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MAR 06, 2015

Virtual Terminal is an application that is ho sted online to create a merchant dashboard with log in information only accessible through internet connection and web -browser. It is the web version
of the Credit Card POS terminal. In this article, MONEXgroup will highlight the features and
benefits of Virtual Terminal solution for merchants who are looking to accept Credit Card
payments through online payment management software.

Virtual Terminal is secured with PCI compliance.

Virtual Terminal is a simplified payment infrastructure built for merchants who run small -to-mid-sized
businesses and deal with phone-in orders or a remote customer base. With the Virtual Terminals
comprehensive set of payment management functions, all transaction details are obtained to process
sales, authorization, refunds or voids on any web browser. Virtual Terminal is secured with PCI
compliance that includes a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) developed for onlin e Payment Processing
Solution. The features of accepting Credit Card payments with Virtual Terminal are:

1. Logging in to the application with unique user ID which comes with multi -tiered access
2. Building a customer database by generating full contact information
3. Creating customer profiles with transaction details or history of records
4. Managing all payments by creating a set of transactions and grouping them
5. Settling automatic batches of marked tra nsactions for retrieval of information, storage of data or
production of order review
6. Customizing an Email Receipt (E -Receipt) to be sent to the customers inbox automatically
One of the advantages of Virtual Terminal is the Interchange Rate (%) Optimizati on for Card-NotPresent transactions. In the absence of a POS terminal and as the Credit Card is not physically swiped
to the POS machine to process payments, the cardholder information will be inserted to the Virtual
Terminal by the merchant. The Interchange Rates (%) in this case vary depending on the Level of Data
security (Level I, II, III) provided by the Virtual Terminal software and the authorization of the
cardholder information when scanning their data online.
Therefore, a supportive Virtual Terminal that is built for Card-Not-Present transactions like Orbital
Payment Gateway ensures merchants with a full range of online tools to securely process their
transactions in the absence of the POS terminal with the options of authorization only, authorization
and capture, refunds and voids. This functionality comes in support of features such as Address
Verification System (AVS), Account Verification and Card Verification Valu es, including Visas
CVV2 (Card Verification Value 2), MasterCards CVC2 (Card Validation Code 2), American Express
Card Identification Number (CID) and Discovers CID fraud reduction programs. Such security
standards ensure the scalability of payment proc essing and optimize the Interchange Rates (%) for
merchants who are processing online credit card payments on regular basis (Orbital Virtual Terminal
User Guide, (pg #16), November 2014).

Orbital Virtual Terminal supports the full range of

payment methods:



American Express

Gift Card

Carte Blanche


For some merchants, additional

payment methods are:

Debit Bill payment (PINless)

Bill Me Later

International Maestro
European Direct Debit

Virtual Terminal Process: After logging-in to the merchant dashboard, accepting credit cards to process
payments with virtual terminal solution requires merchants to enter their customers billing information
to automatically generate the receipt for the order. A Token ID will be created based on the
cardholders information where the merchant will need to enter the Token ID to process the invoice.
The merchant can always email their customers with the receipt i n a timely manner as the process is
What are the benefits of virtual terminal solution to merchants who are looking to accept Credit card
payments online with MONEXgroup?
Recurring Payment Setup
Customer Profile
Customers can pay monthly fees and bills Merchants can create profiles for their Merchants can email their customer an
in scheduled, recurring installments.
customers and save relevant information electronic receipt for their records, a
such as buying history and payment
convenient and environmentally
friendly alternative to traditional paper
Online Shopping Cart System
Seasonal Products or Businesses
Process Credit Cards via Mail
Merchants can turn their website into a
Virtual Terminal solution can be
Order/ Telephone Order
processing terminal by Virtual Terminal suspended during off-season months, so Merchants can receive instant
Solution and leveraging the use of their merchants do not pay any monthly fees. response by keying in the credit card
Virtual Merchant ID number.
There is no cost to re-activate.
information on their computer, tablet,
or Smartphone.
Product Database
Data transmission is protected using (SSL) Merchants can add, manage and edit a
protocol; industry- standard Secure
full product list (categories, pricing and
Sockets Layer.
titles). This will allow them to assign an
Sensitive Transaction data is secured
auto tax system to their products and
behind internal layer defenses that prohibit track their performance.
direct access to transaction databases,
unless provided with an authorized access

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