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FOIA Case Dispositions

Admin Closure (AC) Administratively closed by the FOIA Office

when the requester has not complied lvith the
law or established regulations or policies (the
request was not perfected). Includes failure to
verifr continued interest in a r€quest or
inability to gontact requester.
Records Not Reasonably Described Requester does not respond to a request for
(CLARIFY) clarification of what hdshe is seeking.
Duplicate Request (DUPE) Duplicate request; e.g., either a mailed copy of
an earlier faxed request, or multiple htemet
requests because requester hits the submit
button more than onc6
Fee Related Reason (FEE) Requester does not agree to pay, or chooses not
to pay, for a records searchj or a requester does
not pay incurred fees.
Full Denial Based on Exernptions (FD) Everything that the requester sought is denied
(could also pertain to a case for which parts are
NR, parts FD, and parts GLOMAR).
Neither Confirm nor Deny (GLOMAR) Response neither confirms nor denies the
existence of responsive records (for the entte
Granted in Full (GF) The requester is provided with ever'4hing
requested, and no information is
withheld/protected; or requester agrees to
accept document as previously released.
improper FOIA Request (IFR) The request does not meet the criteria to be a
FOIA request (asks questions, etc.).
Not an Agency Record (NAR) Case was closed becaus€ what was requested
was not an Agency record (no possession or
No Records (NR) No records were located for all portions of the
OR request. Includes requests for which no search
Negative (NEG) is done because the information requested is
not within NSA's Durview.
No Agency Equities (NEQ) No NSA equities were found in other-agency
documents (consultations).
Not Within Purview fNP) Th€ subject of the request does not fall within
NSA's mission (not used after I't quarter 2009
- see NR).
Partial Denial/P artial Grant (PD) Part of what the requester sought is denied.
REFERRED Misdirected request was referred to the proper
DOD ComDonent for action.
Withdrawn (WD) Requester advises in writing or by phone that
he/she is no longer interested in pursuing the
No Disposition Case was not completed at the time the log was

Dispositions listed for cases in FOIA Log reports prior to July 2008 do not always indicate that the cases
were completely processed. A disposition pertaining to only one part of a request may have been selected during
preliminary processing of the request. Likewise, a reviewer may have preselected a disposition while processrng
have been changed when the case was completed-
UNCI"ASSIFIEDTf OR€Fff elfi ttsi-Onfl #
rr4t{s) Covered byReport B€t*Eea 2008/01/01 to 2008/03/31

ReportRlDD.b: 200t/{X/15
cAsts #

54430 26Dfx.-2007 Jason Devitt atry and all records on the gtoup "Comcil on Am€ric€!-Islamic Relarions" (CAIR) or dry
Neithet Cotrfrm Nor D@y
r€ionaystate-associated goup linkod to or cantaiaing the CAIR nan€. This itrclud€s: (l) Coutrcil
on American Islamic Rdarions, (2) Cowcil on Amsican Islamic Relalions Action Ndwork, (3)
c,omcil otr Amfrioan lsksic Relatiotrs ofssnta Clara ata Coutrcil on An€rican Islamic Relations
ofcalifomi4 (4) Crulcil on Am€ricatr Islamic RdationS operatiDg out ofcarlsnd, Texas, (5) A[
CAIR groups including lhose that title thenselves "Coutcll on Am€rican-Islamic Matioos and th€a
app@ds a r€gioDal nane e.g. 'bf Smta Clda" or'bfPhooix", and (6) All goups that use lhe Dame
CAIR as their title, eg. (but Dot Iimited to) CAI& Mchigaq I!c. Additibnally, ple€se iDclude dy
@d all iDformatio! and rccorG on the follo*ing individuals (47) and orgadzations (7) thal are
5U3l U-D€,-200? Anificial Reasooitrs Ful Dqfal
Tml, or Smarq Any dd all r€cords ofagdcy ue ofa so{tware AS lTOSeCl|lOT'S MAtragemelll l
= - -(bll6)
Informatioo System" or
hordras- -
lvlaincore or Mairl

Fr6ch request for Dbotos atrd atlobiogaphi€s oftrot€d individuals.

54439 05-JaD-2008 MichaelRavDitzk Requ€s1 a copy ofrny docim@ls concqnitrg the hislory of the 'Crjptoanalltic Negative

vcndo! 12 Pagc I oI 17
DOCID: 3425377

1972197. This includes all l6t€rs, do6um@ts, and histo.i€s. Would also like arly released
iDfomalioD on the US Air force Base in Japan In a l,owr called Misawa. Mainly doclrm€It$ and
records of any Naval S€curity C,roup activity during tle pdrod 1972-197'l , Al! records and
documats oD lie Naval Communicatioo Maleflal lssui.og Odcq h San Diego, Catifornia b(fwe@

. 54442 04-Je-2008 Jobn Cre\r'dson I am s€a&iag, not th€ adual tapestemselves (U.S.S. Likyincidqrt) ofall
but rath€{, copies Negati!€
doolmrots which contain anv mqrtion ofthe two cuts in au€stion. A I 104/4-01 ed A I 130/B-01.
54443 0+Jatr-2008 David Eealy I would like AlQa€dah The Son ofHitls cod@amq FSB'S The Son ofthe Czars codqlame, the fr$ Admin Closue
thr€€ pag€s ofopsation The Son l[deStrikes Back, trl€d D€c 23, 2006 wi& lhe State Departmfnt
by the Is.a€li Defarse Forces and the lasl ffve pag€s of Operation The revslge ofthe Son ofHitle.
filed Feb 27, 2007 wifl the Depa4m€nt ofHomeland S€curiq, by the l$aeli Def€flse Porces and a
letta of these doclrs€nts de true aDd acculatq

- 0{-Jan-2008 Josepb Makin Dsclosure ofa rcn-redacled c-opy ofthe Station H Intqc€pt I-og, Decembd 6, 1941, Station H Negative
,l,il:'-".*,;; --- L,lonlyRjeo1 fgr D€c:qE| t941, R€cord.Group.38,las€ 98. rhe docurarr is_.ciled-q th.ebook
'Pedl+Isbor &odefi!€d: USN Radio Intelligerce in 194I" writter by Timottry WiLfor4 Univ€rsity
Pr€ssofAmaica ci;i{lsh! m0l, as fmttrote 145 ton Dase 73).

54459 2&-Dff.-2007 SalvatoreMonte Request acc€ssto and copi€s ofany documeats r€f€rriDg to th€ us€ or motioll oflhe krywords:
Admin Closule
LICA 12; Titaraie; Tit@ium (I\/); titmium (I9 tr€oalkoxyd(diismcto)phosphato; Organo-mdalic
coupling agats; treopaDt (dialbt) oxn ri
ldioctyl] phosphato rianalq titmium IV, 2,2[bis
2-propeolatomdhyl, butanoldo; lris [dioct/] phosphato-O titanate; Titanium IV,
(2-prop6olab-l)mdhyl, N-proparolatom€&yll but@olatu-r; ds(dioctd)pFophospharo tita&te;
KRl538; KR 3538; Tita um lV, [(2,propdolatol)meihrt, N-properclatomdhl] butnolato-1.
Cage Code 8J81; Cage code 19200 - 0291304E0-LICA 12; C€rt # 0030817; Karicb Ajinonoto;
I!89 GuIr hop€llant; U,S. Pat@t 6,197,135; U.S. Par6t 5,753,853: R A. P€sce-Rodrigus; B. D.
Strauss; Jose?b M Heimed; Brian Baudler; Bob Kowalski; Scott J. Dixon

versio! 12 p^ge2 dll
cAsf, #

54416 09Jan-2008 DaUdJ$sos -Id_fifu-ation or records on Alfi-€d Maln atrd Alfied Maol peso!trel. Anyrecor4 mat€rial, doorm€nt, Negalive
ha[d-written not€s, @ail, email back-up records, or facsimite trsDsmission-p€rtaidrg to Mr. Alt-ed
IvtaDtr or his compani€s Quallion, Admc€d Bionics, lhe AlSed F. Vano ForuldadoDr Bioness.
Non - Responsave - - - -
-_ - - -. -Mdjcq] R€seacll CJroup, or emplolr€s Alfied MaDn, Jmfph Scbulman, Robst Crecirbfft, Gerald
to€b or Yitziahzribsl[ln. Lhe_s€arch for recrrds should include, but not be limited to tho€e oftie
Director, form6 Director Michae{ mFa 6l w€[,as$pNSA Sp€cial Acces! Prografis C@tral
Offics The dale ratrse for

54485 0?-Jon-2008 Elliot Carlson R€qu€st acc€ss to tbe following documedts: l.14 Februtry 1946 memorandum for OP-204 fi'om
Captaitr L.F. Satro4 "R€spoAsibility for Decoding aDd Tra$latitrg JapaDese l0t6cepts," S6i€s VII,
Box 4, 19, CCH History 2.'AMilitdyStudyofdeRadiolntelligedceOrgani"alioB,"Jm€1937,
Ssies IV.W.X.l1, CCH; 3. RP28. Jack S. Holtwick, "A Guide to Foreigtr Crftogaphic Slstems:
' U.S. Short Tides, Cover Nam€s aDd Nicloas€s," 14 ime 1971. NSA Cryptologic Archi\€l Holding
Area; 4, 14 February 1938 m€norddum CNO to COM-14, "Hawaiian De6ypting UDit, E4uipmat
@d PgsoDDel for,'' Seri€s llLHlT CCH History.Colleclior; 5. Study oflntqcept Acliviti€s 23 Aug
1940, Revised 27 Septemb6 1940, S6i€s VII, Box 4, Vol. l, prel94a CCH History; 6. 'Notes on
Commurications Seclrity," prepar€d by J.R D@ais, Novenber 1942, S€ries ry,wJ.s.8, CCH; 7.
Ilt€lview I're$o[ H. Curri6, Captain USN (Rrt.), Nov€rnbs 1980, by Rob6t Farley and Hory
Schorreck, OH-39-80; t. Int€rvicr* Duatre L Whi oct, Caprain, USN (R€{"), I I F€bruary r9$, by
Robc.l Farl€y, OH-05-E3, NSA 9. "HisbryoftNA2o" (CORAL), VoL r. NSA Crlptologic
Archh"l Holding tuea; 10.


versiod 12 pese 3 of lz
34253!1 ul,tcl,AssIFIEMFOtff fieilr' tf; Fotfl f, -

C€nler for Crfrologic History (CCID, History Coll€sion; 2, "Hislory ofOP-20-3-cYP, 2. Sqi€s
ry.W.L5.12, CCH Hislory Crlleclion; 3. "History ofOP-20-G\?-1," S6i€s IV, W.L5.13, CCH
History Collection; 4. "Ilisrory ofOP-20-BY" Sen€s IV.W.I.5.!0-12:13, CCH lfistory Collection;
5. "Hstoryofsi9al SecurityAgmcy," S€ries Lhtr, CCH Hisrory Coll€.tio4 6. "I{istoryofsigDal
Security Ag€ocy," Vol. , CCH History Coll€ction; 7. Tatative ctronology/m€moruldum for the
Nar€l SFlens dudng thel€d 1941," foud in Rochefort patf$, Sqies fV.W.X-I,a, CCH History Nc\- Resprnsive
Coltection; 8. lntaview, ThoEas 11 Dye, Captai4 USN (R€t.) January-tv{arch 1982, by Rob€rt \

54512 l2-Jan-2008 .Thomas Cavama R€qu€st for do@ments about Soudl Asia coDceming the 1972-1979 p€riod or ifsoDe ofthem would R€qu€sts did not R@otrd to
soon d€ d€c.lassif€d (by ihe €ttd 0f2009). Could give an ovCvisw oithe sizg contal ed scope ra+esl for claifcaliotr
ofthe docrl!1f6ts awilable ab,out 'ou
54513 l3-Je-2008 Joh! Kom R€guesl a copy ofspartans i! Dehr€ss, Am€.ican SICINT aDd the Indochba War, 1945-1975, by Witldrav!
J. HaNok

54514 l4-Jan-2008 PffryPaschall Request my ed all infomation regarding the l46tl A\IN CO (RR) ald tleir time itr Vi€tnam. The Withdranrl
146t! A\4{ CO (RR) w!! und€r 224rh AVI{ BN (RR) and th€ 509th Radio Resemch Group. I was
attach€d to the 146fi A\4,{ CO ER) Aon] l 8-19?0. Please send me any informalion regardhg
that time ftahe ftr my old unit.

