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Ultimat e Accesso ries for the Truck

and Jeep Owner and the Outdoor sman.

FALL 2015

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W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

Ultimat e Accesso ries for the Truck

and Jeep Owner and the Outdoor sman.

FALL 2015


Also This Issue:

Truck Reviews - page 18

Sweepstakes - page 35
New Products - page 56

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W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M


600 LB Capacity Per Drawer
2000 LB Capacity On Top
Evenly Distributed

water resistant
single and dual
turn key dual latching
locking system


Commercial 1500 and 2000

You Asked... We Listened!

1500 LB and 2000 LB

Capacities Now Available
Fits Perfectly on our new lockers


Patented safety brake

extreme side rails
folding side rails
four camo options
sliding tie downs
rubber mat
diamond deck
led backlight
custom logo and side
... and more!

Cargo Ramps

1800 LB Capacity
Stows Safely under the slide
Adjustable length and width



FALL 2015


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NEW PRODUCTS........................................................ 56

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SUV Reviews page 52

Editors Letter

elcome to SEMA 2015! The SEMA Show is the premier

automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws
the industrys brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the
Las Vegas Convention Center. In addition, the SEMA Show provides
attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special
events, networking opportunities and more.
The 2014 SEMA SHOW drew more than 60,000 domestic and
international buyers. The displays are segmented into 12 sections, and a
New Products Showcase featured nearly 2,000 newly introduced parts,
tools and components. In addition, the SEMA Show provides attendees with
educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking
opportunities and more
Note: The SEMA Show is a trade-only event and not open to the general
As you flip through the pages of this special issue, youll notice lots of
new products that will be of interest to you as well cars, trucks and SUVs
- weve taken a look at new models and have some in-depth information to
share so you can make informed decisions when purchasing.
This issue also analyzes some of the best tires on the might
be surprised by some of the available options out there. And, of course,
when you are finished with your copy of Sportsmans Gear, pass it on to a
friend or family member who might be interested.
Until next time,

Becky J. Beall, Editor in Chief

W W W. S P O RT S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

W W W. S P O RT S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

38 Years as an Industry Leader

Global Sales and Services Team
Knowledgeable, Enthusiastic and
Respectful Customer Service
World Class Manufacturing ISO/TS
16949, ISO 14001
Marketing that Creates Solutions
Enhanced Shipping Performance

ee Zees theme for 2016, Dee Zees Got It,

has a lot of meaning to the company. It is
designed to encompass our goals in each department
for the following year and many years to come.
38 Years as an Industry Leader
Dee Zee has been a staple brand in the truck
accessory market since 1977. Dee Zees products
sustain the worker, the weekender and everything in
between. Our extensive product lines are built with
you in mind. We recognize your need for durable,
functional, and stylish products to keep up with your
hectic pace. Dee Zees classic styles are intertwined
with the newest modern looks to explicitly satisfy
your needs. The majority of our products are made
and packaged in Des Moines, IA with 90% of
supplied parts coming from American vendors.
Global Sales and Services Team
Dee Zee has over 200 active aftermarket
customers including Wholesale Distributors (WDs),
Retailers, On-Line Accounts, Farm Stores, Export
Accounts, and Public Safety Accounts. The online
side of Dee Zee has quadrupled within the past
five years with 293% growth and we have added
Export and Public Safety accounts into the mix. Dee
Zee has a global reach, with the newest operations
in Weihai and Shanghai, China. This facility will
have office support, with assembly, inspection and
warehousing capabilities. Our global supply chain
also includes an export program that currently
reaches four continents. These overseas shipment

W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

containers are fulfilled at Dee Zees Iowa

based corporate headquarters.
Knowledgeable, Enthusiastic and
Respectful Customer Service
The Aftermarket Customer Service
Department at Dee Zee consists of five
Customer Relations Specialists (CRS). They
were once considered Customer Service
Representatives, but they are much more
than that. They are the voice of Dee Zee to
our customers, accounts, and outside sales
reps and create relationships with each.
This is why their title has been modified to
Customer Relations Specialists. Although
their workloads have increased, their
dedication, drive, and positive attitudes have
not faltered. Dee Zee continues to grow in
the aftermarket department and our CRS
make Dee Zee a top competitor in customer
service. With a combined 60 years of
experience, they are committed to be the best
customer service in the industry.
While accounts and distributors have
increased substantially, our customer service
department has not. The five CRS handle all
aftermarket accounts along with incoming
phone calls. We average over 5500 calls per
month, which equates to 1100 calls per CRS.
Our busiest days continue to be Mondays
with over 300 calls coming into the customer
service department. Our abandoned call rate
is at three percent with an average of ten
calls per day, well below the national average
of six percent. Continuous training and
process improvements assist in Dee Zees
outstanding customer service and allow each
CRS to be more productive and efficient.

16949 standards apply to the design and

development and production of automotiverelated products. Dee Zee meets this by
having developed a quality management
system that provides for continual
improvement, defect prevention and
reduction of waste in the supply chain.
Dee Zee also meets ISO 14001 criteria
for an environmental management system
that meets legal requirements and puts
sustainability at the heart of the business.
Marketing that Creates Solutions
The Marketing Team at Dee Zee includes
a director, two full-time graphic artists, a
market analyst and an ecommerce account
manager. The director, Dan Kruzic, oversees
all marketing efforts. The two graphic
artists, Matt Gearhart and Kaitlyn Stotts
work together to create media and visual
content that can appeal to the masses. The
market analyst, Carly Hathaway, performs
research on existing and new products
so that Dee Zee knows where it stands in
the marketplace. The ecommerce account
manager, Scott Moyer, handles primarily
web based selling accounts. He helps
steer the direction of corporate online
advertising, coop with accounts, and social
media avenues. Together, the team works to
enhance the Dee Zee brand name and image.

