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Revive Your Compressor

With a Sullube Fluid Conversion

Give your compressor a transfusion:

Flush away the risk of varnished components!
Flush away increased operating costs!
Flush away costly disposal fees!
Long life
Resists sludge and varnish
Removes existing varnish
Environmentally considerate
Cools more efficiently
High flash point

The #1 enemy of varnish!

Dont jeopardize your production with an inferior
compressor fluid!

Convert to Sullube!
Join the ranks of over thousands of satisfied
customers today! It is simply the best
compressor fluid!

Over a quarter century of proven


Sullube, a unique type of synthetic fluid, is a synergistic

blend of polyglycol, pentaerythritol ester, and selected
inhibitors. As a result, it is highly resistant to varnish and
sludge formation. Sullube can operate continuously in rotary
screw compressors for 8,000 hours without fluid change or
fluid-related maintenance, a significant improvement over the
1,000-hour life typical of the best hydrocarbon fluids. This
eliminates frequent fluid changes and results in substantial
economies when compressors are working around the clock.
All users can reduce downtime and maintenance costs with
Sullube fluid.
Convert Your Compressor to Sullube
Sullube cleans your compressor by dissolving varnish
build-up, thereby reducing energy consumption and
improving cooling.
A Sullube conversion will:
Flush away the risk of a varnished compressor
Flush away increased operating costs
Flush away costly disposal fees
Sullube offers you the confidence to standardize on one
fluid for all your rotary screw air compressors, regardless of

The #1 enemy of any rotary screw air compressor is varnish. Sullube is the #1 enemy of varnish!

Rotors Before

Rotors After


Reasons to Make the Switch to Sullube

Sullube will not varnish...

When PAOs or petroleum fluids fail, they form varnish,
plugging critical fluid injection lines, coolers, fluid filters,
increased energy consumption and discharge temperature.
Sullube cleans...
By dissolving existing varnish build-up. Clean rotors will
reduce compressor energy demand and improve cooling.
Sullube has a high thermal conductivity...
Allowing your compressor to run cooler by removing more
Sullube has a high viscosity index...
Providing excellent film thickness for bearing lubrication in all
Sullube is proven...
Used in over 50,000 compressors for more than 150 million
operating hours.
Sullube is biodegradable...
The condensate produced by a compressor running on
Sullube is biodegradable.

When Conversion is an Option, Sullube Should be Your

If, after evaluating all the benefits of Sullube synthetic fluid,
you are still not convinced, heres strong testimony for making
Sullube your one and only compressor fluid:
Four years ago I was having a constant problem with another
lubricant. My compressors were always overheating and
shutting down. I operate five compressors and one summer, at
least one would shut down every 15 minutes. The minimum air
pressure would cause the saws to just stop. This was costing
me a lot of money in downtime. I even tried to re-design the
compressors to tolerate high heat. I finally decided to try
Sullube in one of the compressors. No more overheating.
Well, that was four years ago and Ive been using Sullube in
all my compressors ever since. Ive been down the cheaper
road with another lubricant and it just isnt worth it. The
advantages with Sullube were instantaneous. Ive never
looked back.
Greg Palmer
Sawmill Operations, Buchanan Lumber

Sullube reduces maintenance costs...

Sullube offers you the ability to standardize on one fluid for
all your rotary screw compressors with fewer fluid changes...
virtually eliminating condensate disposal costs.
Sullube is compatible with the common elastomers found in
compressor seals, hoses and solenoids.
Local support...
your local Sullair Distributor offers complete support to you
Fluid analysis...
Sullair offers a comprehensive lubricant analysis program.
Sullube offers one-year, 8,000-hours of superior

Start now!
Call your local Sullair distributor who can help you reduce
your maintenance costs by letting you standardize on one
fluid for all your rotary screw compressorsregardless of
make or modelwith fewer fluid changes and virtually
eliminating condensate disposal costs.
At Sullair, extended life fluids are a tradition... their benefits are
the cornerstone of our long-standing commitment to you.

Sullairs Compressed Air Products

Fundamental to Sullairs leadership is a dedication to reduce not only the amount of natural resources consumed to create energy, but to minimize
environmental impact, in both the manufacture and use of all our products. We are constantly exploring new ideas and seeking new technologies to meet the
ever-increasing need for high quality, energy-efficient compressed air products and environmental sustainability.

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