(Im ah Put You To Bed-J Hoilday (8) Played Quietly In The Back Ground His Voice Seduced Me ii needed Sex,I Got

Wet As he Slowly Took off My Clothes He Slipped One Finger Up And Then Two ii Started Moaning ii Was Getting Even Hornier Gimme More ii screamed Then He Inserted Ah Third Finger Then Ah Fourth One It Felt So Good. ii Gripped Onto His Back Pullin Mah Finger Vertically Reaching For His Soft Spot. His Finger Went Up And Down Even Faster ii Could See His Big Ting Raising Slowly In His Black nd Gold Addias Tracksuit i Bit Mah Lip Are You Scared ii Tempted Him, i Tugged At His Tracksuit Exposing His Long Caramel Piece He Stretched Into His Back Pocket And Pulled Out A Condom And Put It On That Big Brown Dick,ii Wanted Him So Badly And He Could See It.i Felt So Dirty Having Sex In His Blocks But ii Didnt Care.He Looked At Me Like He Wanted To Eat My Pussy Up He Looked Around At Realized That We Were In The Block So He Stuck It In Me Hard arrrrrrr ii Moaned It Hurt, But It Melted My Body. i Rodd His Dick Like Ah Pony, He Caressed My Breasts Then Started Sucking Them He Took His Finger Out Mah Pussy And Licked Them i Was Going Nuts. You Like Mah Piece Yerh yerrh i Moaned i Wanted To Make Him Remeber How Good My Sex Was So i Got His Piece And Started Sucking On It Like It Was A Lollipop Arghhh He Moaned He Pushed Mah Head Back And Forward The Creamy Liquid Dripped Down My Breasts He Bussed Down My Top i Took The Remaining Cum And Wiped It On Mah Pussy To Show Him i Was On Anything. ii Heard His Camera Going Off But i Took No Notice i Started Licking Mah Breats He Knew i Was Freaky.His Fone Rang Hello He Just Kept Nodding Bare Yes Nd No s He Hung Up Babe,This Was Nice Same Time Next Week i Was So Horny i Said Yerh Knowing In Mah Heart i Felt Used.ii Felt Bun, ii Walk Out The Block Wiping Mah Lips i Called Mah Girl Kenya Who Always Puts Ah Smile On Mah Face Yoooo She Said Wag1 ii Said. What Happened Now ? This Girl Could Read Me Like A Book. ii Just Fucked Deshay And Agen He Used Me Nd Left.. ii Started Crying. Dont Cry Baby Girl,You Need to Stop This Shit Tho Cah One Day People Are Ganah Find out the Real You nd You Know What That Would Do To You Reputation i Nodded. This Boy Would Never Know How Much i Loved Him He Took Advantage i Knew That And He Knew That, But Things Would Never Change It Would Always Be The Same Routine Blocks At 9pm. Kenya,Do You Think Im A Sket ii Asked. Yerh But Your My Slag ii Started Creasing This Girl Made Me Laugh. Yo Im At My Yard Now So Ill Call You Later B,Bye I Twisted The Key Threw Mah Door, It Wouldnt Open.My Mum Locked me Out She Heared Me Trying Tu Enter So She Flew The Door Open Nd started Cussin She Banged Me In My Face And Pointed To The Living Room, ii Followed ,My Mum Was Jamaican And She Didnt Ramp. ii Fort ii Told Yu To Clean The Room, Does This Room Look fucking Clean tu You,Yah Blind ? She Dashed The Trainer In Mah Head,ii Knew What ii had To Do. After ii Had Cleard Up The Living Room ii shuffled UpStairs And Slammed My Door And Built Ah Zoot.ii Was Stress. I Went On The Laptop And Check Mah Facebook. Dutty Gyal It Was My Favourite Older Missy. Wag1 Are You Still Coming To Mah House Tomorrow Facebook Chat Was Acting Up And ii Didnt See Her Reply.KMT i Fort To My Self ii Sat On My Bed And Thought About Deshay My Body Was All Worn Out, ii Fell Asleep. Latrinaaaaa Get Up Outtah Yah Rass Bed My Mum Screamed. It Was 1 o Clock Shit i Fort. My Phone Rang Yo Are Yu Ready I m On Mah Way It Was Missy Im Just Getting In The Shower, See You Soon When ii Came Out The Shower ii Felt So Fresh ii Wore Mah Red And Black Nike Top With Mah Gold Chain And Gold Hoop Earrings And Mah Black Skinny Jeans With Mah Black Red Nd Gold Crep With Mah Black Nd Gold Addias Jacket ii Looked Hot If ii Say So Myself.ii Quickly Cleaned Up The Rest Of My House Then The Door Knocked,It Was Missy.My Mummy Loved This Girl She Was Like Another Daughter Tu Her Wag1 Meh Pickey Mah Mum Said Wag1 Me Muddah Missy Replied They Were So Wasted.Me Nd Missy Went Into The Living Room. It s Reshane s Drink Up Tuday And i Wanna Roll,You On It This Boy Was So Piff ii Was Onto Him But He Said ii Was Too Young,But He Will Soon

Be Mine ii Really Couldnt Refuse Yerh Course Im On It We Both Started Laughing.We Buss Joked And Watched Tv Until It Hit 9 Then We Decieded To Get Ready. At 9.45pm Missy s Fone Rang It Was Reshane. Hello She Said.Missy Started Nodding.The Fone Hung Up. He Said Make Our Way Now . Byeee We Shouted Tu My Mum. We Waited At The Bus Stop For Like 10mins When We Got On The Bus We Seen Ah Bag Of Boys. Sexxyyy,Come Here They Called.We Waited For A Minute Then We Walked Towards Them. The Boy That Called Me Was PENG He Had Hazel Eyes And Brown Skin Nd Sexy Wavey Hair With Ah Shape Up. His Swagger Was On Point.ii Had That Look On Mah Face Missy Knew What ii Was Thinking. Where You Going Looking All Sexy To One Drink Up Init Oh Well Do You Wanna Come My Yard Quick? ii Winked At Him. Missy Screwed Me Cah She Knew What ii Wanted But She Lowed Me.We Got Tu His Yard And He Started Kissing Mah Neck .he Made Me Feel Kindah Good His Hand Rested On My Lower Hip And ii Was Breathing Hard On His Neck. Trinaaaa It Was Missy. Argh She Totally Killed Mah Flow.ii Kissed Him On The Lips And Asked Him For His Name Nd Number He Said Toby Then We Said Goodbye.We Walked All The To Reshane s Yard. When He Opened The Door The Smell Hit Me. It Smelt Peng. Yoo B, You Look Peng This Made Me Want Him More So Do You ii Gave Him The Look,Missy Was Jammin With Reshane s Bedrins Attempting Tu Get Drunk So ii Fort Might As Well Joined Her It Was Hitting Up 12am And Reshane s Lips Still Hadnt Connected With Mine. I Was Drunk Horny And Restless ! ii Draged Him Up The Stairs And Showed Him To His Bedroom.ii Patted The Bed,He Sat Down. Baby Girl You Sure He Knew What ii Wanted ii Dunno If it Was Coz He Was Drunk But He Wanted Me Too,This Turned Me On.ii Turned Off The Lights And Set The Scene, We Started Kissin ii Could Feel His Tongue Massaging My Tounge ,he Rubb His Hands All Around My Body, ii Was All His ,ii Wanted To Get Him Mad Horny So ii Started Bassin Hiim off ARGHHHHHHHH He Moaned, i Smiled B This Feelss.... Shush Dont Talk Tonight yah All Mine Me And This Guy Was Making Mad Love ii Kissed His Back And He Started Puttin On The Condom Then He Started Unzipping Mah Trousers Please Make Love To Me ii Had Never Felt This Way Before This Made Me Even Hornier He Had The BIGGG Ting He Pushed Mah Hands Away From His Dick And Started Banging Me Outt Arrr Reshannneeeee ii Moaned.He Started Kissing Me Again And My Body Melted ii Kissed His Chest Downwards And Started Sucking On His Dick ii Suck It Nice And Sloww Trinaaaa Yes Baby Your Finally A Big Girl When He Said This ii Got Mad Happy ii Started Suckiing Faster And Faster B Im About Tu Cum ii Didnt Even Care ii Swallowed It And Kept Sucking.ii Pulled His Dick From My Mouth And Started Kissing Him Again It Didnt Seem Tu Bother Him That He Was Tasting His Own Cum He Put His Dick Back In My Pussy ii Groaned We Were Breathless.He Took His Piece Out And Rested Me On His Chest,For Once ii Felt Like Someone Cared About Me. We Slept Throughout The Rest Of The Night.ii Woke Up With Someone Stroking Mah Head It Was Reshane You Up Now Yerh B Yeh Y.day Was Nice Mans Feeling You Still My Face Lighted Up,My Fone Started Ringing, A Way To Kill A Moment It Was Toby,ARGH What Did He Want... Wag1 Sexy You Coming To See Me Today ? Erm...Could You Ring Me Back Please Sorry, What Was You Saying Arr What Is That Yah Man Yerh Nar Not Even Im Single Boyy Not For Long ii Bit My Lip And Came Out Of Bed He Slapped My Bum And ii Smiled,Missy Bursted In To The Room ii Hope ii Aint Interupting Nothing ii Screwed Her Nar Nar Dont Worry Come In Oh, Well Trina We Have To Leave Soon Cah Mummzie Is Gannah Start Screwing ii Screwed Even Harder She Left The Room It Was All Love Tho. You Coming To See me After Your Done ? Yerh ill Bell You Init ii Winked At Him And Went Downstairs To Missy. Some Dutty Screws Sorry ii Was In The Mood Oh ii See, Well Were Ganna Go Tu My House And Wash Up Quick Then Hit Your Yard Ite Kool We Got On The Bus Tu Missy s House When We Got There ii Said Hi To Her Mum And Ran Straight Tu The Bathroom And Took Ah Shower,ii Felt Clean Again

When ii Got Out The Sun Was Shining And ii Wanted Tu Look Good For Reshane ii Wore By Black Pink And White Shirt With Ah Gold Chain Pink Batty Riders And Black White And Gold Crep.ii Put On The Eye Liner And Belled Toby Oh Sorry Bout That B ii Was Busy What Were You Saying Arrr Man Was Wondering If Yu Would Come And See Me Today So We Could Finish Were We Left Off Yerh Ill Like That I ll Call You Init,Byee Missy Had Just Finshed Getting Dress She Had Ah White Top With Ah Black And Pink Checker Shirt With Jeggins With White And Pink Crep Yes We Looked Cetified. We Walked Tu My House Cah It Wasnt That Far Bare Man Were Trying Tu Draw Us But We Just Walked On When We Got To My House We Went Straight In The Kitchen For Some Food ! You Come Tu Nyam Out Mi Food We All Started Laughing My Mum Was Cooking The Piff, Some Curry Goat And Rice With Salad, Plantin And Dumpling.ii Was Murdering That Food It Was Too Peng My Fone Started Vibrating ii Recieved Ah Text CREEPER Yo It s Creeper ii Got Yah Drugs Init Holla When You Want Them x Yessss ii Was So Happy ii Quickly Finished Off Mah Food And Dragged Missy And Told My Mum ii Was Going Out. What Was That About ? Creeper s Got The Tings Swear Down, Trina Come We Hit Up West End Before We Pick Up Form Creeper ? Ite Kool ,We Got The Bus And We Sat On The Back Off The Bus At The Top Trina, What Happened Y.day With Reshane We Lashed Swear Down,What Happened To ii Dont Do Youngers ii Know ii Guess He Made An Expection ii Felt Bare Sweet Because It Was All True He Made An Exception For ME ! We Kept Talking Then It Was Our Stop We Had About 2 Bills We Had More Money But That Was For The Drugs Nd Shit We Went In To bare Shops And Brought Out Tops And Accessories And Jeans And Shit, There Was This One Dress It Looked Pifffff Black And Sliver It Was On Sale 45 Pound ii had Tu Buy It,Missy Was Screwing Cah ii Took The Last One Buht ii Didnt Care.The Time Was Getting On And ii Still Had Tu See Reshane So We Headed Back .There Was Two Girls Jammin At The Bus Stop There.One Of The Girls Caught My Eye And ii Clocked Who She Was,It Was Some BITCH Who Owed Me 3 Bills Cah ii Gave Her Some Drugs Tu Shot And ii Never Seen Her Agen. Missy Come Quick It s That Bitch Jade ii Ran off the Bus and Missy Followed. I Ran Up To Her And Banged Her In Her face Oi Bitch,Where s My Money Slience She try Bang Me She Got Mah Check,ii Booted Her In Her face And Gripped Her Hair So She couldn t Move Bitch ii Asked You Ah Question She Got Out Of The Hair Lock And Kicked Me In Mah Leg ii Dropped She Punched Me In Mah Back ii Got Up And Fly Quicked Her In Her Chest The Pussy Dropped. ii Sat On Her And Kept Giving Her Mad Bangs, ii felt Someone Bang Me In The Back Off My Head Leave My Girl Alone You Dicked Head Jade s Bedrin Said,Missy Stepped In Arr You FUCKING Mad She Gave Her Two Dutty s Bangs One In Her Nose And One In Her Chest, She Was A Goner,Jade try Get Up ii Pulled Her Hair Out And Her face Smashed On The Concrete, ii Spat On Her And Took her Fone It Was Ah Blackberry This Should Just About Pay Me Back,KMT ii Stamped On Her Friends Face Cah She Try Get Up And We Walked Off This Girl Fucked Up Mah Hair Anoo Man We Buss Through Some Chicken Shop Order A Family Meal Each And Fixed Our Selves Up In The Mirror.We Headed Off The Creeper s Yard.When We Got In There Was Like 14 Man Watching Face. Yoo, Follow Me Init Me And Missy Did As We Were Told He Handed Us 5 Bags Of Crack And 3 Bags Of Weed ii Gave Him 2 Bills,Dont Watch Where ii Got The Money From Im Balling Like That.We Went Downstairs Aint You Ganna Jam For Ah bit? We Look At Each Other Thought About It Then Said Fuck It. Ite Den Both Of Us Said In Harmony.We made Our Selves At Home,Zoots And Crack Were Being Passed Nd Sniffed Around Like It Was Nuffin We Were There For 30 Mins And We Were Fucked In Our heads. One Light Skin Boy Kept Watching Missy Missy ? Yes Can ii Help Can We