54516 07-Je-2008 K€rnd hrig@ Requ61 access to 3od copies offileq r€pons ald oth€r documots otr Thomas M€r!o[ (1915-1968r, a Neilhs Codi-rm Nor D@y
Catholig pri€s1 and autlor of many book who liv€d at the Abb6y of Geths€drmi near BardstowD,
K€otucky USA and who di€d whil€ attadhg a mnf6ace in Barykok Thailatrd on D€c€mbe 10,

vendotr 12 Page 4 of 17
uNct AsslFmDlFoRtrfreffbtsfolfrf
comput€rs ano
coEput€r sysi€ds; speciically the iss,ue ofwheth€r adl@ced computFs and syslaDs being devdoped .\
ol "s
b€come "s€ntient" or
could b€.tme
by NSA, or itr associatiotr wilh NSA, cDuld "selfawarc" aid become a nsk to \
huoan life and what to do aboul this issue.
54521 15-Jan-200E Alfied llahn Requ€sts copy ofspartaos i,l Da*oesr: Am6ican SIGINT aDd the Indochina War 1945-1975 by Granted Itr
rd€€s€d thloueb
Rob€rl llantokl r€c@dy rd€as€d lhroush the cdls
tle C@td for
tor Lr,?lologlc bxslory

5453r lGran-2008 Rlln$lthippte :l1l:Tli.1l19"_t-19-:-T^"-":l19Y1i".Tjl,:llTl1g*jll'.Tl:l:l*T:"*r Adriincrosure 1'

but rcpr€soted by sqgeant Fox,ofi bet$,ea Oclob€r 1974 and Oct. 1975 at Ft. M€ad€ MD bas€
football stadiM ard a communiw tre{r Lanalovq Mall.

54538 l0-Jan-2008 Matthew Aid Copies ofall 68 docirmfrlts regarding the January 1968 Vi€tnam€se T€t Ofd$ive, tlaf were Padal P€oial
declassified and rel€ased by the Ofice of Policy itr MDR Case 51398 in Octobs 2006.

54540 l0-J6n-2008 Donatd Swerny Copy ofthe followhg recody declassrfed: "spartans in Darlar€ss: Amdican SIGINT atrd the Glagf€d ln!{rll
Indochina war, 1945--1975" t I
Robd If4tok Cater for crr?tologic History NsA, 2002 / /

I was slatioDed al USASArS Bslin froln 1973 to 19?6. Itr 1975 I was part ofan ITN lhat was
publish€d md was wood€ring if it was available as I would like to hsve a copy as a ke€?sale It

54553 l4-Jm-2008 Jobn Cook All recods rdeased i! respotrse to FOIA Case No. 4?976, (Subaritted by Ckistoph6 WolD, t&e/ Pgnfal Daial
original ldter, e-nail, fax, or othq comlButricalron that g€a€rated the request ed 8y 0l\6/ /
atrd theNSA ee,1sat€d itr the course of

venion 12 Page 5 of 17
fh) (3r-P 1 36-35

:ORIGINATTON uNCLASSIFIEI'/not€Fff€Ltlrslilol{* .\
c"{sE #

54568 24-Jatr-2008 Arm Cotrway MILVETS Sysld$ Tecluology, I!c. (ML-VETS) requ€sts a copy of alt ponions ofthd I Ad(lh Clo*ue
sedions addr€ssins the siat€nrq}l of ancl

54572 ll{"1-2-@J - -Vfinialftullard Any/all records relattugto stuilies ofAilv€rse Envimnme al conalitions at NSA that might afiecr
,^-^..: -:,: .- Air
last lo-y€ars. That iDclud€s bui is not linit€d-to a.-':-.
^:- qrality
!, ) ( € ) -l'^..^- '^^". don! withiD the
aDployees health

snrdi€s. Records relating to ther€sults of€avirotrmedtal tdting atr.l what sp€cifc areas ofNSA w€re
tested, any r€@rds which show that Agacy €mployees have nodfod ofpot@tial workspace
esllronm€ntal ploblems. Also copi€s ofcoDtiacls signed by ey outside contracdors i
/olv€d io these
54573 l2-Jotr-2008 Monica Jon€s Doclrm@ls regarding cortract awed€d to SAIC the Information Assuralce Directorate Technical Withdmwn
(IADTS) lequir€d@L Specifcaln (1) Awarded Contracq (2) All related attachmals and
modifcations. wh€oev€r possible, pl€ase ref€r to FOIA ID 13984 i! atry response lttts, emait, fa4

54574 l2-Jan-2008 Paul Hodl€. Requ6t for the second 100 pag€s ofrhc USA Patriot Act of200l, I was seot lhe tust 100 pages Admin Closure
ifl am able I

54581 25-Jm-2008 Midael R.s\rlftzta Anyirports authored by G.A. Welk foud in tleNSA library or te.lDical report colleclions. Negaiive

UNCI,ASSnIED,/ft titrFfl€ft trttStOffi :Y-

!€rsion 12 pas€ 6 oI17
DATq -N4!&

546n2 20-J@-2008 Alo( Br)€n Any iforsralion regardrng tbe planning, exeqrtiotr, and r€sults of the NSA'S inrolvdrot in the
s€curitrg atrd d€ploym@t of Mcrosoft Corp.'s "Vista' Wiodows Op€rating S,s1€r:1. AJso, copies of (, , , u ,
ihe doc1llftal or stateiD€at in which arer€s€rllativeofdeNSA said Oat \ed" and'blue'teahs Ndi: Responstwe
wereused to seore Windows Vista. Any intra-agency coinmunic€tions, or inttr-agacy
colrmudc€tions o! commu c€tions with lvfcrosofr Corp. used in coDpiling theNSA rcport rt \ ..


30-J@-200E Ddra St&buck Confirmalroo iic@com hc- is on theNational Sqriry Threat List as thqy'v€ l,old us that th€y can't Admin Closlrte
oftheir supscorntr'lltq facility b€cause they ar€ on the NSTL. Would lhis
drsclose th€ location

54633 lGJe-2008 AlexeiaDimitro Request the foltowing doqm€nls: The storm agairsl the Bulgarian Psrliamat in January-Felruary Full D@ial
1997 dd the rdated ev€ots - the ovqtbrow ofthe Bulgsiatr Govqfiroat, the inposing dnancial

31-Je-2008 Lynn€Skeley Clearlyreleasable copy ofthebasic awarded mntracl, including the statenqtt ofwork, for cootrad Withdrawn
54637 0l-F+2008 Michad I-alz The most r€c@t rcport ouditrisg or ddailing fiftats !o the mtionsl security ofte United States Nggative
pos€d by apptcario$ i! anificial or mmputltioml intelligace

LtrcI"ASSmmDtFottrnentL{f tcolfl i-
vc$iotr 12 PaEeT oflT
| O34253L7
SAE -N4@
54661 12-Jao-2008 Alexaia DiEitro Documents (or docum€nts containing the following information) be provid€d to me biological
warfarc activiti€s i! Bulgaia bdwero 1945-1990. Int€rest€d in NSA documeds otrly trot: repritrb of
g@sally available Dews dticl€s or similar publications. Aside fiom NsA-produc€d docum€nts, I also .

54663 12-Jan-2008 Al€x€oia Dmitro Susp€cted nucl€$ weapons ar1d matqials storage in Bulgaria b€twear 1945-2000. I am interest€d in1i6l
NSA docltmfals only, not Dot rqdots of g@erally aldlabl€ ne*s a$icles or similar publicadons, No\
Aside tom NsA-produced doolmfats! I also wrsh 10 obtarn my hformation coll€cted or imerc€pted

54666 05-F+2008 Mark Scott Copy ofthe folowing; (1) Betrs, Donzd E., ;t at. D€adly Tra$missions: CoMSEC Moniloring and Negative \ .
A.nalysis, NSA Cr./ptologic History Series, 1970; (2) Inglam, Jaclq Histc'rical idpaci ofOPSEC oB

54677 06-F6-2008 Deflis Gi€se Doqrmeats on NSA TEMPEST pmgram afts 1996 ed the relat€d NSA activityin Europe aftq Paflial D€dal
1996. Also, r€quesr the following doqrm€ots: (1) NACSIM 5000; (2) NSTISSI No. 7002; (3)
NSTISSI No.700l: (4) NSA./CSS Policv 1-23.
54619 06-Fd!2008 RoyEnlhony Simp Bioe-leclric€t Radio Freque(yExptrimatation that hvolves lh€ iniplanation ofBioelectrical DevicrsNot Withid Purview
h the Hurl.all Body md ary Sar€llte/Computs link tiat md or to; CoDtrol, Operatq Monitor, Relay,
dc. alrv such Bioeleclrical

54683 01-Fcb-2008 Alicia Mccli4ocl t) Records ofcomrNsication bq}re€|l NSA and John Mccai! or his ofrc€s/sta4 ffom 1999-pres€at, Pafiial D@ial
dudng whid psiod he has b€€n a Unit€d States Seaator; 2) logs ofFOlA requests trled wi$ NSA
since I Janu&_v 2005
54684 28-Jad:2008 Steho D€glnm The sarelite vid€o feed for the iDt€tse(tiod ofPeonway atrd Pqshhg in Kansas Cit% MO, on 28 D€c Not WithiD Purviec/
06 at 2233 hours. c€aEal tiDe.
07-f€b-2008 Vi|lcal Lor€,lca Atrv md all docrlmsrtatim on UFOk- sirhtin'l. crmted In Full

itrsion 12 Page 8 o{ 17
34253L1 Ul€LASSIFIXI)'FOR€Ff l€L4Ir{tSt-OiE# _ _---
-'-:. _

54727 03_Fd2008 Radell Mllft Copy ofthe Patriot Ad, Alrti-Terrorist Ac! Fr€edom oftnformatioD Act and the Uni!€d States Negative
5474E l3-F6-2008 Alm Russo Request a copypf6e releasable portions ofthe Entire Contact (A11 sectiont for the fo[owingl

5474E l3-F€b-200E AlaB Russo Requ€st a copy of tfte releasable portioo! ofthe Entire Contra.t (All Sections) ftr the followirg: Panial Denial
lo NortbmD GruDmarl
54749 08-Fdt-2008 Rob€rt Ett€r Docum€ots dated afts January l, 1985, relati.og to: l. His Rolrl Higbn€ss Hsssaqal Bolkiah the
Nelth€r Confirm Nor D€oy
Sultan ofBrun€l 2 His Royal Highless PriDce Mobamed Bolkiah ofBNnei; 3. His Ro'€l
Highn€ss Prince Jeti Bolkiah ofBrubei; 4. (a) Tte iDdividuals list€d in pans I 6rough 3,
itrdividually or collectivel, ed (b) Islamic tErorist org@ization, including but not limited to
Al-Qaeda, or Paldstan; 5. (a) tle cou$ry ofBr$ei and (b) lslardc tarorist orgadzations, including
but lot limited to Al-Qa€da, or Pakistatr; 6. (a) the BnDei govemm€ot ad (b) Islamic t€rorist
orgenizalions, including bul. Dot liEited to Al-Qaed4 or Palistan; 7. (a) the Brunei royal family and
O) Islamic terrorist orgmizatiotrs, itrcluding but not limited rc AI-QaedA or Pakistan; and" E. AIIy
and all do€1lmqrts in the poss€ssion ofrhe NSA relatiDg to a United Stat€6 governmeot inv€stigation '
i o BruDeie ftldiDs oflslamicism that took Dlace betwee 1990 and 2000 (aDDroximatelvr.

