Issue 18; Hyper Cars

Welcome to Issue 18 of the Inside Lane magazine. This issue is crammed full of automotive legends, dreams and cars that only work on the poster in your bedroom. We took a trip to Dick Lovett showrooms in Swindon and above shows the explosive new KTM X-Bow, more on that later. Tyler this month is ranting about old people and for our younger readers some news on the hotly anticipated Forza Motorsport 3. Oh yes, and your free KTM poster.


“In making the roads safer we must look to the people who have been on it the longest!”
England; home of the B-road, a collapsing economy and some of the world’s worst rush hours. The government are trying to reduce all of these things currently. The Broad of which many of us enjoy a lively drive, are very quickly being choked by needless roadwork’s. The economic recovery plan has been dreamt up by a six year old (To fix the problem of debt due to borrowing we should... Borrow?) And the congestion charge is quite successfully doing nothing to the traffic in London. Well I can’t do anything about the first two perils of the apocalypse; however I think I have pinpointed the source of the third. THE ELDERLY! I am sure you are aware of how the Christ himself could keep your temper at bay when there is someone doing 20MPH on a duel carriageway. And every time it will be a pensioner in their Rover Metro being extremely hesitant. Often this lack of competence can result in horrific accidents. Driving off cliff tops, driving onto railways and in extreme cases into houses. Do you see the now bankrupt 17 year old, who has paid over £2000 to insure their car doing this? So why then does the over 60 club get the cheapest car insurance when they clearly are more likely to kill someone. Obviously I’m not speaking of all over the age of 60, some are still very competent drivers and so do no harm. My proposal is not to banish the WW2 veterans to the likes of mobility scooters, but simply give them the opportunity to prove that they are still capable of driving. A re-test at 65 sounds more than reasonable and so should be put into immediate effect. It is only natural that the body tires with age; reactions slow, eye sight worsens and sense of direction all but disappears. Yet it is these very things you are told in your first driving lesson that you need to be a good driver.

aged often slow up the traffic in towns and normally that is fine. A civil tongue and patience will get you by. But sometimes not even the patience of

Swindon; The Land of

Swindon, a reasonably busy town with shops and houses and well, just about everything else you would expect from a town. So unless Inside Lane has turned into a tourist information site over night, why am I telling you this? Well, Swindon on the surface seems to be just your average town. Unless you’re a so called “petrol head” in which case there is much more to Swindon than meets the eye. There is
Castle Combe race circuit for starters! This OK; so there is a track there. Donington has a track but the place itself is rather empty. Swindon on the other hand is home to the Dick Lovvet group and that is what draws us up here the most. Dick Lovvet owns various franchises in the motor industry. For example some of the dealerships include; Ferrari, Maserati, Lotus, KTM, Mini, BMW and Porsche. “But many towns have these dealerships, so what?” Ah but do they have them all down one road? Welcome to what we call the golden mile, welcome to Ashworth Road! We love this place. Dream cars one after the other. No need to travel miles, this single road has it all. Our latest visit has supplemented this magazine with a fantastic story as the new KTM franchise has opened. The staff in each showroom are extremely welcoming and polite. Porsche even give out tea and coffee on rainy days to people who have battled the elements to view the range.

extremely fast track offers spectators a thrilling view as it is one of the fastest race circuits in the UK. Various cars use the track for club meetings and even race days including a GT series. What is not often known about this track is that some manufactures use it to test cars for the WRC championship. Silverstone it isn’t, but it does offer a taste of what life is like at the track.

Directly in front of me was a Ferrari Enzo in all its majesty, undergoing a service. A showroom condition Dino hovered seamlessly on a raised platform. To our amazement a Ferrari Super America was hidden amongst a sea of F430’s. Nearing the vehicle entrance was a Ferrari California freshly valeted just awaiting the call to the showroom. Finally hidden outside was an Abarth 500 in Ferrari red. This was a special order for a “very good customer”. Returning to the tale of our latest trip we were able try the KTM on for size (more on that later) and even shown the intricate workings of the maintenance bay. I was shown though to the spotless bay where everything was kept in immaculate condition. The smell of the oil, not just any oil, as it had an almost alcoholic smell to it. The rich aroma blanketed the space of which we shared the presents of some of the world finest. An F40, the UK’s most valuable example lay on jacks, ticking itself to sleep. The golden mile coupled with the track and a general love for automotive accolade, Swindon is one of our favourite places! Who needs Spain, when you have a X-Bow (pronounced cross-bow). A special thanks to Stuart Mann of Dick Lovett Ferrari/Maserati and Jonathan Sharp of Dick Lovett Lotus/KTM.

“When there is more money than common sense!”

Super cars are often regarded as the most adrenalin pumping machines on the planet. They have the ability to captivate onlookers and deafen bystanders. We look on in amazement as these “untouchables” caress the tarmac they were forged to roam. However, even these cars have budgets and rules to follow. Not even the Bugatti Veyron was let off its leash as it had strict instructions and limitations. But what happens when the manufactures take off the mussel and let hell break loose? Welcome to the hyper car!