World Class Manufacturing ISO/TS

16949, ISO 14001
One of Dee Zees goals is to meet and
exceed standards of all kinds. ISO/TS

Enhanced Shipping Performance

Dee Zee will begin implementing
a program to increase initial shipment
fulfillment rates to 75% with a goal of
100%. There will be more customer
relations contact with accounts prior
to shipping to see if they would like to
add items before the order is released.
Backordered items will ship separately after
initial shipments so orders can be closed in a
timely manner. SG

W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

ower Stop is a name synonymous

with performance braking systems;
and rightfully so thanks to their
Performance Upgrade 1-Click Brake Kits
and the Track Day Brake Kit for many of
todays most popular road and track vehicles.
Many people overlook a need for increased
braking performance on their tow-rig, daily
driven SUV or trail-rated Jeep. Power
Stops answer to these and other heavy-duty
applications is the Z36 Extreme Truck and
Tow line of braking products.
Any time you add weight to a vehicle by
hauling a load, towing a trailer, or simply
adding a larger/wheel combination, you
change the operating conditions of the stock
brake package. Those operating conditions
may exceed the ability of the stock braking
components. Power Stop Z36 Extreme Truck
and Tow 1-Click Brake Kits are specifically
matched components designed to address
the increase in heat and the required brake
torque of these truly extreme conditions.
The Evolution Tru-Cast Performance Drilled
& Slotted rotors offer cooler braking while
the Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow brake pads
featuring a Carbon-Fiber Ceramic formula,
will provide the extra needed brake torque to
bring your truck or SUV to a halt quickly and
safely. The low dust and virtually noise-free
Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Brake Pads are paired
with the Performance Drilled & Slotted
Rotors not only for the superior power you
need, but also that true performance look and
style you want.
Phil Bresnahan, Chief of Safety for the
SCCA Chicago-Region chapter learned
first hand how well the Z36 Extreme Truck
and Tow Brake Kit under harsh conditions.
Recently while at Brainerd Raceway near
Minneapolis; Phil was driving to an on-track
incident in the lead safety truck, a 4-door
GMC 2500 HD loaded down with a heavy
equipment skid in the bed, fire-fighting
equipment, a water tank and pump, and 4
safety personnel. Traveling at 90+ mph down
the straightaway the truck and its occupants
had to make a tight right hand turn, when
Phil pressed the brake pedal he said the truck
stopped like never before; something that he
and his fellow safety workers didnt think
was possible. He has since found himself
pushing the truck to limits he had never
thought possible thanks to his new found
confidence in its ability to stop whenever
In an interview at Blackhawk Farms
Raceway in South Beloit, IL Phil had this
to say about the Power Stop Z36 Braking
System When we added on the Powerstop
brake system we were immensely amazed
how well that balanced the vehicle out,

especially when we came into

certain turns to get to an incident,
that I had really good control
of the vehicle having such


W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

control over the vehicle and

good response, allows me
to focus on any scene I come
upon The Power Stop brakes allow me to
stay focused on the task at hand This level
of performance is something that everyone
can appreciate when hauling a heavy load,
trailering a boat to the lake, or taking their
family on an adventure.
Power Stop is dedicated to providing
problem-free brake system upgrades and
manufactures the 1-Click Brake Kit a

line of
specific brake pad and
rotor kits, remanufactured and performance
tested OE replacement calipers, and
Evolution Tru-Cast drilled and slotted
performance rotors. For more information on
any Power Stop products, visit them online at
The full SCCA safety video interview
can be found at
sccasafety SG


EDSLIDE is simply the easiest way

to load and unload your truck. It
turns your truck bed into a sliding drawer.
BEDSLIDE is about efficiencyminimum

time and energy for maximum results.

BEDSLIDE is all about getting the job
done right. There is a BEDSLIDE model
to fit almost any truck, van or SUV to
make loading, transporting and accessing
your freight simple and safe.
Manufactured in the


W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

U.S.A., BEDSLIDE has built its reputation

on precision craftsmanship, dependability
and durability.
New product: There are times when life
requires you to go the extra mile. So weve
gone to great lengths to bring out the best.
BEDSLIDE MAX. With a fully extendable,
2,000 lb. load capacity, all weather deck. | 888.807.0099 SG

Truck Reviews

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Reaches Higher

The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is an allnew midsize pickup with the style and
versatility of a truck and the refinement,
maneuverability and efficiency of a
The 2015 Colorado is tailored to the
needs of customers in North America
with distinctive design cues and a quiet,
comfortable interior that offers car and
crossover amenities. It also offers innovative
features such as Chevy MyLink with a builtin available 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, Lane
Departure Warning and Forward Collision
Colorado is available in four-door
extended- or crew-cab models, with a choice
of a four-cylinder or a V-6 engine and
offering segment-leading highway efficiency
of up to EPA-estimated 27 mpg highway for
the four-cylinder and 26 mpg with the V-6
(2WD models), when properly equipped. The
Colorado also offers the segments highestavailable trailering rating: 7,000 pounds with
the available V-6 engine and heavy-duty
towing package.
Traditional truck features such as fourwheel drive and a highly flexible bed with
Chevys GearOn system are available,
enhancing capability.

Designed with a zeal for adventure

The Colorados North American design
is unique, with a confident stance and
a sporty demeanor. Taller bedsides, for
example, are exclusive to North America
and match the aggressive, raked belt line of
the cab, creating a distinctive proportion that
reinforces the trucks athleticism while better
securing items stored in the bed.
W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

The Colorado features triple-sealed doors

inlaid in the body sides, like the Silverado,
for improved aerodynamic performance
and a quieter interior. To help keep overall
mass down, lightweight materials such as
a segment-first aluminum hood are used.
It also offers the segments first active
aero grille shutters, designed to enhance
aerodynamics when closed.

Truck Reviews

Models and trim levels include Work

Truck (WT), LT and Z71. The off-roadinspired Z71 features a gunmetal grille
surround a change from the chrome
standard on the other models projector
headlamps and 17-inch aluminum wheels
with all-terrain tires.
Cab and bed configuration choices include
an extended cab model with a 6 2 bed, a
crew cab with a 5 2 bed and a crew cab
with a 6 2 bed. With the tailgate down,
the 6 2 bed allows hauling of 8-foot-long
2015 Toyota Tacoma Shows What It
Takes to Remain Americas Best-Selling
Compact Pickup
What does it take to be Americas bestselling compact pickup, year after year? It
takes the Toyota Tacoma. For 2015, Toyota
hones Tacomas segment-dominating ways
by adding a new TRD Pro Series thats offroad ready and willing.
Its what hasnt changed that keeps the
Tacoma on top of its game. With its many
variations, the Tacoma appeals to a broad
spectrum of pickup truck customers. The
Tacoma line offers a choice between
4-cylinder and V6 engines, and 2WD and
4WD drivetrains, along with two cab styles
and two bed lengths. This hard-working,
hard-playing pickup is built to take it and

rewards owners with legendary Toyota

quality, durability and reliability.
Serious off-roaders have long favored
the Tacoma as a basis to build their custom
trucks. The 2015 Tacoma TRD Pro Series
gives them a head start on their way to the
desert. Replacing the limited-edition Tacoma
Baja Series that was offered for 2014,
the 2015 Tacoma TRD Pro Series adopts
much of that models beefed-up body and
chassis features, including 16-inch beadlock
style TRD alloy wheels with BF Goodrich
LT265/70R16 All-Terrain KO tires.
Suspension mods make the Tacoma TRD
Pro Series off-road ready, raising ride height
1.75 inches in front, increasing wheel travel
and using TRD springs with decreased rate
for better ride control over rough terrain.
The front suspension, which adds 0.75-inch
wheel travel, is upgraded with 60mm-piston