54753 29_Ja!-2008 Alexfda Dimitro- All NSA doqlmats aboul tie opqation ffom D€c€mbq 6, 1990 to Novemb€r i9, 192 carri€d out hy
th€ Bulgarian Mnistry ofD€fose near lhc village ofTsarichioa, in the wesrdtr region ofKosrhbro& : - ,
Bulsaria tu dcawtioe lle so c€lled "Obiect No I'. 'Il ' : '
54164 I4-F+2008 Robert Su:rr:rers Oral HisroryofNavy CAPI Jos@h l. Roctefofl.l wish to obtajn a digital audio copyoftheaudo
ofCAPT Roctefort s

54'l'12 l2-F#200E Frsncie Kodlq Any dd all f€dqal gorsnmeat contracts or bials relati[g to satellites associated wilh Chapm@ Negalive \
Univ€rsity ilcluding tut not limit€d to lbe ideatiication ofey md all gov€ftrm€nt cotrtract numbss
md ev all lo Dreseni

venion 12 p^Aeg ofl7
PAtr .NAI@

-pq-&tj2008- - Dad+Cole- - -@u-es-tirg a-oatabesaotr CD of all electroDic r€cords NSA mahtaiEs which include the Feddal
Employs ldaltifioation Numbq, slso howD as the FEIN, EIN, TIN, or Tax ID, exclusive ofsocial
Security Nunb6s. In addition to the FEIN, requ61$e corcspontbng ertily's narnq adihess, md
phone numb6 and induslry code. CLARIFIED: The relu€stq waDt all mmpeny names that NSA
dotr€ busin€gs

5419E l9-Fdr2008 Je6€y Richelsoo Any 2005-2007 memo6 or stuahes fansmitt€d to or frolD DIRNSA or Deub, DIRNSA with respect to
the fi€ation ofa Dom€stic (or National) Applicatioos Offce witLh tbe Dqartmqrt of Homeland

54808 04-F6-2008 Eva Golings all docum€|rh referring to Hugo Ca|ajal, a V@€zuelan G@€'al and Director offte DGIM (DivisioD Neithq Confrm Nor Day

54810 09-Fd200E Mciael Ravnitzk (l) CgJloflnyiDfomlatiord brocthr€sabu-t ttrecrFttanaUtic institute; (2) Copy of$e lhe course Admin Closu.e
@uguvurof the
iatalogue us uyPwudru!
CrJptoanabtic urururE, Specifically, A sdxgls
lDstitute. rPwluldry, sanpl€ t:|4sE catalogue luu
co rs€ k@utsuE &om 4j
any vr uc
(bi16t - - - ;= ^
,1,3"':' early )€es ofthe institute and a sample coune catalogue from the latte yean would suffice; (3) Copy
^*-;, --- -€f.ltre{u-bl&ations issu€d by the Cry?to@alrlic Iastitutq (4) Copy olthc most rece annual r€pon
produ{ed by l!-Crtpt('aEab4i,ilorli$g (2 Copy of a$y s?eechcs delivged by the direclor of the

54E19 f4-F€b-2008 Stuafi W€bdter Coples ofthe oeation, manipulatiotr, or suppr€ssioD ofart edor artistic expression u od€r to Not witbin Purvie$i'
influeoce or promote popula sodlaot or opiriotrs. This illcllld€s lhe creotion of atlrely trew dt or
plopagatra be it foreign or domestic d€signed to promote or dis?arage a csuse. Most sigBidcet are
the time p€riods dir€dly afret 9/l 1 and/or the 505/60s. Also dy prototype or aborted actual podtqs
or othq forIls ofan. This itrcludes ed collaborationb€twe€a atry sort ofsrt/media aDd the

l€niotr l2 l0 of 17

54841 23-Feb-2008 D6vid Ta)4or Any hformatioD r€garding the following pmjects: Project Anicnoke, Proj€ct MKULTRA; hdiar
Lake Proi€c{ and

54845 24-16-2008 Bruce Smith 'Amsice SIGINT @d the lndochba War 1945-1975' t'y Robdt J. Hanyalq Carer for Cryptologic Wilhdla\l'Il
NSA 2002.
54850 L Coooet Fil€s on John Ritchie/Bev€rley AKA "Sid Vicious" and or the S€x Pistols band N€iths Confrm Nor
54851 25-F€b-2008 Jos€ph Maksin Disclo$re ofnoa-redacted copi€s ofthe following docllmeots: ShedNumb€rs 94069,94630and Negalive
94646 aom the non-redacted Japanese Naly Mov€o€trt R€port, Station H NoverDbs l94l - "Station
H Monthlv ReDon for l94l"Daqelll.
54E54 25-F+2008 Msrcia Hotuantr Copies ofall r@ons submilted by the National S€.urity Agetcy to the Intdlig@ce ovssight Board
(IOB) pusuatrt to S€ction 2.4 ofExecutive Ord6 12853. We seek such r€pons submitted to the IOB
since Ja.nuarv l. 2001.

firm lnovtr as Maxwell & Iocated in M€sa. Arizona, Not Wilhrtr

5,1855 20-Feb-2008 Cilbqt Rolrd Satfllite Surveillanc€ records ofa p€rson or per:sotrs being moEitor€d by satellit€s duing Jan 1989 - Admi! Closure
ilr the staks ofNew York atrd New J6sev.

54858 09-Oct-2007 Jackie Smirh IDftl'maliotr related to each Delivqy ad Task Ordd issu€d mdff theNSETS I prime cortacts, as Negalve
follows: Title ofPrografir'SolcitatioD./Contracl Titl€ Deliv€rynask Ord6 Numb€r Prime Contact
Amounl Endins (or cur€at) Confiact Value.
54859 13-rd2008 Jefl Starlewicz Documeors id€drified to the lldyled Procuremat OEce, awarded for
4H9E230-0+C-0698. l) Award Fee Ddsmination L€nss. ifatry: 2)
award fee eamed for p€rftrEalrce undq this conuact.

vemion 12 P.g€ 11 of 1? 1'){3)-P r, 36-36
DOCID: 3425317 uNcI*AS SIFIEDTFOft OFfiettbtt{EoNli-
lArg .N4@
54860 25-F#2008 Rose Sdrtos Documsrts ideatif€d ro the MartaDd Procueor@t Offcq awarded for NSA H98230-04-C-06t4.
Contract, induding SOW @d releasable pricing; changdddivey ord€r; source sol€clion d€cision
doc.ua6t; award fee dderllinahon lett6s; monthly/quandly/aolual srstus reports; 6odi6cations,
task and delivery orders; quality as$rance recorals; winning proposal (rel€asable portioos); original
RFP sectioDs L & i\4 ag€acy sourc€ selecdoD merno, and Co'sjustiicatioB & apprord det€rEinatron

54861 20-F#2008 Joshua Smith Aly docum€ots rdated to iDcideltveveots occrrring or plsnn€d aroutrd ihe week prior (or up to 6 Not W1thitr Purview

;T,t#"?*;"e,'ffi Y"lill'.$$tr*#ff
electric cabling work olr aDy sc€le) under direct oversight ofth€ Port Authority ofNew York & New

54868 18-F€b-2008 MichadFratrds.'

mdy in
iDsianc€s, how v/€fe physical,
€€ch ofth€ followiug crtegories: severe coglitive, or
dotional disabilily (OPMS currerit classifications); or s€v6e ph'sical, m@tal reardation, or

54869 I5-F€S200E Andre Bames Would like to receive the "Uniting ard St€ngth@ing Amdca by Providing Appropriate Tools
R€quircd to btacqt alrd Ob6fuct Tfrrorisn (USA Patriot Act) Act of2001." A]so, the srtdequqlt
Acls #2 and #3.

54892 01-Mar-2008 Joseph Maksitr Copy ofthe 6llowing mai€dal InquiF/(Pan 36 ofthe Pearl Harbor Proc€€dings, began Negative
oD 14 May 1945 ard adjoum€d on l1 July 1945), on page 126, mak€s r€f6@c, to a US Nary
commurications summary. to paraphrasq CONSUM14 of30 Nov4l - "The onlytactical cirqrit
h€{d today rflas one wilh Akagi md sevaal meus.'l I am seeb.og a no{-r€dacled copy ofthe source
54894 21&-2007 Saul Gass Dr. Jacobs left his unclassifed resedch writiDgs ed related pap€$ to theNSA litrary. I am
iDterest€d in his rese3rch l}riti.ogs wh@ he work€d for th€ Dept. ofthe Air Force, circa l95l-1957: It
is only those unclassided wo s lhat I am iDts€sted in r€ading for the book I am jointly *ritng on
pioneos iD operatioos r€searc,h. ,/

/ ./
1b) 16)

vorion 12 Pagelz oI l7
DOCID: 34253L7 \

54897 03-Mar-2008 RichodThompso 1) CopyofMPO'sFhal ADMS (Aulomated Documfst Maoage[r(at Slsten) Request fo! Proposal
issue in 2004. 2)Copy ofthe winniDg bid Oy M6ito, Inc.) including flat prico ald labor lates by
labor calesorv in resnons€ to l[e abo!€ RFP.
54898 03.Mar-2008 Sandra L€dford Copyofall emplq€€s working in Tan€ssee and Ohio, along with their work address€s md email Fu[ Deoial
ifDossible To b€ used in
54q? 04-Mar-2008 Joseph Makin Complde and non-r€dact€d fono, a copy ofthe fouowiilg materials: Pages 14, 15, 17, 18, atr(l20
,l,li:'"J.""";.;"--- fom sRH-149, as !,rqared 2I-27 M'trch 1952, iltd titled 'A BriefEstoryofcommuDicadons
_ -----..Jtt$lligatceintheudledStates"andasatshownURL"nr./w.fas.oi9irp/nsa/satrod.ldfandposted
- lnrcllid{.a in i},a I I-nAr <r.ra .c or .h^-- I rPl ru^,^- f'.
"n,r ^../i-
O€rCin2005.-Tselitla.q-age Ior tbis docut€at has "Doclassif€d and approv€d for release by NSA on
10-27-2005 Dursusml to

54904 O1-Mtr-200E Rich€d Thortrpso (l) The toral oumbq ofproposals snbEit!€d in r€spodse to "S I I SETA' RFP H9EXG08-R-0I49. Granted In FulI
This NSETS II RFP was releasod oD 1 l/9/07 with a final RFP Ameadmmr on RFP | 2/ I 0/07. Ir- \Las.-
awarded to OecI, Irc. on Zl3l08; (2) The Proposal Pric€ (hcluding base abd all optioo t€an) of _
t -
olnen Inc.'s bid in to the above r€qu€sred RFP H9823G08-R-0149.