Talk,Upstairs ? Itee Missy Went Upstairs While the Other Boy Followed,ii Was Missing Reshane So Badly And All The Boys Were Watching Me Like They Wanted To Eat Me. Crepper Im Gone Tu Get Missy yerh When ii Went Upstairs ii heard Moans ii Bursted In The Room. Missy Was Sucking This Boys Dick,ii Went Mad Cah She Aint No Head Chick And He Was Obviously Taking The Piss. GET THE FUCK OFF HER Bitch, She Wants Some Of This Dick What Dick This Got Him Mad, Are You Dumb, This Boy Looked Ah Bit Wench So ii Had Tu Call For Back Up Creepperrrrrrr He Ran Upstairs Sort Yah Friend Out He Is Taking The Piss,trying Tu Make Missy Give Him Head he Bangd Him Right In His Face Dont Mess With The Girls He Said And He Walked Out The Room, ii Wanted Tu Buss Out Laughing But It Wasnt The Time For That. Missy Are You Ok ? Trina ii Just Wanna Go Home Ite We Got On The Bus Tu Missy s House And ii Put Her On The Bed, ii Felt Like A Mother, ii Wanted Tu Punch Myself,What Had ii Done Missy gave Head And It Was ALL My Fault ii Had Tu Call One Of My Girls Called Roxanne. Yoo It s Me trina What s Good,Long Time Yerh ii Know ii Explained Everything That Had Happened And She Comforted Me We Talked For The rest of The Night And ii Dropped Asleep On The Fone. BITCH Missy Had Just Slapped Me Across My Face There Was Ah Big Mark And ii Couldnt Do Nothing About It Coz i Deserved It. Missy Im Soo Sorry You need To Be ii Started Crying Please Forgive Im So Sorry,Ive Been Your Younger From day And ii Dont Wanna Loose You She Started Laughing,Did She Think This Was Funny ? Girl I ve Giving Head Before It s A Minor ii Just Dont Do It Alot You Bitch You Made Me Say All of That Stuff, Nd Why Didnt You tell me ii Havent Told Anyone.Oh Well,Dont Do That To me Again Fuck Creeper s House Never Again Alie ii Knew ii Didnt Mean It Because ii Needed My Drugs.ii Got In The Bath And Had Ah Long Soak.When ii Got Out ii Got Dressed Inna Mad Hurry For Some Wierd Reason. Trina Im Going Out Today So You Have Tu Go Home Yerh. Yerh ii Know,Might As Well Go Now,Talk To You Later Hun,Fanks For Y.day Byeee ii Walked Home By Myself With Nothing To Do.When ii Got Home My Mum Wasnt There,She Left Ah Note Saying... NOTE Trina Clean Up The House Before You Leave And Here Is Some Money Tu Go By Food. Love Mum x ii Cleaned My House In Ah Hour Which Was Really Fast For Me, ii Sat On My Bed ii Was BORED.When yah Com Innah Mi Ramping Shop(8), My Fone Was Ringing PRIVATE NUMBER Hello Yo B,What You Saying Who s This Dunno Man s Voice Nar,It Reshane Oh Hii B,Where You Man s Here Waiting For You,When You Coming ? Im On My Way Now Init Ite Baby Girl He Called Me Baby Girl.ii smiled.When ii Got To Reshane s The Door Was Open ii let Myelf In And Sat Down, Reshane Eventually Came Into The Room And He Looked Me Up And Down Licked His Lips And Went Upstairs,He Turned Me On. I Mindlessly Followed When ii Got Into The Room i Closed The Door. I Felt Someone Turn Me Around So Fast But Yet So Slow,We Started Kissing He Rubbed Mah Back And Sat Me Down On The Bed he Got His Fingers,Rubbed Mah Clit Then Shoved Them In Mah Pussy, ii Was Floating,He Unzipped His Trousers Then He Paused You Sure ii Bit His Lip Yerh ii Am This Got Me Even More Hornier,His Dick Enter Mah Pussy,He Was Driving Me And ii Loved Every Bit Of It,He Put His Lips On Mah Belly nd Started

Kissing Them,Then He Went Further Down To Mah Pussy, ii Was SHOCKED.This Guy Was Luckiing Me Outt ii Had My First Orgasm .ii Was Flying ii Felt High And ii Didnt Even Bun Ah zoot. 10 Mins Had Passed And He Was Still Licking Me Out,ii Wasnt Complaining ii Was Just Shocked, He Fingered me Agen He Put 3 Fingers Up My Pussy One Time Urrr Resshhhhaannnee You Like Like Yerh Hmm,yh ii Kissed His Neck And He Somehow Found My Lips,We Were Kissing Agen And His Dick Went Back In My Pussy,He Was Banging Me Out And ii Was Getting Wetttt.ii Stopped And Sat On The Bed. What s Wrong He Looked At Me With His Brown Eyes,He Looked So Innocent. Im Having Sex With Someone That Doesnt Love Me,AGAIN ii Do Love You,Why Do You Fink Im With You now,Your My Girl Man,I Got You His Kissed My Forehead,ii Started Crying.Out Of Happiness Tho, ii Was On Cloud 9 And We Wasnt Even Having Sex. So Im Yah Girl Now Yerh Course ii Got Bare Happz ii Got Into Bed With Him And ii Cuddled Up To Him We Just Jammed In Bed,It Was Special.I Got Out The Bed And Went Into His Wardrobe And ii Put On His green And White Nike Top. Mah Baby Looks All Sexy In Mans Clothes Nd Ting Trying Tu Be Sweet Yerh Nar Im Just trying Tu Please Mah Wife Shit He Got Me Wet AGAIN ! ii Still Played Hard To Get Isit,Try Harder He Got Out Of Bed And Winked At me Then He Went Out The Room,The Door Slammed,Did He Just Leave Me In Here,Dont PISS Me Off.ii Got Ah Text, ii Fort It Was From Reshane But It Was Mah Girl Roxanne. ROXANNE Trina There Is One Shubsz In West And ii Wanna Roll,It s Ah Big Man Ting Tho,No Childish Business,Big Man Shubz,On It ? ii Texted Back.. Course ii Am B,You Know Me.Imah Come In Ah Dress And Heels How Old Are Yu Aiming For Like 17/18,Is It Today Yerh ? She Replied Back... Yerh It s Today 10pm-5am,Mudd Ting.Yerh 18 Maybe Even 19.It s Gannah bee Liveee !. ii Text Back... Dun Nuh Well Ill call You After Init Then Ill Come Tu Yah House And Get Ready. Luv Yah x Girl Like Me Was Just About Tu Leave This Niggers House But He Came Back. His Footsetps Were Coming Towards Me When We Came In The Room he Was Watching Me Trying Not To Laugh,ii Gave Him One Screw,If Looks Could Kill,R.I.P Reshane Boyy Init. He Was Just Standing There With His Hand Behand His Back Are You mad ? He Pulled Ah Rose From His Back And Gave It To Me,He Knew How tu make Me Smile Are You Happy Now ii Hugged Him,He Knew ii Was Over The Moon.He Started Tickling Me ooohhh Stopp Mannn Hahaha Now Your Smiling hahaha Nar Cah ii Wanna See You Smile ii Was Grinning Bare Teeth ii Ran Tu The Door And tried To Get Out But He Got Me. Try Run Yerh he Gave Me Ah Love Bite Dash Me On The Bed And It Turned Into Round 2.ii Took Off Mah Bra While He Ripped Mah Panties Off Nd Climbed On Top Off Me.His Body Felt Good.He Left me Speechless ii Couldnt Even Scream, i Shut Mah Eyes Nd Held Onto Him,His Sister Walked Him The Room. Shit Slience Dropped. Get Out This Fuckking House You SLAG She Aint No Slag Bruv That s Mah Wife ii Couldnt Say NOTHING,If ii Cussed His Sister She Could Just tell Me Skadoosh Nd If ii Said Anyfin To Reshane She Could Still Tell Me Skadoosh,ii Was Pissed. Listen This House Aint No Hotel,Even If Your His Girl,Make Sure He Informs Me About Who He Brings In This House,KMT ii Nodded.She Slammed The Door. KMT ii Hate That Bitch Sometimes ii Was Still Slient. He Hugged Me B Dont Worry About Her,She Will Be Bussin Joke With You Tumoz He Tried Tu Reassure Me But It Didnt Work.ii Got Out Of The

Bed And Put On Mah Clothes. B ? Another Time His Sister Had Made Me Feel So Dirty, He Kissed Me On The Forehead Ill Call You Later Yerh ii Nodded.His Sister Watched Me As i Walked Down The Stairs Sorry About That ii Just Hates When He Invites People Around The House And Doesnt Tell Me She Made Me Think To Myself Who Else Does he Invite Tu His Bloodclart Yard. It s Ok ii Smiled What s Your Name Tho Latrina Oh Well Nice Tu meet You Latrina She Had Ah Nerve But i Allowed Her Since She Was Mah Hubby s Sister You Too And i Left The House.ii Called Ah Couple People Up And Started Shotting, ii Was In Need Of Some Money,After i Had Done What ii Had Tu Do ii Had About 4 Bills On Me ii Was Caking,ii Walked Home Tu Dropped Some Of The Money And The Left Over Drugs Home Then Went To Pay Ah Visit To Toby. I Knocked And Some Boy Answered ii Had Never Seen Him Before He Was Tall And He Had Blue Eyes And He Was Dark Skin, My Eyes Popped Open Can ii help You ? Erm..Yerh Is Toby There ? Yerh Hold Up....TOBBYYYYYYYYYYY He Came Down The Stairs,He Looked Piff He Had Ah Sliver Earing In. Sliver Chain Green And Purple Top With Black Cutt Off Nd Some Green Nd Purple Crep. You Decided Tu Come Then ? He Let Me In. Yerh,Your Lucky He Smiled And Told Me Tu Follow Him Upstairs Tu His Bedroom. Who Was The Boy Who Answer The Door Oh That Was Mah Brother Blue Eyes Yerhh ii Know There Hard Alie ii Nodded Both Of You Have Peng Eyes ii Started To Move Closer To Him,He Pulled Me Tu His Bed And Started Laughing. What s Funny That Screw Was Appearing On My Face. Nothing,It s Just That..Your Beautiful Arr Babe,Not As Sexy As Yu Tho Ayee We Started Laughing Nar B,Im Serious ii Kissed Him And Started Undoing His Top Na Na .. Come Let s Talk That Was The Best rejection ii Had Received In EVER What Do You Wanna Talk About ? Whateva Makes You Happy This Guy Was Warming Up My Heart And Making Me Feel Special And ii Liked It.. i Really,Really Liked It.We Talk For About 2 Hours Then ii Realized The Time ii Had Tu Go Yard And Get Ready. When ii Got Home My Mum Wasnt There,Where Is This Women ii Fort Tu Myslef. I Didnt Let It Bother Me ii Wrote Ah Note And Told Her That ii Was Going Tu Be At Roxanne s House.My Fone Was Ringing,It Was Roxanne. Yo,Where Are You ? Yard Leave Now Ite She Cutt The Fone. Mah Belly Kept Making Noises, It Was Feeding Time,Picked Up Ah Sandwich, Rice, Chicken ,Salad ,BBQ Wings And Potato Nd Chocolate Cake. That Should Hold Me For Ah Few Hours.Washed The Dishes,My Sister Strolled In. Yooo Sis,How You Been ii Ran Up To Her Nd Hugged Her. Long Time Man,I ve Missed You My Sister Had Moved Out When She Was About 14 Because Mah Mum Kicked Her Out Becoz She Found Out She Was Pregnant,My Sister Got Rid Of It But My Mum Didnt Wnna Hear Her So She Pack Her Bags And Left,It Brought Tears Tu Mah Eyes Tu Know That i ve Missed Out On Sister Time . ii Know,But Im Back Now For Good ? Yerh ii Guess.. Where s Mum ? Dont Know Dont Care We Were Creasi.We Were Talking For Like Half An Hour When Mah Door Knocked. I Had Totally Forgot About The Rave Tingy. Yooo She Looked At Mah Face You Didnt Forget Did Yu Trina ? Nar Looks Who s Here She Followed Me Tu The Living Room. Is This Yah Sister Yerh She Looks Like You Tho,Still.So This Is Nadine The Big Sister, Wag1 ? Nuffin Much Boy Trina,You Still Rolling To This Rave ? Yerh Nd If Nadine Is On It ii Said This Knowing She Would Be Up For It Course ii Am Wow Yu s Two Really Are Sisters Me Nd Nadine Started Laughing. We Went Upstairs And Got Ready. Sis,This Best Not be No Little Man Shubz Nadine Was 19 And ii Was 15. Nar Not Even It s Your Age rave She Smiled.She Threw On One Tight Dress,It Did Look Hot,Black And Gold Went Hard. Roxanne Had On Ah Pink Nd White Dress.Wooo It Was One of Them Ones

