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Nama : Rudy Setiawan

Nim : 2013054303
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A critical review on the leadership of Jokowi, the phenomenal Governor of Jakarta

DC, Indonesia. His leadership style tends to be very popular among the bureaucrats
in Indonesia. The presentation is aimed to giving information on Jokowi's leadership
and providing the best evidence of servant leadership.

Less than year being the govermentof Jakarta, Indonesia, Joko Widodo or more
popularly as Jokowi, has done a phenomenal range of measures, both in the field of
governance and public service.

Jokowi actions are sometimes hard to guess, but they are essentially done for the
benefit of society. Such model of leadership has been conveted Indonesian society
and the refore interesting to be analyzed based on real evidenceand theoretical back

The diagram Jokowi Leadership :

1. Listening
Listento the advice or opinions of others maybe the most prominent traits in
Jokowi leadership.

2. Empathy
Empathyto he feelings orsuffering of others in another characteristic that
stands out Jokowi leaderdship.
3. Awareness
Awareness is very strong in Jokowi leadership. When giving a speech in
batavian dialect at Jakarta Anniversary Celebration of the 64th last june, jokowi
apologize for his javanese dialect.
4. Direction
Jokowi often conducts inspections and give directions to employees on how to
work professionally in carring out goverment task and delivering public services.
5. Effectiveness
Effectiveness is one of Jokowi leadership attribute, started by building
consensus, dividing task clearly and the monitoring the implementation of the work to
be succesful as planned.
6. Risk Taker
Choosing to be the govemor of jakarta other than being the confort mayor of
Solo clearly proves that Jokowi is a risk taker.
7. Stewardship
Stewardship orgiving confor to the surrundings is Jokowi strategy to obtain
trust from them. No wonder thtJokowi soon earned such various nicknames as
betawi citizen, journalist friend or public protector.

8. Healing
Such strategy implemented by Jokowi resulted in pro-people policies as the
Jakarta health card, relocation of people living near the water reservoir, betawi
people party, etc.
9. Innovation
Open selection for sub-district and village heads of Jakarta conducted in June
2013 a testament to Jokowi innovation to improve governance business process and
to provide the best public service.
10. Persuasion
Persuasion said Craig Van Slyke(2013), is a key leadership skill
thatcanchange attitudes, behaviors and even the bellefs of others.