54907 05-Mar-2008 Stet,a Aiergood R€quest a c{py ofall riclassiE€d poriions oflhe NSA Cotrg€ssional Budg€t Justification Book Full D€aial
for Fiscal Year 2009.
54909 05-Mar-2008 Jam€s Scott Copies 04 ( l) The th€n-Dquly Dfuector I,ou Todella s 1967 cof,|als regediug the Israeli Defose
force Inv€stigation i!!o ltr€ Jlme 8, 196?, attack on lhe U.S.S. Liberty which caDsisted ofa
haltd-writt€o Dote app€oded lo the Isra€li Rqorl For a d€tailed citatiotr oftie docuB€nt I seelq
please s€e page 70 ofthe NSA history statr repon eatid€d "Attack on a SIGINT Colleclor, the U.S.S.
Libsty." This report is available oo the NSA Web site. The fitl citatioD ftom tbat documeot reods as
follows: Deputy Dir€ctor P@ned, lotrg-hald commglt 26 August 1962 aEached to a copy oflsraeli
Deffase Force Preliminary fDquiry File U67, 21 Jdy 196?; (2) Copi€s offtc th€l1 Dir€ctor Marshall
Cdter's daily cal@dar/appomtmmt book for the dales ofJun€ 8-30, 1967; (3) ItrformatioD relatiqg to
Dir€cror Carl6's app€aralc, beforc Rep. Rob€n Sikes Congr€ssional investigation com-Eitt€e
regEding ttreU.S.$ Lib€rty, Mr. Cart6 states on Page 115 ofhis NSA oral history available on the
NSA W€b Sitg ttrat he app€ared be.fore Sik€s'conmittee soon after the atlack on the Libaty.

UIIICLAS$Fmftft X:€ffl €+rtlr{l6}el{*

version l2 Pag€ 13 of l?
DOCID: 34253L1 UrcLAs$rrEnire*€Ffl€r*t{sl€ir4;ll"; r". ",-

0+Mar-2008 SharotrJon€s ofMOUofNSA/CSS &

course tausht al the Natiotral Crrotolooc School

54959 -- +lA{ar-200S Sbruti Kumar B€cause the Protect Am€ri.a-.fd of200? has $mset, requ€st records ofinte.llig€oce activity that Neithd qonfirm Nor Deoy
ocorred durisg ks duratiotr. Sp€cificdlx I would like dala on lh€ numb6 ofMuslim Amgicans rhat
w€le$rgqa as a r€suh ofrbis AcL I would like to how eNectly what p€tcelltage ofthe owrall U.S.
as a rcsult oftlds Act w€re Muslim

54951 l2-Mtr-2008 --.. -CtrristoDh€r Calal Records related to; (l) A[ efforts by fte NSA to acquirc, share, proc€ss, or amlyz€ tsaNactiotral Neithrr Cnnfiim Nor Deoy
iDformatioD for suspicious patt€ms or ih response to particulax intelligo(a infonaation; (2) The
sharing ofiDformation dqived fion administrative subpooas il1cluding National S€curity Letl€rs
snd Treasury Departm€st suho@as (such as tbo6e issu€d pursuaDt lo 50 U.S.C. 1702) with the NSA;
(3) The lse of the FBI'S Dgital Coll€ctioo Slstfm to acquire or sh@e fansactional infornation; (4)
- -- -A!y {brts ty private compeies includ€ telecodmudcatiotrs prcvidtrs to assist in acquiring,
shdngJ,re€ssitrg, or eallzing trmsacfionsl ilformation; (5) AIty legal authority, Edoranda or
Fesidfohal ord€r a legal Famewo* for any efon to acquire share or
proc€ss, or dlallze lr@sactional lo share the r€sulls ofsuat processing @d
malysis; ad; (6) A!y records d€s$ibitrg lhe cost ed associat€d wrth aDy
€.ffort to shae or or aDahze EansactioDal

IINCI"ASSIFIED#f On€f H€ittrtfr BOI{#-

venion 12 Page 14 d 17
DOCID: 34253L7
54968 fl-I4ar-2008 Scott ZiDmermaD Anyrealrds with theldm "unsolicit€d contacts" or r€cords retabed within an usolicited contacts
or documats marked 341-04 ftr lhe Dasr 30

54971 06-I\,Iar-2008 New Atikatr lldqdd@ce Movem6t, ala: Rqublic of Full Dgliai
Black Guerrilla Farily, aka: BCF; (4) Almighty Vice
aka: Vic€ Lrds Nation - Chicalo. Illitrois aDd

06-Mar-2008 JacobDormatr Copyofdoqrmats co

aining hformatioD relating to the individual Sol Bloon (b. March Requesier drd dot respond to
9, 1870, d- March 7, 1949) Congressnan fiom Manhattan, 1923-1949, Chairman ofthe House fee ldt€r
Foreign Affairs Conmiitteq 1938-l %9. He played a critical role in steging this country lbrough the
World War I1 Crisis and also

549W 14-Mar-200E Acc€ss !o md coDi€s ofThe

55014 .17-Mar-2008 James Scott . Appmpriatiotrs Staf "A R€pon 10 fie

ofRepr€s€atativ€s on the Etr€cliva€ss ofthe Worldwid€

,.- '-': - =::=

* - Slslans and N€twork ofthe D€panm@t ofDdease", Vols. I & II; (2) This report
is cit€d on page 67 oftle 1981 history staffr€port 'Attack on a SICINT Colecror, rle U.S.S. Lib€rt/
thd was pr€pared by Wilias D Celard and H6ry W. Mllington. The report is available for
download Fom the NSA W€b sii€. Th€ NSA r€pofi also states tbat all docu.B€rts "appeaiing in this
bibliography de available h the O6c€ ofcryptoldgic Archiv€s and History, T5,1." Thereforg I am
thal the House Corunittee r€Don that I seek rs on 6le
55015 17-Mar-2008 Jallifa D€utgcle O€dly relessable portrotrs ofthe doqrmeats regardiDg all mntracts awarded utrdE the NSETS II
ADVANCED CONCEPTS INq arld COSMO INC. Sp€cific€lly, I am requ€stilg copies ofthe
folowing hformatiotr/docurlats:
(f) Awalded Co racq (2) AII relat€d attaclmots ard €xhibits; (3) A[ task/ddivqy/puchase orders;
(4) List ofproposal subnittas" W!@ev€r possible, pl€ase ref6 to FOIA lD 14502 in any response
lds, email, fax, or invoice in electroDic format ifpossible.
vc$ion 12 Pige 15 of 17

55040 20-Mar-2i0-8
- -Aldrcll'dnos - 'liidrmition orrenards on Mrrtlanj Procuremeat Offc€ contsacf # H98230-0+c-1403 | Mdadata
{ !) { 6 )
Stedardizaliotr hiliarive (MSI). The inomb€ar coDtractor is WOOD Consultiry Services, Inc. Th€
'Non _ Respo.sive awad was made in August 2004.I'n specifcallyintqested in obtaining thecoDlract award
aloqrmeot, subsequsrt modifications, COR appojntrnst 16rtrs, conEact actioD r€cords, revisiotrs ro
th€ SOW. ad the otreorh Iitratrcial and technical DroDosals-
55049 20-Mar_2008 Christophs Calal ACLU see*s lo uDdrrstad the c€ntral mte lhat the NSA plals as a bub for the coll€ction, atralFis Duplicate Request
al1d distsibulion of htelligoc€ rDformatioD aBd the role that other ag€ncies -including the FBI, DHS
and Treasur,/ D€pafin€nt - play in supplymg aDd acting on this intelliggtce, We seek all r€.ords
related to this rot€, Ia addition, we speciffcilly reque$ records r€lated to: (l) All etrons by the NSA
to acquirq sharq processt or anallze tansactional infomation for suspicious pattmrs or in resl,otrse
b paniq{d intelligenc€ informarion; (2) The sharhg ofinformaliotr derived fiom administrative
suboqMs including National Securiry Ldtss and Treairy D@artm€rt subpoaas (such as ihose
issued pusurnt to 50 U.S.C. 1?02) wftb &eNSA; (3) The use ofFBI's Digiral Coloction S]stem to
acquire br share tradsaclional information; (4) Aay etrolts by pr[?te compad€s include
lelecosmunicstions providcs to assist ilr acquiring, sharing, proc€ssing, or anallzing transactional
roformatio!; (5) Any legal authority, memoranda or plesid€ntial order authorizing or provrdiDg a
legal Aamswoit for ary etro{t fo acquire, sh6e or procfss, or anal}ze transactional information or
any effon to shfre ll€ result of such proc€ssing or analysis; sDd (6) ADy r€cords describiDg the cost
aDd and budgdrry requir@€nb associated with ey etrort ro acquirq shore or Foc€ss, or atra])ze

23-Mtr-2008 Brik Altemose Documeats concqnidg the doDitoring ofpublic media by ey gov€rDm€llt agency. By medi4 I an R€questq did not Rfpond to
refsrillg to the intemet, esail, librari€s,
D€wspap€f,s, magaziDg forums, bulldin tJoard s)st€ms, veb requesl for clarificaloD

55057 22-Mar-2008 Christoph€r Foltz Lookhg fotr sslsy informstion for all NSA L€adsship aDd also the budg€r trumbcrs for Paiial Deoial
theNSA has. Iam

55065 13-Mar-2008 D€rmot Butler Any UFGrdared mddd ltratlqllq!-,IlEiodic€lly sentbrcktoTlie-U.S,-d-tie anqlcan aefose Crant€dIn Fr 1

aflactrc, or dyotftrdlTlomatic sla-ffmemb€r, Oal has beca working in rbe Rq'ublic of betard.
Also, my simile marena ttut l* t"-,-, t1iti"",in*lio ;";;;;;;;;;ti"
ro., , (espnnslve Aom ihe Unit€d Kitrgdom, oDc€ such material rdates rc Nordrfrn lrelaDd,.

version 12 Pag€ 16 of 17
DATf, .A4@
associates, and tfrrorist ofganizarions. Ofvilal importance is photographs ofhdividuals, their
nam€s, alia$s; dale ofbirth, plac€ ofbiflh, orgeization tt€t' b€lotrg ro, lnown assoclat€s, loow! aIId
t€rrorist activities. and 10,

55079 2GMat2}OS R fael Viturm All to: Any ard all coEespold@c€ bdwe@ Hiuary Clinroo - dthe h
agency records relating b**1: )
R".""". r".
c€pacity as First or Sfnab! Aom New York ed copi€s of aI FOIA requ€sts for the albve
infomarion fi-o{r 1992 Io lhe pres€dt with the NSA; aod copies ofal IOIA r€quests for Setrator
wilh th€ NSA from 2005 to the Dr€s6t.
55081 26Mar-2008 Mark Fearing S€eking information about Proiect Xsinbow. Neeative \

29-Mar-2008 John Stripling informatiol about rhe Anabsis Trairirlg Prograe. Specifcaly seeking any conrmudcations with the
UnivqsityofFlorida r€gardi[g this program. Pl€ase include e.mail, writto corr€spotrdmce atrd aDy
55115 :3GMar-2008 Joseph Maksid Copyofthe folowing matdiats: SRH-051, titled " wit! IUr. Ratph T. Briggs'aod
coDducled o! J€nuary 13, 197. I s€ek tie.elease, in ftll and non-rodacted form, ofthe folowing
ll. 12. I

nNcLASSmIEDIFIoROFf a€:Ettff f Offf ,f

vcrsiotr 12 par'al1 oftT
DOCID: 3425343 LNCLASSIFIEDfrOa#fle[4trUSlO tf

07-AF-2008 Gamma Pcgasi is a $ar in the constdlation Pegasus. Please seod all r€cords rhat Admin Closure
iDclude "Gamma Pegasi' in th€ tide or suntrrary. AIso irclude records that use the
alt€rDare Dam€s ofthis srd: Gamma P€gasus, Alg@eb, Algerib. E8 Peg, HR 39.
885, IK 7, ard SAO 91781. If any ofthe r€cords ar€ amilable in electronic
oftie re(olds oo CD-ROM wilh the renaindq In

P^*2 of 24
DOCID:34253A3 uNcLASSnTED#FeftOFffeftHt3i-Otff#Hs.i-.**" *.

