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Positions Included:
(but are not limited to)

Adecco is a Fortune Global 500 company and the world leader in workforce
solutions. Adecco connects over 700,000 associates with business clients
each day through its network of over 33,000 employees and 6,600 offices in
over 70 countries and territories around the world. The success of this
program is the direct result of the combined efforts of Adecco, the University
of Minnesota, and our associates.
Adecco will provide skilled associate, specialized orientation, personnel
management and an on-going quality assurance program to ensure your
continued satisfaction.


As Adecco, we will excel at servicing our clients and associates as a Team
and will be viewed as the industry leader by providing flexible staffing
solutions in a changing work place while realizing the need for individual and
group accountability.


Adeccos main point of contact for the University of Minnesota is located at:
Office Location:



900 Ave SE Suite 270

Minneapolis, MN 55402

Vendor Number:

Monday-Friday: 7:30am-5:30 pm




Eunice Hansen

Staffing Consultant
(Main Point of Contact if
Your Last Name Starts
with A-M)
Staffing Consultant
(Main Point of Contact if
Your Last Name Starts
with N-Z)

Rob Wegscheid

Regional Vice President

Dick Bourdaux

Denny Schuveiller

Bill Rates:
Contracted bill rates have been established and can be viewed on the
Universitys contract website. Exact bill rates can be provided to you
when you place your order.
Quality Guarantee:
Adecco guarantees that services rendered by its employees will be
performed in a professional manner. Any employee deemed
unsatisfactory within the associates first eight hours on assignment will
be replaced and you will not be responsible for payment of hours worked
by that employee, up to a maximum of eight hours. Adecco guarantees
to pay employee wages promptly, making all federal, state and local
deductions, deposits and payments, as required by law.


When submitting a requisition for staffing assistance, you will be asked
to provide the following information.
Job title
Job duties
Essential job functions
Equipment to be used
PO or Blanket Order #



Office Support Assistant, Principal Office &

Administrative Specialist, Executive Office &
Administrative Specialist, Principal Account
Specialist, Executive Account Specialist,
Principal Operations/Student Services
Specialist, Executive Operations/Student
Services Specialist, Program/Project
Specialist, Accountant, Office Supervisor,
Office Manager

Start date
Length of assignment
Report to person/location
Working hours
Reason for usage
Additional related information

Even if you have only potential future staffing needs, please call and
discuss the position(s) with an Adecco representative. A call regarding
the skills and number of associates required allows Adecco to begin
identifying/recruiting qualified applicants to more readily meet your
needs if and when they occur.

Prepare for the associates arrival

Designate to whom the associate will report
Identify key co-workers, procedures, work/telephone etiquette
Provide sufficient work for the associate
Keep work instructions clear and simple
Outline break and lunch times/coverage
Allow a reasonable time for learning your processes and procedures
Check on the associates progress


To ensure the complete satisfaction of all managers and supervisors at the
University of Minnesota for the duration of the assignment, Adecco uses the
following Quality Assurance System:
Status Call
First Day Call

Progress Updates
Final Performance Evaluation

Performance reviews are a vital component in our continuous improvement

process. Adecco will periodically ask for feedback in the following areas:
Associate performance
Adecco representative service and performance
Overall quality of Adeccos program, delivery and service

After the interviewing process is completed and the applicant has met
Adeccos quality standards, our new associates are introduced to
established policies and procedures that represent your expectations and
incorporate the best interest of our new employees.
Prior to the start of the assignment, each Adecco associate is given an
orientation, which addresses the following topics:
Adecco as your employer
Where and when to report
Dress code
Safety and security procedures
Payroll procedures

Attendance policy
Code of conduct
EEO policy
Drug/alcohol policy
Sexual harassment policy
Additional site specific

Be specific about the skills you require
Specify the length of the assignment
Provide complete information regarding time, location, department, etc.
Be realistic in planning the workload
Let your staff know the associate is coming

All associates are instructed to call the Adecco office, if they are going to be
late or absent. This information will be forwarded to the appropriate
supervisor at the earliest opportunity. At your request, the Adecco
representative will immediately begin the process of contacting a
replacement associate.

Associates will complete an individual timesheet each week. The workweek
begins on Monday and ends on the following Sunday. The completed
timesheet will be submitted to a supervisor for an authorized signature.
Please ensure that all sections on the timesheet are complete. Please
contact our office for additional details.


