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TASK 1. Complete the following sentences with the words from the box.

There are TWO

extra words that you dont need to use.

raw materials







1. Two hundred years ago, the vast majority of population of virtually every country lived
in the countryside and worked in _______________.
2. The primary sector of the industry involves changing natural _______________ into
primary products. This involves extracting raw materials from the ground and then
packaging and selling it.
3. The secondary sector refers to manufacturing industry, in which ________________
are turned into finished products.
4. Many of the people working for manufacturing companies do not actually make
anything, but provide a _______________, such as administration, law, finance,
marketing and so on.
5. The commercial services that help industry produce and distribute goods to the final
_______________ are called the tertiary sector.
6. One of the qualities of a good manager is being competent: knowing ones job
perfectly, as well as the work of ones _______________.
7. _______________ occurs when a person is available to work and currently seeking
work, but the person is without work.
8. The heart of _______________ is to give people what they really want most from
work. The more you are able to provide what they want, the more you should expect
what you really want, namely: productivity, quality, and service.
9. Organisations are facing ever-increasing _______________, brought on by
marketplace pressures or the nature of the workplace.
Developing a knowledge management ______________ provides a unique
opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the way the organisation operates, and
the challenges that confront it.

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TASK 2. Complete the following text with the words from the box.










German billionaire kills himself

German billionaire Adolf Merckle has committed
suicide after his business empire ran into trouble in
the global (0) __economic____ slowdown.
In a statement his family said he had been "broken" by the
(11) ______________ crisis, and had taken his own life.
Mr Merckle ran up losses of about 400m euros (363m;
$535m) last year due to wrong-way bets on Volkswagen
Mr Merckle had lost heavily on
He was ranked as the world's 94th richest person in 2008, Volkswagen shares in 2008
and his family controls a number of German (12)
Volkswagen losses
Mr Merckle's (13) _______________ interests included the generic drugs maker
Ratiopharm and the cement maker Heidelberg Cement.
In all, his business conglomerate has about 100,000 (14) _______________ and in 2008
reported 30bn euros in annual sales.
His holding company had recently been in talks with (15) _______________ to secure
credit after it ran up high levels of debt amid the global financial (16) _______________.
The holding company said it had suffered heavy losses on (17) ______________ in shares
of the carmaker Volkswagen, which fluctuated wildly in value late last year as rival car
company Porsche moved to increase its stake in VW.
Mr Merckle had helped turn his grandfather's chemical wholesale company into one of
Germany's (18)_______________ pharmaceutical wholesalers, Phoenix Pharmahandel, in
which he held a 57% stake. He used his wealth, estimated by Forbes magazine last year to
be $9.2bn, to take stakes in Heidelberg Cement and Ratiopharm. Mr Merckle also owned
stakes in companies that made a wide array of (19) ______________ including all-terrain
vehicles, (20) _______________ and textiles.
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