W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

Bilstein high-performance shocks with

remote reservoirs to increase shock oil
capacity for greater heat dissipation and
damping sensitivity. The rear suspension is
equipped with 50mm-piston Bilstein highperformance shocks with remote reservoirs,
and the TRD springs add 1.5-inch to wheel
A TRD Cat-back Exhaust cuts
backpressure and adds a sporty growl to the
4.0-liter V6 engine. And then comes the TRD
Pro Series styling: black alloy wheels, unique
blackout front grille, special TRD badging
and a choice of black, white or exclusive
Inferno exterior colors. Inside, the TRD shift
knob and floor mats add a custom touch.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, a new
Utility Package for the 4-cylinder Tacoma
Access Cab deletes the rear seats to expand
storage capacity. SG

Tire Review
BFGoodrich Tires Celebrates 1 Million
All-Terrain T/A KO2 Sales in North
BFGoodrich Tires has sold more than
1 million All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires in
North America, less than eight months after
launching in the market.
The Companys most advanced light truck
tire premiered in November 2014 with 12
initial sizes, and since has expanded to 40
available sizes. A total of 61 sizes will be
available to more than 20,000 BFGoodrich
Tires authorized dealers when the line
expansion is complete in the coming months.
E n g i n e e r e d f r o m B F G o o d r i c h s
incomparable championship off-road
motorsports racing technology, the KO2
delivers exceptional toughness, tread life
and traction for traversing the harshest
conditions, including gravel, dirt, rock, mud
and snow. The new KO2 provides consumers
the confidence to take on the toughest
challenges for work or play.
Compared to its predecessor, the
formidable KO tire, the new All-Terrain
KO2 delivers the total performance that
demanding light truck owners require in a
tire every day.

Key features of the KO2 include:

Tougher Sidewalls: The KO2 uses raceproven and race-winning CoreGard
technology, developed in the Baja T/A
KR2 for split and bruise-resistant sidewall
rubber, and a thicker, extended shoulder

to prevent sidewall failures. Computer

modeling was used to predict object paths
and create a sidewall designed to deflect
protruding objects, reducing the chances
of splits and snags. Compared to the
current KO tire, the new KO2 is up to 20

BFGoodrich Tires All-Terrain T/A KO2

BFGoodrich Tires All-Terrain T/A KO2


W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

Tire Review
percent stronger in this critical off-road
performance area1.
Longer Tread Life: The KO2 has a new
tread design and rubber formulation
that helps it last twice as long on gravel
and 15 percent longer on asphalt than
the previous tire2, allowing off-road
enthusiasts to extend their adventures
and working professionals to get more
use out of the tire. The tread rubber has
been optimally blended to reduce chips
and tears on gravel. A new footprint shape
and interlocking tread design provide more
uniform wear over the long haul. Special
stone ejectors push objects out of the tread
to reduce drilling into the tire.
Aggressive Traction: The KO2 also has a
range of tread features for better mud and
snow traction. The improvements to the
legendary all-terrain performance include
10 percent greater traction in the mud3 and
19 percent greater traction in the snow4
compared to the previous-generation
KO tire. Side-Biter lugs in the sidewall
improve traction in mud, snow and rocks.
Raised bars in the shoulder help release
compacted mud for better traction in soft
soil. 3-D sipes create biting edges for
better snow traction.
The KO2 is an all-season tire that will
carry the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake
symbol, indicating that it exceeds the
Rubber Manufacturer Associations severe
snow traction requirements.
Building on BFGoodrichs long heritage
as an innovative all-terrain tire maker, the
KO2 incorporates technology developed
and tested through the brands legendary
off-road motorsports teams that have
earned 84 off-road wins at races in the
Baja peninsula by far the most by any tire
The KO2 fits a range of vehicles,
including Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge,
Jeep, Toyota and Nissan pick-up trucks and
SUVs as well as Plus Fitments for a wide
variety of vehicles.
With more than 100 years of heritage,
BFGoodrich Tires is dedicated to
providing high performance tires for those
who have a passion for driving in virtually
any environment. Combining technical
expertise with 40 years of motorsports
experience, BFGoodrich Tires delivers
tires for a full range of driving experiences
from ultra-high performance street to
off-road terrain with one common theme
extreme performance. Come upgrade
your performance with BFGoodrich and
see where our tires can take you at www., on Facebook at or on
Twitter at @BFGoodrichTires.

1. Based on internal sidewall splitting test vs

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO tire size
LT265/70R17. Sidewall splitting test results
were derived from a simulated sidewall
aggression-testing machine (patent pending
2. Based on commissioned third-party gravel
endurance tests vs. BFGoodrich All-Terrain
T/A KO tire size LT265/70R17. Based on
internal wear tests vs. BFGoodrich AllTerrain T/A KO tire size LT265/70R17
3. Based on internal subjective mud traction tests
vs. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO tire in
size LT265/70R17.
4. Based on commissioned third-party snow
traction tests vs. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/
A KO tire size LT265/70R17 using the ASTM
F1805 Test.


W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

blowing information for another day. For

now, lets take a look at four other tires
Interco produces one of which we bet you
didnt know they had in their lineup, but is as
good as it comes in its class.
The Interco IROK is a tire with
traction as good as it can get in the snow,
mud, and rocks the direct result of
many years of research and development
by the off-road tire gurus at Interco Tire.
Interco IROKs feature scooped lugs,
blade and molded siping, special side-wall
features, extra tough cord and cut resistant
compounds, and a directional tread that
incorporates the legendary Interco patented
Three Stage Lug design. IROKs come in
both bias ply and radial. Interco also offers
the IROK ND, a non-directional, radial
version of the IROK .
TrXus M/T
The Interco TrXus M/T not only has
unbelievable on-road manners such as a
smooth, low-noise ride, but they also has
more siping than any other mud terrain on
the market. These features have proven to
be almost magical in wet, icy, and snowy
conditions. Those same traction features
make the Interco TrXus
M/T a serious rock
climber as
w e l l .

