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REGIONAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT ‘This AGREEMENT TO ENHANCE REGIONAL COOPERATION AND JOR GROWTH ‘THROUGH THE CONTINUING DEVELOPMENT OF SHALE GAS IN THE APPALACHIAN BASIN (this “Agreement), dated October 13,2015, is entered into by and among the states of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania (sometimes, collectively, the “Participant” RECITALS WHEREAS, recent development of deep formation shale plays inthe Appalachian Basin has positioned te states of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania as an emerging world-class ‘energy center (the “Tri-State Region”); WHEREAS, production of Appalachian shale gas and natural gs iguids surpasses historical precedents every year and promises substantial growth aver the next several decade, offering significant economic opportunities forthe people of the Tri-State Region as well providing domestic security for the United States, and diversifying the nation's energy supply and manufacturing base; WHEREAS, the US. Energy Information Administration announced thatthe Tri-State Region represents 85% ofthe increase in natural gas production inthe United State since January of 2012 and predicts thatthe Marcellus shale will yield upto 147 wlio cube fet of natural gas by 2040; WHEREAS, recent report issued by a consortium of cademie institutions from the ‘Tri-State Region concluded that development ofthe Utia shale could eclipse the Marceis, shale in natural gas production (4 Geologic Play Book fr Utica Shale Appalachian Basin Exploration 2015, Utica Shale Appalachian Basin Exploration Consortiam, WVU); WHEREAS, the Participants recognize that in order to truly prosper frm these vast resources, the Tri-State Region shoul, in an environmentally sound manner, support all streams ‘of the development process with a particular focus on adding value tothe natural gas snd natal ‘0s liquids located in the Appalachian Basin within the Region; WHEREAS, the Participants recognize that certain issues may exist related to infrastructure systems, workforce development, nd promotional ativiis, that if overcome, ‘would help the Tri-State Region best harness the potential of Appalachian shale gas and natural lig; WHEREAS, geographic proximity o North American population centers, acess to ‘world-class academic research centers, growth of advanced manufacturing capabilities, acess fo state-of-the-art raining centers at community and technical colleges, and availablity of plentiful and affordable feedstock makes the Tri-State Region an extremely competitive destination for curren and future manufacturing operations; ‘Teste apo Caperain Agent woes ane, 201s WHEREAS, the Participants desire to work with interested stakeholders to evaluate the impact of providing access forthe Tri-State Region's energy resources and value-added products tonew markets; WHEREAS, the Paticipants recognize that a regional strategy will help maximize shale ‘a opportunities inthe Tri-State Region, thereby growing the economic base, atracting new ‘manufacturing jobs, and developing a prepared and able workore; WHEREAS, the Participants desire t identify goals, policies, and programs that wil censure Appalachian shale gas and natural gas liquids are utilized as mich as possible in local processing and for local business purposes to increase regional prosperity for curent and future ‘generations; and WHEREAS, the Participants desire to work together and adopt regional strategy as ‘more filly set forth in this Agreement. NOW THEREFORE, the Participants have reached the following understanding 1. Purpose ‘The purpose of this Agreement isto promote and carryout cooperative activities that will ‘maximize opportunites to develop and use Appalachian shale gas and natural gas liquids in @ way that optimizes added economic value tothe Tri-State Region ina sae and envitonmentlly responsible mannes. TL Areas of Cooperation ‘The Partivipans intend to cooperate on the following four primary area to effectuate the purpose ofthis Agreement: A. Marketing and Promotion. Coordinating marketing activities that promote the ‘TrisState Region asa desirable destination for business and industry to invest in developing and using Appalachian shale gas and its derivatives to crete benefits that accrue to each Participant state, The Participants intend to work collaboratively to market and promote the Tri-State Region san optimal destination to locate or expand business and when appropriate workin a coordinated fashion to target companies that would benefit fom the responsible development of these abundant natural resources by focusing on the region's comparative advantages visa vis ‘other national and global markets B. Workforce Development. The demand for skilled workers accommodate the rowing demand of the energy industry and manufacturing sectors that benefit rom Appalachian shale gas and natural gas