5529t 08-Apr-2008 James Scott Copy ofNSA Siaf Infornal papq, "airborne Collection in lhe Middle East", No R€cords
udated - ca 1967. It is rcfs€oc€d oD page 70 ofthe NSA history r@on 'Attack
oD a SIGINT Colleclor, the U.S,S. Liber1y". The above citatron refdenc€d above is
qacdy how il epears in the bibliography ofthe above mefltio&d r€porl
' Fuihsmorq the reon m€otions that all documatts in the bibliograpby are oD fle
in lhe Ofrce ofcryptologic Archives and Hislory, T54.

utrcLAli$rnui*engg€l*t $sE€t{*-
Page 3 of 24
DOCI D: 3425383 UNCLASSIFIf, D/ff OR€FHEft tfsi.Oifr #.

NSA ofrcials ddivaed vqbslly or submitted in $Titing to any CoDgr€ssioDal

Commiltee or Subcommiltee with ovasight ov6 national security activities
(hseinafter 'hationsl sectriry mnmitl€e"), including but not limited to the Houie
P€rmanftrt conmittee on Intelligoce (:WSCI"), tle S@ate Select Committ€e oD
Inlelligsrc€ (:SSCJ'), amd dre former Ovssigh Sukommiftee !'f1h€ Sglale and
House Arm€d Servic€s and Appropriations Committe€s; 2) TraDsdipts ofh€arings
and mcetiDgs ofany national seq]rity ovqsighl commifiees, including but trot
limit€d 10 dre HPSCI or SSCI; 3) ConespoDed@ce and e-mails bqwean NSA
ad a) ony oational s€qrity ov€rsight comEittee or b) any Menb€r ofcongresE
S€8ator, m Cobg€ssional staf6 acting h atr oftcial ?s repr€sdtadve ofdy
national s€drity ov€$ight committee. For pupo€es ofd s subpeagraph ,ou nay
limil )our searclr€s to Oe Ofrc€s ofthe Director, D€puty Dir€doi, Congr€ssional
Affairs, G6€ral Cormsd, Inspeclor Go€ral, ad their Fed€cessort 4) Int€rnal
NSA policies drd regulations regardi[g inte.action with Dational sequity oversight
committ€€s; and. 5) Any oth€r inlsnal NSA rccdrds r€gardirg DatioDal secunty

1r,) (5)
Non Responsire

Pege 4 of 24
U\CLASStrIEMrOfi€fft€t*i: rft,'ts - ..,.-
# :qs!4li9N
34253g3 "
c^$ Rf,OTJESTER REOUf,ST SUBtf,CT prsposrrroN
DAIE f4!4

03-Apr-2008 cina Ros€n Provide the following r€clrdsi 1) a lisl offid€ral contacls with any and all firms No R€cords
afilialed with The CarMe Group hy ye3r fi-om 2004 through the pres@! include
contract value dd total dollars obligat€d for €ach mntrad and y€ar that is
applicable Firns afrliated vith the Carlyl€ Group should includg but are n6t
limited to 6rms list€d in attached Appeadix A (386 inns). 2) copi€s ofall federal
mntracts enter€d inlo with firms afiliated wilh the Ctrlyle Group; inctude contracts
eotered iDto or r@ewed hwea 2004 through the Fes€nt; 3) for each conract,
include &e list ofall biddcrs; ifno list is available, sp€ci& \lr'hdhs the coDtracl was
slrbjecl to a comp€titivebid. For anyoflbefnos listed previously, requ€sr: 1) any
auditle, meinomndum or othE communicatioN pertaining to contact solicitatiotr,
psformec€ appraisals, imFop€r charg€s or ova-billing, procuremglt Aaud, and
aDy additioDal contract dilputes; include records ddailing ines, peoalties or
s€ttl€rne$ts associat€d llrlh contract violatioDs; 2) doormans paiaining to fie
suspan$on or ddarm€nt ofcarlyte-afrliated firmr; 3) mirrutes ofp.ocuremeat
me€tings whdein the awad ofa f€ddal conaact to a frm onned by tbe Carlyle
Croup was discussed; include ihose miDules produc€d sirce 2004. 4) doqrmotq
correspondmce or inquiries related to coDtract complaintyviolations; 5) should any
ofthese contracts involve the provisiotr oftrainbg, secrrity or other related sovices
in lraq or AfgheistaD, include docum@ts and correspotrdqce€d to jlquiri€s,
investigatiorvincidot r@rts rdevaDt 10 the mntract or to the conduct of
petsoBtrd hted !o carry out th€se s€rvices.


P^ge5 oIA

21-M8-200E lohD Fano - Copies of ay doqrmefltation reladng to the training of mm, sotdiers or hsEuctors Admrn Closure
' for th€ b€oefit or participaiion in th€ group commonly how at the Contras bgrve€d
lbF6.| - -.- th€ years 1978 to 1990. Atrydocum€otation concerniDg lhe funding oflhe Contras,
Non- ResFio.sjt-e - -.._ _ ortrarNlortation ofw€apons to the conBas witin the cdtinaltal u.s. b€tvreetr
-- - -..J9z8 to 1990. Anydocummtation relatingtotbeinv€stigation or surveillanceof
poliricailoups opposgtro fte supply ofweal|oDs to tb€ Coorras. Any docuElorr
rdatjng lo ary plamed. possr=bfe or eodi-Dglnl mvasiotr ofNicaragua during rhe
!€als 19?8 to 1990.

uNct"{sslFlf, l)'Foitrneft t.UsFe r#

P^ee 6 of U
!48 NAME

02-Apr-2008 TimmMurray Request the followirg NSA documelts: Adniral Gorsl*ov and Sovid DoctrinqAdrnin Cbsni'e
Before BOLTRBON: Am€ric@ and Bnrish COVINT Effons againsl furssia and the
Soviet tlnioa before 1945; "Ciphq" Dispatc!€s and the Electio! of 1876;
CommuDicalions and lh€ Ionosphere; Conn€c1the Dols: The _ to
Aid /
Studying Associadons; The Cuban Mssile Cdsis: A SIGINT Pqsp€clivq The Fall.
oftheShah:A Chaouc Approadi theFir$ U.S. Gov€mm@r Manual on :,:l 6'-----
Nqn - Fespons
Crlptogaphy; The High-Altitude El€c.tromaga€tic hrlse GElr@I;'a steeping
Electronics InEudes"; the }Itl€r Gambit V€rsus the Great Alywry; The B€rlio
TuDad, Part l; 'tle Bslin Tutrtrel, Pafi II; Hungry, 1956; Crisis NSA Did Not
Predid; The Windov.mak4 SIGINT atrd Subnarire K-l9j Sav€ th€ Bismek.
Tftese documeols arc cit€d ia: Cryptograpbic qufierly Indo(; al1d Cryptographic
Alnanac Indo(

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A9SID DrsPtisrrroN
cAsf, #

5543E l6Apr-20d! Cory Smit! . Copy ofa log ofall Freedom oflnforrnarioD Acr (FOIA) requests made to rte
No Records
Narional S€oriry Ag@cy Aom August 5, 2007 to April t, 2008, Sp€cifc€Iy
wirtr of$6t€cts utrd6 Oe Protect A|nefic6 Act,
55439 lcApr-2008 Ste!@ Thels R€cords tom January, Fdruary, aDd March of l99l pqtaining ro rhe 68th Admh Closure
and itre 8900

5s443 10.Apr-2008 Marvin & Kady (?ptein cl'-Amfor coDFacts or No R€.ords

' lryyj:..*,"_11y_.I:".^ry_TLIT:TrgT
ageem@ts )ollr. d?anm€nt has atered lnto wrth: Gary Drawbaugb, Sterlhg .,./
& MFG Co. Itrc. and/or Vdicles. lnc-

ItMLASStrnDlf,,OftOFfI€lAL{JSG€rff# -t":ut
Non - Responstve
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DOCID : 342538
D4TE -!A!4

55451 l0-Apr-200E AnrhoDy orroralo Records itr any form concqniog the decisioD ry lle Pr6ide ofthe U
ted Stat€s Not within Pofli€w
on or about l4arch 20; 2003 to confscale md vest block€d haqi assds in lhe U.S.
including reosons for such confiscation and vdting; and r€cords r€ferring to atry
' commurication fiom my lraqi offcial, ircludiDg Prime Minisl6 al-trlalih, to .
Presidqf Bush or any administratioa ofrcial requesting thar the Presidat vdo ILR
. 1585, tbe National Def€ase Authorizatrof Acl for Fiscal Year 2008, or conc6dng
fiom U.S. c€oit-al markds.
55452 I l-Apr-2008 Nov.aPro Risk SolutioDs in a workers'compqsation claim: Admin Closu€
Risk Solutioni. R€ou€sts informadotr

55478 14-Apr-2008 MchaelRalritzky Copy ofe€ch ssri-anllual addlor annual r?ort Foduced by tleNSA's Insp€cror
oftheNSA IC Dosirion.

55491 21-Apr-2008 Mark Scott The following docrmotsj l) Arny Security Ageacy, USASA SI€iNT Op€ratioDs
iVi€luam: A Historic€l Study 30 June 1964. Nr 4-24 #35248,FoLdq 2) tl.
United Stat€s Army s€curity Ag€ncy southeast Asia Cryptologic History t964 ,l::':'*.o*.r*
ihroueh 1967, (Dran) 383, CCH Ssies I2.7. 3) Uqublished nanuscripl.'"lbe
croutrd Storja USASA Buildup and Suppo( to T;rcticalunits 1965-1966. CCH
S€ri€sVI. 4) Hanlok, Rob€rt. "Plight ofthe G@(fals: Theuseof COMINTto
Targd En€my Comnandffs Durilg th€ Vi€hano War.' NSA CommuBicator, Vol
9. Nr. 11, May 2001, Ws 2-5. ed 5) Stepp, Loo C. and O'Connor, Edward A.
"1972-18?3: A Vi€rnan Odt6sey." Cryprolog. Oc1 l9?8.

tDCtISSIFmD#nOn€FFI€tAitttSf€tS# l0 of24
P^$c'rD ;*?*?,[i I to*",u* Rf,OTJESI SJBIECT DISPOSIfiON

2I-Apr-2008 MchaelSabino Records conc€aning TCP/IP and telephone sivitciboard redundang during traolral Records Not Reasonably
disastss, past or pr€se$ pow€r lhe mnduction and TEMPEST; skewed paollel D€scribed

s5499 2l-Apr-2008 JefteyBurke Copy ofNSA Advisory I-{A-06G2004 regarding fte effectiveness of single-pass Partial D€rial
DOD data wiDille oD dectroDic sloraee media.

5550s 2l'Apr-2008 Tobiascole R€cords

(bxfi--_- Linited. Any and all r€cords h )our possession ,

Ncr-Responslve---.-_ \but not limited to the Following: All contracts; Roqu€sb for p(oposals; lnvoic€s;
Bills; Reports; App€als; Not€s; E-mails; Ledgas;

15-Apr-2008 Siiatr Marg All NSA mat€tials relating to d1€ follov,ing $bjects: A Clos€r Lok (ACL) iadio No Records
show OIFJ ,T/w.4acloserlook.con) host€d by Mchael Corbin; PanNet-MICAP
BBS (bulldin boari slstern), run by Dtector Mchael Corbiq Detrvq ed Wheat
Ridgg Colorado; ParaNd Cottinuum radio show (http'/ r$s,.paran€,
hosted by Micha€l Corbin; Ary and a[ n€ntion ofMchael (Fralklin) corbin
all it€ils relate to

55526 24-Apr 2008 John Young Redadod Ponioos ofNs.+Cryptologic SpecEum adicle 'TEMPEST: A Signal Admh Closure
' Sunms 1972 - Vol 2. No. 3


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DOCID: 3425383

28-Apr-2008 Ljnne Skelley Top 35 contmctoN ald their FY07 total contrad valu€s or sp€nding amoults sorted No R€cods\
by ascqlding $ amouDts; Top 35 Iofomdion T@h{ology mntractors and their
€Iu€s or sDsrding amounls sorlod bv asc@dins S amounts.