Where ii Wanted To Draw Them Nd Shit. Come We Take A Picture One Picture Turned Out To be About 20. The Time Was About 10ish It Was Time Tu Get Our Party On,We Took Cab To Look Ah Bit Lady Like,Bus Was The Gangsta Route.There Was Ah Bag Ah Man There Bruv.All Older Looking Man Nd Gyal. It Was In Some Community Hall So Gettin In Was Ah Mess,Bare Man Steppin On Feet And Shit. Listen If Anyone Steps On Mah feet Just Know Fight Is GANNA Bruk My Sister Was getting Ah Bit Stress.Roxanne Told Her To Follow Her We Jammed At The Front Of The Stage,Some Tunes Were Coming On And My Body Just Started Moving Tu The Beat ii Looked Tu Mah Left Tu See Nadine Whining Up With Some Man.GWARN ii Fort to Myself .Someone Touch Mah Thighs And Started Moving Me Tu The Beat of The Music,ii Let Them, ii Looked Behind Me And Seen Some Black Boy Behind Me,Didnt Even Watch Face Too Much, i Looked Back Around And Enjoyed The Music.The Next Song Came On And Another Boy Came Behind Me,We Were Brukking Out, ii Clocked ii Was Dancing For This Boy For Like 10 Mins. I Needed Ah Drink ii Rolled Up To The Bar. Can ii Get You Drink ? Some Dark Skin Boy Said,He Look About 20,Who Cares Free drink ! Yerh Why Not What Do You Want Coke Please Coke Is Ah Minor,Little Girl Yerh ? Not Even Just Taking It Slow Ite ii Dun off That Coke In About 10.5 Secs. You Know You Owe Me Ah Dance Now It Was Ah Minor ii Pulled Him Too The Dance Floor (8)Wine Pon The Cocky Like Ah Bicycle. I Started Grinding All Over Him,He Was trying Tu Get Up.ii Slowed Down Ah Bit,he Rested His Head On Mah Neck And Held Me Closer,ii Was Still Whining On Him,The Slow Jam Came On And He Was Just Rocking Me. Trina Come Here For Ah Sec ii Followed Only Tu See Mah Sister getting Daggered By 3 Man RASS ! Anoo We Were Amazed Nd Kuddnt Take Our Eyes Off It Ah Bit Crowd Was Forming And ii Lost Roxanne. I Felt So Dumb Standing By Myself So ii Grabbed Ah Boy And Started Dancing With Him He Whispered In Mah Ear Member Me Who,What Where... Who s This Blud ii Didnt Wanna Turn around Just In case ii Got Banged or It Was Mah Worst Nightmare. Damien OMD Hiii ii Turned Around Quick And Hugged Him,He Was By Ex From Primary School Times. ii See You can Still Dance Then ii Started Lauhging Yerh Dont Watch That What You Doing In BIG Man Shubs ? Dancing Init He Started Laughing Well Make Sure That s All Yah Doing He Knew Me So Well Sure Thing,What You Doin Here Dont Ask Big Man Questions This Boy Was 16, He Needed Tu Fall back Ah Low It Buss Me Yah Number ii Handed Him My Fone,He Started Grinning He Turned Me Back Around And Continued Dancing With Me He Put Mah Fone In Mah Pocket,My Legs Were Giving Up On Me I ll Talk Tu You Later Init Later Trina ii Walked Over To The Bar And Took Ah Seat.ii Winked At Some Guy And He Came Over You Want Ah Drink Babes Yerh Please,Ah Coke And Ah Shot Of Vodka Ite ii Drank The Shot Of Vodka Then Drank The Coke Straight After,ii Knew What Was Coming So ii Danced With Him For Ah Short While Then Sat Back Down.ii Seen Nadine Limpin Tu The Bar Wag1 For You ii Lost Mah Heel ii Started Laughiing Shammmee! She Gave Me One Screw.Psht, If Looks Could Kill Bruv. Where s Roxanne Somewhere She Screwed Harder ii screwed back Let s Look for Her Then,Fool She Pulled Me Out Mah Sit And We Headed In The Crowd Looking For Roxanne,We Pushed About 23 Girls Nd We Still Didnt See Her We Walked Deeper Into The Crowd Tu See Her Cockin Her Leg Up On One Man BOMBACLART me Nd Nadine Said,We Waited Till She Was Done And We Told Her To Come Tu The Bar. We Walked Back Into The Crowd,ii Could Smell Sweat, Breathe And Alcohol It Wasn t Nice. GIRL BETTER KNOW ii Looked Back,Nadine Was Dragging Some Girls Weave, ii Ran Nd Kicked The Girl In Her Back Trina,Dont Touch Her ii Can Handle This Hoe Dont Call Me No Hoe The Girl Said Back If ii Was You ii Wouldnt Be Talking Roxanne Said.This Girl Knee d Nadine In Her Belly,Nadine Fell Back With The Girls Weave Track Following,Her Track

Was Fully In Nadine Hand. This Girl Started Punching Nadine In The FACE!. Nadine Got Some Glass Nd Shankd her in Her Leg And Shoved Her Heel In Her Mouth,My Sister Was Mad When It Came To Fighting.Nadine Was Still Banging This Girl In Her Face. Oi Blud Dont Touch Mah Girl When She Looked Up She Seen Some 7 Foot Blick Dude,He Grabbed Nadine And Slapped Her. I Picked Up One Big Vodka Bottle And Smashed It Over This Guys Face,Blood Was Everywhere.The Music Stop And The Lights Came On.Me Nadine And Roxanne Booted,West Wasnt Even Ours Ends,We Would Ov Got Moved To If We Try Stay There. We Jumped In The Taxi And Headed Home,Blood Was All Over Nadine dress Nd Ting.Roxanne Handed Her Ah Tissue,Nadine Didnt Even Want It Nadine Yu gatta Wipe Yah Face Before Yu Step In Roxy s Yard ii Knew She Wasnt Going Tu Do It So ii Wiped Her Face For Her. Say Hi And Go Straight Upstairs Nadine Went Straight Upstairs While Me Nd Roxy Went To Say Hi To Her Mummzie. Who Went Upstairs Roxy s Mum Said Oh That Was My Sister,She s Ah Bit Sad,Excuse Her She Screwed But She Lowed Me,me And Roxy Went Upstairs In Her Room Tu Find Nadine Just Staring Bankly Nadine What s Wrong ? Roxy Just Leave Her Me And Roxy Left mah Sister Tu Stare Mindlessly Into Space. Roxanne Logg On Tu Msn... Im Soo Hard Says :If Yah With Trina Tell her Tu Call Me Sexy Roxy Says: Ite. Reshane Said Call Him ii Sighed. Dont You Wanna Call Him Nar It s Not That Im Just Tired Ite Ill Tell Him Sexy Roxy Says: Trina Said She s Going Bed Now So she Will call Yu Tumoz. Im Soo Hard Says: Ite. Im Soo Hard Signed Out.Roxy Was Online for Ah Hour She Signed off and Went Bed, ii Happily Joined Her. Nadine Was Fast Asleep. The Sound Of The Hoover Woke Me Up, ii Checked Mah Fone It Was 1.18pm ii Had 12 Missed Calls. 4 From Mum.3 From Reshane.2 From Toby.1 From Private Number.2 From Missy. Dont You Fink You Should Call Mum Back No If Shes Gannah See You Again It s Best Not Tu Warn Her It s Better Just Roll Up My Belly Was Sending Me Signals It Was Feeding Time.Roxy Was Still Sleeping ii Nudged Her In Her Back mmmmmmm Get Up,Im Hungry She Put Her Middle finger Up And Went Back Tu Sleep.She Was Very Lucky This Was Her House. ii Waited For Ah While But My Belly Kept Rumbling So i Went Downstairs Said Good morning Tu Roxy s Mum And Made Some Food. Beans And Toast Wasnt Even Going Tu Fill Mah Belly ii Added Some Rice And Peas And Chicken Tu The List With Ah Bit Of Oven Chips.ii Could Eat The World When Im Hungry. Trina Yah Fone s Ringing ii Ran Upstaris. PRIVATE Hello Listen Likkle Girl,Mi Only Ah Go tell Yah Dish Once...Get Inna Meh Bloodclart House NOW! She Hung Up before ii Could Say Anything Else,This Women Knew How The Scare The Hell Out Of Me. Im Guessin That Was Mum My Sister knew Wag1 Yep Im Gone Tu Bath Well I ve Had Ah Bath Im Just Ganna Put Mah Clothes On nd Ting Okayy ii Jumped In The Bath Quick Time.When ii Got Out It Was Ah Mad Rush Ting. Nadine Dashed The Pillow At Roxanne And Told Her Tu get Up Cah We Were Going Soon,She Did As She Was Told.We Decieded To Walk Home Becoz We Didnt Wanna To Face The Beats We Were Going Tu Recieve Just Yet. Trina Im Scared ii Didnt Even Try Act Bad Me Too After Like 20 Mins My Mum Dropped Call me We Figured The Longer We Left It The Worst We Were Gannah Get ! Me Nd Nadine Legs Suddenly Came Like Usain Bolt And We Were Outside Our Front Door In 3.5 mins. You Knock No You Knock You Knock You Knock You Know What Fine,Ill Knock ii Heard Mah Mother Coming Down The

Stairs She Opened The Door What..... She Paused She Walked Up To Mah Sister And Looked Up And Down Mum, What Was That For ? You Come Tu My Door Like Say me Nd You Are Friends Mum You Know Why ii Left . I Really Couldnt Take This Whole Story Again So ii Went In Mah Room. Trinnaaa,Did ii Say You Can Go Upstairs ii Aint Part Of This Conversation So Why Not My Mum Had That Look In Her Face, She Was Ganna Box Me But At This Moment In Time ii Didnt Care, She Was Taking The Piss,Couldnt She Just Welcome My Sister With Open Arms.GOSH. Didnt Yu Hear What ii Said,Get Here Now! ii Took Mah Time She Could See ii Was Pushing Her Bottons. Mum, If You Want Me To Leave Just Say Nd I ll Go Listen Mi never Say That,Mi Want Yah Fi Understand That You Can t Do What You Please ii Left Coz ii Wasnt Wanted Did ii Say Daht Mi Never Want You You Might As Well Had Mum Do ii Really Have Tu Listen Tu This KMT You Nah Want Fi Listen Den Go Cook If She Wasnt My Mum ii Would Off Jumped On Her And Scratched Her Face Off,KMT. These Times There Was Left Over Jerk Chicken And Potatoes ii Just Had To Cook More Rice, Nadine Came In The Kitchen Same Old Mum Aye Truss Mum Said That Danny & Denise Are Coming Over Today Swear Down i Know i Havent Seen Them In Ages Danny And Denise Were Our Twins Cousins There Were Mad Jamaican People Who Just Didnt Care. What Time Did Mum Say There Coming Bout 6ish Ite Me and Nadine Went Upstairs To Prepare What To Wear, Every time They Came They Had Something Rude To Say. Trina,So Tell Me What Have You been getting Up To,While ii Was Gone Just This And That KMT Explain, You Ah Virgin ii Laughed Course Not Since When ? Why Are You Asking Me These Questions Like You Dont Know, ii Know Ashely Has Been Telling You Stuff ii Know He Has, ii Just Wanted To See If You Were Gannah Tell Me The Truth So Do You Know How Tu Go Hard ? ii Think So,They Always Come Back For More So That Doesnt Mean You Went Hard It Could Mean There Bored So How Do You Go Hard Then ? We Started Discussing Sex Positions And How To Keep Your Man Satisfied It Was Quite Interesting. All This Talking About Sex Got Me Horny So ii Belled Reshane Wag1 b? Call Me Back Real Quick He Hung Up Before ii Could Even Say Bye Ite Kool Up Yours,KMT ii Called Toby Wag1 Babe Nothing, i Was Just Thinkin About You That Was The Reaction i Wanted To Hear Same ii Was Baitly Chattin Shit You Wanna Come See Me ? Not Today,Fam Are Coming Over,Maybe Tumoz s Tho Ite,Holla Init Byee B . Who Was That Boyfriend Number 2 Oiii, Bad Man Yerh Dun Know! Trinaaa,Naddiineeeee. Come,Fi Yah Dinner We Ran Down The Stairs Like Animals. Woo Jerk Chicken Never Gets Old. The House Fone Started Ringing ii Gave My Mum And Nadine That Look As If To Say, Dont Look At me Im Eating. My Mum Went For The Fone While Giving Us Some Dutty Screw. Hello We Soon Come Alllright Den . They Said Deh Soon Come ii Grab My Chicken And Ran Up The Stairs And Got Ready Nadine Follow But She Brought Her Whole Plate. Here Wear This No This Looks Better OMG No Dont Wear That Looking Our Best Was The Priority Along With Finishing Off The Chicken. The Door Knocked My Mum Opened The Door Quick Time. Wag1 Auntie Wag1 Mi Sister Wag1 Family Come Danny And Denise Go Upstairs With Yah Cousin Mek me And Yah Muddah Talk Danny Denise Look At me Nadine And Kept Watching For Something To Cuss Us About,He Spotted Ah Condom,Arrr Snap ii Fort To Myself. Ah Wah Dis ? Danny Said.ii Was Slient It Look Like Ah Condom To Me Denise Said. Ah Who You Ah Run Up Run Up Yah Pussy To now, Likkle Dutty Gyal ii Put Mah Head Down In SHAME. Listen,Dont Talk To Mah Sister Like That Dont Talk To Mi Brother Like That Like Yah Pussy Nar Come Like Elastic Band There Was Slience In The Room.Psht, They Muggd Us In Are Our Home ii Was So Pissed Off. Dont You s Two Have Somewhere To Be? Yeh Innah Mi Cousins House If ah Bottle Was In My Hand Right Now.