Adecco considers it a compliment when a customer feels that the quality
performance of an associate merits extending an offer for regular full-time
employment. If you would like to pursue the process of employing an Adecco
associate, please contact Adecco and they will inform the associates of their
status. Do not extend an offer of employment to an Adecco associate at any
time as this could result in a significant co-employment concern.
Conversion Fees:

1-120 hours=$2,000.00

120-400 hours=$1,500.00

401-600 hours=$1,000.00

600+ =$500.00

Hours are not cumulative between

departments or associates.


If an Adecco associate is injured on-site, please contact our office
immediately. Medical services for Adecco associates will be provided at
various locations throughout the Twin Cities.
If the injury is life threatening, call 911 for emergency services.

Co-employment is a serious issue that occurs when companies jointly administer
responsibilities, salary and benefit reviews, counseling and selection, or
termination of an associate. If co-employment is found to exist, each company is
liable for the employment decisions made by the other. If an associate files a
legal complaint and wins, both Adecco and the University of Minnesota could be
responsible for any damages awarded.
Utilizing the Adecco representative can reduce liability in co-employment
situations. Please refer to the following points, to assist you while working
with our associates.
Explain any tasks related to job performance
Train the new Adecco associate to perform job tasks
Demonstrate how to better perform the job to enhance productivity

Take immediate corrective action if an Adecco associate is violating

safety rules
Report any absences, tardiness or non-acceptable behavior to the
Adecco representative who will handle any corrective action
Refer all questions relative to pay, benefits, duration of position or
opportunity for employment to the Adecco representative
Inform the Adecco representative about any changes in an Adecco
associates work schedule
Assist Adecco in evaluating our associates by completing
quarterly/annual surveys
Inform an Adecco associate that he/she is terminated or suspended
Discuss pay rates, increases, incentives or bonuses
Discuss opportunities for full-time employment
Request that an Adecco associate complete timecards/forms with
University of MNs name/logo on them
Counsel Adecco associates concerning tardiness/punctuality,
attendance, dress code, child/adult care arrangements, or other
personal matters

Adecco actively recruits associates utilizing various sources including:
Open houses
Career days
Trade shows
Internet online recruiting
Home Page:
Direct mail

Minority organizations
Job fairs (both local and
national chapters including
diversity fairs)
Radio and newspaper
Religious organizations
Service organizations

Adecco will engage their network of Staffing Partners (subcontractors) to

assist in filling orders and meet the commitment of the University of
Minnesotas ESB goal of at least 10% of annual sales. Adeccos Staffing
Partners are held to the same terms and conditions of servicing the
University of Minnesota as Adecco.

Adecco is committed to providing a work environment free from
discrimination and sexual harassment. Adecco strictly adheres to the
principles of EEO and expressly prohibits discriminatory employment
practices. Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual conduct which has
the purpose or effect of interfering with an individuals work
performance or which creates an offensive or hostile work environment.
Conduct that will not be condoned may be verbal, visual or physical in
Adecco associates are required to report incidents that they believe
constitute discrimination or sexual harassment to their local Adecco

representative. If an Adecco associate advises you of any such complaint,

you should notify the Adecco representative. An appropriate investigation
will be undertaken and the matter will be handled in an appropriate manner.
Similarly, if an Adecco associate exhibits inappropriate behavior, please
notify Adecco immediately.

Testing Services:
Hiring on our own but want to test the applicants skills before a final hiring
decision is made? Take advantage of Adeccos Xpert Testing System. Xpert
can test your candidates skills on a broad range of skills including
administrative, software, call center as well as measure a candidates
attributes including reliability/conscientiousness, stress tolerance, customer
service/working with others and work conduct as well as match a candidates
work preferences with the work environment. To find out more about how
Xpert can help you ensure your next hire has the right skills and character
for the job, contact our office.
Fees-Regardless of the Number of Tests requested:
In Office $75.00 per person
Via E-Mail $50.00 per person
Adecco Club:
Adecco recognizes the importance of technology in providing the best
staffing solutions, and as a result, we continue to focus on building the Web
into our business to enhance our service capabilities. Consequently, we are
able to provide our clients with real time information regarding our program
and contingent workforce. With this goal, we launched AdeccoClub, an
innovative, Web-based system exclusive to Adecco. AdeccoClub provides a
Human Resource Portal that facilitates the distribution of information to
clients while enhancing communication, performance measurement and
Other Services:
As a full-service, human resource solution provider, Adecco has the
broadest array of capabilities within the staffing industry. No competitor can
match our combination of size, breadth of services and geographic span.
Therefore, if you are looking to fill positions outside of our contracted
positions and/or have other human capital needs call our office for other
staffing options including direct hire placements. We can direct you to our
many corporate partners or help you internally based on the many other
solutions we offer.

We appreciate your business and continued supportplease give us a call
with any questions or concerns---we are here to help.