55656 1l-Apr-2008 Ala\eniaDimitrova involv€m€nt ofsovig institutions atrd citiz@s (for instanc€ - Mcha€l Gorbacbov, Ad$in Closure
Edward Shevamadze, Alexander Yakovlsv oalovlev), Vikor Shalapo% Val€ntin

55687 30-Apr'2008 Stewart Powell ofall materials r€fsrhg to Roland Vinffnt Camaby of Admin Closue

UNCr"\SSmIED'FOR€Fff erfi rusfolltf, -

Page 12 otU
DOCID: 342538 -JRf,OUESIf,R

02-May-2008 RichardThompson r€quesled: l) The numbq ofpropasals submitted b response to "S3 I 15

Recorals Partial D€oial
Computg Edgin€€ring S6vicas" RFP H9820-08-R-0509. It lvas award€d to
\b) (:)-P.L. €6-36 COMSO, IDc. on 5/1/08. 2) The awarded contract, includilg award€d price, Oase
(b\t 6 )
and all option yeis) as a r€sul! of Cosmo Inc.'s win-dtrg brd rn response to the
above r€ou€st€d RFP.

l6-Apr-200E Request to slop Eagle Alliance iom ddeting a recorded convqsatioo b€tw€€n No Records
nls€.lf md an Eagle agot damed Kiatra then I would have a transdipt ofthe \bn9)
coDvosalon This recording is evidace that will cl€tr my name of a secuity

2E-Apr-2008 Kate K€anc R€cods relating to Covqnor I!'Ldk Wam€r, form€r Gov€ftror ofthe Slate of No R€cords
Vireinia (12 Jatr 2002-f4 Jan 2006); also sfrved as oanaging diri:ctor ofcolumbia
and oo-foundq of Nodel Communications

55738 05-May-2008 Keith Mill6 NSA"/CSS hformation Ststern C€rtificatioD ad Acq€dita[oD Proc€ss Gurde MthdravD

55749 2%Apt-2008 Nathan iv{ccsrol cotnmunicatiods b€lvo@ U,S. r€p. Kamy Hulshof of Mssouri andor his slafard No Recoids
National S€qritvAseocy. :

DocuEfots or William De€n Wrav. ,

0?-May-2008 J€sseFrmzblau Doqrmeots relating to the Mexidan military inslrllarioos listed belo*. W€ seek No Records
records regardiog the installdiors structurg contacls with US intelligdce officials,
p€rsomel and commatrd staft, ddaijl€€s and intsrogatiotrs witlin lhe c€nlds.
l) El rdeil de la Col. Cuauhtemoc (Cuauh&moc d€te[tion ce a in ChilpartiDgo,
2) El re@ de Atoyaa de Alvd€z (Atoyac del Alvarez d€tqllon cfltq in Atoyag - .

Gu6r€fo) rb)
3) El rdor de Bajos de Ejido (Bajos d€ Ejido deta$on c6tff in Acapulc!)
4) El rdeo deEl Conche@ (Conchffo dq@tio! c€nts in Acapulc.o, Gu€rrqo)
5) E1 rdca de El Tejdan Gq€ban d€tqrtion ctot€i b bellve@ Atoyac and El
Peaiso, Guqr€ro) "

6) El rdcn dd Kitom(ao 30 (Kilo$dro 30 drtstion c-ots is Acapulca, G\srso)


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IINCLI$SIFIEDFF€ft €f f T€L+T.USf: Otiti.
ru9to'ffi$*^4u,".is_*r*",* RAOUf,ST SUBJECT
Admfu Closure

55787 09-May-2008 Jau€s scon

Sgi:.:lg" 91,.":"S o*",o,o ."g,,ai,, g offi
55789 ll-May-2008 p€{6 GordoD
l) un
gyy*ll *
ofcomput6./terhotogy-retar€d comDanies
ffi l."i',ilTil;H#fi
:1,: room
r,*III^"i]I---l-Il--:- Fu,, D€niar
S- fr-"irda**
5TA6400 in AT&T

gqr,r*imr,b*ri$#ffiffi:#;$fr* -- -' b 6

or buCeroC is nor itr use). .Echeton;,

aod "K"y*"rA" *"fy.A aoJfi
5) Dqdh of NsA,s ffmpuer srorase
::::y*::-T::D,aj_yi capabitiri€s suc,
f ,ng;5l,t*#,n;*F$_iT:j#{,"dI':Ff,fl?ill'AT*
+oo\-$rrl3i An-y indication ofan
agre€N:ttut with or

__ ordq ro Inrel aDd.AMD lo slor,, dowtr the

Non - Responsive -- uriz rate ofpersoDal colnput€r Cp(Is from tte R€cords Not Reasonabty
usual t4ooret faw iocrease to- fie-
Ttlr€orlo lngeas€ (€*c€?t as multiple core proc6sors). This could
in th;
jtfff,$r"+t at-.r eodes more-easili desypr€d and
decod€d fa$er by NsA

55815 r3-May-i008 David W6b *" *-"Jq

surges, porve "11
vatuabte computs/€l€ctrical equipmanr
Iighhiog shik€s, high
fiom power Admitr Closure
and low _f"i"l"rrpr, _i ilil
55E16 laM;y-2008 Andre*Worsley
*uz, mo a rToJect Aquarius
*o rmeriseoc€ fi res rerarine ro p,oj* Nr"j.$i.;;;;;;;
doc_urhelt prqared ior tormer ltesid€ol
Canq dated

' page t4 of24

privat€ conracting fiIms ud6 which lhe firns supply p€rsonnd to the Offce of
the Ga(ral Counsd (:OCC") atrd the lre€dom oflnformstion AoaPrivacy Act
O6ce ("FOI'PA Ofrc€'), specifically id@tifying the irm by name, the nature of
the p€rsoDtrd to be provided, th€ duraton ofthe cotr|act, ard all oth6 lsms ofthe
sqvice contract. For the purpose oflhis sub-paragraph, ody contrads bawea
NSA drd c.nhactirg firms are requesled; this -sub-palagraph should Dot be
intaprded as a r€quesr for indiudual conrads oiservice b€twe€r NSA and
individual conlract pqsonnel. 2) Iflf'Dal NSA doclmats pqtaining lo lhe
mqhod by *'hich NSA €valudes @nFactors, awards contracls, aBd allocat€s
projects to conlractors, including but not limit€d to atry oficial guiddin€s regarding

s5820 G+May-2008 Nichollsc€slf informalion oa Sovid (Russian) el€ctro-m€charical ofthe qD€s whiclt have , Admif,Oos,ure
recady e,'(rt€d Easlsn Eumpe Specifica.lty these are tbe: Fialkai M-155i T-205.\ "
Nerr - Fesronsive
I am looking f6 i€chnical infornration on tle mactin€s th€mselv€s, dle history of
th€ir desig! md maoufacture, tbeir history ofd€plo]4n€ot and psiods ofsfrvic€,
aal the historv of our ovtr Drogal]]s in the qvDtaMlrryis oftheir corrmunications. '

55828 14-May-2008 MaryHarrigih Unclassified realrds tlat desdibe what NSA is chai€rod to llrget or what suppon Gratrted LD Full
NSA is allowed to give to otha ag@cies or oissiotrs or ho,* collectior is

55829 l4May-2008 PdB Cordoo How theNSA protects valuable computq atrd electsical equipmqt Fom &e Duplicate R€qu€st
following dangssr a) power spikes; b) pow€r sugeq c) lightning stril€s; d) pow6
fluctudions; e) high ?dd low voltagejumps. Does NSA use statrdard/indusEial
surge proteclo$, ifso, what type atrd which compa[y makes th6n? Does NSA have
contacts wilh combsnies such as Belkin mavor APC who produce surgdel€ctrical


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UNCLASSIFIED#itt*SHeft f rU$tr€l{l#
DOC ID:342538

l6-May-2008 NictrolasFqraro R€arrds ollhe Dr€sdd BombiDgs of WWII md the "shock and awel recards iom
the lrad we ifDossible fm a world bislorv Dmr€cl

l5-May-2008 Charleslawqlce R€quest for I elllig€oc€ Records, probably CIA, oD Wiliam a Cold Admb Closure

t4-fr4ay-2008 HetrryFrohsitr by NSA about Bakd DoDe.lsoa an(Vor relating to our 6rm's Fr lD€oial
the firm's commuDicotions with Axion Corporatiotr or
dso any fecord! g@6aled or received by NSA rdating lo Bols
s activities, comm-utricatien$ fiDancial afairs. int€m€{ adivity,
or srsDected affliations. - - ..

UNCI.ASSIFIf, DffOIR€Ff iCTfi 7tsi€NtT

Ptse76 otU
DOCID: 3425383
oo$to to"3"*??o9" 8 3*"o*"."
UNCLASSIFIf,D#FOfl#F€I*L{t5f,€t{* -' tbt t6t

to or rnotron RequestE oi det€ntio! or i[tcrcgation, includiog, but not

lircited to: l) Correspondflc€
and records, iocluding but not limited to, reportsJ
not€s, e-mail and telc?hote records ofcomnrmications bd*e€rr lh€ united States
govqnme and the govqnm@ts ofBosnia aDd He-zegovila or atry p€rson or
organization in Bosnia dd HFzegovira conc€rning requestqj 2) Corr€spondoce
ed records, including but not Iimiled !o, r@rts, n6tes, g-rRil and td@hotre
recorals ofcommudcations betw€a the United Stat€s govfrDm@t and lhe
govefnmert oflh€ Kingdom ofsaudia Arabia or any pason or organization io lhe
Kitrgdom ofsaMia Arabia conc€fning Requ€st€r; 3) correspond€oc€ and recordsr
including but not limited to, rqrorts, notes, e-mail and tel@hone recordl of
commuications betve€tr the Unit€d Stat€s gov€nment and tle govfttrm€nt of
Pakistm or anyFrsanororganization in Pakistanconcaning R€quests; 4)
R€cords concstring dy cotrtact, @mmroication, or inl€raction arnong for€ig!
gov6nrDatq non-govemDcrt orgaBizatlons-such as the lntFnatiotral Committee
for tho Red Cross atrd Requestar, iqcluding, but not limit€d to, records related to
d€clsions lo grert, ddly, or restrict a€c6s to r€qu€stel 5) Remrds comtrning the
transfaofqrstodyof Requ€stqftono Pakistan tolheUnit€d States; 6) Records
conctrniag the Eaosport ofR€qu6t6 trom Pakis6n to Bagram ALforce Basq *.-lllo.i".'".
includmg but Dot limite !0, records ofth€ transport itin€ary, duration oflhe
Adsport, erd measures tak@ with resp€.r to physically s€@ring raNestq during
17) too manv lo troe in

for Mail Sewices for the NSA. No

l9-May-2008 D@ojs Wamff Copy of$e Freedom of lnformauoo Act aod the U.S.A. Parriol Act No Records

UNCI.,ASStrTED#FORtrHCft td{|t-Oifr #
Pege 18 of24
UNCLASSTFIEDttrOftOf,fi€tA1;{JSFOf*rS"\ - Responsive