Fuck This,Im Going Out ii Belled Toby s Fone And Told Him ii Needed Some Sexual Healing,He Sounded Bare Horny, When ii Got There The Door Was Open He Told Me He Had Ah free yard So ii Just Walked In And Went Upstairs In His Room, This Guy Was In His Boxers On His Bed His Body Was Shinnin He Licked His Lips And Told Me Tu Come Here.ii Used Some Of The Tips Mah Sister Gave Me.Tip Number 1 Always Make The Guy Come Get What he Wants. Nar You Come Here B Man Low Me If You Want It That Bad Then You Will Come Get Me This Boy Crawl Off The Bed And Got Me, He Held Me Tight,Lifted Up Mah Top Nd Started Sucking On Nipples.ii Kissed His Neck And Started Feeling Up His Dick,He Was So Hard,He Moved Tu My Pussy Nd Started Playing With Mah G-spot ii Wanted Him To Shove Is Whole Hand In My Pussy,He Was Temptin me, ii Moved My Hand Back And Foward And Started Bassin Him Off Trinaaaaaaa The Way he Screamed My Name Made Me Tingle. He Pushed My Hand Away Then Shoved His Dick In Mah Mouth.It Chocked Me Buht i Sucked It Anyway Trinaaaa Babyy ii Took His Dick From My Mouth And Shoved Back It In My Pussy. I Tried My Best To Hack It But i Let Out A Moan.He Whispered Into My Ear You Getting Me Mad Horny,Be Carefulll This Scared Me But At The Same Time It Pushed Me To Carry On, ii Love Ah Little Challenge So ii Whispered Back Baby Im Ready ii Got On Top Of Him And Lipsed Him,We Were Lipsing For Hours,Well It Felt Like Hours It Was Only Like 20 Mins But It Was Great He Picked Me Up And Walked To The Mirror Then Put Me Down And Hugg Me Baby Dont We Make Ah Great Couple Before i Answer ii Fort About Reshane And How i Was Meant To Be Banging Him Out Not Some Toby Boy, ii Didnt Answer. Baby Dont You Fink ? Im Trouble.. ii Like A Bit Of Trouble Truss You Won t Like Me ii Already Do ii Felt SO Bad i Actually Really Liked Both Of Them But ii Was Hurting Both of Them At The Same Time By Doing This. ii Dont Wanna Hurt You He Started Feeling Me Up Nar Serious He Was Still Continuing To Play With Mah Breats,Was This Boy Trying To Recieve Ah Slap In His Head . Are You Even Listening i Sighed. I Pushed Away From Him And Started Putting On My Clothes.When All My Clothes Were On ii Waited For Him To Say Something For Ah While...NOTHING Ite KOOL, Be Like That ii Ran Downstairs And Slammed His Door.ARGH Maybe ii Shoulda Just Stuck With One Man ii Was Thinking To Myslef ii Called Reshane B ii Havent Seen You In Ages (Like 2 Days) Where You At ? iKno B,Im At Yard.You Coming ? Yerh Ill Be There Gimme 2 Secs ii Was Really Gannah Be There In Two Secs But i Didnt Even Feel Horny, In Fact ii Didnt Even Want Sex. I Just Wnted To Talk. When ii Got There ii Called Him. Rah, That Was Quick ii Was Fully Out Of Breathe ii Did Say 2 Secs Ite Im Coming When He Opened The Door He Looked PENG !! He Had His White Ralph Lauren Black Combats White And Black Air forces And Ah Sliver Stud,Shett.That Was MY Man. Aint You Ganna Come In ? ii Snapped Back Into Reality Oh,Yerh Yerh So What s Mah Baby Saying,Havent Called Man In Time Sorry I ve Been Dealing With Things Like... ? Well My Sister Came Back And Like My Mum Is Really Pissing Me Off And On Top On That My Two Cousins Are Hear And There Just Mugging It He Sat Next To Me And Cuddled Me. How ? He Looked So Cute And Interested ii Told Him All About What My Cousins Said And How They Are Badmind Rahh That s Ah Bit Deep You Think They Care They Should,Obvii That s Reshane s Baby There Talking To, Cant Mess With Reshane s Girl This Boy Made Me Laugh He Chat So Much Shit But It Always Made Me Happy. Yerh...Sure.Like ii Said They Dont Care You Wanna Stay Round Here Tonight Obviously i Dont Want Them Making You Sad ii Smiled ii Would LOVE Too But My Sister Is There So ii Cant Leave Her By Herself Cah It Will Drive Her Crazy Oh Hear That OMD He Look So Sad But Cute At The Same Time, ii Hugged Him Them ii Lipsed Him. I Don t Know What It Was That Made Me Want To Stay With Him Forever But I Did. I Noticed We Were Still In His Living Room, Not In His Bedroom,ii Laughed At

This Thought.He Lifted Up My Chin And Looked Into My Eyes Babe, ii Dont Want Anything To Happen To You Yah Know ii Wanted To Cry, ii Was Treating This Boy Like Shit And He Just Wanted The Best For Me But Seeing That Toby Was Being Ah Fool Maybe There Was Hope. Awww B, Fankss,Same To You When ii Looked At The Clock It Said 11.37pm.Oh No Stah ii Said Too Myself ii Phone Nadine Up Quick Time Nadine Where You ? Where Do You Think, These Brats Are Still In The House But There Just Downstairs, If ii was You ii Would Come Home Real Quick Am i In Trouble Nar ii Covered For You,But There Is Only So Long ii Can Cover For You For, Hurry Then Ite,Fanks Sis.Im On Mah Way You Gatta Go Init Aww Baby Dont Say It Like That Nar Man Just Wanted You To Be With Me He Found It So Hard To Express His Feelings But ii Found It Kindah Cute Baby I ll be Hear 1st Thing Tomoz,Promise Ite He Kissed Me On The Lips Then ii Left And Headed Home. I Belled Nadine When ii Was Outside My House Coz If One Of My Cousins Opened The Door Drama Would Have Started. Oi Im Outside Open Up Me And Nadine Were Sick Like That She Sneaked Down The Stairs And Opened The Door ii Shut The Door Slowly So it Didnt Make Any Noise Then We Snuck Back Upstairs. Where Was You Ayee ? Toby s House Then Reshane s Oiii, Two Man Deep Yerh Nar Bruv Just One Man,Reshane s The One So What happened To Toby He s On Some Dick Head Ting How ? OMD Was This 21 Questions Or Something He Just Pissed Me Off Hmm Ok Then What Did Them Twins Say To You Then Nothing Really They Made Ah Few More Smart Comments And When Downstairs,Mum And And Auntie B And Twins Have Just been Bussin Joke While Im Up Hear Boy Enjoying Some Time To Myslef Oh ii See, Tumoz Where You Heading ? Im Going To Check Ashely Still, You Reshane s Yard Are You On The Faithfull Firm ii Smurked Something Like That Lemme Call Up My Man ii Fort To Myself. It Was Ringing For Ages ii Was About To Hang Up ... Hello B, Why Did You Take So Long To Answer ii Was Downstairs Had To Run For That Still Oh,That s Why You Out Of Breathe,Lazy Bout Lazy i Would Pace You Allow It ii Wasnt a Fast Runner But ii Liked Too Tease Back What Did Your Fam Say To You ? Arrr Nuffin Me And Mah Sister Danged Them Oh Movements Yerh Dun Now So When You Come See me Tomoz What We Gannah Do My Sister Was Now Tappi g Me In n My Back To See If ii Was Ganna Responed With Something Dirty. ii Dunno, 1 Min Baby Erm..Nadine Can You Come Out Mah room Please,Im Trying To Talk KMT Finee Just Dont Do Nuffin Stupid ii Sighed. Soz Bout That B,Erm.. ii dunno Whatever We Get Up Too What Just Talking Nar...It All Depends On What... ? If Your Ah Good Boy Or Not ii Knew Where This Convo Was Heading... Baby,Are You Horny? BAM It Went There. Yerh Ah Bit, Are You? Babe ? Can You Finger Yourself Please .. ii Put My Finger In My Pussy As Soon As He Asked me

To Yes ii Have, Are You Gannah Bash Yourself Off ? ii Want You To Bash me Off Nar But ii Will,For You He Started Bassin Himself Off Then The Fone Sex Began.. When ii Woke Up In The Morning ii Was Falling Off The Bed My PJ s Were Half Way Down My Legs And There Was Dribble On My Pillow,i Never Even Heard My Cousins Leave And Usally They Make Ah bag Of Noise,Boyy Init... ii Checked My Fone To See If Reshane Was Still On The Line. But It Had Cutt Out. Ii Had One New Message Tho But It Was Only 9.17am So ii Went Back To Sleep, ii Would Check The Message Later.It Could Wait. Oii Lazzyyyy,Gett Upp i Looked Up To See Nadine s Big Head Calling Out To Me,Dont Get me Wrong ii Loved Her Too Bits But ii Loved My Sleep More So She Needed To Move. hmmmm ii Put My Pillow Over My Head But This Girl Still Didnt Get The Message. She Kept Nugding Me In My Back Nadine GO AWAY ! ii Didnt Bother To Look Up But She Sounded Like She Went,5 Mins Later Get Up ii Saidd Argh This Girl Was Getting Me Mad. I Got Out My Bed And Went Into The Bathroom And Slammed The Door.When ii Got Out The Shower ii Was Still In A Mood. Trina Your Lazy Man If This Girl Wanted Ah Reply She Would Be Waiting Ah VERY Long Time. I Got Dressed Quick Time The Weather Look Ah Bit Windy So ii Put On My White Top With My Blue Cardigan,Skinny Jeans And My Muti Coloured Air Forces. I Put My Sliver Studs On Applied My Make-up Then Went Downstairs Good Morning Mum Good Morning ii Made My Tea And Ate Mah Breakfast Quick After i Had Done That i Called Reshane. Baby,Where Are You Hmm,Mans Sleeping Still Well Man Needs To Get Up He Started Laughing It s Not Funny,Becoz Im Coming In Like 20 Mins Ite i Hung Up And Went Back Upstairs Trying To Avoid Nadine. So What You Doing Today? Nadine Leave Me Alone Why You Upset,Your Awake Now Coz You Woke Me Up For All You Know i Could Of Been Sleeping,KMT Get Over It,Gosh Ite So Now i Was Offically Pissed Off With Her ii Kissed Mah Teeth And Went Into My Room, ii Was Looking For Some Of The Crack i Had Saved And i Started Injecting Myself i Bunned Ah Quick Zoot Then Went Downstairs i Told My Mum ii Was Leaving And Left The House i Decieded To Walk To Reshane s Coz i Wasnt Sure If i brought My Oyster And i Didnt Want To Go Back Into That House Of Mine, i Belled Roxanne Quick To See What She Was On. Hello Yo Where You At Gee Im At Yard,No Motive But Chinky eyes Wants To See Me And i Might Just Roll Chinky Eye Was Some PIFF Boy Called Darrel i Like Roxanne Cah She Was Kindah Like Me,She Wasnt Afraid To Experience New Things. Swear Down,Roll Then You Fool LOOL, iKnow But He s On Ah Long Ting How ? He s Not Trying Wifey Me Make Him Want You,Do You Wanna Sleep Over My Tumoz ? Yerh Ill Ask My Mum Well Im Outside Reshane s House Now So Ill Call You Back Wag1 For You And Him ?