Theres More to Interco than the Super

Swamper TSL and Bogger
Since the 1960s the go to tire for offroading has been Intercos Super Swamper
TSL or its just-as-capable sibling the Super
Swamper Bogger. In fact these tires have
become so popular since their
inception that a lot of people
think the companys name
is Super Swamper. I
mean, sure the Super
Swamper was the tire
that created the offroad segment of
the tire industry;
and its probably
the most famous
off-road tire ever
made; and sure
the Bogger is
by most as
the best offroad tire ever
made but
come on. They
do make other
tires tires
that that perform
unbelievable offand on-road. Were
sure youve heard
of their other tires,
but have you ever
really looked at them?
Oh, did we mention they
also offer a few wheels
too? Well save that mindInterco IROK

Tire Review

Interco TrXus M/T

Interco SS-M16
(side view)

mud terrain
tires (unlike
many brand
name tires on the
market that all share
the same common specs, basic
body, casing, etc. and whose only difference
is being the mold they were cured in and
possibly the tread design) have proprietary
build and construction specifications; plus
they are heavier than an OE equipment tire
of comparable size(s) making the Interco
TrXus M/T true custom, specialty tire
designed for the off-road.

Interco SS-M16

The Interco SS-M16 is a tire for
all seasons. Several design features have
been taken from Interco Tires best
performing, legendary mud and all terrain
tires and incorporated into the SS-M16the first E/T (Every-Terrain) Tire on the
planet. Intercos SS-M16 bridges the
gap between a true all-terrain tire and ultraaggressive off-road tire. The SS-M16
is truly highway friendly and quiet on
pavement, but is a beast off-road, offering
the superb trail performance that people have
come to expect from Interco. The unique

W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

Tire Review

Falken Tire ZIEX S/TZ05 - Best in Class,

All Season Performance and Comfort for
Luxury SUVs and Light Trucks
The ZIEX S/TZ05 features the latest in
tread compound and construction technology
designed specifically for SUV and 1/2 ton
sport truck applications. With an advanced
M+S all-season non-directional tread
design, the S/TZ05 enjoys the freedom of
rotation in all directions, optimizing tread
life. With double tapered cut tread blocks
and staggered shoulder lug grooves, the S/
TZ05 is a smooth, quiet and dynamic
tire. Available from 20-inch to 24-inch
applications, this tire covers many of
todays popular SUV and LT wheel fitments.
Whether youre cruising through the city or
driving on the open highway, the S/TZ05
provides unparalleled performance and
For more information, visit www. SG

Interco VorTrac
Interco VorTrac
(side view)

bullet casing sidewall design feature

of the SS-M16 make the tire as attractive
as it is functional.
If you didnt know that Interco Tire
offered a true all-terrain tire, then its time
to wake up and smell where the rubber
meets the road and say hello to the Interco
VorTrac A/T. The VorTrac A/T has all
the quality, durability and aggressive look
you would expect from an Interco product,
but delivers the on-road, pavement pounding
performance a daily driver demands. The
Interco VorTrac incorporates a tight tread
pattern that is well supported toward the base
which delivers good stability and handling,
thats virtually noise free and prevents large
stone retention. The VorTrac is designed
to handle the rigors of everyday, real-life
use, and while looking good doing it. Its
the only E rated 22 tire (that we know
of) on the market making them an ideal tire
for towing boats and watercraft to the lake
or ATVs to the camp. If you are looking for
a tire that offers an aggressive look with a
tremendous ride the Interco VorTrac A/T
is your tire.

W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

Falken Tire ZIEX S/TZ05


W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M


CargoEase Cargo Locker

argoEase has been the ultimate cargo

retrieval system since its inception,
striving to provide the sturdiest, best looking,
and highest quality truck accessories in the
market. We continually upgrade and add new
products to our line so as trucks and times
change, we adapt accordingly.
Our newest products are great for
everyone from daily work to daily chores,
our slides and lockers stand the test of time.
Thats why we happily put a 5 year guarantee
on it for you. Youll never regret buying a
CargoEase product.
We came flying out of the gates with
our patented T-Handle and Safety Braking
System that stops the slides the moment the
handle is released, but we havent stopped
there. With our Sliding Adjustable Tie
Downs, Fold-Down and Extreme Side Rails,
four Camouflage cover options, and our
award winning CargoEase Ramp Slides as
just a few options, you can see why were
quickly gaining popularity. These options
are perfect on our newest products, and
we took to heart the interests and pointers
from we received from our customers while
creating both product and options.
You all asked for 1500 and 2000 lb
weight capacity Commercial Series Slides
and we provided those. We changed up the
Aluminum Cab Guard to make it sturdier
and look sleeker. We then added new options
for that cab guard for people who need lights
and safety equipment on them.
CargoEase has been thinking inside the
box since its inception in the early millennial
years, but weve come a long way since then.
Today we are proud to announce our newest
and most exciting product!
The CargoEase Cargo Locker! Made
from aluminum, and crafted with CargoEase
style. It can hold 600 lb per drawer and
2000 lb on top of the lockers, when evenly
distributed. This makes it the perfect fit for
our newest 1500 and 2000 lb Commercial
We created the lockers with our customers
in mind, and thats why we put it through a
rigorous water and weight tests. What we
achieved was nothing short of spectacular
results. The Cargo Locker is absolutely water
resistant and is going to keep your precious
cargo safe. Whether its your favorite gun,
bow or rod, or nuts and bolts for every day
work, you will never regret purchasing your
single or dual drawer CargoEase Cargo
Contact us today and see why we are the
Ultimate Cargo Retrieval System!
Thinking inside the box. SG

W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

Diamond Tread Dog Box

from Dee Zee Mfg.

Portable Refrigerator/Freezer
from Nautical Air

Handsfree Car Kit w/ Adapter

from Wagan Tech

Tail Decker

Super Protectant
from Prolong Protectants

Hallmark Cutlery Bundle Pack

from Hallmark

Evolution Complete Brake Kit

from PowerStop

DiabloSport Trinity
from DiabloSport

Electric Turkey Fryer

and Seafood Kettle
from Masterbuilt
Renegade XT
from Cross Tread

12V LED Spotlight

from Motor City Automotive

W W W. S P O RT S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

Tool Box
from Phoenix USA

Motor Head Grill

from FABgrills

Wheel Simulator of Your Choice

from Jae Eagle

Portable Searchlight
from Golight, Inc.