UNCLASSnIEDtTOttrff €#dtlt3fOnE:f
&?rc*r 'q.AdA.ti8*o*"."* Rf,OIJEST SUBIECI
DOCID : 342538 un*r******tf; :t^*,j*, *

56lJ 1 03-Jul1-2008 Mictad R.avnirzky Copy ofthe list ofrecipiots and topics thereofofde Andpris-Awards at Atrfd D€"iul
thereofofthe L@guage Ar
NSA for the la$ t€d y€ars. You mly removo the mm€s of,Actdi
A brief d€scriDtion oflhe four Lalsuasc Analysis AydrAs at NSA,
56f52 0,|Jun-2008 MicladRavnitzky Copy ofthe most rec.dt rhree most rec6l tbree aDlual r€pons No R€cords

0+Jun-2008 MicladRavnitzky crpy ofeach WAR€ram disn'ihrted to NSA Staf For example Partial D@ial
t' all staf on Fdruarv 15. 2005.
55155 -
' _.'
06-Jutr-2008 Mclael Ravdtd(y Copy of€ac.h ed every ExEcmessage issued to NSA stafduring &e]€ar 2006,
2001 artd 2008 to d6te
56156 05-Jur-2008 Clpy of the orgaDizational description(s), organizarional history, a s€nple copy of
the ngwslqta, dd a sample copy ofthejoual published h pap6 or online ty
eacb ofthe folowirg NSA Leffn€d Orgadzations: - Coll€ction Association (CA);
{ b ) l3 ) - P. L. .36-3 6 Conmunicatio6 Anal}sis Association (C"AA); - Cr]/pto-Linguistic Association
{ b ) 16 ) (CLA); - crypto-Marh€matics itrsritute (CMl); - Information iechrology
Associatiotr (ATt); - Intgnarional Afairs Institule (IAI); - KRYPTOS Soci€ty
(KS); - NSA Conput€r Sci€ac€ Soci€tja - Pq| & Culsor Socisy (P&CS); Signals
Ambsis Association (SAA): - Wom€o in Mathematrcs
5615'7 06-Jun-2008 Mchael Rawitzky Copy ofthe me€ting mirut€s for iheNSA ForeigD I-anguage Teclnical Advisory
CrouD for lhe lime o6iod Jsauarv l. 2005 !o fte
2005 lo lhe Dres6t.
56158 06Jur-200E Michael RawitzlE Copy ofthe followiag Dllkransi 09, 15,39, 51,55, 76,85,97, 102, l0l, lll,
132, 134, 138, 144, 153, l7't i 200, 20t, 2@, 221, 228, 236, 239, U8, U9, 216,
167,3?0. 3E5,392. aod 399.
56f59 05lul-2008 Michael RavRiEky Copy ofthe mditlg qiautes for the NSA Restcursnt Co$ncit for the timel|6iod
January l, 2005 to the pr€sant.

UT.lCLASSIFIED#FOftOFfleftrrttseO #
Prqezl ol U
DOCI D: UNCLASStrIEDtf Oft SFIeLttrUSf, €'ifr f,
pAT[ .-N4@
DOCID: 3425383 uNCI-ASSIFIEI)'f Oft €Fit€LttiJSA€1ff f
Kequesti r , A[ r€coros taacog to llle rncroe mat occruTeo on s€ptemb(
2007 ar Nisour Squarc in Baghdad, traq, r€portrdly involving indep€ad@t
contractors associated wiih Blackwal€{ S€qri1y Consultitrg, LLC or moth6
Blackwat€r afrliat€ (Sept. l6!h iDcid€:lt), includi]rg faDscripls, r€cordings, aaal
notes pertaiaing to ary deositioDs, intsviesr's, or olh€r conmlunications wilh a{y
p€rson regarditrg the Sept. l6th incidanq 2. All othrr records r€lating to the Set.
f6ih iocidqrq 3. All r€cords relating to the inoident rhat oconed on Septembq
9th, 2007 at md zround Ba€trdad Amatral City l.Iall aDd Al Watalba Square, bolh
ia Bagbda4 haq, r€portedly involving inde@deilt cdrlr ctors associated lr'ith
Blackwats Secrrrity Consultitrg LLC or oths Blackwatfr afrliate, including
tratrsoipls, re.lrdiqs, and notes pstaiDing to Any d€positions, iDtqviev,/s, or oth6
commllnicatiols with anypFsoo r€gfiding ti€ S€pt. 9th iDcid@r; 4. AII oth6
r€cords pfrtaining 10 the S€pt. 9tll incidot; 5. All records regarding condolace
palmhts made lo Iraqi narionais iljur€d or hll€d in incid@ts oO(f fian fteSeH.
t6thircidal;6. All records relaled lo any rfpons. in!,€$igalions, or studies ,.:"' -".-.",,.
regarditrg corruption within the kaqi Army and &e kaqi Polic€, iocludirlg
idltratioD by iDsrig€nt forc€s, and atry source matedals for such reoris,
inv€stigadons, or studi€s; ?. A copy ofany FOIA r€qu€sr rtrcived by NSA
r€garding lhe Sept 16th incideat or S@t 9th ilcideat, as well as a copy of my reply ' .
Aom NSA to such a requ€st, including all records produced; 8. AI recorG, dated
.200?, pqtairing fo the NSA'S polici€s ad proc€dues coscming private s€crity
rn Irao.

56194 l8"Jutr-2008 Val€otinBolotdly Has NSA declassifr€d U.S. documots on U.S.-Sovifi relatiors in 1989 (the ped( of Wilhdra\ln
p€r€stsoika and the b€giDning ofthe Sovie{ Union's collapse), ifso how long },ould
it ukr 10 obtain them,

56214 21-Jutr-2008 Jam€sNafeld lnfornation regardiDg the contracl b€fwe€o tlie Lincoln M€rory division and fte Not Widrin Puview
traffh ofth€ gov€rnDsrt that was the contracting agacy involved wi& fie
contineatal that Presidatt was assasinat€d in.

56215 23-Jun-2008 KellyMi[€r Requests rdeasable sedioos A tbru J, iBcluding Slaltr!€ot ofWork, ofmnEacl


P^ge23 o124.
UNCLASSmtED#fOfr trfierArrustolil#
DOC ID:3425383
D{tr .NAr@

56234 16-Jun-2008 Andrew lIowdl Dsclosue ofrecords io Anab€lr Howell, C@qal Coutrsel for Blackwat€r Duplicate Request
Worldwide relalhg to the inciderrs that occ:lrred otr 16 S@ 2007 at Nisour huare \bl I 6 )
and 9 S@ 2007 ar and ardund Baghdad ADanat City llall and Al Watahba Square, i{Q\' \Re$ eo. sr ve
all in Bagbdad, Iraq. r@nedly in\ olving ind?@d€or contsaclors associal€d wilh
Blackwate s€qrity consultrag, LI-c or anoOe.;Jc;;;ffiil;il \.' ' -
in lhe

l3-Jun-200E DonaldSw€atry Under FOIA case 54540 a copy ofa d€cld$siied NSA r€porl "Spartans in Gra!ted FuI
Darloess: Amaice SICINT a0 the hdoclina War, 1945-1975" was rel€ased to
the r€qu€stor. He believes that 90 additioDal d€classifed pag€s associated vith the

56242 24-Jm-2008 Owa Edwards All 6l€s relating to I'roj€cts MaFer, Red Light, Fatrg, Snowbird, \'ISIT, and Gmnt€d ln Fu,ll

56267 28-Jun-2008 Micha€l B€echert Information conctroing the size and depth ofthemd€rgolrnd, cooled chambs ill Full D€dal
whici lhe NSA keE6 ileir eight Cray supficomputrs for the proc€ssing and
s{reqtng of galh€red information.


P^geA ol24
UNCI ASSITmIr/AeL€Fg€I*IiUSc€rfl f,
Cas{s R€ceived Between : 2008/m/01atrd 2008/09/30

RcportRroDrts: 200!)i02l06


56281 l2-Ju!-2008 Jam€s Roks Any and all inlornalion regardin& but not linxit€d to, the [yp€s 04 use oqed Admin Clo$re ("t
availability ofany md a products, equipmat, d6/ic€s used for mveit autllo/video ,:"
suveillanca; any atrd all infomation regarding but not Linited to, the detectior of
and protecfo! against such audic'/video surveillatrce equipm€ntj arry and all
information regdditrg, but not limiied tq wird€ss aDd hard-wir€d, long rangq
phologtaphy, and videogaphy oquipment, devicrs, Foducts used; any aDd all
the availabilitv for ofaov ofthe above
56282 18-Jur4008 David Lsrson R€?ort ofthe Survey Mssiod to the ftust Territory oftho Pacifc Islands by No R€cords
Anlhotry lvl Solomon, h€ad ofth€ U.S. Govqam@t Su|ey Missios. This report is
600 Dases in

23-Jun-2008 Dav€ La$on iiformatiotr md r€corals on form€r NSA Ago$ Russdl Tice and disclo$res he f D€oial
made regardilg udawftl activiti€s. Anyrecffd, mat6ial, document, hand-writtel
not€s, qnail, enail back-up recorals, or facsimile trrnsmissioD pEtaining to Russell
Tice and lis disorssiotrsofu alvftl activitie$ occurring uod€r Special Acr€ss
hogrartr Fovisions. The search for r€cords should ioclude, but not be limited ro
thos€ ofthe Dir€ctor, form6 Director N&chael Haydet the hspector G€trsal, as
well as theNSA Special Aar.€ss hogtalns Ccltral OfEce Th€ date range for &e
searctr should be 199? to cNreot.

Pece 1 of24
DAlg W

56324 25-Jur-2008 Willia$ O,crady All Imrds behvea 1960 and 1971 held by Freedod oflnformatiotr aDd Privacy No Records,,
Acls Divisiods ed aI itsoffic€s or subdivisions p€rtainingtothefotloving: 1.
Brian Mcclelland; 2. Brian E }{ccleland; 3. Employtrr@t ofaly Briar (bx6)
MccleUand or Brian H l4cCle[8trd at National Secuity Agacy and all rccords
which r€fsace any work pqformed as & snploye€, by confart, or od€rwise by
Brian Mcclelland atrd/or Brian H. Mccldland for NatioDal Seourity Ag€acy; 4.
And aM all r€oqds which reflect any moDies or othtr nDmerarion paid by any
gov€rnm€trl ageoay to Brian Mcclelland and Brian H. Mccldland b€tw€rn 1960
and ltl; 5. Any add all records which reflect any FaiDng, educational programs
or oths Foglams pafticipated in by Blialr Mcclelland atd/or Brian H. McclellaDd
rdated to National S€c$ity Ag@cy betwem 1960 ard 1971; 6. Aty 6nd all
transportatioE recorals related to any tra$lortation provided lo Brian Mcclellatrd
aod/or Bri@ Il l4cclelland by or otr bahalfofNatioDal Security Ag€ocy be[w€6r
1960 ard 1971; 7. Any and all docum€ols s,hi.h reflect individuals who
pdticiparcd in dy U.S. govsnmcnt opsation hown as "OpEation Phoaix"
duriDg the p€rlod oftime bdw€el 1960 and l97l; 8. Any and all r€cords which
rellect alry itrvolvan€ol or m€otion ofBrian Mcclelland dd/or Brian H.
Mcclelland as a panicipatrt in aDy U.S. gov€rnmqrt op€rarion tnown as nof,aation
Phooix" b€i\r/eor 1960 atrd l97l; These recrrds should iDclude all cotrlracts, bx6)
tlra{is, meooranda, slafmanorand4 correspondace as well as atry othef fnancial tsponsive

56332 0+Jul-2008 Robert LaBdla R€queslbg on Malf of Mindva Engineering any and all conEac{ r€cortls pqtillat Requ€sta drd not respond !o
to work saGfying the following desoiptioD: work p€rforll€d by Sparta, ttrc., for fee lett€r
NSA IAD l8l2 NC2 OC3 undq cllrrot coDEac
56334 05-Jul-2008 1989 Kslahai / Botswam IIFO crash flown to Wrisht Pattason AFB No
56335 05-Jtt-2008 Russ Kick R€qu€sts the FOIA aas€ logs for the first thr€e years Oar NSA became subj€ct to the No R€cords
FOIA. R€quests the r€cords b€ Drovid€d in diqilal format (sudr as PDF or
56336 05-Jnl-2008 Russ Kick lnformation pertai]]ing to Albfi Hotnann, the Swiss cl€mist who first syDt[€siz€d N€itlq Cotrtrm Nor D€ny
l,sD. Requ6$ the informatior b€ pcnided b digilal fornut (sudr as PDF or

P^ge2 ol24
56337 05-Jur-2008 Russ Kick lrformatioD pstainif,g to Lafaydte Ronald ''I-. Ron" Hubbar4 the touDd€r ofthe No Records
Church of Sciqrtology. Requests the infomation be provided in digital format
as PDF or Word).