Ascari A10

Ascari, a legendary race driver who forged his name into the history books of motor racing. The man with nerves of steel tragically lost his life on the track whilst enduring a Gran Prix. But does the car that bears his name live up to his prestigious reputation? This bright yellow war paint isn’t so much a fashion statement; but a warning, a warning that makes the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini quake in their boots. And they have good reason to be scared as this 625BHP wasp has a sting large enough to dent reputations even as profound as the previously mentioned legends. The car, having no limitations, is about one of the most spine tingling sensations you could ever imagine. The ferocious lion under the bonnet once belonged to a BMW 5 series but now reembodied into a carnivorous predator capable of 0-60MPH in 2.8 seconds. This car is legendary! The steering is weighted to perfection giving the brave pilot the ability to

accurately place the beast on the apex of any corner. The spoiler on the rear give the car down force like you would find on a Formula one

car. The combination of this speed, agility and grip is uncanny. Occupants can really place themselves in the position of Ascari whilst on a track, being able to perform feats of driving reserved normally for the supernatural. The theatre continues on the inside was you are instantly engulfed by racing bolster seats. Enjoy the feeling of the seats as this is the only creature comfort within the car. The

I have a theory that the rear view mirror of this car is only there to reassure you that it is the engine behind you and not a pride of lions. In an effort to save weight the sound proofing is nonexistent and as a result you leave the car without your eardrums. Overall this fantastic peace of engineering and it does live up to the man behind the name. But it’s not our ultimate hyper car.

stripped out racing interior has “five forward one back” gear leaver at its centre. This leaver stands like a glistening trophy within the emptiness of the cabin.

Pagani Zonda F

The Pagani Zonda. Perhaps the definitive hyper car among many “pretenders”. Despite its other worldly looks and power that could put Jupiter out of orbit, this was once a David among Goliaths. When this car stepped on Ferrari’s toes everyone soon knew the name. Soon after many of the worlds A-list owned them and we all know what that can do to a manufactures reputation. For example Bentleys are now branded as ferries for the overpaid girls who fall over when the ball comes near them. But Pagani have stood their ground and beaten off most of the X-Factor producers. As a result we are left with one of the most astonishing cars on this earth. But this being Pagani, the mad Italians that they are, decided to make an even more hysterical version. The Zonda F. This car is to be one of the last incarnations of the Zonda before its successor is revealed to the world. What a party peace this is! Its 602BHP Mercedes AMG engine howls like a wounded animal, penetrating even the darkest regions of your ears. Every time the accelerator is eased upon, it lets out a V12 scream that could rival the noise of the atomic bomb.

The interior, unlike the A10, is lavish with airconditioning, a CD player and carpets. And

because it’s Italian, the quality of the engine note is carried through into the glass bubble that makes up the cockpit. The car intimidates its rivals into submission with a show of the artillery of exhausts at the rear. If you’re in a traffic jam behind one of these, you will need a bit more than the AA man to fix the windscreen. Despite all this, it’s still not our king of hyper cars.

Gumpert Apollo

This car obviously had no restraints or limits as production would have stopped the first time the drawing was shown. It is absolutely one of the ugliest machines I have ever seen. The front looks like a strangled rabbit, the sides of a disembowelled fox and the rear end of the Michelin man. If a child were to see this before bed time the bogey man would be out of business. Nonetheless, if you can squint heavily enough the nasty monster will go away. Embark upon the journey into the bowls of the beast and you will find yourself in control of one of the most powerful weapons you could posses. This 4.8 litre twin turbo V8 produces a colossal 650BHP and 627 Ib-ft of torque. These numbers mean that this car can achieve 0-60MPH in 3 seconds and therefore is capable of world domination... What, it has the looks for it?

In the hands of a professional this car will dance around the Nürburgring faster than

most can dream, but in the hands of a rich oil baron, the only ring he will be circling will be the one required on the insurance

form. The fact is that this car is so wild, so unrestricted you would need the reactions of a mosquito to be in control 100% of the time. This is a hyper car, but not a pleasant one.

Aston Martin One-77

Cars have been in existence for over one hundred years now. They have taken a wealth of different shapes and sizes, engines and options. But no car, not a single one has been perfect. Now if you think about it, to make something completely faultless it must appeal to everyone without exception. Even if they have three legs, a cat called Jill and is lightly dusted with radiation. The car must fit like a tailored suit. I thought long and hard about this only to come to the conclusion that no car is perfect. Every car no matter the make, price or country of origin can’t satisfy me or anyone else completely. Hand on heart the only car that came close was the Audi R8 V10 but even that makes you wish Audi would make the V12 R8.