liquids requires enhanced levels of cooperative workforce development efor inthe Tri-State Region. The Participants intend to work collaboratively with technical «sucation providers in the Tri-State Region to develop industry-supported and endorsed tenting programs (eg, ShaleNET) and foster closer working relationships Wih interstate employers to ‘ensure thatthe repional workforce is positioned to support energy and manufacturing projects 2 ‘in Ragin Capra Art ener, 201s ‘Transportation and Infrastructure. Moving natural gas and natural gos liquids ina sae and environmentally sound manner fom the source of their exteation to end users and new markets is eitical tothe long tem prosperity and ecological health ofthe Te-State Region, ‘This requires investments in road systems, al lines, waterways, processing centers, and transmission lines. Within the Tri-State Region, billions of dlls in nev investment and infrastructure development have been made in the past five years and billions more ae inthe planning tages, including the possibility of one or more peirochemical complexes within the Fegion. The Participants intend to work together to support activities that will spur investment in expanding transportation systems to facilitate demand, use, and delivery of natural eas and natural gas liquids while assuring natural resoure protection. D. Research, The TriState Region is home to numerous world-class academic Institutions of higher learning that are atively involved in advancing cutting-edge research (0 help capitalize on shale gas opportunites. Advancement in technology, deta gathering and analytics, storage, transmission standards, safety programs and policies, and extraction techniques derive from advanced research efforts and practical application inthe commer sectors. The Participants intend to encourage academic institutions to expand collaborative research efforts that identify broader and environmentaly-appropriate end uses of natural gas and natural gas liquids, including electricity generation, liquid fel, Feedstock for petrochemicals, alternative transportation fuels, and heating purposes. IML, Forms of Cooperation. Forms of cooperation under this Agreement may include: ‘A. Sharing information and experiences about sucessful policies and programs that ‘have: 1) resulted inthe growth of jobs and 2) protected and enhanced humstn health andthe Organizing of symposia, seminars, workshops, exhibition, and taining activites; €. Collaborating to establish and promote entrepreneurship, economic growth, and job creation through innovative policies and programs; D. Collaborating to identify ways to promt royeling ond other environmental sustainable practices within the industry. E, Collaborating to identity best practices regarding emergency response protocols and processes within and between sates. seal unAt te fom of ooperaion th te Paria consder may conte the goals and purpose of this Agreement, Es ar Capri Apo aber, 01s IV. Cooperati .e Action Plan and Working Groups. ‘The Participants intend to develop a Cooperative Action Plan to achieve the objectives of this Agreement, To implement the Cooperative Action Plan, the Participants may establish Working Groups, led by ofiials representing th Participants, and comprised of experts in the area that are defined in paragraph I ofthis Agreement, to pursue the objectives and purpose of this Agreement V. Third Party Participation. the Participants deem it helpful or convenient, individuals and entities from the private, public, academic, research or other sectors may be invited to suppor the cooperative activites ‘escrbed inthis Agreement. Vi. Funding. Each Participant intends to pay for expenses related to its own paticipation, unless iterative financial mechanisms can be wed for specific approved by ther respective executive authority VEL Duration. Cooperation under this Agreement is effective onthe date oft signature. This ‘Agreement shall renew annually through December 31, 2018, unless otherwise notified in ‘writing ofa Participants desir to discontinue paticipation. Any Participant may discontinue its participation in this Agreement by providing writen communication tothe other Participants, IP any Participant decides to discontinue pateipation inthis Agreement, ongoing cooperative ‘ctvities that have been approved or initiated and that have not eonclided should continue, unless atherwise decided by the withdrawing Participant or the Participants. VEIL. Final Provisions. ‘The Paticipants acknowledge that this Agreement is only intended to provide for cooperation among the Participants and does nt ereate any legally binding rights or obligations. To the ‘extent that any other provision ofthis Agreement is inconsistent with this paragraph, this paragraph shall prevail. The Participants commit themselves in good faith o implement this ‘Agrecticnt to he fillet exien posible, subject us any elamyes i policy ot la Ua Uney ane ‘adopt