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35246 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

116 / Friday, June 17, 2005 / Notices

The Commission encourages Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The In accordance with the Council on
electronic submission of protests and staff concludes that approval of the Environmental Quality’s (CEQ)
interventions in lieu of paper, using the proposed project with appropriate regulations implementing NEPA, no
FERC Online links at http:// mitigating measures, as recommended, agency decision on a proposed action To facilitate electronic would have limited adverse may be made until 30 days after the U.S.
service, persons with Internet access environmental impact. The final EIS Environmental Protection Agency
who will eFile a document and/or be also evaluates alternatives to the publishes a notice of availability of a
listed as a contact for an intervenor proposal, including system alternatives, final EIS. However, the CEQ regulations
must create and validate an alternative sites for the LNG import provide an exception to this rule when
eRegistration account using the terminal, and pipeline alternatives. an agency decision is subject to a formal
eRegistration link. Select the eFiling Ingleside San Patricio’s proposed internal appeal process which allows
link to long on and submit the facilities would have a nominal output other agencies or the public to make
intervention or protests. of about 1.0 billion cubic feet of
their views known. In such cases, the
Persons unable to file electronically imported natural gas per day to the U.S.
agency decision may be made at the
should submit an original and 14 copies market. In order to provide LNG import,
of the intervention or protests to the same time the notice of the final EIS is
storage, and pipeline transportation
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, services, Ingleside San Patricio requests published, allowing both periods to run
888 First Street, NE., Washington, DC Commission authorization to construct, concurrently. The Commission decision
20426. install, and operate an LNG terminal for this proposed action is subject to a
The filings in the above proceedings and natural gas pipeline facilities. 30-day rehearing period.
are accessible in the Commission’s The final EIS addresses the potential Additional information about the
eLibrary system by clicking on the environmental effects of the project is available from the
appropriate link in the above list. They construction and operation of the Commission’s Office of External Affairs
are also available to review in the following LNG terminal and natural gas at 1–866–208–FERC or on the FERC
Commission’s Public Reference Room in pipeline facilities in San Patricio and Internet Web site (
Washington, DC. There is an Nueces Counties, Texas: using the ‘‘eLibrary’’ link. Click on the
eSubscription link on the Web site that • A new marine terminal basin ‘‘eLibrary’’ link, click on ‘‘General
enables subscribers to receive email connected to the La Quinta Channel that Search’’ and enter the docket number
notification when a document is added would include a ship maneuvering area excluding the last three digits in the
to a subscribed docket(s). For assistance and one protected berth to unload up to Docket Number field. Be sure you have
with any FERC Online service, please 140 LNG ships per year; selected the appropriate date range. For
email or • Two double containment LNG assistance, please contact FERC Online
call (866) 208–3676 (toll free). For TYY, storage tanks with a nominal working
call (202) 502–8659. Support at
volume of approximately 160,000 cubic
Linda Mitry, meters (1,006,000 barrels equivalent);
or toll free at 1–866–208–3676 or for
• LNG vaporization and processing
Deputy Secretary. TTY, contact 202–502–8659. The
[FR Doc. E5–3131 Filed 6–16–05; 8:45 am]
• 26.4 miles of 26-inch-diameter ‘‘eLibrary’’ link on the FERC Internet
natural gas pipeline; and Web site also provides access to the
• nine interconnects with existing texts of formal documents issued by the
intrastate and interstate pipelines, and Commission, such as orders, notices,
DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY and rule makings.
related meter stations.
Federal Energy Regulatory As proposed, the project would be In addition, the Commission now
Commission integrated with the adjacent Occidental offers a free service called eSubscription
Chemical Company manufacturing which allows you to keep track of all
[Docket Nos. CP05–13–000; CP05–11–000; complex in order for the two facilities
CP05–12–000; CP05–14–000]
formal issuances and submittals in
to offset the other’s respective heating specific dockets. This can reduce the
Ingleside Energy Center, LLC San and cooling needs. The use of the amount of time you spend researching
Patricio Pipeline, LLC; Notice of chemical manufacturing complex’s proceedings by automatically providing
Availability of the Final Environmental cooling water would serve as a source you with notification of these filings,
Impact Statement For The Proposed of vaporization heat. document summaries, and direct links
Ingleside Energy Center Lng Terminal The final EIS has been placed in the to the documents. Go to the
And Pipeline Project public files of the FERC and is available ‘‘eSubscription’’ link on the FERC
for public inspection at: Federal Energy Internet Web site.
June 10, 2005. Regulatory Commission, Public
The staff of the Federal Energy Reference Room, 888 First Street, NE., Magalie R. Salas,
Regulatory Commission (FERC or Room 2A, Washington, DC 20426, (202) Secretary.
Commission) has prepared this final 502–8371. [FR Doc. E5–3099 Filed 6–16–05; 8:45 am]
environmental impact statement (EIS) A limited number of copies of the BILLING CODE 6717–01–P
on the liquefied natural gas (LNG) final EIS are available from the Public
import terminal and natural gas pipeline Reference Room identified above. In
facilities proposed by Ingleside Energy addition, copies of the final EIS have
Center, LLC and San Patricio Pipeline, been mailed to federal, state, and local
LLC (collectively referred to as Ingleside agencies; public interest groups;
San Patricio) in the above-referenced individuals and affected landowners
dockets. who requested a copy of the final EIS;
The final EIS was prepared to satisfy libraries; newspapers; and parties to this
the requirements of the National proceeding.

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