But then it hit me like a train! Aston Martin, for 6 years now, officially the world’s coolest brand has had a line up of some exquisite cars over the years; DB5, V12 vantage and DBS to name only a few, but even these are overshadowed by the might of the One-77. This is the needle in the haystack, the one in a billion, that stroke of pure brilliance that makes it the world’s only faultless car. When word came of Aston Martin launching a car where they have let their

designers and engineers roam free the worlds press were primed. This car when unveiled for the first time found that small child that is within us all and set them free. This car really is the most beautiful piece of machinery in the existence of space and time. Forged mainly from carbon fibre and given a 7.3 litre heart crafted by English engineers, it came to life. This car only exists because the employees of Aston Martin wanted it so badly; they worked after the lights had gone out in the factory just to fabricate the idea into a reality.

driver. Every detail in this car is to the millimetre satisfactory. It’s not over lording; it’s not blingy or anything that a footballer or R&B star would “roll in”. There is a very good reason for this... The car would upstage Elvis, Michael Jackson and Queen all at the same time. This car is no fairytale, and for that reason does not have a happy ending. There will only be 77 made. All are sold; and the reason why this is not the ultimate hyper car... Because I can never own one.

The interior is made of the most modern and complimenting materials. The centre console looks like it has leaked into the cabin from the engine in an offering to the

Lamborghini Mercielago LP670-4 SV

This is it, our ultimate hyper car... This is the Lamborghini LP670-SV; I know not quite the most exotic name plate that a car has ever worn. Despite the name that looks to be the result of some drunken engineers playing scrabble in the dark, the car itself is monstrous. This 209MPH colossus is the

Fastest and most powerful car Lamborghini has ever made. With a 6.5 litre V12 producing 670 rampant horses, this car serves Lamborghini’s purpose to a tee. The only reason Lamborghini manufactures supercars is because once upon a time, Mr Ferrari and Mr Lamborghini had a disagreement over the way the resent Ferrari’s of the time were built. It all ended with Ferrari saying if you think you can do better... This feud resulted in cars such as the Countach and Miura. The sole purpose of purpose of Lamborghini was to get up Ferrari’s nose. That is exactly what this car does!

The Ferrari Enzo, a car so special that it was named after the founder of the company. It is renowned for its speed around a track and definitive shape. But here is where the Lamborghini comes into play... It will lap almost any track faster than the Enzo, it will draw crowds so large that spectator stands will have to be erected around it. The styling of this car is some on the best I have ever seen, with its beehive engine cover and spoiler that when you look in the rear view mirror could be mistaken for the grim reapers axe, makes it one of our favourites.

This, unlike the Aston Martin, can be yours for £221,355. For the last version of what has been one of the best supercars the world has ever seen, it’s a small price to pay. I am completely sold... This car, the ultimate Ferrari killer, is our hyper car.

Who are you calling a Light Weight!

We have heard of battles of David’s and goliaths, but what happens when there is more than one David? Well that is exactly what we are going to find out. Which is better, the light weight champion of the world, the Ariel Atom or the new kid on the block, the KTM X-Bow? Let’s start with the atom. This car if a firm favourite with its “less is more” principle it can be mentioned in the same breath as most super cars. 0-60MPH takes just 2.7 seconds and it will go onto a top speed of 140MPH. Quick doesn’t even begin to describe this car. To look for something to rival it you would have to refer to the bible... Or KTM.

The KTM X-Bow (pronounced cross-bow) is the contender, and it’s got allot to shout about. Peel away the orange body panels and all you will find is carbon fibre. The whole monocoque is made from carbon fibre just like you would find in an F1 car, and when the ignition it is primed the display reads “Ready to Race” putting a match into the petrol soaked arena. The numbers for the X-Bow? Ok, 0-60MPH takes 3.9 seconds but it does go onto a top speed of 180MPH. These mad speeds in what is in effect a Tupperware box is insane.

But what one is best? Based on the numbers? The Atom. Due to the fact that these cars are all about the thrill of the ride and let’s face it, acceleration is much more exciting than eventually going very fast. However if we are talking about an overall experience then the KTM wins hands down. The way in which this car corners is phenomenal. That and you do have a bit more than scaffolding to cling onto.

Forza Motorsport 3

Forza Motorsport 3 is the most compelling, involving and realistic Driving simulator on any console. FM3 combines 400 of the world’s most exotic cars and mixes them with simply some of the best driving roads ever seen. This concoction of jaw dropping legends and there natural habitats makes it “The best Driving game in the world”. The damage physics include full roll over to induce the true meaning of an accident. With the Xbox 360 providing the power and Turn 10 providing the thrills; this game is essentially unrivalled on any level! The game is available in Europe from the 23rd of October and will hit the US soon after. In preparation for this game the All Revved Up feature on the site has been redesigned. It is now divided into four subcategories including; Vulcan, Forza’s only Ferrari Owners Club, an all new “beat our Stig” page and challenges where we generally behave like 6 year olds again. The feature is up and running now so take a look.

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