Chapter 1

My life started with a date. I was conceived during a rape from a guy my mother had known for an hour. My mother was just walking home from a high school dance and she had met a guy there and just wanted to have a bit of fun but ended up raped. 6 weeks later she noticed the morning sickness and the slight bulge in her stomach and wanted to abort me. Of course she didn’t or else I wouldn’t be telling you this, she suddenly had a change of heart and left me in there, but her parents didn’t approve and kicked her out thinking she had sold her body on the street instead of the rape that actually happened The day I was born was the day she died, you see she was only 14 and was very malnourished and sickly from living on the streets so just moments after naming me she went critical and died.

Alice Nerea Amaia.
She must have thought up that name in a moment. In basic translation it means ‘Noble mine end” I guess she thought I should have a noble end unlike hers. And I guess I should tell you too, mine was not a noble end, I died on a date just like her. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The dark, cold air closed around me like an icy blanket. My thin black dress seemed to move on its own. All I could think about was the fact that even though it was cold I wasn’t cold alone. Beside me was the Beautiful young guy who had invited me on this chilly date to the restaurant of his choice.

Tristan Balford
He had brought me roses for the past week and left me messages on my phone everyday. His sweet voices had filled my every moment for the past week and now were on a date!

Tristan’s movement caught my attention; his soft white hand reached for mine and held on tight once they met. He was so cold so I knew I wasn’t the only one suffering from the night air. “Alice, do you think we could go some where more…private?” Tristan’s eyes shone with a ghostly glow behind the soft brown. “Of course Tristan” I answered as I led him to the back of the restaurant to grab my jacket. As I entered the coat room to get my coat a soft haze filled my vision, blurring the edges of the room. Stumbling like I was drunk, I left the room coatless and afraid. Was this what happened to my mother? Drugged and knocked up? My fears we dissipated as Tristan grabbed my arm and dragged me out the back muttering curses about “Stinking mortals” and “needy peasants”. Confusing me further he led me to his car, a sleek black car with tinted windows. Almost throwing me into the car, Tristan jumped into the drivers’ side and started to drive with me halfway out the car window throwing up my recent dinner. The sleek cars movements ceased as we drove up to my apartment building where I had been living with my Aunt and cousin, who both had conveniently left for the next two weeks on vacation. “Hold on foolish mortal,” Tristan said as he picked my up off the front seat and slung me over his shoulder. Bitter, cold air sped past me before I met the warmth of my bedroom. I knew I should be worried but I just couldn’t be because I just felt so good. Better than I’d felt in a long time. Tristan’s long white arms loosened and I fell onto my bed. His eyes looked hungry for something I had told him I wouldn’t give, “Tristan I said I didn’t want to do this” I said as he leaned down, his shirt open. I don’t want to be like me mom! Please don’t rape me! The ghostly glow behind his eyes became brighter,” Don’t worry sugar, it’ll only hurt for a moment, just relax and you won’t get hurt.” Even with my resistance he kept leaning in closer and closer until his face was right in

front of mine. “Sorry ‘bout this love but I am really hungry.” His American accent disappeared into a sweet British one. Before I could ask any questions about how his hunger had to do with raping me, his mouth started sucking on my neck giving me what I was sure was going to be a major hickey. His tongue swirled little circles down my neck until he was right over my jugular, a scrape of teeth across my skin and a sharp pain was all I felt until the instant bliss. You know when you drink something hot on a really cold day and you get that tingly feeling down your back. Well it was like that feeling all over pulsating from my neck. His hands seemed to melt into my skin until all I could feel was the hot hungry mouth on my neck, giving me this glorious feeling. Eventually the feeling started to fade and I started to feel pain instead of pleasure, a burning pain like fire in my veins. Suddenly everything stopped and a brilliant darkness overcame everything that still was. It was like ice water was being poured into my heart and radiating to the rest of my body until I was a block of ice.

Chapter 2

Facets of light overwhelmed me as I opened my eyes, the room I was in looked familiar but completely alien. The lime green walls were vibrant and almost glowed in the early morning light. But the thing I noticed the most was the smell. Sweet like honey but sharp like an apple. Following the scent I turned around and saw it, blood, all over my bed, it was soaked in blood. Springing up from the mattress I landed on my feet in a feral position. Footsteps outside the door startled me, the smell out there was like burned toast and strong tea. Icky. Opening the door slowly and peeking out I saw what I thought to be a woman, about 30 years old and a young man who stood next to her, helping her unpack food. The man turned and I recognized the face, Toby. Toby, my cousin and Martha my aunt. The confusion of thoughts muddled my brain and I leapt out the nearest window, crashing down to the pavement outside. The concrete shattered beneath my feet, spider webbed out from my feet.

