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Your State Representative - 12th Legislative
PERMIT District
NO. 2008
Winter 529

Spring 2010

Krieger Predicts Deficit Storms Rising

2010-11 State Budget Must End Out-of-Control Spending
Dear Friends: Krieger Endorses Keystone Works
P ennsylvania’s fiscal situation is grim . Through the Package to Boost Statewide Employment
first seven m onths of this fiscal year, P ennsylvania is
Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate has nearly
facin g a $476 million and rising deficit. T he R ain y
D ay F u n d , M C A R E F und , H C R PA F und and other doubled over the past several years. While the
one -tim e so u rce s o f revenue w ere fully depleted to statewide unemployment rate is lower than the
fill la st ye a r’s b u d g e t hole. A dd to this the loom ing national average, it is still too high.
statew ide pension funding crisis, and w e have all the I am pleased to announce the introduction of
m akin g s fo r a m a jo r fiscal catastrophe. legislation that is specifically designed to create
F o r e x a m p le , d u rin g fis c a l y e a r 2 0 0 9 -1 0 incentives for filling job vacancies and pairing
th e p ro je c te d to ta l e m p lo y e r c o n trib u tio n to th e unemployed Pennsylvanians with employers who
P en n sylva n ia P u b lic S chool E m ployees R etirem ent are actively seeking to hire.
S y s te m (P S E R S ) p e n s io n fu n d is a p p ro x im a te ly
Collectively known as Keystone Works, this multi-
$616 million.
bill package will allow Pennsylvanians collecting
F o r fisca l ye a r 2 0 10-11, the projected em ployer unemployment compensation to work for selected
con trib u tio n is $1.1 billion. B ased upon P S E R S businesses up to 24 hours a week, for six weeks, at
projections, the total em ployer contributions (divided no cost to the employer.
e q u a lly b e tw e e n th e s ta te a n d th e lo c a l s c h o o l
districts) m u st in cre a se as follow s: Benefit checks will serve as employee salary.
Participating employers will be required to certify that
• 2011-12: $1.475 billion they intend to immediately hire for the position and
• 2012-13: $4.19 billion follow up with a performance evaluation, whether
• 2013-14: $4.75 billion they hire the worker or not. A similar program has
• 2014-15: $5.13 billion already been implemented in Georgia and is seeing
Rather than responsibly facing these great success.
challenges and living within our means, the
governor has in his latest budget proposal m ust be to end the irresponsible spending. T h e re a re
instead opted to increase spending by another no other responsible options.
$1.12 billion.
If yo u h a ve a n y q u e stio n s, co m m e n ts o r co n ce rn s
P e n n sylva n ia ’s u nsustainable fiscal status quo relating to state governm ent issues, please do not hesitate
can n o t co n tin u e fo re ver. W e cannot tax, spend or to contact m e. M y staff and I are here to w o rk fo r yo u .
borro w o u r w a y o u t o f this m ess.
S erving the 57th D istrict,
In o rd e r to s to p th e c ru e l m o rtg a g in g o f o u r
child re n ’s a n d g ra n d children’s econom ic future, the
n u m b e r o n e p rio rity fo r th e 2 0 1 0 -11 sta te b u d g e t

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State Representative Tim Krieger’s
2010 Sportsmen’s Event
Saturday, June 12
Noon to 5 p.m.
Police Rod and Gun Club
153 Bigem Road
New Alexandria, PA 15670 Admission is Free

Featured Gun Manufacturer - Beretta

For more information, please call (724) 834-6400.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated volunteer firefighters, police, EMTs and all other
local emergency responders for once again going above and beyond the call of duty to protect our loved ones,
homes, roads and communities during the recent severe winter weather.

2009 Property Tax/Rent Rebate Applications Now Available at

T h e d e a d lin e to file for the state’s 2009 Property Tax/Rent Rebate program is June 30. F u n d e d b y th e
P e n n sylva n ia L o tte ry, the program benefits eligible P ennsylvanians w ho are 65 years or olde r, w id o w s a n d
w id o w e rs 5 0 ye a rs or older, and those 18 ye ars or older w ith perm anent disabilities.
E lig ib le p a rticip a nts can receive a rebate of up to $650 based on their rent or property taxes p a id in 2 0 0 9 .
T h e in co m e lim it is $35,000 for homeowners and $15,000 for renters. A pplicants can exclu d e o n e -h a lf o f
the ir S o cia l S e cu rity incom e, so individuals w ho earn substantially m ore than $35,000 m ay still q u a lify fo r a
reb a te .
2009 Property Tax/Rent Rebate forms are available by contacting m y district offices or visitin g m y W e b
site a t

How My Office Can Help You

M y sta ff a n d I a re alw ays ready to serve the needs of D istrict 57 residents w ith a num ber of sta te -re la te d
m a tte rs, in clu d in g P ennD O T paperw ork, PA C E and PA C E N E T applications for senior citizen s, P ro p e rty
Ta x/R e n t R e b a te form s and m any others.
101 E halt S treet, S uite 105, The Train S tation, G reensburg, PA 15601
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