Fog Lights
from KC HiLites

4600 Series
from Bilstein

Matrix Angle
from ATS Design

Custom Tool Box

from K&W Manufacturing

Vehicle Hitch-Haul
Leveling Kit

The Original
from Masterbuilt

W W W. S P O RT S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

from Firestone


Campers won't believe their good fortune when they arrive at Starkville
KOA, right on the sandy shores of Oktibbeha County Lake. Nearly every
campsite has a view of the water. Swim and sun at the beach, join in a game
of beach volleyball, and careen happily down the slides at this KOA's own Wet'N'Wild water park. The campground's pier is perfect for casting a line, and rental kayaks and pedal boats make it easy to get out on the
water. Enjoy the pavilion, on-site snack bar and picnic tables scattered under leafy trees. You can even rent the
beach for a private function. The water park is open May - September; call for specific dates. One-half mile
from US 82, this KOA is minutes away from Mississippi State University. Nature lovers and birders can head
south to the Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge.

2661 County Lake Road

Starkville, MS 39759
Reserve: 800-562-7557
Info: 662-324-0607
Visit us at:

Accessorize for Outdoor Adventure

Exclusive New Products for Sportsmen/Women

Truck Cargo Management System for Sportsmen

See for yourself at

SEMA 2015!
Booth 34236

Fits full-size trucks

Dont settle for generic truck boxes that are hard to

access and not designed for your needs.
The AeroBox provides:
Large capacity (11ft. 3 in.) for all your sports gear!
Secure and Weatherproof storage
Easy cargo access... like a trunk for your truck!
Portability... open full bed capacity when you need it!

Learn More
About AeroBox

Decorative-Protective Truck Bumper Covers

Easily Installs Over Existing

Chrome / Painted Bumper

Protect Against Debris, Salt and/

or Cover Existing Damage

Many Models / Colors Available


Interested Retailers and Customers visit: / 1.866.300.9606

Learn More About


Car Reviews

2015 Dodge Charger

The Dodge brand is bringing its A-game
for its 100th anniversary, significantly
updating both the iconic Challenger muscle
car, and giving the Charger four-door sedan
a full-body makeover, offering an impressive
lineup of expanded powertrains for 2015.
For 2015, Dodge Charger is totally
updated, features a standard across the lineup
new state-of-the-art eight-speed automatic
transmission and several new models,
including the all-new Charger SRT Hellcat,
SRT 392 and R/T Scat Pack models, all of
which highlight the added performance to the
new 2015 Dodge Charger lineup.
New for 2015, the Chrysler Groups
To r q u e F l i t e e i g h t - s p e e d a u t o m a t i c
transmission is standard on every Dodge
Charger model, everything from the SE,
SXT, R/T, R/T Scat Pack, SRT 392 and the
SRT Hellcat. The 2015 Charger also offers
a full range of fuel-efficient and powerful
engine options, including the award-winning
3.6-liter V-6 Pentastar engine, which delivers
up to 31 miles per gallon (mpg) on SE and
SXT models; the legendary 370-horsepower

5.7-liter HEMI V-8 on the R/T; the 6.4-liter

HEMI V-8, which punches out a best-inclass, naturally aspirated 485 horsepower
and 475 lb.-ft. of torque in the SRT 392
and R/T Scat Pack models and the new
6.2-liter supercharged HEMI Hellcat V-8
engine. The Charger Hellcat delivers ultimate
performance with 707 horsepower, 650
lb.-ft. of torque, a top speed of 204 miles
per hour, National Hot Rod Association
(NHRA)-certified, quarter-mile elapsed time
of 11.0 seconds on street tires, making it the


W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

quickest, fastest and most powerful sedan in

the world.
The 2015 Dodge Charger lineup includes
the following models: SE, SE AWD, SXT,
SXT AWD, R/T, R/T Road & Track, R/T
Scat Pack, SRT 392 and SRT Hellcat.
The Dodge Charger is built at the
Brampton, Ontario, Assembly Plant in
Canada. Production is slated to begin in the
fourth quarter of 2014. Production of the
2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat began in
the first quarter of 2015.

Car Reviews

2015 Nissan Juke NISMO

The 2015 JUKE NISMO and JUKE
NISMO RS are part of a growing lineup
of NISMO-branded factory performance
machines in Nissan showrooms, which also
includes the popular Nissan 370Z NISMO
and the ultimate NISMO, the GT-R NISMO.
include special exterior modifications
designed to enhance aerodynamics, resulting
in a 37-percent improvement in downforce
(versus non-NISMO models). Exterior
features include NISMO front and rear
fascias and side sills with a distinctive red
stripe, special grille and light treatments,
extended body-colored wheel flares, red
outside mirror covers and unique rear spoiler
and NISMO or NISMO RS badging.
Inside, the NISMO-style interiors combine
dark finishes and red accents. The leather
and Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel
designs include a racing-inspired red topcenter marking, while the special sport front
seats offer added support and comfort while
cornering, along with embossed NISMO
logos and red stitching. NISMO RS adds
unique Recaro front seats with embossed
The JUKE NISMO RS increases the
engines performance to 215 horsepower
(at 6,000 rpm) and 210 lb-ft of torque
(from 3,600 to 4,800 rpm) for the 6-speed

manual transmission-equipped front-wheel

drive model. The JUKE NISMO RS AWD
with Xtronic transmission is rated at 211
horsepower (at 6,000 rpm) and 184 lb-ft of
torque (from 2,400 to 6,000 rpm). Manual
transmission-equipped NISMO RS models
also offer a standard helical-geared LimitedSlip Differential (LSD) to direct more power
to the front wheel with the most traction,
helping maintain acceleration during
cornering. It also helps reduce torque steer,
adding to the sense of driving excitement.


W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

2015 Chrysler 200S

Simple elegance, an exhilarating driving
experience, state-of-the-art and easy-to-use
technology and beautifully crafted, the allnew 2015 Chrysler 200 charts a new course
for mid-size sedan customers who have
earned a little luxury in their life, but demand
value for their money.
The 2015 Chrysler 200 debuts a beautiful
exterior design featuring the new face of
the Chrysler brand a thoughtful, exquisitely
crafted interior and an exceptional driving

Car Reviews

experience, complements of a segment-first

nine-speed automatic transmission and the
Compact U.S.-wide (CUS-wide) chassis.
With the choice of two world-class engines,
an innovative all-wheel-drive system,
available sport mode and paddle shifters
for an engaged driving experience, and
estimated highway fuel economy of 36 miles
per gallon (mpg), the all-new Chrysler 200
makes the commute something drivers will
look forward to.
Beginning in the fourth quarter, the
2015 Chrysler 200 models, powered by the
standard 2.4-liter MultiAir2 Tigershark I-4
engine, will feature engine stop-start (ESS)
technology, an emission-lowering and fuelsaving feature.
The all-new 2015 Chrysler 200 offers the
most available safety features in the midsize sedan segment, and state-of-the-art,
easy-to-use technology that keeps drivers
and passengers connected. With a starting
U.S. Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price
(MSRP) of just $21,700 (excluding $995
destination) the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200 is
a sedan that customers will be proud to own,
at a value they will appreciate.
The 2015 Chrysler 200 is designed,
engineered and built, with pride, in
Michigan. With a major investment of more
than $1 billion, Chrysler Groups Sterling
Heights (Michigan) Assembly Plant (SHAP),
once slated for closure, sports an all-new
paint shop using leading-edge technology,
a new, fully robotic body shop and an
upgraded assembly area, setting the stage for
the world-class craftsmanship found in the
all-new 200.

