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(County Court, City and County of Denver, Colorado Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, Room 160 520 W. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80204 The People of the State of Colorado Defendant; MORRIS FATE aka FATE MORRIS ssey, District Attorney, Second Judicial District By the undersigned Deputy District Attomey 201 West Colfax Ave., Dept. 801 Denver, CO 80202 Phone Number: 720-913-9000 Feedin the Co: yA Corn BCT 09 2015 CLERK OF COURT 4 _covaruszony a ‘Fax Number: 720-913-9035 Case Number: 15SCR05460 Div.: Criminal Ctrm; _SC- COMPLAINT AND INFORMATION ‘TWO CHARGES: ‘COUNT 1: IMPERSONATING A PEACE OFFICER, C.R.S 18-8-112 (F6) {22113} COUNT 2: ASSAULT IN THE THIRD DEGREE, C.R.S 18-3-204(1)(a) (M1) {02038} 4 Bond seta:$.100 000 su oh Z Signatire People v. MORRIS FATE Case No. 15CR05460 Mitchell R. Morrissey, District Attomey for the Second Judicial District, of the State of Colorado, in the name and by the authority of the People of the State of Colorado, informs the court of the following offenses committed, or triable, in the county of Denver: COUNT 1: IMPERSONATING A PEACE OFFICER (F6) On or about October 6, 2015, MORRIS FATE aka FATE MORRIS unlawfully, feloniously, and falsely pretended to be a pesoe officer and performed an act in that pretended capacity; in violation of section 18-8-112, CRS. COUNT 2: ASSAULT IN THE THIRD DEGREE (MII) On or about October 6, 2015, MORRIS PATE aka FATE MORRIS unlawfully, knowingly or reedlessy, caused bodily injury to AMEE, in violation of section 18-3-204(1)(a), RS. Alll offenses against the peace and dignity of the People of the State of Colorado, STATEMENT OF PROBABLE CAUSE GO# 2015-81342 ABS 2015-42374 Page tof { teat Name, Pret caine facie a FATE MORRIS jerosess roerms [260m Remec w UNARMED Tocaton of reat 1705 NXENA ST feral No. SMITH, CHER D. Ponass ‘COMPLETE This SECTION FOR ORIGINAL PROBABLE CAUSE STATEMENTS AND ALL AFADAVITS FOR ARREST WARRANT am a police officer forthe City and County of Denver, Colorado, and have knowedge regarding the arrestincident of he above. named party for the below Isted offense, which offense occured on oF about the dato of 1/06/2016 at 2:13 am at or near the location of 1700 BLKN XENIA ST inthe Cty and County of Denver, Stata of Colorado, fase [HOLD MPERGONATEN APACE OFRCHR [esses Tw reunsex corner no SoNeE -ORCRTWAT SOE] ‘hs pen ete bw ae fb soreamed eal ow: MofasLovel peters creat ye wascgisbo WORSE et tnd osha an One nte FATE vee ese Perform oral sex on him. Victim refused and jumped out of the car. Suspect grabbed her by the hair and showed her @ badge seying, "I em the police bitch." Yea poy to ape oe Spa er ced pate Vide Sgt searing guanine RY ok escapes ont te ahve! Yoong Oho \o\+ Sra aso vor saps sft tee) —_—— 4 yb Paper Documents sent for Scanning: eZ ‘Advisement [] Victim Statements Yes ] How many? [1] ‘Witness Siaiomenti) [] How Many? 1] Request for Presumptive Screening! ] Miscellaneous o ‘DOM Addiional Required information: (Medical Release (HIPPAVViciim Diagram (lam DOMY Case Summary!) 1D of Suepect (Photo of whictim signature on back) [] afm this information to be true and correct. Officer: SMITH, CHERYL D. Serial No: P00035