Ill Tell You later Byee i Knocked On The Door And His Sister Answer,It Was Ah Bit Awkward. Hi Come In,Reshane s Upstairs Okay i Dont Think i Was Fully In Her Good Books But i Was Close Enough.When i Got In This Boys Room He Was Lying On The Bed Sleeping ii Put My Bag On The Floor And Jumped On Top Of Him. Hmm What The Fuck Blud Dont Swear At Me He Turned Over So he Was Now Facing Me. How s My Baby Today he Leaned Over And Kissed Me On My Forehead. She s Just Fine,Why Is MY Baby Still Sleeping ? Didnt Get Much Sleep,Coz Of Lastnight i Smiled,He Pulled Me Into Bed With Him And Gave Me The Look. Nope Sorry It s Too Early He Moaned Low Me B i Started Laughing Beacuse i Loved Making Him Wait. Lemme Take Ah Shower Quick Okay He Picked Up His Clothes And Went Into The Bathroom. About 10 Mins After He Lefted i Realised He Lefted Me With Nothing To Do So i Went To The Bathroom i Knocked But He Didnt Hear Me, i Checked If It Was Open And It Was So i Let Myself In. He Started Humming OMD It Turned Me On ii Took off My Clothes and Jumped in the Shower with Him. Missed Me yerh ? Yerh i Started Kissing Him The Hot Water Was Running On Our Backs And He Put His Piece In Mah Pussy And It Slid In So Perfectly It Didnt Even Hurt But It Still Felt Good. The Water Was Still Running On Us He Lifted Me Up And i Wrapped My Legs Around Him He Kept Moving Up And Down So i Would Feel His Dick Going Hard It Felt Kindah Nice Still.i Gripped Mah Hands Around His Neck Hoping He Wouldnt Dropp Me Then He Kissed Me Again, i Melted. Baby Your So Good, But Your Ah Bit Tight When He Said This i Was Kindah Surpised Cah Ill Admit Ive Had My Fair Share Of Sex. Someone Flushed The Toilet And The Water Turned Cold. Shitt What The Hell Me Reshane Shouted Shut It For She Comes Upstairs And See s Us,AGAIN He Winked At Me.i Smiled He Put me Down And i Got Out The Shower And Found Mah Clothes. Bring That Arse Back Here, It s Mine Isit Yerh Dun Nahh Allow It It Would Of Helped If i Could Find Mah Clothes. Did You Lose Something ? He Was Bare Smiling He Was Enjoying Every Minute of Me Walking Naked Searching For My Clothes Shut It You Finally i Found Them B You Dont Have To Get Dress Right Now,Why Kill The Moment ? i Didnt Kill Nothing Mate i Was Now Fully Dressed Again i Left Him In The Bathroom And Went To His Room When i Turned Round He Was Standing There Naked With Ah Big Smurk On His Face i Started Bushing He Looked So Cute. B, Where s Your Clothes ? Find Them For Me We Started Laughing Fuck That Can t You Just Join Me,Take Off Your Clothes i Took Of My Top Then i Took Off My Trouser His Dick Was Slowly Raising By The Time i Had Took Most Of My Clothes His Dick Was Shotting To The Sky He Walked Up To Me And Took My Panties Off And Kiss me Softly. i Want You So Much Trina.Do You Want me ? Say It,Say It Baby Say You Want Me As Much As i Want You ,He Stuck His Fingers In Mah Pussy Yerrr Reshane i Want You Baby.. You Dont Understand He Backed Me Up To The Door And Was Doing Things To Me. We Were Both Naked.i Took Ah Breathe Then He Paused For Ah Moment.Then He Entered Me i Kuddah Fainted. Becoz We Were On The Door And He Was Still Dripping Wet It Got Me Even Hornier Baby Give Me More Harder Yerh ? Hmm Yerh ii Started Screaming But That Didnt Stop Him He Was Still Working Me It Was Such An Incredible Feeling.He Stopped Oh Shit What ? i Dont Think i Used Ah Condom What Do You Mean You Dont Think,RESHANE If I Get Pregnant Ill Hurt You He Started Laughing Even Tho i Didnt Get The Joke. Nar i Didnt i Slapped Him On The Arm You Fool Dont Worry Ill Take You To The Chemist Early Tumoz You

Better i Couldnt Even Stay Mad At Him he Was So Damn Sexy. His Phone Was Ringing Downstairs, He Ran To Get It Giving Me Ah Good View His Sexy Batty He Came Back Upstairs With Ah Grin On His Face What ? Your So Sexy And You All Mine Do You Like Something You See ? Yerh And Im Coming To Get It He Walked Over And We Was At It Again. i Aint Trying To Get Pregnant Why i Like Babies Well i Dont Want Any for Now Why Not ? Too Young Are You Gannah Have My Babies i Bit His Bottom Lip Yerh course . He Was Now Working My Pussy Nice And Slow. This Was Stupid We Were Bussin Convo While Having Sex.Madness. Good Cah You ll Make Ah Sexy Mother This Guy Was Forcing Me To Talk i Really Didnt Want To Cah He Was Pushing Me Over The Egde. i.. i Bet i Would Dont You Want To Nah Of Course i Do Baby i Love You Love You Too Baby About 3 Mins After He Bussed In Me i Was Breathing Hard. How Many Babies Do You Wanna Have Dunno 3 Same Boys or , Girls He Kept Babbling On Both i Got Dressed To get Up. Wrongs Wrong Baby Im Not Trying To Get Preganat Babes He Winked At Me, It Made Me Horny But i tried My Best To Resist. This Boy Was Still Naked He Was Standing Up In Front Of Me And i Was trying My Best Not To Run Up To Him And Start Round 3. He Held Me And We Started Kissin. Blud i Just Couldnt Resist His Lips.They Were Sexy. I Heard His Door Open Someone s in Yah House It s My Sister s Friends Get Off Me Someone s In Your House Go Check ARGH,Ite RESHANE! Yes Baby Put Some Clothes On Oh Yerh i Could Hear Laughing From Downstairs It Was Bait It Was His Sister s Friends But i Just Wanted To Get Him Off Me He Was Mah Drug And i Couldnt Resist. See It s Just Them It s Nothing, Now Come Here No Come Lets Just Watch Ah Flim It Was Romantic And My Pussy Was Kindah Hurting. He Put In Love And Basketball And We Started Watching It. NADINE My Sister Was Pissed Off With Me And She Left Me In The House With Nothing To Do Again So i Called Up Ashely And Told Him Im Coming To Check Him. I Got In The Shower When i Came Out i Out On A Red V Neck Top with Ah Black Cardigan And Jeggins And Red Pumps,Average Swagger.Oh Well Ashely Was Noone Special i Needed To Find Someone Else Actually Some Better. Byee Mum Where You Going To See My Friend i Closed The Door Before She Started Questioning Me i Took Bus Coz His House Wasnt Ah Walking Distance. My Phone Rang. PRIVATE NUMBER private Yo Nadine Where You Who The Rass Is This It s Creeper Man Oh,Wag1 Who Told You i Was Back In The Ends,Trina Nar,Mans Got Sources Whalleva Me And Creeper Used To Do Ah Ting Before But We Broke Up Coz i Got Pregnant For Some Other Boy But i Know He Was Still Onto Me And He Still Talked To Trina So That Means He Always Had That Memory Of Me. You Coming Mine Today ? Dunno i Might Well Mans Missing You Init,Call Me If You Can Ite,Bye i Called Trina But She Didnt Answer i Think She Was Still Mad At Me. Ite Fuck Her i fort To Myself i Wanted To Have Fun Today. i Hadnt Had Sex In Ages. LATRINA

Me And Reshane Were Lying In Bed Watching Love And Basketball It Was Making Me Ah Bit Horny But i Was Too Tired To try And Attempt Anything.ii Was Resting On His Chest And i Was Falling Asleep Slowly.Reshane Kissed Me On My Forehead And Whispered Into My Ear Goodnight Baby i Smiled In My Head. NADINE i Was Outside Ashely s House i Hadnt Seen This Guy In Ages It Would be Nice To See How he Had Changes. I Rang The Bell. Some BUTTERS Boy Opened The Door. This Was Not Going Right. Are You Here For Ashely Yerh Yerh i Sighed in Relief That The Boy Wasnt Ashely Go Upstairs i Went Upstairs Into The Room That Had The Sign Ashely s Room When i Went In i Seen The Back Of Some Boy Ashely ? Oh Wag1 ? He Looked PIFF.That s What Im Talking About i Thought To Myself. He Had Both His Ears Pierced An White And Red Ed Hardy Top With Black Combats And White Air Forces With Red Laces.He Stepped His Game Up, i Loved It. You Look Nice Same To You Come Sit Down Then Where s My Hugg Ashely He Hugged me My Hurt Rate Was Going Up Quite Fast. Somehow Someway We Started Kissing.Really Hot Fast Kisses. I Started Getting Hott And i Could Feel His Dick Going Hard He Started Undressing Me.He Shoved His Fingers Up My Pussy. B Your Tight i Hadnt Had Sex In Ah While So i Understood. I Nodded.He Put The Condom On Then Put His Piece In Me.He Was BIGGGGGGG Arrrrr i Moaned.He Kissed My Breasts And Navel And Worked His Way To My Very Wet Vagina. I Felt Myself Gripping To The Bed,i Was Going Crazy. I Was Still Moaning Like i Was In Pain But It Felt Great. After Like ten Mins Off Him being Down There i Decieded To Pay With Him Ah Lil Bit i Got His Dick And Started Bashing Him Off His Eyes Rolled Back i Was Sending Him Wild.His Piece Was SO Bigg. I Licked My Lips.He Picked Me Up And Got Me On The Bed Without Any Warning i Felt His Dick Ram Up In Mah Pussy. He Was Banging Me Out For An Hour.he Cummed In Me Twice. The Feeling Was Intense.i Was getting Tired So i Sat On The bed He Sat Up To And Started Caressing Mah Thigh.His Hands Were Moving Up And Down And He Was Just Caressing Me. I Found Myself Saying His Name. Yes Ashely Baby His Hot Breathe Was On Mah Neck. This Is Great,i Want You So Much i felt His Dick Go Harder And My Pussy Was getting Wetter. Ii Faced Him And We Started Kissing Again.It Was So Good.He Was Kissing Me Slowly. His Dick Entered My Hole.We Were Having Sex Again But This Time It Was Nice And Slow.He Layed Me Back On His Bed And He Got Ontop of Me.His Dick Was Up In Me Before i Could Even Breathe.He Started His Pleasuring.i Found Myself Screaming His Name Once Again i Drugg My Nails Into His Back Becoz The Feelings Was So Intense. Oh Ashely i Could feel Him About To Cum. He Pulled His Dick Out And It Splashed On The Side Of His bed i Got Off Him. You Still Look Sexy Baby i Bit Mah Lip So Do You He Held Me Tighter i Think I.... My Fone Started Ringin It Was Trina. What ? Your The One Who Called Me i Called You before And You Didnt Answer Now i Dont Want To Talk To You KMT! She Locked Off. Who s That? My Stupid Sister i Didnt Want To Change The Subject And started Talking About Her So i Leaned Foward And Kissed His Neck Slowly. Baby Lemme Check The Sheets Real Quick i Smiled Even Tho i Didnt Care Whether The Sheets Got Changed Or Not i Just Wanted Him. After He Replaced The Sheets, We Went For Another Round. We Were At It For Like An Hour. We Took Ah Short Pause. I Stood On My Tip Toes He Bent Mah Head And He Gave Me The Slowest Most Amazing Kiss i Had Even Been Given. I Felt Myslef Getting Horny Again.Oh No. He Backed Away. i Think You Should Go Before i Get To Pregnant Init He Was Laughing But i Wasnt Coz This Had Actually Happened To Me And NONE Of It Was