Inspired American design and beautifully
crafted inside and out, the all-new 2015
Chrysler 200 transforms what customers
expect in a mid-size sedan. The 2015 200
sedan showcases the new
face of Chrysler, and incorporates timeless
design cues that let the car tell the story.
Clean, expressive surfaces define the
all-new 2015 Chrysler 200; its a timeless
American design based on simple elegance.
The 200 sedan, with its muscular yet soulful
presence, embodies a strong, sculptured
exterior that drivers will want to touch and
feel. The restrained design is not ornamental
or full of line work instead it showcases
sensual lines and fluid surfaces, which
highlight the coupe-like appearance.
The all-new 2015 Chrysler 200 debuts
the new face of Chrysler. The grille
and headlamps are integrated for the first
time and the updated Chrysler badge has
an emphasis on the wing, which is more
W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

defined. The signature light pipe or available

full-LED daytime running lamps (DRL),
LED fog lamps and standard LED tail lamps
give the all-new Chrysler 200 a distinctive,
recognizable look coming and going.
The Chrysler 200S model delivers an
exclusive style darker, more sinister
not found on other models in the lineup,
or in the mid-size sedan segment. The
2015 Chrysler 200S model features gloss
black trim and accent pieces rather than the
standard bright trim. The exclusive design
of the daylight opening (DLO) trim, the
area surrounding the side windows, is gloss
black the 2015 Chrysler 200 is the only
vehicle in the segment with this feature.
Integrated dual exhausts are standard and
the available 19-inch Hyper Black aluminum
wheels complete the look. The more
sinister appearance of the 2015 200S model
complements the sportier driving experience
the S model delivers. SG

SUV Reviews

2015 Infiniti QX80

The new 2015 Infiniti QX80 Limited
becomes the most premium SUV ever
offered by the brand. So fully equipped that
there are zero available options, the allwheel drive QX80 Limited features unique
dark finish exterior and interior treatments,
new Truffle Brown semi-aniline interior
appointments and a full suite of advanced
luxury and safety technologies.
Both the 2015 Q70 and QX80 also
receive updated exterior styling for all
models. Infinitis pioneer technologies, such
as Predictive Forward Collision Warning
(PFCW) and Backup Collision Intervention
(BCI), also have expanded availability for
the 2015 model year.
New QX80 Limited with unique exterior
highlights, ultra-luxury interior and
state-of-the-art entertainment and safety
New Infiniti-signature front fascia and
grille, LED headlights and fog lights
New bright finish side rearview mirror
covers (Deluxe Technology package only)
Revised 20-inch and 22-inch aluminumalloy wheel designs
New fully integrated rear bumper
protector, flush surface front and rear
sonar sensors

Three new exterior colors: Hermosa Blue,

Graphite Shadow and Majestic White
(Moonlight White and Platinum Graphite
no longer available)
Revised interior grade level content, with
greater visual differentiation between
trim offerings - with Mocha Burl trim
replacing the previous Tuscan Burl and
new Stratford Burl trim added to Deluxe
Technology Package
New available technologies include
Predictive Forward Collision Warning


W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

(PFCW) and standard High Beam Assist

Two new option packages: Driver
Assistance Package and Deluxe
Technology Package
Offered in two models: QX80 and QX80
Expected availability in October 2014,
QX80 Limited Expected availability in
late 2014

SUV Reviews

2015 Nissan Armada

Armada receives a number of
enhancements for the 2015 model year,
including revised interior trim styling,
standard power lumbar added to the drivers
seat, new 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheel
designs for Armada SL and Platinum trim
levels, and two new exterior colors Arctic
Metallic Blue and Magnetic Black and
Pearl White is available as a premium option.
The 2015 Nissan Armada is again
available in three well-equipped models:
Armada SV, Armada SL and Armada
Platinum, each offered in a choice of
2-wheel or 4-wheel drive and equipped
with a standard 317-horsepower 5.6-liter
Endurance V8 engine and 5-speed automatic
transmission. Armadas family adventureready features include comfortable seating
for eight passengers, 97 cubic feet of cargo
space and a maximum towing capacity of
9,000 pounds (when properly equipped).
Armadas range of standard and available
equipment includes moonroof, DVD Family
Entertainment System, Nissan Intelligent
Key, leather-appointed seating and
RearView Monitor, premium Bose audio

system with 11 speakers, power-folding

60/40-split 3rd row seat and rear leveling air
suspension and available Nissan Navigation
system with NavTraffic and NavWeather
information (SiriusXM subscription required,
sold separately).
Platinum models include a standard
dual 7-inch headrest DVD Entertainment
system, while the Platinum Reserve Package
features 20-inch dark chrome wheels, dark
chrome grille and outside mirrors, premium
grade two-tone Chocolate/Almond leather
W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

appointed seating, Light Aniegre genuine

wood trim and dark satin chrome interior
Along with the refined 5.6-liter V8 engine
and advanced 5-speed automatic transmission,
every Armada includes a heavy-duty fully
boxed ladder frame and double-wishbone
suspension. Also available is Flexible Fuel
Vehicle (FFV) technology, which allows
drivers to use traditional gasoline or an
alternative fuel such as E85. SG

New Products
3.5 Lift Upper Control Arm (UCA)
Kit for the 2014-2015 Chevy/GMC 1500
Part number 3600 & 3700, starting at
Superlifts UCA Lift Kits have a
modern, fitted steel structure that derives its
superior strength from the classic I beam
architecture. Their uniquely engineered
design adds strength & durability plus has
bonus features that others do not offer.
UCAs come pre-installed with MOOG
ball joints & OEM style bushings. Backed by
their Lifetime Warranty, 100% Satisfaction
Guarantee & their Factory Warranty
Assurance Program, this simple & Super-EZ
bolt-on installation adds clearance for 33
diameter tires without fender trimming plus
ZERO cutting of the rear cross member.

