CCNet Underrepresented Constituencies Discussion Group Facilitated Visioning Sesssion 3/1/10 12 Attendees Background on this discussion group: • Four meetings

have occurred, with a variety of people involved. Some folks have been in attendance at all the meetings, but most have come to one or two. • The last two meetings were very topic-focused, one on workforce development and another on local foods, nutrition and food deserts. • This discussion group has the potential to be a little different than other groups, because the topic should inform the overall activities of CCNet and how the organization involves and engages with underrepresented groups. Underrepresented Constituencies as a Traditional Discussion Group We agreed that a regular discussion group should meet about this topic. That group would move through a series of topics that relate to underrepresented groups in the community. For example, we decided to begin with the topic of the Construction Industry. A second topic might be nutrition and access to healthy foods. We will meet a couple of times on the selected topic to work on some of the issues and then move on to another topic. We anticipate that many of the people who attend this discussion group will be attracted by the particular topic. We need to identify a group of “core members” who are committed to the overall topic of underrepresented groups in the community and would provide a bridge between topics. Questions that will guide our discussions: 1. Who is underrepresented? 2. What issues are they facing? 3. Why are they underrepresented? 4. What are their vulnerabilities? 5. Where are the opportunities in our community? Underrepresented Constituencies Advisory Panel The core members from the Underrepresented Constituencies Discussion Group (UCDG) will also be asked to serve in an advisory capacity to other discussion groups within CCNet. When a new discussion group is announced, CCNet will ask for a volunteer from the UCDG to serve with this group. That volunteer would be asked to: 1. Attend at least one of the first three meetings of the group. These tend to be very formative meetings where the group tries to work through what their desired topic is. The UCDG Advisor attends one of the meetings simply to get a sense for the topic and the group members. 2. Once the group has hit its stride (after the first 3 meetings), the UCDG Advisor would schedule a session on Underrepresented Groups where they would take the group through a discussion on the 5 questions above as they relate to that discussion group’s topic. This session would be scheduled in place of one of the regular discussion group meetings, and is intended to get the group thinking about the way their topic relates to underrepresented groups. 3. Identify groups that may be underrepresented within the discussion group they are attending and work on including those groups in the discussion. Next steps: 1. Identify UCDG core members. 2. Re-set the regular meeting time based on core group availability. 3. Assign a UCDG advisor to the energy efficiency retrofit finance discussion. 4. Assign a UCDG advisor to the local foods discussion.

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