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Over A Decade of Recognizing Excellence in IT

Stage II-Audit Form

For project nominations that were shortlisted in Stage I

Dear Sir/ Madam,
PCQuest, Indias leading IT publication conducted a survey for its annual IT implementation
awards recently, for which we had invited IT projects through a public nomination process.
You or somebody else on your behalf has nominated your IT project, and you would be glad
to know that your project has crossed the public nomination stage and reached Phase II of
the awards process. In this stage, we collect more details about all projects to study them
more minutely. You are therefore requested to help us collect this information about your IT
project through the form below.
The PCQuest team will evaluate all audit forms minutely and might be calling you or
requesting for a face to face meeting in case they need further clarity on your project. The
team will then shortlist the best projects and present them to a panel of jury members, who'll
take the final call in deciding the winners for this year. The jury panel is made up of eminent
personalities drawn from the IT industry and user community.
Along with the form, you are also requested to provide the following attachments:
1. Architecture diagram of the project
2. Small bio-data/profile of the project head
3. Photograph of the project head and the project team if available
4. Some high-quality and interesting photos of the IT project deployment itself that we can
use in the magazine while publishing information your projects case study.
5. Any other documents, etc that throw lighter on the project.
Important Note: Any information and photographs you provide with this audit form could be
published by PCQuest, unless otherwise clearly indicated by you in the form itself.
The last date for sending us the detailed audit forms is Jan 9th, 2015.
Anil Chopra,

Section 1: Basic Project Details

Please provide the basic project details for us to identify your project properly.
1. Project Name:
2. Project Head (from the company where it has been implemented): Sagar
Anilkumar Shah
3. Name of the organization where this project has been implemented: Digital
4. A very brief summary of the organization where it has been implemented to
understand it better:
DigitalWebWise is a youthful initiative of Engineering Students. We are a team of
young and friendly entrepreneurs with the vision of prime performer, in providing
quality Web solutions in the competitive global market place, We blend strategy,
technology, design and film to create lasting value for our clients and meaningful
experiences for people, formerly known as consumers
5. Complete address of the project head from the company where it has been
C/3, Shah House, Opp. Velkarni Church, Subhas Nagar, J.M. Road, Ghatkopar W,
Mumbai 400084, Maharashtra State.
6. Mobile Number and Email id of project head mentioned above:

Section 2: Project Concept and Business Case

1: Please elaborate on the context in which this project was conceptualized and
what were the issues and challenges that it was supposed to resolve. In other
words, what were the business problems that led to the deployment of this
The PriceKart intends to provide affordable shopping alternatives to working class
families with incomes under Rs. 20,000, for elderly people on fixed incomes, and also a
large student population that tend to be on strict budgets. Bend makes up the largest
market segment. We expect this market to grow at a rate of 10% per year. This market
constitutes the general public who are looking for affordable merchandise at bargain
We offer a platform that is pleasant to shop in with a large variety of products to choose
from at right price at right time.

