him.

9 Theres no need to rush, he said

10 Im afraid Ive

went out.

, then drove off in different directions.

7 At the end of his speech, everyone

8 He left it there

to clean her room.

. Weve got plenty of time.

deleted your document. I didnt mean to. Sorry!

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Vocabulary Extra
3 Replace each underlined expression with an adverb of the same meaning.
a aggressivelyB2
f silentlyB2

b automaticallyB2

g simultaneouslyB2

c eagerlyB2

d bravelyB2

e passionatelyB2

h suspiciouslyB2

i warmlyB2

j wildlyB2

1 They left the room without any noise and never returned.
2 He answered their questions without fear, though he knew he would lose his job.
3 The two fastest runners finished the race at the same time and both were declared winners.
4 He looked at me like Id done something wrong and asked me where Id been.
5 She opened the envelope without thinking, then noticed it was for someone else.
6 He was behaving angrily, almost violently towards everyone, so we left the party early.
7 All the students were waiting with keen interest for their exam results.
8 When we arrived, they greeted us in a very friendly way and made us feel very welcome.
9 The children ran without control around the field, enjoying the feeling of freedom.
10 She spoke with strong feeling and belief about the need to protect the environment.
4 Cover exercise 3. Complete the beginnings of two stories with adverbs. The first letter is shown.

The doorbell rang. I went to the door and opened it 1 a
, forgetting that Jake would come straight here when
he got out of jail. Sure enough, he was standing there. I looked at him 2 s
. What do you want? I asked. Dont
ask questions, Nancy, he said, waving his fist a
. Ill do the asking.You do the answering. Where did you hide
the money? I said nothing. I just looked at him 4 s
. Talk! he shouted and moved forward, but when he saw
Louie appear behind me, he jumped back, ran w
across the street and disappeared around a corner. Hell be
back, I said.

The Magic Iguana

When I got home, the two children rushed towards me 6 e

Hi, Dad! Did you bring something for us? they asked. I smiled.
Of course, I said 7 w

. I always do. But this time its something alive.

I took out a box with small holes in it.

What is it? they screamed 8 s

An iguana, I said, opening the lid. The bright green lizard stared at them
with its orange eyes.
They stared back. After a while, Jessica 9 b

reached out and stroked the iguanas back.

Wow, its fantastic! she said. Thanks, Dad.

But Mikey backed away. I want a normal pet! he shouted 10 p

, A dog or cat. Not some lizard-thing!

He rushed out of the room.

Vocabulary Extra

Photocopiable Cambridge University Press 2013

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