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Emcee Script for Leadership Management Seminar

Time and Conflict management

Communication skills
J: Ladies and gentlemen, as we are about to begin, please be seated.
Kindly switch your mobile phones to the silent mode. I would like to request for your
assistance in completing the Evaluation Form that will be distributed at the end of the
open forum.
Thank you for your kind cooperation and attention.
S: Please rise for the doxology, national anthem and Olivarez hymn.
(Doxology, national anthem, Olivarez hymn)
Please be sitted.
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of our group and [partner], I would like to
extend a very warm welcome to all of you. We appreciate you taking time off your busy
schedules to join us today. We hope you will find the program we have lined-up for you to
be fruitful and engaging.
J: We are about to have the seminar entitled Effective Communication: A cornerstone for
a successful conflict management wherein this is a part of our NCM107/ leadership and
To kick-off this mornings program, we are pleased to have Ms. Bautista to deliver the
Welcome address.
Ms. Bautista, please. Lets all give her a warm round of applause.
(Welcome Address)
And let us welcome ms. Paez to introduce our guest speaker
Thank you
Its now time for our guest to share with you the strategic formula on time

management and Our speaker will demonstrate how to make most of your time
productive and enduring he can help you address to manage challenges you face
and be ready for the challenges ahead.
I would like to invite (guest speaker ) . let us all welcome mr..

Start of the sharing of ideas by the guest speaker..

<_______ finishes>

J: Thank you, _______.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have heard from Mr on the benefits of time
management and intrapersonal relationship.
S: Ladies and gentlemen it is the time for the intermission number.
Ladies and gentlemen, refreshments will also be served and distributed accordingly along
the isle by our chair manager. Thank you.
(Right after the questions and answers raised)
Thank you, Mr ___________.
And now, is the time for the giving of plaque of
S: Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope youve found this afternoons presentations informative
and useful. I would like to request for your assistance in completing the Evaluation Form.
We would love to hear any feedback or suggestions that you may have for us.
Kindly hand your completed forms to my colleagues that will approach you on your sit.
To end this program, lets call Ms. Khristine Reyes for the closing remarks.
(Ms. Khristine Reyes)
Lets call .. for the closing prayer.
(Pls confirm if there is a gift, if not, to change)
1. And to thank you for spending time with us today, we have a certificate of
participation that will be given accordingly on your way out.
2. Again, thank you for spending time with us today.