2: Please tell us in detail about what was finally implemented. is a shopping vertical that provides easy to use comparison shopping tool for
discerning consumers seeking right products from the right merchants at the lowest
prices. PriceKart is a platform for all savvy shoppers facilitating them to compare over
thousands of sellers, merchants and the individual prices for the desired products,
provides the best destination to both shoppers & merchants to meet and conduct a
profitable business.
PriceKarts Chrome Brwoser Magical Saving Extension: Find the cheapest online store for
your favorite stuffs with click using PriceKarts Magical Saving Google Chrome Online
Shopping Extension, Save Money & time by getting lowest price on your favorite stuffs
from your favorite online store across India right from your browser, No Need to Find
Best Coupons across store, Get best coupons applied automatically at Checkout page
with Just one Single Click Which doubles up your savings!
3: What were the challenges (business, technical, etc.) faced while
implementing this project?
Ultimately, we are serving more than just savings, We want to provide the kind of
customer service that will provide an atmosphere that creates a positive shopping
experience for our customers, We have many competitors in our area of expertise each
have their own way to do business, To make today delicious, we begin with our
consumers. We listen, we watch and we learn. We understand their joys and their
challenges because were consumers too, Apart from that we had faced many challenges
while implementing this project, sort of funds, man power, resources & lack of knowledge
but we did it for our consumer & our world.
4: What has been the overall impact of this project? Tell us the key business
and/or social benefits delivered by this project.
(Note: The more concrete and measurable benefits you provide, the better. e.g.
cost savings of Rs. X, productivity gain of Y%, etc. )
Consumers demand quality customer service, fair pricing, savings, value for their rupee,
try out products & service before they actually opt it for, and a convenient location, We
aims to deliver it with easy, 6 out of 10 People started savings by using PriceKart before
making their online purchase decisions, People are now aware about their trusted stores,
products quality & fair pricing criteria, Using PriceKarts Magical Saving Extension we
aims to provide easy & trusteed online shopping experience for next generation &
bargain hunters, Here are few words from our happy customers { User }
Who does not like to save money? This extension is GENIUS. It finds coupons for you and
saves you money. You honestly don't need to do a thing... Sit back and see the discounts
for yourself. Nice work by Pricekart. IT's AMAZING
5: Whom is this project meant for? What kind of users are using and benefiting
from it?

We focus on the price conscious consumer who is looking for value as well as quality, The
customer who are conscious about quality & pricing of their favorite products while
shopping online.
6: What is the expected life of the project? Is there anything else youve
planned to do for it in the future?
Yes, there are more Magics are to be added into it for more savings.
7: What according to you sets this project apart from any other in its class?
Whats the unique selling proposition, or USP of this project?
We believe in quality rather than quantity, Which makes us different, We aims to deliver
savings for everyone who opt for PriceKart for making their online purchase decisions, we
are different in our design, ideas and algorithms & thats our unique proposition.
8: What was the role of the BU head for whom this project has been deployed?
Its said that If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and
become more, you are a leader thats kind of role BU head played till date.

Section 3: Project Architecture and Technologies

This is where you need to tell us all the hardware, software, services, and
support that was utilized in this project.
1: Details of the hardware used in the project

1 x Root Server PX60, Intel XeonE3-1270 v3 Quad-Core Haswell, 32 GB ECC RAM, 2x 2TB
HDD, SATA6 Gb/s 7200 rpm HDD
2: Details of the software used in this project
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, cPanel 11.44
3: Details of the services and support utilized for this project
30TB Traffic Usage, IPv4 & IPv6, 24 hr Monitoring Via Email, 100 GB Backup, Rescue,
VNC Installation, Image Installer, Traffic Statistics, Reverse DNS Administration, Wake on
LAN, Domain Registration Rebot
4: Details of key technologies that were used in this project.

Section 4: People Involved in the project

Please identify key parties that were involved in this project, along with their
1: Name, designation, and contact details of the BU head for whom this project
has been deployed.
Name: Sagar Anilkumar Shah
Contact: 9987877087
2: Name of the main implementation partner for this project
Name: Mehul Sanjay Gajra
Contact: 7738060651
3: Name, designation, email id, and mobile number of the person who drove this
project from the implementation partner's side.
Name: Mehul Sanjay Gajra
Contact: 7738060651
4: Other project consultants, vendors, and service providers that are worth
mentioning for this project along with a brief mention of their respective roles.
Same as Above
5: Size of internal team involved in this project (number of people)
2 { Only Two }
6: Names of internal team members, their designations, departments, and the
skillsets that they bring to the table.
Name: Shah Sagar A.
Designation: Founder of & Co-Founder of
Profile Overview: Creative Web Designer and Digital Marketing Specialist having 5+ years
of experience in running effective eCommerce Portals.
Prior Experience & Corporate Appointments:
Founder & Editor at, Next Generation Offers & Deals Portal, { Present }
Co-Founder at, India's Leading Price Comparison Portal, { Present }
Database Engineer at Infomedia18 Ltd (2010)
Business Development Executive at GAP Miners India Ltd. (2009-2010)

Core Competencies:
Managerial Skills:

Program & Project Mangement

Team Buidlding, Monitoring, Leadership & Conflict Resolution
Strong event management & organizational skills

Soft Skills:

Effective trainer

Work as part of geographically dispersed team & energetic & self-motivated team
7: User acceptance is a key measure for the success of any project. Please give
us names of three users who'd be willing to share their experiences of this
project with us. Please provide the following for each user:
Full name, Designation, Email-id, Mobile Number, and Landline Number (with
STD) code.
Full Name: Yogesh B. Patil
Designation: User
Mobile No: 09545672588
Full Name: Neha Shah
Designation: User
Mobile No: 9987877387
Full Name: Yudi Hukkeri
Designation: User
Mobile No: 09870751891

Section 5: Financials and returns (Will not be

This is where you need to indicate the total cost incurred for this project. Please
note that all costs should be mentioned in Rs. Lakhs/Crores, and NOT in USD
1: Total cost of implementing the project
Rs. 3,00,000 Lakhs { Three Lakhs Only }

2: Total cost of hardware that was used for this project

Rs. 1,20,000 Annually { One Lakh Twenty Thousands Only }
3: Total cost of software that was used for this project
Rs. 60,000 Annually { Sixty Thousands only }
4: Total cost of consultancy charges
Rs. 30,000 Annually { Thirty Thousands Only }
5: Total cost of services and manpower
Rs. 2,40,000 { Two Lakh Forty Thousands Only }
6: Recurring cost of project
Rs. 7,000 { Monthly }
7: What are the expected returns from the project and over what time frame?
Rs. 3 Lakhs { Three Lakhs Only } annually by 2015

Section 6: About your industry

This part is not related to this project, but about your industry and the role IT
has to play in it in general.
1: What according to you are some of the key challenges that your industry
faces today?
The most common challenges what we face are lack of resources & right man power on
time, If we get right people at right time who knows their responsibility & put their 100%
effort, No one can stop the product to go out of the box plus lack of budget is a big
challenge every entrepreneur face, People demands always more for e.g. if we offer
consumer a car, One can simply expect luxury, automatic transmission & more .. As we
knew expectation of people is always high and demand is always less, so fulfilling that
expectation with fewer budgets is always a challenge, so getting fund, Usage of latest
technology & resource is key to success of every business.
2: How serious is the impact of digital transformation on your industry? Has
digital disruption started happening in your industry?
As Retail taking move towards eCommerce, Consumers demand quality customer
service, fair pricing, and a convenient location, So its been always challenging for every
digital portals to provide all this under one roof.
3: Does your organization have a digital transformation strategy? If yes, then
who is leading the initiative?

As the digital world gets more sophisticated, creative companies like us dont just design
websites. We do, but we also create installations where people participation is key,
Ideally our work taps into some of the most basic human instincts; to play and explore.
We just like to help our clients deliver simple experiences that people love, whether its
improving a product, building brands or creating demand.
4: What is the role of the CIO and IT department in digital transformation in
your organization?
To empower next generation for trusted & secure online shopping & Deliver savings for
each & everyone, We leads & We achieves it !
5. How should we use your responses in this section (About your industry)?
a. quote your responses with your name
b. quote your responses without using your name
A. You can use it freely wherever needed with name.

Thank you
Important Notice: Please note that any information and photographs that you share
with us could be published, unless otherwise clearly indicated by you in this form.
The last date for sending in your detailed audit form is Jan 9, 2015.

Founders Profile

Sagar A. Shah { Co-Founder } Left

Mehul S. Gajra { Co-Founder } Right

Important Links & Milestones:

PriceKarts Magical Saving Chrome Extensions:
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User Reviews & Ratings:
PriceKarts Google Chrome Magical Savings Extension was awarded Best e-Health / eBusiness & Financial Inclusion Portal of the year at Manthan Awards SOUTH WEST
India 2014 for purposeful contributions of electronic and digital medium in achieving
efficiencies in business processes and creating new business models in e-commerce.
URL: was awarded Hot 100 Techology Startup of the year at Hot100 Technology
Startup creating new business models in e-commerce.

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