ComeUp USA introduces the Seal Gen2

16.5 self-recovery winches into the North
American market
ComeUp USA is excited to announce
the latest expansion of the popular Seal
Gen2 Series winches, with the addition of
three, 16,500 pound line pull capacity nonintegrated units. The Seal 16.5 is the perfect
winch for larger vehicles including both
domestic and import full size trucks. Like all
of the Seal Series winches, the new Seal 16.5
winches are fully submersible and meet IP68
Other common features of the Seal Series
include the following:
Fully sealed transmission and motor
Built it thermal detector with LED
Submersible sealed contactor
Water proof remote control
External automatic full load Cone Brake
Structure (CBS), perfect for synthetic rope
The three Seal Gen2 16.5 versions
available are as follows:
16.5 with wire rope
16.5s with synthetic rope
16.5rs with built in wireless remote and
synthetic rope
The new Seal 16.5rs also has the following
Built-in water-proof receiver module
for the included wireless remote control
certified by the FCC & CE
Audio indicator in addition to the LED

indicator in the remote control advising of

motor overheating
The Seal 16.5rs/16.5s versions include
an 82 x Dyneema SK-75 synthetic
rope which is coated to improve abrasion
resistance and prevent water absorption. Be
sure to stop by our SEMA Booth number
32203 to see the new Seal Gen2 16.5


W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

Upper Control Arm (UCA) design
utilizing laser cut plate steel that are
slotted and tabbed for precision fitment
during fabrication.
UCA design is oriented in an I beam
fashion for superior strength.
CNC machined ball joint socket and
bushing eye ring for precise fit.
UCA includes pre-installed MOOG ball
joints and bushings
No cutting or trimming of the factory drive
ZERO cutting of the rear crossmember
C N C m a c h i n e d b i l l e t A l u m i n u m
differential drop brackets maintain proper
CV axle angles (2WD models do not
utilize the differential components)
CNC formed belly skid pan protects the
differential from on and off-road hazards

New Products

(2WD models do not utilize the skid pan)

Rear lift is achieved with Block & U-Bolt
Laser cut & precision conformed top strut
mount strut spacers add lift height
Requires no modification to the stock
A simple and Super-EZ bolt-on installation
Adds clearance for 33 diameter tires
without fender trimming
Comes complete with Superide shocks for
the rear
For more information, please visit www.

for streak-free wiping. Moreover, the design

eliminates snow and ice build-up. It is heat
and ozone resistant, and its silicone rubber
continually reapplies an active silicone
coating on the windshield, assuring streakfree, quiet operation.
Silicone Wipers have been the benchmark
for wiper performance for nearly a decade
- their silicone infused blades delivering
w h i s p e r- q u i e t m o v e m e n t , u n r i v a l e d
vision, and long life. With extended sizes
available, PIAA Super Silicone Wipers boast
applications for nearly every vehicle on the

PIAA Wipers
Super Aero Vogue high performance
silicone wiper blades were designed with
performance and functionality in mind.
PIAAs patented silicone technology reduces
surface tension, causing water to repel from
the windshield for streak free and quiet
operation. The new aero style cover features
Pass Through technology which greatly
reduces blade chatter and wind lift at higher
The Si-Tech Flat Wiper Blade, is a
modern, frame-less design that delivers allseason performance, thanks to our patented
silicone impregnated rubber blades. The
frame-less design that creates more pressure
points across the entire length of the blade

W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

road. Both both hook and pin applications

- 3/16 and 1/4 pin styles - available. For
more information, please visit www.piaa.
Razor Sharp Performance has Officially
Been Turbocharged
RZR XP Turbo EPS takes RZR to a new
Polaris RZR is the gold standard in
recreational vehicles due to the familys
ultimate combination of power, suspension,
agility, comfort and customization. Owning
a RZR is not only about the desert, dunes and
trails one can conquer but the lifestyle that
goes along with that
experience. Polaris continues to innovate
the RZR family to enhance that experience
by consistently taking off-roading to a new
level. Today, Polaris raises the bar yet again
by launching the all-new 2016 RZR XP
Turbo EPS! Razor sharp performance has
officially been turbocharged!
Unlike other turbo offerings on the market
and true to RZRs heritage of building
complete machines that set the vehicles
apart from the competition, the new RZR XP
Turbo EPS is completely engineered, front
to back, to translate industry-leading power
into unmatched performance. To deliver
maximum durability and performance,
Polaris has performed substantial testing on
the engine with enough test miles to travel

New Products
around the world more than nine times;
and paired the engine with an all-new
stronger driveline to ensure all the power
gets to the ground reliably. The vehicle
brings significant innovations to each of
the hallmark Power, Suspension, Agility,
Comfort and Customization aspects of RZR
to provide the ultimate off-road experience.
For more information, please visit www.

little mishap with your bumper before you

learned about ToughShellz? Dont worry,
ToughShellz can often cover existing

minor damage and/or rust . . . like it never

happened! BumperShellz, including the
new ToughShellz version, install easily

W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M


ToughShellz Protective Truck Bumper

eCOOLogical, Newcastle, California,
introduces ToughShellz, a new addition
to the patent-pending BumperShellz line
of truck bumper covers. ToughShellz are
made especially for truck owners that work
their truck hard. These durable covers are
made from a textured, molded-in color UV
resistant black, high-impact ABS plastic.
This construction provides terrific resistance
to minor impacts and abrasion, thus an
effective protective shell for vulnerable
OEM truck bumpers. Whether protecting
from snow and ice, or from road debris
kicked up on the trail, ToughShellz will
help keep you bumper looking great. Had a