Funny. Sorry.. Another Time Or Maybe We Could Just Jam Next Time Yerh I Would Like That He Was So Sweet i Had Never Seen This Side Of Him Before But i Liked It Very Much. I Texted Creeper Yo Im Coming To Yah Yard For Ah Bit, Call Me If Anything. Nadine x About 5 Mins After i Sent The Text He Called Me B Where Are You On The Bus Coming To Yours Ite,Hurry Init Well i Kind Make The Bus Go Any Quicker So Dont Rush Me He Started Laughing But i Was DEAD Serious. Man s Got Something For You Usally When He Said i Got Something For You He Was Talking About His Dick Entering Mah Pussy. I Couldnt Really Take It i Was Really Tired From When Ashley Was Working Me i Just Wanted To Jam,For Ah Bit.i Was Walking Really Slowly When i Reached His Road.One Coz i Was Hurting And Two Coz i Never Knew What He Had In Store For Me.SHIT. When i Reached Closer To His House i Seen His Head Poking Out From The Window. There You Are Where You Looking Out For Me Or Something Nar i Was Smoking Ah Zoot Ite,Whatevah.Open The Door Then i Heard Him Run Downstairs My Heart Was Pounding. Come In Then Baby i Walked In. Go Straight Upstairs My Mind Was Made Up. I Knew What He Wanted.When i Got There It Looked Normal.His Room Looked The Same.What Was He Playing At.He Pulled Me Over To His Bed.i Knew It ! Look Here There Was An White Envelope On The Bed. Open It i Ripped It Open When i Opened It,It Said... Two Tickets To America.i Looked At Him In Shock. What Is This B i Love You And i Wanna Start Up Ah Family,Come Lets Move Away From Here And Start A New Life i Was trying To Find The Words To Reply To That, i Was Shock. i Came Back To Start Ah New Life i Dont Wanna Leave Again Dont You Wanna Be With Me Course i Have Endless Love You Baby But i Just Dont Wanna Move Again, i Wanna Settle Here Ite. Baby i Love You Yah Know i Love You Too .He Took Ah Deep Sigh. What s Wrong ? He Didnt Answer My Question He Just Started Fingering Me. It Hurt But i Wanted Him. I Could Smell Traces Of Ashely On Me, Buy My Mind Was With Creeper. I Wanted Creeper.He Stuck Two More Finger s Up There i Was Screaming. Arr Creeperrr He Took His Finger Out.Layed Me On The Bed And Worked His Way Down To Mah Pussy. Then He Started Licking Me Out. I Felt Special Cah He Was Known As Ah Bad Man But i Know Really And Trully He Would Do Anything For me. He Was Licking Me Out For About 20 Mins i Decided To Return The Favour.When he Saw Me Get On My Knees His Eyes Widened In Surpise Babe You don t Have.. i Dismissed This And Took Ah Firm Grip Onto His Piece And Slightly Squeezed i Used My Toungue To Trace From The Tip All The Way To The Bottom Then i Started Sucking That dick Him Moaning My Name Made Me wanna Serve Him Even More He Grabbed My Head And Moved It To The Riddim of The Sucking. I Could Tell He Was About To Cum.He Moved His Dick Away From My Lips. I Looked At Him. He Lifted me Up And Started Rubbing My Breats Then After Ah While He Started Sucking On Them.The Motion In His Tongue Had Me Going Wild.He Put His Dick Back In My Whole. And The Slow Passionate Love Making Began. LATRINA The Vibration Of My Phone Woke Me up But Reshane Was Still Sleeping. I Had Ah text. Oi Tumoz i Might Be Ah Bit Late But Just Wait For Me Outside The Blocks.

Deshay. This Got Me So Made.He Took The Piss And Had The Check To text me Again, i Took Ah Deep breath And Then Texted Back. Look Yerh Go Suck Yourself i Dont Need You No More You Prick. You never Love Me.Delete d Yourself From My Life. Trina. He Texted Back Very Quick. Bitches Like You ALWAYS Come Back To Me. So Save All The Long Talk. Tell me When You Wanna Suck My Dick Cah You ll Be Back. Deshay. i Started Crying. I Was going To prove Him Wrong,Turn My Life Around. Reshane is The One For Me And Ill Prove To Myself i Can Have Ah Proper Relationship. I Wipe The Tears From My Eyes And Looked At Reshane. What Did i Do To Deserve You Thought To Myself. He Was So Good To Me. I Think i Loved Him, i Never Said Felt That Emotion, Because When i Had Said It no one Had Ever Said It Back To me. But When Im with Reshane i Feel Loved. Babe Are You Crying i Put My Hands In My Face Coz My Eyes Were Starting To Water. Nar B What s Wrong ? i Couldnt Help It.The Tears Just Started Streaming Down My Face. Babe? He Sat Up On The Bed And Hugged me. Who Upset Mah Baby? Nar It s Nothing He Seen The Phone In My Hand And He Took It from Me. Blud Who The Fuck s Deshay,Should i Bang Him He Read The Text And Started Going Mad B.Calm Down Did You Give This Boy Heads i Was Slience i Asked Ah Question Trina i Nodded. Why !? i Explain The Whole Story To Him About How i Love Him So Much But He Didnt Love Me Back But That Didnt Stop me From Giving Him Everything. Reshane Look At me In Dissapointment. I Started Crying Again. Baby Dont EVER Let Someone Take Advantage Of You Again,Coz Ill Go Mad.Your Lucky i Dont Kill This Boy No Dont It s Ok,Coz Now i Have You And Everything s Perfect . We Were Jammin In Bed For Like 20 Mins.Then My Belly Started Making Off Noises.Is Time Too Eat i Said To myself. I Nudged Reshane, No Response. I Nudged Him Again. Hmm i Nudged Him Again One Last Time Right In His Back. Yerh ? Babe, Im Hungry Go Downstairs, There s Biscuits i Screwed Him. Does It Look Like Bloodclart Biscuits Are Gannah Fill me Up He Laughed i Had Ah Big Appetite, i Knew That And He Knew That. Does Mah Baby Want me To Cook For Her Yerh His Voice melted Me. I Nodded My head He Grabbed My Hand And Took me Downstairs To The Kitchen. What do You Want ? Something Came Over Me. Rice,Chicken,Salad,Potatoes.. Hold Up Babe,Your getting Rice And Chicken This Aint No Resterant i Started Laughing. I Allowed Him Cah he Didnt Have To Cook Me Me.i Loved Him So Much.He Was A Amazing Person.i Sat Down At The Dinner Table Like Ah Little Child Waiting To Be Fed. Aww You Look To Cute He Lifted Me Up And Sat On My Seat And Rested Me On His Lap He Whispered Into My ear. i Wanna Freak You His Breathe Was Hot i Wanted To freak Him Too But We Were In His Kitchen And His Sister Could Come In Anytime. Not Now He Started Laughing.This Boy Was So Great.He Moved His Finger Down My Top Slowly To My Pussy Then He Started Fingering Me.i Couldnt Stop Him. i Tried So Hard.I Wanted Him Quite Badly.i Seen Smoke. B The Food Arr Shit he Looked Ah Bit Gutted. It Didn t Burn But It Was Close. We Both Started Laughing. Trying To Kill Me Yerh Nar Never That Can You even Cook Course I ll be The Judge Of That i Fort To Myself. Babe Maybe i Should Go Upstairs For You Kill Me Ite Den baby i Went Upstairs And Turned On X Box And Started Playing COD,It Wasn t That Bad. I Died Like 5 Times But i Kept Trying.It Was Kindah Impressing Me. Trinaaaaaaa i Didnt Bother To Answer i Was Too Hungry To Reply. 5 Mins After i Heard

FootSteps. Reshane ? Someone Came In The Room.i Didnt Bother To Look Cah i Knew This Guy Was Trying To Play Games. When He Opened The Door He Was Wearing Ah Cooking Apron.He Body Was Fully Oiled.Shinning In The Light.Shit This Guy Knew How To Turn Me The Fuck On.My Pussy Was Getting Wet i Had To Change The Subject Real Quick. Is Mah Food Ready Your Food Right here.He Was Pointing To Himself i Started Laughing i Bit My Lip.But i Had To Resist. No Serious Where s My Food What So Yah Gannah Reject Man Like That Yerh No Im Just Gannah Choose Mah Food 1st So Food More Imprtant Than Me Yerh This Was Not The Time. Im Horny Hungry And Slightly Annyed. Arrr Not Now That Ah Yes Yerh Nope Course Not Your My Main Priority If ii Am Come Gimme Some Loving i Walked Up To Him Pulled Him To The Bed Sat That Him Down,Then Quickly Breezed Down The Stairs Too My Food. Is That How Is It Yerh He Shouted From His Bedroom i Pretented Like i Didnt Hear And i Tucked Into My Food,The Chicken Was Cooked Just Right The Rice Was Soft And Nice And The Gravy Put The Cherry On Top. Oh No,He Could Actually Cook.He Was Something Special Alie. B You Never Got Me Ah Drink i Was Taking The Piss. I Knew i Was But i Just Wanted To Push His Bottons.He Ran Down The Stairs Are You Mugging Me Nar,Where s Mah Drink He Started Screwing Me. Screwing Me Hard. Are You Dumb Was He Dumb,Bare Raising His Voice.He Walked Up To Me,The Look In His Eyes Scared Me. He Grabbed Me And Held Me Tight.i Could Breathe But Not That Much Oxygen Was Being Breathed In. Reshane get Off Me Nar You Think You Ah Bad Man Init Bout Where s Mah Rass Drink i Try Get Out Of The Grips But He Was Too Strong.He Let Me Go And What i Thought Was Serious Turned Into Ah Play Fight. Allow Me Man Nar You Wanted Ah Drink Init i Try Punch Him But He Just Brushed It Over His Shoulder.Psht, i Felt Quite Weak,No Lie. B Stopp He Picked Me Up And Carried Upstairs To His Room.When We Got There He Placed Me On To The Bed.He Started Kissing Me And We Went For Another Round Of Passionate Loving. NADINE i Was Out Of Breathe,He Left Me Breathless. I Always Member How He Used To Pleasure Me But i Never Knew What i Was Missing Out On All This Time.i Looked At The Clocked In His Room.It Was 9.34pm.Shit i Though Mum Would Be Expecting Me In Ah Few Hours.Creeper Was Lying Down On The Bed With His Top Off In His Boxers,He Looked So Sexy. Baby Come Lay Down With Me Init Ite We Were No Laying Down My Bum Was On His Dick And He Was Holding My Waist. Can You Have My Babies What Do You,When Whenever You Ready Well i Wanna Hold It Down For Ah While Coz Of My Mum But i Wanna Have Yah Babies.So Obviously In A Few Months Time We Can Start Trying Ite Then Coz Like Mans Been Making Pee,So That When You Came Back We Could Start A Family How Did You Know i Would Come Back i Didnt,i Just Hoped Aww,Course Baby We Jammed For The Next Few Hours In Bed And Then i Put My Clothes On And Got Ready To Leave. B, You Coming Tomoz.Im Going To Some Girls Shubs,Do You Wanna Come With me Yerh But ii Have Nothing To Wear He Handed Me 3 Bills. Go Out And By Your Self Something Nice Init That s Ah Bit Much Tho So, Use The Rest For Pocket Money This Guy Had Jokes. Pocket Money Yah Nah.Funny.But Who Was i To Argue That Would Be Rude Ite,Fanks Baby i Recieved The Last Kiss Of The Day From Creeper Than i Left. I Check The Time And It Was 11.56pm.Time Had Went Fast ! i Called Trina To See Where She Was At. Yo Where You ? Im Still At Reshane s.Mum s Gannah Go Mad iKnow But I ll Just Pick You Up From Reshane s And We ll Say That We Just Went To The Cinema

Mum Isnt Stupid i Know. But She Would Probably Believe That,Worth Ah Try Ite Kool Im On Mah Way Now LATRINA i Just Came Off The Phone To My Sister,She Said She Was Picking Me Up. I Didnt Even Her Want To Come i Was Having Ah Great Time Without Her. Do You Have To Go Yerh But i Dont Want To i Really Didnt Want To. I Wanted To Live With Him. Reshane i Love You i Love You Too Baby i Looked Up Into To His Eyes He Looked Back. Can t You Stay Here Tonight? Babe, Do You Know Who My Mother Is,She Is Ah Soilder He Started Laughing Ite Soon Init Yerh Of Course My Phone Rang.It Was Flashing, It Was My Soilder Mother.Oh No Nadine Needed To get Here Quick Cah i Know She Had Some Thing In Store For me And It Wasnt pretty. B Aint You gannah Get That No Course Im Not,i Aint Looking To Die Yah Nah He Chuckled. You Coming Mine Tomoz ? Yerh My Older s Gannah Be Around Tho, And i Have To Give Her Something. Her ? Something ? Jam She s Like Ah Sister To Me And It s Something Why Did Boys Have To be So Stubborn, What Was Something.What he Hiding Something From Me. Reshane What s Something Weed.Jam Man Baby. The Door Knocked. Reshane Couldnt Wait To Get Out The Room He Ran Down The Stairs And Opened The Door. Trinnaaa It s Nadine i Got Out Of Bed And Started Looking Around For My Jacket And My Phone. I Found It Under The Bed After i Put On My Jacket And Went Downstairs. Reshane This Is My Sister Nadine,Nadine This Is My Hubby Reshane Reshane Smiled Nadine Smiled Back Even Tho It Looked Like She Wanted To Give Him The Talk. Mum s Been Belling Off Mah Phone,We Gatta Go Ite My Sister Hugged Reshane And i Went On Tip Toes And Gave Him Ah Kiss. Baby Phone Me Later Yerh His Breathe Had No Cooled Down Ah Bit,But It Still Felt Sexy. Me And Nadine Breezed To The Bus Stop.Too Late.My Phne Started Riging Mum. Hello Are You Trying To Get Brave Gyal The Bus Came We Got On And Beeped The Oyster The Bus Driver Try Screw My Cah i Was Talking On The Fone. I Just Left Him Cah My Mum Would Of Cussed Me.i Just Went On The Top Deck.Nadine Followed No Were On Our Way Now The Phone Hung Up. I Got That Feeling Again.I Was Scared For My Life. Nadine If i Get Beats Your Getting Them Too .She Laughing. Ite The Bus Was Taking Fovever, i Was Getting Vex.My Life Was At Risk i Walk Down The Stairs To The Bottom Of The Bus Can t You Drive Your Bus Sit Down Child Who Was Calling Child He Needed To Know His Place i Wasnt On The To My Mum And i Was Already Vex So His Attitude Didn t Help Blud Dont Get Rude, Just Drive Your Bus And Make It FAST! He Didnt Say Nothing,He Knew His Place i Went Back Upstairs To My Seat. Where Did You Go ? To Tell The Bus Driver Bout Himself She Started Laughing i Know He Was Driving Slow Init i Know Like, Wasting My Time And Ting Where Was You Aye ? Dont Ask Big Women Question Excuse Me Your Like Ah Few Years Older Than Me,Big Women Yah Nah,Dick Ed.i Wasnt Brave Enough To Say It To Her,The Box i Would Recieve. Fall Back Nadine Got Out Her Fone And Put On Mah Tune.Bedrock-Young Money Ft Lloyd.The Rest Of The Journey Was In Silence Apart From The Music Being Played.When We Were On My Road i Let Nadine Take The Lead So She Could Be The First To Step In My Yard. Luckily We Had Ah Key So My Heart Beat Slowed Down Ah Bit. Mum Were Home No Respone. About 3 Sec Later She Popped Out Of Nowhere. Next Time Yah Ah Go Out,Tell Me What! Is That It ? Aint Someone Gannah Get Boxed. That s How i Knew