Cautiously I backed away, the broken rubble that had once been a parking lot looked like an earth quake had just hit. The sounds of early morning New York surrounded me as I took off running down my street. At the corner the daily prostitutes were already at their posts waiting for helpless young men to “prey” upon. The smell of the dirty women pained my nose, causing my eyes to sting. “Girls!” I yelled my voice kind of cracking. “Could you guys bathe a little bit more often you guys stink!” The 3 girls turned to me, their eyes almost saying, and you are? But immediately they just froze and one girl fainted. “My god! Are you okay lady? You’re bleeding everywhere!” one of the conscious ones said. Looking down I realized I was wearing only my dress and I was covered in blood. The woman who had just spoken moved as if to touch me or help me but my body automatically shied away, or at least it was supposed to. A guttural growl escaped my lips sending predatory vibes throughout my body. “Get away from me!” I said through clenched teeth. The vibes got stronger and stronger before I just, you know, Ran. I ran as hard as I could and as fast as I could away from those women because I knew I was going to hurt them if I didn’t. The dress I was wearing whipped in the breeze as I ran, twisting around my legs until it tripped me. My face connected with the pavement, pain exploded in my face. As I pulled my self up I knew where I was, the subway 15 blocks from my home. The pain in my face seemed to disintegrate as I sat up. No one was near me or around where I was, thankfully. The ground where I had fallen was just as cracked as the parking lot. How did I keep doing this? The ground beneath me spun as I stood to my feet, the blood rushing away from my brain. My dress was ruined, the black glossy material it had been last night was shreds. Last night, the memories rushing back overwhelmed me. He bit me! My blood boiled at the thought, How did this happen? Then another coiled up thought released, what had happened after he bit me? My fingers brushed my neck and met two

small, tender bumps on the side of my neck, On top of my jugular! Vampire. It startled me that I knew what he was and what he had done so easily. He had almost killed me! He had almost taken away my happily ever after of the future, my to-be prince charming. A voice descended from the stairway above, “Madam? Are you alright?” The voice was clearly male and as the voice asked all I could smell was the blood pumping through his juicy veins. Footsteps echoed though the damp halls of the subway. The man who descended was middle aged and walking with a slight limp, a tuft of shockingly orange hair stood straight up on his balding head. He said something but all I could hear was his steady heartbeat inside his chest. The sound was like an ice-cream truck song to a fat kid on a summers day, pure heaven. The mans eyes turn wary as he took in my outfit and the blood covering most of my right side. “Madam? Are you injured? How can I help you?” he asked me in a quickly stuttering Irish accent. “No Sir, but could you come a little closer?” I asked with as much politeness as I could over the sound of the blood rushing in his veins. His eyes became blank as he stumbled in my direction until he stood in front of me. “Anything else?” he asked, his words slurred together becoming “anyting delse?” His pulse quickened underneath his freckled skin, the tempting scent of apples and honey hung thickly in the air, poisoning what control I had left. I lunged at his throat, my mouth quickly finding its’ place on his neck. My teeth cut through his skin like warm butter, the sweetest taste filled my mouth until it almost exploded from the extent of how much was filling it, I swallowed and the moment I did my world changed. Smells became stronger, even through my eyelids the sun seemed suddenly too bright and I swear I could hear a conversation in the store 3 blocks away. The sweet nectar of his blood stopped flowing as his heart stuttered to a resolute stop. I had killed him.

Chapter 3

My already blood soaked hands fell to my sides as the mans’ body slumped to the concrete floor. A smile on his face, the same smile he had offered when he had asked if she was okay. Guilt racked through me, he had been trying to help me and I had killed him. This was all because I had gone on a date with a complete loser, a stupid, blood-sucking loser. But this blood sucking loser might be able to help me; since he hadn’t bit me until later when we were alone, maybe he could teach me control? The only problem was how to find a teenage vampire in New York City when half the kids dressed up as them. Goths, punks, emos? Which clique did vampires “hang” with? My breath quickened as I remembered a “club” he had said he hung out with most days, some street kids on the west side of town. A group of child gangsters that had been kicked out by their gangster parents on gangster budgets. Yes, New York has a lot of gangster stuff, get over it. But first I had to dispose of the body; the river a few blocks away provided a perfect hideaway for this mans body. After I dumped it in I automatically regretted it, what if he had family and they would never know what had happened to him? What if he was a total jerk and I had just saved his family from abuse? All the what ifs rolled around my head but I knew it was too late to take it back. The dress I was wearing was practically a shredded rag now, the only thing to do was buy some more clothes considering the fact I couldn’t go home. Two clothes stores were open but I had no money. The light outside the subway burned my skin as I strode down the street, crackling at I moved. The sun seemed to be a heavy weight upon my shoulders, bearing down on me. Pain racked through my body the farther I distanced myself from the darkness of the subway. The dark shadows of the alleys distracted my search for a closed store, like a sirens song they called for me, promising a cool, sweet relief. “Alice? Is that you girl?” A girl with long blonde hair raced after me, her blue eyes full of tears. Her long white arms reaching towards me like a man in the desert with a pool of sweet water up ahead.