New Products

over OE bumpers and are now available for

rear bumpers of many late model pickup
trucks. For more information, please visit
Tuthill Introduces the Industrys First
DC Powered, UL Listed, Portable Fuel
Transfer Pump for Gasoline or Diesel.
Tuthill, the world leader in fuel transfer
pumps, meters, and accessories, is excited to
announce an industry first: a truly portable,
handheld, UL listed explosion-proof DC fuel
transfer pump for use with gasoline and other
flammable liquids.
Designed for versatility and safety,
the Fill-Rite RD8 features a UL listed
explosion-proof motor, configurable inlet
and outlet flanges, quick connect power cord,
and an innovative hinged vane design that
eliminates the need for a bypass. It can be
foot mounted, handheld, or bung mounted on
a drum or portable tank, and it is compatible
with most fuels, including gasoline, diesel
and biodiesel. It is also water tolerant, so
it can be used to drain tanks that contain a
mixture of water and fuel.
The RD8 is designed for both work and
play applications. Power sports enthusiasts
will enjoy the convenience of using a nozzle
to fill their ATVs, personal watercraft, boats,
and snowmobiles. No more lifting heavy fuel
cans or spilling gasoline in the water, on the
ground or on your vehicles when refueling.
The configurable flanges make the RD8
an ideal pump to fit into tight spaces often
found in RV applications. It takes just
minutes to remove two bolts and rotate the
flange to get it in the correct position for
your space.
The RD8 pumps fluids at flow rates up
to 8 GPM. It is made of cast aluminum and
weighs just 7.5 pounds. The manual nozzle
allows you to vary the flow to match the size
of the tank and avoid spilling. It has a 30
minute duty cycle so filling multiple vehicles
consecutively is quick and convenient. For
a list of where to buy an RD8, please visit

W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

New Products
Rugged Ridge Introduces New HubCentric 17 X 9 Inch Steel Wheels for 20072016 Jeep Wranglers
Innovative Design Provides Minimal
Vibration, Smoother Ride and Best Possible
Rugged Ridge, a leading manufacturer
of high-quality Jeep parts and accessories,
today announced its all-new Hub-Centric
17 x 9-Inch Steel Wheels for the 2007-2016
Jeep JK Wrangler.
An upgrade from ordinary steel wheels,
the Rugged Ridge design features five retrostyle kidney shaped holes and a durable gloss
black finish, tough enough to withstand trail
duty. The hub-centric design ensures the
wheel is precisely centered upon installation,
effectively minimizing stress on wheel studs
and eliminating the added road vibration
common with non-hub-centric designs.
The Rugged Ridge Steel Wheels are
available with or without a molded ABS
center cap, offering Jeep owners effectively
two different looks with the same wheel.
All Rugged Ridge wheels are engineered,
tested and certified to meet and exceed the
strenuous SAE J2530 standards for wheel
strength and durability. As part of the
development process, Rugged Ridge wheels

are turned one million cycles at double

their load capacity to ensure the wheels can
withstand even the harshest obstacles on the

Rugged Ridge Hub-Centric 17 x 9-Inch

Steel Wheels will be available in fall 2015
with retail pricing starting at $124.99.
For more information on the HubCentric Steel Wheels, or Rugged Ridges
complete line of high-quality Jeep and
off-road products, or to find an authorized

CamoNest Hammock and Atlas Camo

Suspension System
Blend into your environment, whatever
that may be, with the CamoNest
Hammock and Atlas Camo straps from
Eagles Nest Outfitters, the leading provider
of packable travel hammocks. As versatile
as nature is varied, the CamoNest, also
available in XL, provides the perfect hidden
Now offered in Urban and Retro print for
a fresh take on a camouflaged classic, the
94 x 47 hammock offers the ultimate
in suspended comfort with its 70D High
Tenacity Nylon Taffeta material. Setting
up in seconds complete with Aluminum
Wiregate Carabiners and packing down into
its attached stuff sack, the 16oz hammock is
ready to go whenever and wherever you are.
The 11oz Atlas Camo suspension
system offers the same strong, supportive
suspension system as the original Atlas,
but now in our stealthy camouflage pattern.
With 30 combined adjustment points secured

W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M


retailer, please contact Rugged Ridge at

770-614-6101 or visit its website at www.

New Products
by its Poly-Filament Webbing, the Atlas
Camo strap is the ultimate in hammock
suspension seen or not seen in a whole
new light.
The CamoNest Hammock is available
in Camo, Retro, Urban, and XL. It and the
Atlas Camo Suspension system are sold
online at, or at one of ENOs
1,500+ retailers worldwide. CamoNest
MSRP $84.95, XL $94.95. Atlas Camo
MSRP $39.95
Sub7 Hammock and Helios
Suspension System
The lightest hammock on the market and
the lightest suspension system, from leading
provider of packable travel hammocks
Eagles Nest Outfitters, has finally
met their match. Fitting the true
spirit of the backcountry
into a small, 6.5 oz.
body that also


to set up and
pack down in a flash is no
easy task, but weve managed
to do it with our Sub7 Hammock
and 5.7 oz. Helios Suspension System.
Welcome to the ultimate in lightweight,
suspended comfort.
Measuring 89 x 311and crafted from
Taffeta Ripstop Nylon, stronger-than-steel
Dyneema, and featuring an attached stuff
sack, the featherweight Sub7 offers the same
unparalleled comfort as our traditional
hammocks while fitting into
the smallest of

W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M

New Products
packs. Packing light and packing bright just
got easier with this smart camping essential.
With 118 of lengthy support, Helios
offers suspension for even the most awkward
spacing so you can have suspended ease
of mind. Combining Polyester Sling and
Dyneema rope, the lightweight strap
sets up in seconds and provides superior
adjustment with a bury splice.
The Sub7 Hammock and the Helios
Suspension System are sold online at, or at one of ENOs 1,500+
retailers worldwide. Sub7 MSRP $69.95,
Helios MSRP $24.95.
New Thumb Turn Latches for Undercover
and Extang Tonneau Covers Feature
Convenient Bolt One-Key Lock
For maximum user convenience,
UnderCover(tm) Elite, UnderCover Elite
XL and Extang(TM) EnCore tonneau covers
now feature innovative BOLT(r) one-key
lock technology in a new, ergonomicallyfriendly latch. BOLTs unique, patented onekey lock technology permanently programs
the locks on these tonneau covers to the
trucks ignition key so that just a single key
is needed, no matter how many BOLT locks

are in use. The first time the key is inserted

into the BOLT lock cylinder, spring-loaded
plate tumblers move, immediately coding
the cylinder to that unique key. BOLT Locks
are available for many Ford, RAM, Toyota,
Nissan and General Motors light truck
models, including the new GM center-cut,
high-security keys for late model pickups.
In addition to securing the contents stored
under a tonneau cover, weatherproof BOLT
locks are available to protect a range of other
equipment and gear. BOLT products include

a chrome-plated, hardened steel two-inch

Padlock, durable stainless steel 5/8-inch
and 1/2-inch Receiver Locks, a Coupler Pin
Lock, a six-foot vinyl-coated Cable Lock,
a GM Tailgate Handle Lock and a Toolbox
Latch Retrofit Lock.
BOLT Locks are available through a
network of major > retailers and from the
BOLT website and come with a limited
lifetime warranty. For more information, visit SG

W W W. S P O R T S M A N S G E A R M A G . C O M


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