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Guidance Notes for Safety of Visitor on Construction Sites

Insurance coverage

The standard contractual requirements do not have insurance cover for visitors. Under
OI No. 114/2009 TC Procurement of Construction Related Insurance, some contracts
may have contractual requirements on third party insurance but such contractual
requirements cover direct employees of ArchSD visiting the site occasionally only as
per SCC28.


Nevertheless, the Contractor may procure construction insurances with coverage on

visitors even if no such contractual requirements. Therefore, before allowing visitors on
site, the Architect/Surveyor shall designate a project officer to check with the
Contractor the adequacy of insurance coverage for visitors on site.

Safety Measures


Visitors are normally unfamiliar with the environments of the site. Also, visitors are
usually not working in the construction industry and therefore are not fully alert to the
safety risks of construction activities. As such, the Contractor shall formulate a safety
plan for project officer to comment. Then, the Contractor shall implement measures
stipulated for the safety of visitors on site.


The safety measures shall include, but not limited to, the following:
Before the visit, the Contractor shall:


plan a designated routing appropriate to the visitors and estimated duration of the


appoint escorting personnel ,who shall be site management or supervisory staff, to

look after the visitors during the whole period of the visitors on site.


establish an evacuation arrangement and a site emergency contact number.


provide adequate signage(s) on prominent spots, including the warning signs and
emergency contact number.

Before the visit, the visitors shall:


wear appropriate clothing, safety helmet, and footwear for the site visit.


register with the designated site management/supervisory staff.

Endorsed by SSERC in June 2011

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First Issue Date 25.3.2010

Current Issue Date 15.6.2011


attend a safety briefing conducted by site management/supervisory personnel to

understand the site safety rules, evacuation arrangement, locations of drinking
water and sanitary facilities.


note down the site emergency contact number.


take care of personal belongings.

During the site visit, the Contractors appointed escorting personnel shall:


lead the visitors to use the designated routing.


keep regular checking on the no. of visitors under escort.


lead the visitors evacuating to designated safety shelter in case of emergency or

inclement weather such as thunderstorm/lightning.


counter-check the no. of visitors before disbanding to ensure no visitor left on site.

During the site visit, the visitors shall:


follow the escorting personnel.


follow the safety instructions given by the escorting personnel.


put on appropriate personal protective equipment, such as mask, goggles, ear

protectors, reflective vest, etc., as directed.


not smoke on site.


not carry out any sort of construction works on site.


keep calm if loss of way. Inform the site management/supervisory personnel by

the site emergency contact number (check the site signage if the phone number
cannot be remembered). Stay safely along the designated routing and wait for the
site management/supervisory personnel.

Endorsed by SSERC in June 2011

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First Issue Date 25.3.2010

Current Issue Date 15.6.2011