“Alice! OhmyGod!” The girl’s arms grabbed me but quickly let go as I glared down at her. “Have you heard? Your Aunt is looking for you! Toby is out scooping the city for you and the police have cars out looking for you everywhere! They found blood all over your room and you weren’t there! I thought you were dead.” Her hands could’ve been claws for the grip she held on my arm, nails biting into my skin. I knew I needed to get away from this strange girl who seemed to know me. “Alice, You there? It’s me, Izzy, Isabella? Remember?” This Izzy girl may have been my friend but I was still unsure so I just pulled my arm away and walked off hoping she didn’t follow, my luck just kept getting worse. She kept following. “You know that wasn’t very nice Ally. You should be thankful I found you before the gangs did, they wouldn’t have been very nice to you in that dress of yours all ripped up. You might’ve never have gotten home.” Izzy said as she tried to keep up with my long legs. “Let’s go to my place and I’ll give you something of mine. Maybe a hot bath too?” she continued, the words ‘hot bath’ made me smile; A hot bath would be nice after all that happened. “Sure Izzy, I’ll come home with you as long as you promise not to tell Toby and my Aunt; Toby is strange and I don’t want him to find me.” I replied and to my relief she just smiled and hailed a bright yellow taxi. “Where do you two need to go?” the taxi driver asked. Instantly I felt…Wrong. The air inside the taxi felt thick and hot, the windows were tinted and the man who drove the taxi had an air about him of being almost drunkenness. His eyes glinted with desire as Izzy bent into her handbag that I had just realized she was carrying, her chest falling out of her skimpy shirt. “West avenue apartment building 14 thanks.” She barked back; fixing her shirt and dropping her handbag on to the seat between us. “We have got to get you some new clothes Alice, that dress is almost too revealing and that’s coming from me.” She said gesturing to her mini-skirt and very skimpy top. My torn up dress barely covered my pale skin giving glimpses of my body. My sudden need to cover myself alerted Izzy to look back at me and suddenly stood up, knocking her head off the roof of the taxi. “Did Toby do this? Alice you can tell me! Did Toby do this to you?” Her mention of maybe Toby doing this, flashbacks resounded with in my mind of the dark of night and Toby sneaking into my room. Hands roaming across my skin until I saw the sliver of sun touch the horizon; when Toby went to bed. Toby, my cousin was basically raping me and I didn't even remember? What was happening to me? And why did Izzy know what was happening to me if she wasn't my friend? My only conclusion was Izzy must be my friend to know this much about me.

“Izzy, did I tell you about that time I was going to buy you a whole new wardrobe?” I asked in the most innocent voice I could muster up. “Ohmygod yes but you forgot a while back, why?” To left a boutique was closed for construction but still had clothes inside, racks and racks of beautiful expensive clothes. “Today is the day, I…uh…closed down the store just for us!” I said throwing some enthusiasm in for an extra effort. Excitement sparkled in her eyes as I pulled on the locked door, using my strength to force it open. “Doors a little sticky.” I explained. ……………………………………………………………………………………………… The clothes in the store were beautiful. Rich silks and satins covered the hangers, Italian shoes lined the walls. The kind of clothes any church-goers with think were associated with the devil. The first rack we saw we attacked violently. Izzy grabbed skimpy shirts, tight jeans, skinnies and high heels and rushed into the change rooms. A red velvet corset called to me from the rack. Satin lining and silk threads of gold ran through it. The feel of the fabric under my new fingers was like heaven, so smooth and cool. Izzy strutted out of the change room in a cute top and mini-skirt with platform shoes. “What do you think? Platform or heels?” she held a pair of red Italian pumps in her hands with gold sequins, swinging back and forth they looked like fire. Izzy’s shoes almost matched the corset exactly. Her mouth formed a perfect O at the corset in my hands, “Are you going to wear that?” she asked disbelievingly. “Yes,” I answered surprising myself. “Can I have those shoes? Those platforms look great with that skirt.” The look on her face lifted the moment I complimented her skirt and shoe combo. “Yeah of course, put those skinnies and that black lace shirt on too.” She said with a surprised laugh in her voice. The outfit looked great and Izzy had gotten herself a whole new wardrobe, with matching accessories and shoes.

