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from Into the Woods Music and Lyries by ‘STEPHEN SONDHEIM ‘Tranquillo (4 = 60) P poco rubato No one here to guide you. (Show lyrics: Moth-er can-not guide you.) Now you're on your own. Still you're nota - lone. =a a ‘An ensemble number in the show, this song has been adapted as a solo. (© 1986 RILTING MUSIC, INC [AllRigh Adis by Wi MUSIC CORP "Al RightsReserved Used by Pemslon tru - ly. Noone is a- ‘Some-times peo -ple leave you, Half way through the wood. Oth - ers may de-ceive you, You de = cide what's good. Peo-ple make mis - takes. Fa - thers, Moth - ers, ple make mis-takes, Hold-ing 1 their own, ae oT ‘Think-ing they're a ~ Hon - or their mis ~ poco cresc