Nadine Was Her Favourite Cah if That Was Me She Would Draw To Her Pocket Knife And Start On Me.i Wasnt Even Happy That We Didnt Get Beats. I Just Went Upstairs And Took Ah Little Nap.The Sound Of My Sister Laughing Woke Me Up.This Child Never Fails Me,She Always Had To Wake Me Up In The Morning,KMT. She Was So Loud As Well i Could Hear Her From Downstairs. I Got Out Of Bed And Joined Them What s With All The Noise ? The Jeremy Kyle Show Dun Know.This Was The Family Show Right There, When me Mah Sister And My Mum Watch This We Buss Bare Joke,It s Too Much.This Put Me Back In A Good Mood. What s Going On This Women Is Trying To Say After 12 Years She Dont Know If The Dad Is The Real Father Meh Kyan Buddah Wid That,eedoit Human There i Know, How Could She Not Know Who She Had Ah baby For SKETELLLL! My Mum Just came Out With It From No Where.Me And Nadine Started Creasing. Why You Ah Laugh For ? She Triggered The Laughing Even More. After Jeremy Kyle We Went Into The Kitchen And Made Some Breakfast. My Mum Started Cooking For About 40 People But Really It Was Only Me And Nadine Eating. We Ate Alot For Nicely Shaped People. After We Ate i Went Upstairs With Nadine. Creeper Asked Me To Come To Ah Shubz With Him Swear Down,So That s Where You Were Allow Me, i Dont Wanna Go By Myself Tho,You Wanna Come Bring Reshane Or Something But Roxanne Is Meant To Be Sleeping OverToday Well Just Tell Her To Sleep At Reshane s House or Something,PLEASE Well Ill Ask Her And See Init ii Called Roxanne To See What She Was Saying . Yoo Yo You Ok ? Yerh Yerh, Where You ? Im At Yard Babe, Im Still Coming Yours Yah Nah Yerh Erm.. Nadine Asked me To Go To Some Shubz With Her And Creeper But Im Not Gannah leave You By Yourself So What Do You Wanna Do ? Why Dont i Just Call Chinky Eyes (Darrel) And You can Call Reshane And We Can Make Ah Ting Yerh Do That,Ill Call You After Init i Need To Call Reshane And See if We Can Stay At His Ite i Hung Up And Called Reshane Straight After Baby Yerh B Do You Wanna Come To Some Shubs With Me And Nadine And Creeper And Darrel And Roxanne Darrel And Reshane Knew Each Other From Ah While Back But It Was Ah Ting Where They Didnt See Each Other So They Just Lost Contact But Reshane Didnt Know Creeper. Blud Who s Creeper Nadine s Ting. But Would Me And Roxanne And Darrel By Allowed To Stay At Yours When Is It Today What,Why Didnt You tell me Earlier Well It s 10am babe And i Kindah Just Found Out, So It Dont Get Much Earlier Ite Well If My Sister Goes Out Then It Could happen,if Not Then They Can t Sleep But You Can But i Cant Just Leave Her,So if They Can t Sleep i Aint Sleeping He Sighed. Ite Man Will See What He Can Do Init Ite Well Call Me When You Find Out Ill Text You Cah Man Dont Have Credit Like That Ite Bye Love You

Bye Love Too Babe i Smiled Then Hung Up. Aww Love You Too Nadine Started Grinning. Shut It Nadine,Dont Be Jealous Dont Get Brave, About Jealous.What Did He Say ? Well he Said He Will See if His Sister Is Going Out And If she Is Then We Can Go Well Tell Him To Hurry Cah We Need To Give Mum Ah Bit Of Notice. Nadine Hopped On Facebook And i Took Ah Little Nap Cah i Was Still Feeling Abit Tired. Again The Sound of Nadine s Laughing Woke Me Up. What s Is FUNNY!? Look At This Boy s Pic At This Point We Were Both Creasing. When She Changed The Pic We Were On The Floor Laughing Even Harder,This Guy Was Bunn. Who Is He ? Some Boy Who Was trying To Move To Me i Was Still Laughing Oh Noo When i Looked At My Fone i Had 2 Missed Calls And Ah Text. I Had 2 Missed Calls From Roxanne. I Checked The Text. B i Persuaded Mah Sister To Go Out,So Tell Roxanne And Darrel That They Can Roll.Ill Pick You Up At Like 9 See If We Can Get Ah Quick Beat Before We Go. Hubby x Babe, i DONT Think So.Just Pick me Up At 9 Init. Wife x He Said Yerh Ite So..Who s Asking Mum ? Dont Look At Me Blud,You Ask Her.Your The One Who Wants To Go ARGH,Low Me Allow Nothing.Ask Her Then Ite,Come With me i Aint Asking Okayy Just Come With Me Fine i Let her Take The Lead Walking Down The Stairs To Show Her i Wasnt Asking. Mumm Wah Yah Want Can i Asked You Something She Looked At Both Us, One Dutty Look. Wah Can We Sleep Over Roxanne s House Today Clean Up Mi House,Then You Can Nadine Was Smiling But i Had To Let Her Know That i Wasnt Cleaning No House. She Ran Back Up The Stairs In Joy. Woahhh,We Are Going Ill Clean Up This House Quick Then We Are Going Shopping With WHAT Money i Liked The Way She Said Im Going To Clean Up This House Not Me. Creeper Gave Me Enough Money To Buy The Both Of Us Something And Still Have Change Were We Going We Looked At Eachother. Wood Green We Said In Unison .While Nadine Was Cleaning Up i Jumped In The Shower Real Quick. I Got Dressed And Wore Mah Grey Skinny Jeans,White Top, Black,White And Grey Checked Shirt White Black Dunks. I Put My Accessories On And Put My Hair In Ah High Bun Placed My Hoop Earing In My Ear And Went Down Stairs To Watch Ah Bit Of Tv. Half way Through My Wife And Kids My Fone Started Flashing. I Had Ah text. Yo Trina,Tell me What Yah Mum Is Saying Init,Roxanne x Oh shit i had Totally Forgot About Her i Belled Her Quick Time My Mum Said Yerh Ite So Where Are we Staying ? At Reshane s Call Darrel Up And Tell Him He Can Roll To Init Ite When And Where Am I Meeting You ? Well Were Getting Ready At Yours Cah It Will Look Bait If We Get Ready At Ours So Yerh Were Going Shopping You Wanna Come ? Yerh Plus i have Nothing To Wear Ite Come Mine Now i Hung Up. NADINEEE Are You In The Bath ? Yerh Im Coming Man i Finished Watching The Rest Of My Wife And Kids Then Went Upstairs To See If This Girl Had Got Ready Yet. I Went In My Room To See Her Using My Make Up.Kiss Mah Teeth. You Could Ask You Could Go Away Shut Up Nadine,Hurry Up Im Coming We Have To Wait For Roxy Tho How Long Is She Taking ? Not Long She Dont Live That Far Ite Go Back Down Stairs Im Coming i Went Back Downstairs To Watch Some More My Wife And Kids. I Watched 2 More Episodes Of My Wife And Kids Then Called Roxanne To See What The Rass She Was Playing At. WHERE Are You

Im Outside,Chill i Dashed The Phone On The Sofa And Ran To The Door. About Time Sorry i Had To Do Something For My Mum Ite,NADINNEEEE WHAT!? You Ready Now? COMINGG Believe She Had Been getting Ready For Nearly Two Hours,CHA We Both Started Bussing Up.Finally Nadine Came Down She Look Hot Tho She Had Ah Side Fringe And Ah High Pony Tail Ah Black Top Jeggins And Black High Tops With Some Gold And White Jacket.It Didnt Sound That Hot But It Looked Howtt.She s Lucky Cah If She Spend All That Time Getting Ready And Looked Buttersz i Would Of Cussed Her. Lets Go Then BYEEEEEE MUMMM We Left.Watching For The Bus Was Hell.It Took Ages And We Were getting Looks From People It Was Making Me Feel Ah Bit Uncomfortable. The Bus Came After Ah whole Album Of Drake. About Time i Slammed My Oyster Against That Beep Ting And Walked Up The Stairs To The Back. We Blazed Out Some Music For The Rest of The Journey.When We Got Off The Bus We Hopped Into The Shops That Said SALE. Even Though We Had Money,He Were Still Looking For The Sales.We Went In About 5 Shops Brought Quite Ah Few Things Then It Was Hitting All 5 o Clock So We Jumped Back On The Bus. Me And Nadine And Roxanne Were Jammin At The Back of The Bus Playing Music Roxanne Was Looking Out Of The Window Scanning Couple People.When The Bus Drove Off Someone Wanted To Put There Middle Finger Up And Ting. BLUD Who You Screwing Me And Nadine Breezed To The Window And Started Banging On The Window Couple Girls Started Running To The Next Bus Stop But Got Tired So Gave Up. Pussies Blud Truss i Left Nadine And Roxanne To Chat About Them,While i Called The Hubby. Baby,Can you Drop Me To Roxy s Yard What So You Want Me To Dropp You Her Yard Then Pick You Up After i Go Home And Get Ready Yerh That s Ah Bit Long Tho Ite Fine Ill Call You When Im At Roxanne s Yard,Bye He Kind Pissed Me Off.Everything Is Long To Boys. Roxy Where Are Going To My House To Pick Up Our Stuff Then Were Going Straight To Yours Ite,What did Reshane Say Nothing Important The Bus Journey Wasnt That Long.When We Got Home i Said Hi To My Mum Ran Upstairs And Backed My Bag And Then Ran Back Down Stairs Ah Where Yah Ah Go Roxanne s House.Sleepoever ? Yah Nah Go Eat Something 1st ? Ill Pack It In Ah Bag i Wasnt Going To Miss Out On The Good Food. Nadine Hurry Up About 5 Mins After She Came Down With Her Bag Backed. My Mum Offered Roxy Food But She Didnt Take It i Just Added It To My Share of Food. Byee Mum,Love You When We Got To Roxy s House We Got Ready Straight Away,It Was Now 6.40pm. We Started Throwing Clothes All Over The Place Until We Had Came Up With The Perfect Outfit. Nadine Was Wearing Some Blue V Neck Dress That Tucked Right Under Her Bum With Blue Heels And Black Accessories.Roxanne Was Wearing Some Pink Top And Shorts Thing With Black Angle Boots Her Hair Was All Down.i Was Rocking Some Black Dress,It Pushed Up Your Tits And Tucked Under Your Bum, i Kept Mah Hair The Same And Re-done Mah Makeup. It Was About 8.30 And We Were Ready.Nadine Said That Creeper Had Some Limo For Us,So Boy i Was Bless With That. It Wasnt Some Little Rave It Was Ah Prom/Party Ting.Mud. When s he Coming With The Limo Roxanne Was Like me She Didnt Like Waiting. Well i Just texted Him He Said He Is On His Way I Texted Reshane To Tell him To Make His Way. Roxy, Aint You Called Your Man And Told Him To Come Yerh i texted Him,He Said He Will be Here In 5 Ite Kool Roxanne s Fone Started Ringing,She Just Kept Nodding She Came Off Like 5 Mins After. Well Darrel s here So Call me When The Limo Comes Byee We Could Fully Just jam In Her House While She Wasnt