I realized time in the store was up when I heard voices upstairs on their way down. “Hey Izzy it’s time to go home! Get your stuff outside!” I yelled from the change room where I had been packing up a few changes of clothes into a stolen suitcase. A flurry of footsteps began to descend the staircase above as we rushed out of the store, locking the door with a quick turn of the knob. The cabbie that had driven us there was still sitting out front and began to admire our choice of clothing; his eyes lingered on Izzy’s chest. One quick look into my eyes and he jumped into the cab and started it up. The trunk was already open and that was when I realized what he had in store for Izzy. His mind was like an open book; his thoughts were a little mixed up but still readable. Take the little one back home and call the guys for the tall one, gunna take more than one to take her down. It’s a good thing I bought those new handcuffs or else I’d have to hold her down. He was planning to rape Izzy and give me to some friends? No way, I was going to let him do that. Against my better judgment I got into the car. “Take us to the first address and then go to East avenue apartment building 13. Take as much time as you need.” His face looked surprised as I winked at him. I might as well have some fun before I have to kill him. Izzy’s stop was first and her doorman helped her carry her things up to the elevator, the Cabbie seemed a little disappointed to see that Izzy’s stop was first but by his thoughts he was still happy he got one of us. His elated thoughts drowned out the doorman’s as Izzy bent over to receive a parcel she had dropped. I’ll take this one now and come back for that one tonight, this will work out great. The car lunged forwards as we drove away, “I’ll take a short cut so you can get home faster, okay chica?” I nodded but I knew it was no short cut; he was taking me on an adventure that he wouldn’t live through. The car slowed outside of a ratty old building, “Just a second precious, I’m just going to grab a box I have to take to my mother.” He hopped out and strutted over to the front door and lifted a box off the ground but quickly dropped it and ran back to the vehicle. “Hey could you help me lift this?” he asked but his words held a plan behind them. Just lift the box darling and I’ll have you. I opened my door smoothly and tried to mimic the model walk thing, I knew I had gotten it right by the way his thoughts drifted.

I lifted the box and a pair of steel handcuffs closed around my wrists. “I’ve got you sweetie might as well give up. Just sit back and enjoy.” His greedy hands closed around my waist and he shoved me into the building which turned out to be a dark pit of an elevator shaft to the basement. “Just wait there little girl, be careful of the monsters lurking down there. If they bite you, you might not wake up.” His thoughts were different now, like he had two people inside him. Finally a sacrifice to those demons, maybe they’ll leave my dogs alone now. Dogs? How did shoving a girl into an elevator shaft have to do with dogs? My train of thought halted as shuffling sounds approached me. Scurrying feet ran past me and the smell of old blood was thick. “Hello young Ssssacrifice… We have a permanent place for you; welcome to your grave.” A voice said from my right. “She smells different Gaian,” a clearly female voice said to the first. “She smells like one of us!” “Very well we will not kill her but can we still scare her?” the first asked. “Of course not Gaian darling.” The female voice replied. “She’s one of us and she will be treated as such.” The shuffling moved closer and a sharp light shone into my eyes. “Hello there Child, Welcome to the Western Coven, Dominion of Gaian and Gaia.” A blonde stepped out from behind the light. Her skin was like snow lit from the inside, it shimmered even in the darkness, but the thing that stood out the most was her eyes; Clear blue with flecks of gold. The other voice was that of a tall brown man, when I say tall I mean tall. His skin was like an iridescent brown and his eyes like melted chocolate. “Welcome to our underground kingdom, please let us apologize for almost killing you, blah blah blah. Lets get this over with I’m starving and she smells like she’s not finished changing and that means blood!” Gaian said, licking his lips hungrily. “Can I just take a little bite, no just a sip?” The look on Gaia’s face was enough to shut him up. “Sorry Dear, but we’ve been trapped down her for a while and that old buffoon thinks that he can starve us! If I hadn’t have smelled you first you might’ve been dinner for our kingdom.” Gaia explained with an apologetic look on her beautiful face.

A new voice resonated from behind Gaian, “New food or new blood mother? Smells like both.” Gaia turned and called out, “A new friend Tristan, may I introduce….umm what’s your name sweet cheeks?” “Alice Nerea Amaia.” I mumbled. Out of the darkness strode Tristan; My maker.

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