In.Not In My House Boy,It Wasnt Ah Hotel. Soon After, Reshane Texted Me To Come Outside i Told Nadine And Roxy s Mum Bye And Went To meet Him At The Top Of The Road. He Just Stood There And Looked At Me.His Mouth Was Open He Was Looking Speechless Do You Want Ah Picture Yerh I Would Love Ah Picture Babe.So i Could Stick It On My Wall i Started Smiling On Your Wall Yerh ? he Pulled Me Closer Towards Him.His Hot Breath Was On My Neck. Course Baby Girl He Started Lipsing Me In The Middle Of The Pavement.i Didnt Care He Was My Man,And What.He Whispered In My Ear You Look Sexyy i Was Gannah Analyze What he Was Wearing And Tell Him He Looked Sexy Back But i Didnt Want His Lips To Come Off Mine.i Was Getting Hornier But It Couldnt Become More Than Lipsing Because We Were On The Road.Nadine Texted Me To Meet Her At The Bottom Of Roxanne s Road Cah The Limo Was Here.So He Held My Hand And We Walked Down The Road.When We Got In The Limo It Was Hotter Than Ever.There Was Differnt Sections To It Tho,So Me And Reshane Had Our Own And So Did Nadine And Roxanne,Reshane Winded Down The Window To Say Kool To Everyone But He Seen i Was Waiting So he Winded The Window Back Up And Attented To Me.He Started Kissing Me Again. Are You Gannah Undress Me ? Shushh He Put His Finger On My Lip And He Took Of My Top And The Bra Followed Then He Made His Way Down To My Very Wet Pussy And Started Fingering Me.i Licked Mah Lips. I Took Off His Top,Shit 8 Pac Deep.He Looked On Point.i Was Kissing Him Like i Couldnt Breathe Without It.i Whispered Into His Ear i Love You No Reply.He Sighed. Fuck This He Said.He Took Off The Rest Of My Clothes And i Took of The Rest Of His,He Looked For The Necessary Tings And Put Then On.Then We Got To Work. In The Middle Of It We Heard Some Knocking On The Window. Trina ! We Are Here.Put Your Clothes On i Knew It Was Nadine Talking.She Knew What i Would Be Doing. We Starting Putting On Our Clothes. B Where Is Mah Bra i Dunno We Started Looking For It. Here It Is It Under The Seat, But He Now Had It In His Hand. I Went To Get It But He Moved His Hand. What Are You Playing At What You Gannah Do For Me Blud Gimme My Bra Come Get It i Went To Get It Again But He Was Still Moving His Hand Ite Kool i Was Going To Walk Out,i Was Waiting For Him To Pull me Back Tho Cah i Wasnt Going Into The Shubsz With NO Bra.Just In Time,He Pulled Me Back And We Started Kissing, i Pulled Away. My Bra He Gave It To Me And i Put It On And Jumped Out The Car. Roxanne And i Both Had Smiles On Our Faces i Guess We Were Both Doing The Same Thing. Reshane Went To Jam With Darrel While i Stayed With Roxy. So What Was You Doing i Knew The Answer i Just Wanted To See if She Would Admit It. The Same Thing You Were Doing i Started Laughing Like i Said She Knew Me Too Well. When We Got in There,The Music Was Blazing. I Started Dancing As Soon i Got In The Music Hit Me,Me And Roxy Was Dancing Together But Then Reshane And Darrel Kindah Broke It Up And Started Dancing With Us.i Was Whining On Him Like It Was Only me And Him In The Room He Was Moving To The Beat. It Was Just Eletric,Being In His Arms.Him Holding My Waist.Greatest Feeling.i Was Dancing With Reshane Forever,He Was The Only Boy i Was Dancing With,Dont Get me Wrong i Love Him And That But It Was Ah Bit Dead, i Walked Over To The Bar And Some Boy offered To Get me Ah Drink, i Scanned The Area To See Who Was Free To Dance There Were Bare Boys Sitting Down By The Corner i Pick One Of Them Up And Started grinding On Them,Like 10 Mins Later i Went To Go Check Up On Reshane.he Was Whining With 3 Girls,Okay.Bad Man Yerh. I Picked Up bare Man (Like 5) And Started Dancing With Them All At First They had me In Some Sandwhich Then They Had me On To Floor Then They Had me On My Hands With My Hands Up In The Air,Rass ! Blud Get Off My Girl Superman To The Rescue. He Picked Me Up And Started Dancing With Me He Whispered In My Ear What Are You Playing At ? You Were Having Fun With You Girls So i

Joined You With some Boys You can Never Get Girls Like Me Really Now, i Can Get Way More i Liked Ah Challenge. We Went Off To Find People To Dance With,The Race Was On.i Went To The Front Of The Stage Were Bare Of The Man Jam,There Was Some Girl Group Dancing Next And They Wear The Least Amont Of Clothes Possible So All The Man Was Posted At The Front. I Pulled Some Along With Me And Started Dancing The More Hotter i Got The More Boys Started Coming But i Seen Reshane Crowd Even Bigger. When The Girl Group came It Was Other,i Got Left.Peak Times.Reshane Was Still With All The other Girls,i Left Him. At This Point i Was On The Floor,jamming And Ting.Like 2 Mins After Some Boy Reached his Hand Out To me. Wanna Dance i Smiled While He Helped Me Up.He Held Mah Waist Nd Moved Me The The Beat.My Bum Was Fully Connected To His Dick.i Felt It getting Hard. He Held Me Tighter. I Could Feel Reshane s Eyes Digging Into My Back,i Took No Notice.i Just Carried On Dancing. We Were Dancing For Like 10 Mins,Slow Dancing.We Were In Our Own World. BLUD ! Move From Here he Paused.We Stop Dancing And The Boy Was Now Screwing Reshane i Asked You Ah Fuckking Question.Get Off My Girl Oh My Bad,This Is Yah Girl Yerh That s What i Said Reshane Was Being So Rude.i Knew He Was jealous,I Liked Every Bit Off It he Looked Even Sexier When He Was Jealous.The Boy Just Walked Away,i Looked Up To Reshane. Who Was That Why You Complaining You Won i Know But i Dont Want No Next Wasteman Grinding On Mah Baby Girl Is That So Yerh Course He Held Mah Waist And We Carried On Dancing.There Was Ah Big Group Forming Me And Reshane Went Towards It,It Was Nadine And Roxy ! There Were On The Floor Going Ard With Darrel And Creeper.Reshane Was Looking At Me As If To Say Come We try That,But i Had Enough Of Being On The Floor For One Day. I Dragged Him back To Where We Are And We Let The Music Take Over Our Bodies. NADINE Me And Creeper Had Just Finshed Dancing And We Were Now Jammin At The Bar And He Brought Me A Drink.He Started Watching,He kept Staring. Can i Help ? He Winked At Me And Grabbed Mah Hand And Took Me To The Toilets. Babe What You Doing Undressing You Init In The Toilets If You Want Me To Stop Just Say i Didnt Say Nothing i Couldnt Say Nothing.He Didnt Even Finger Me He Just Put It Straight In.We Were At It For Baree Long.i Was Breathing Really Hard. I Wanted To Take Off My Dress But i Couldnt Coz We Were In The Toilets And It Would Take Too Long To Put Back On. I Was Hot For Him i Needed To get Out Before Someone Came In On before i Done Something Really Dirty. Babe,Lets Go Now Ite But We Will Finish This Off He Zipped Up Him Trousers And Walked Out i Fixed Up My Hair And Followed Him. LATRINA Me And Reshane Jammin At The Bar,Just Talking. I Seen Nadine And Creeper Coming Out Of The Toilets i Knew What They Had Been Doing.i Laughed At This Thought What s Funny i Started Bussin Up. Nothing Just have Another Drink i Had A Drink.Then Another One Then Another One. Trina It s Time To Go i Was Laughing Again i Dont........WANNA ! i Was Pissed Nadine Tell You Sister Listen Trina It s Gettin Late But i.... Dont.......WANNA ! Nadine And Roxy Gave Reshane The Look.He Picked Me And Took me To The Limo.i Was Kicking And Screaming And Punching. Calm Down LET ME GOO ! .When He Put Me In The Limo Everything Turned Burly But Some Bottle Of Wine Caught My Eye i Went To Get It But Reshane Was Too Fast.i Fell Asleep On The Floor But Reshane Picked Me Up And Put Me On The Chair.i Was Outt. The Limo Took Us To Reshane s House,Nadine Got Out Off Creeper s House.When i Got To Reshane s i Put My PJ s On And Went Straight To Bed.When i Got Up i Had Ah Mad Hang Over i Looked At My Fone It Said 2.07pm.Oh No i Thought To Myself Something Smelt Peng And i heard People Bussing Joke

And Ting Downstairs. You Awake No Babe ? No Im Still Sleeping,Course Im Awake You Dummy.When i Was Tired i Was Rude And Cranky But i Decieded To Hold It Down. Yerh Reshane,Roxanne And Darrel Were Bussing Joke Watching My Wife And Kids i Sat Down And Joined Them. Good Morning i Said. Good Morning Trina.You Mad Girl i Looked Confuse i d. Dont Wanna Go She Started Laughing And So Did Darrel And Reshane. Peak For You Said Darrel. Reshane Just Kept Laughing. Listen It Wasnt My Fault,Blame Reshane.He Was Giving Me Bare Drinks Nar i Fought You Could Hack It,But You Cant So Boy Dont Try It,I Can.i Just Wasnt Ready,Another Time Init He Looked At Me As if To Say Is Another Time Now. No Reshane No What ? You No What He Started Smiling.We Finished Watching Them Rest of My Wife And Kids Then i Hopped In The Shower When i Came Out i Seen Underwear Layed Out On The Bed It Was Not Mine,Well It Looked New.Reshane Came In The Room. Did You See What i Got You Yerh Fanks..Bye What,Cant You Where It For Man Nar Nar i Cant,BYE Be Like That Another Time.Now Close The Door i Got Dressed And Put The Underwear In My Bag.i Looked At My Fone i Had 3 Missed Calls From Nadine So i Called Her Back Real Quick. Hello Yo,Mum Wants Us Back My 4.15 Init,Not 4.16,4.15.So Meet Me At 3.50 Ok ? Ite Ill Call You Then The Phone Hung Up.i Looked At The Time It Was Now 3.25.No Much Time.i Went Up To Roxy. What Time You Going Home ? Well Im Going Back To Darrel s Then Im Going Home,But Im Leaving From Here Now Oh Ite,To Do What She Winked At Me And We Both Started Bussing Up. Say Nizzy.Byee Love You Love You Too Ill Holla Init Darrel Came Upstairs. Safe Yerh Drunkie He Was So Sexy,If Roxy Wasnt His,Oh My. I Started Laughing. Bye But Did i Even Want Him To Go ? i Had To. I Had Reshane And i Was Going To Make It Work.i Took Ah Deep Breathe And Said Bye.He Hugged Me And Went Downstairs. I Called Reshane Upstairs i Just Wanted To Be In His Arms We Jammed For Ah bit Then i Had To Go And Meet Nadine. Nadine,Where Are You ? Dont Watch,Meet Me Ah The Bus Stop Ite i Looked At The Time It Was 3.56 i Ran To The Bus Stop.When i Got There Nadine Wasnt Even There i Waited For About 2 Mins Then She Showed Up. You Took Yah Time Sorry.We Cant Wait For No Bus Yah No We Have To Run Because The Bus Stop Was Ah Walking Distance We Could Walk But In Order To get There For What Time My Mum Had Set We Had To Run For Our Lives. When We Got Outside Mah Door We Were out of Breath It Was 4.13. We Rang The Door Bell And Noone Answered We Rang It Again. What s Going On Man,MUMMMMM Answer The Door We Waited For Like 2 Mins,By Now She Would Been Cussin Us For Shouting Her Name. Maybe She Wasnt In. Do You have Yah Keys Maybe,Lemme Check Nadine Went In Her Pockets And Found The Keys,She Opened The Door. MUMMMM i Check Upstairs To See If She Was In her Room. Trinaaa i Went Downstairs. What ? She Left Ah Note Note. There Is Some Food In The Fridge For You s Two To Eat.Do Not Leave This House I Will Be Back Early Tommorrow i Have Gone To Antie B s. If i Find Out Any of You Have Left My House,There Will Be Trouble. Me And Nadine Looked At Each Other. Woop,We Have Ah free Yard Till Tomoz Anooo,What To Do ? Shubs ? Nar To Big Little Gathering Nar To Small Come We Just Jam,Invite The Hubby s Over And Just Chill We Done That Yesterday,Give Them Ah Break How About Ah Girls Night In,Invite Some of The Girls And Just Chill Ite.Well Ill Get Ready And Then Give Some

Of The Girls Ah Call i Got Ready Then i Called Roxy,Kenya,Justine And Britney.i Asked Nadine if She Wanted To call Some Of Her Girls But She Said She Had Lost Contact With Them And The Others Were Bitches So We Heated Up The Food Mum Left Over And Ate That.Then Set Up Some Snacks For The Girls To Nibble On.

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