56365 08-Jul-2008 Jetr'eyRichelson R€ques1 copi€sof DIRgram-38I: NSA,TNGA Collaboraton; DIRgram-367: The
haq Survey Group R€pon: What Do€s I! Mear forNSA?; DlRgram-366r Second 6xor
Porty R€latiors: Growing CIrs6; DIRgam"354: NSA/NGA Cotlaboration;
DIRgram -199: NSA-NRO Govsnnancq DIRgram-I89: National Security
Presid@tial Directive 5 (NSPD"s); DlRgratn-lsl: What's t{apporing in rhe
Dir€cto.ate for SIGINT.

08-Jul-2008 Stev@celish We ask NSA ro disclose (Murder Ink, Inc. of25-65 Francis L€wis Blvd., Balside, Admin Closure
NY I1358), corDorauon owrss full l€qaj name & mnlact inbrmauon.
02-JuI-2008 P€tqcordon Coly of dry Fomotionavcaes le€O€{sibrochues dcailing lhe NSA s mission. cranted ln Full
Also intdested in the equipmeot NSA uses to ctrry oul signals anallsis on RF
sigmls; how il prolects el€ctroDic equipmqlt such as RF analyzeis, computers atrd
ftoB pow6 surg6; @d ifNSA uses copp€t meshing to protect tbe

s6395 09-Jul-2008 Charlesvarga Requ€s! documetrts r€le€s€al in prior FOIA cases concsning Callimahos (i.e., c,ase Granled In FUI/
s$n 09-Jul-2008 Abigailvhitrfll A comprd€osive list schools identifed as National Cmt€rs ofAcad€rnic crant€d,Iil Full
Excell@ce in Information Assuance Education and R€search.
/ (bxo)
\on . eesPonsive


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DOCID: 3552213
any way
or crJ?to MOS who was stationed iD Metz, France back in 1 963 and have reason to
believe that such r€cord would be JFK asssrsinatioD relatod. Would liketo lnow
what mded message traffc or fut€rc@ts he wai relitrg upon for reaohing his
conclusion atnut the fireat to JlK. Would like to oblain relevant copies ofany
radio int€rcq)t traffc; coded messagq hamm rsdio raffmission lraNcripts,
transcnpa; tdocs; cables; airgrams; or NSA relat€d records that use words or

56410 02-Jul-2008 Donald Bishop Rec€st h€adlitr€s state ov6 400 miuion has beor spfnt or authoriz€d towards Neith€r Confrr4 Nor Doy
utilizing US Special Op€rations troops, US Govl agr&ies or quasi covt agqrcies ../
or contractors along with Irmian diss€nd€nts i! actions in or amund Iran- Supply
me any and all r€ports, meoos, Iett6s, directiveq agreeinenis, €{c., by whatevq
narne lnown, regardilg the6e aclions or d€scnbe !o me Oe matEial by tillq aufior, Nl$\- Responsive
so I can select what I considtr

5f/14 I l-Jul-2008 Stqth@ fuchedsotr upgrade Army discharge to firll Hotrorable fiom cqreral, request r€&rd No Records
ln order to
ofmanb€rship md copy ofsigned Otrcial S€crqs Act; regarding Opffation

56416 l2-Jul-2008 J€ss€ ManiDez Any rccortls on MJ 12, altlbing fom Rosw€ll, and a,ly recortls conc€fning UFO'S Cradted Lr Full \

5&'24 l4-Jul-2008 Eunice ChaD CLP HoldingE Ltd. is brilding a refeglce dalabase which will include us€ful Admin Closure
documdt fiom ifisDalional cr€dible sources ior internal use Data base will covs
kq topics relateal to eo6gy markd, oviroDmatal issues, en€rging dergy
technolory, social atrd econohy. Would like to gd lour cons€ot for us to include
the publicatiotr, 'Natioml lntellig@c€ Assessmat on the National Sesuity
Implic{tioDs ofclobal Climate Change to 2030" in our dalabasq which will direct
the users to browse lho cootedt.

56425 f5-Jul-200E David GoBzal€z-Santiago Request recorG regarding: tJFo R€covcies; Crop Circl€s; Alit[ Life Form; No Records
56435 05-May-2008 Martin Sbaw Any and all docllmats on l,lr. Owfn Roche No Records

uNct"{ssIFIEIytEoRoEIIeLJ,US}Olff i-
P^se 4 ot24
PR"c*rD'o*f, R?F'o? 7 P"o*"r"" REOT,EST SI]B]ECT DISPOSffION
Opsations or 6asb ofaircraft carryirg US regisEation N71606; Operations or
crash ofaircraft carryiag US legisrafon N90912; The death ofU.S. citiz€n Clyde
Beoron Hugh€s. AKA Pal Hughes; Thedeaft ofanyU.S. citiz€as kill€d in
Guatqffla. The time p€dod on int€rest is bdweea January 1960 ontil Decemb€r

56451 l6-Jul-200E Pobert wdsh Docum€ntation on ttre use ofoblique sounders whose purpose is th€ assessmeat of No Records/ ./
radio DroDasatior stuili€s.

I l-Jul-2008 Robet Campion Copy ofany films or othq m€dia relating to self def€os€, combat, commando,
sp€cial forc€s, atrdor other t€chniqu€s laught to the armed forces oftie United
States by Seosei Pd6 Urban (Goju ka.ate praditions and mastq ofthe Goju styl€

56477 19-Jul-2008 Paul Gat€s Records related to eNSA Archive ar George Washitrgfon Utriversty, Refedces Admin Closure ,,
' Case46697'

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s6492 2l-Ju1-2008 Jos€phMartin "ARDF in Viftnaq 1962-1972" (su&or appar@dy Army Securiry Agacy or NSA, Admil Closure
date unhown, but evid@tly ca. 19701975). This doqrmot al'pea$ to have b€a
ua FOIA.
56493 2Lhn-2008 JosephMarrir "Wh@ the Tiger St6lh No Morq The Vieinamization ofSIGINT: May 196l , Admitr Closllie
June 1970' (a thor af'!,areltly Antry Security Agacy or NSA, date urd:oow, but
evidendy ca- 1970- 1975). This docum€al abpears to have b€ar Feviously released

56498 1,fJu1-200E David Blair-Iay Records prcpared, coleded/mairtaired by DoD, NSA, or US Nonh€rr CommaDd N€ hs ConfirnlNor D@y
ftom I Jan 2001 to the preseot (14 Jul 08) concsring lh€ Council on Am$ican
Isl8mic Relations (CAIR San Diego Chaprs), the Islamic Cqtt€r ofsan Dego, and
Figar Hopid& Ako any recordsr authorizing the coltection ofinformation;
referfug to how, why or wha subj€cts w€re selecl€d for coll€ctioD ofbformatioq (bx6)
how ihe coll€ction would be conducl€d; the nam€s ofagencies participating in lh€
collection; relathg or refgriDg !o thc s?€cific role ofthe National Joint Tqrorism
Task Forcl 0r ey local Joint Tsrorism Task Force in the collection; lhe rcle of&e
agenci€s participadng in the collectioD; ho,!v &e recorals vould be maintain€d, used,
shared o! diss€fiinated; the lolicies or procedues for analyzing, cross{ef€rcocing,
ftiainihg and destioilg the coll€cted records; rccords referrilg/relating to the
ofthe coll€ct€d iDformadon and a list
22-Jul-2008 Mdra€lRoeers R€corab tom ASA conffridng Tall SoD Nhut air base (1965-1966), dd nedicrl Admin Closure
r€cords Fom Walter R€€d,
56s20 22-Jul-2008 MonicaJones Cl€ady rd€asable poltions ofcoDEacl award€d uDder the NSA Busin€ss Admin Closure
Matragemat hformation Supported requirerne : Awald contract all related
attachmenti md and all taslddelivs/Durchase ord6s.

09-Jul-2008 AlexeaiaDmiuova Information concaoing th€ itrlolveEent ofBulgEria or Br garian citizas in No RemrG

09-Jul-2008 AlexeoiaDimitrova lnformation on the Bulgariao company KINTEX as foreign bereficiaryofBabca No Recods
NazioDole dd Lavoro loans lo lraq.


Paee6 ot24

56531 28-Jul-2008 Justin ThompsoD Copi€s ofanydocumsrts assessing lh€ threat ofchinese involvement in Sudan, Neit&€r Confiin Nor
Erhiopi4 Eritr€4 asdor Chad, Furthq, any docrrodrts assessing Chinese int€r€st
ir oil d€vdopmsn ir these countri€s. Lastly, aDt assessmanrs andor analysis of ,
Clin€se rea$ as it r€lates to IJS mtional seclrity int€rests in the Hom ofAftica. /
Tbe documots I am lookins for covs a Dfriod oftimc fiom 2000-ir€ssrl-

56561 l7-Jul-2008 Jos@bHayda Copies ofall cunqt INFOSEC public€lions, and be placed otr ihe marling list for g,d4€dln Full
frtufe publjcations. A list ofcurrent ti 6 would be suffcimr Narrow€d: August
18, 2008 to a copy oflhe follo*,ing INFOSEC publicarions; DoD 5200.28 - STD,
CSC-SrD-003-85,cSc-STD-004-8s,NCSC-TG-0o4,NcSC-rC-oI1, i.r6ir:n""
NCSC-TG-030 , md informatioD pEtaining to tie topic ofcrtptography, \.
slplanabsis, eocr,?rioD, and d€ar}?tion, to hclude inforoarion oo IDEA,
PGP. MDs. md RSA \
02-Ju{-2008 lrdonicaJores R€qu€sting cleady releasable portioos ofthe documetrls reg8ding conbact awarded Duplicate
lmder the NSA Susiness Managm€ot Infomatidn Supported requiement.
Sp€cificaly reque$ilg copies ofthe awarded cortracl all r€lated aftachm@ts ald
and 6lI Esk/deliv€rv/Du(chase ordas.

2l-itl-2008. BrandonBurck Questions on @listmefrt h tle NSA. Granted In Full

P^ge 7 o( U
DOCID: 355221

0l-A|rg-200E MohatrRaghukul AI records with I-140 p€titions: Orc I-140 pdition is flod byAmrex Enlqpds€s Admin Closue
(is with lle N$raska sgvice cot6); Ode I- 140 peition is filed ry Trinus

56574 04-Aug-200E David Hastitrgs Cuba Batista regimeodt o! Jmuary l, 1959. Ai4latr€ r€ports, recorG oftotal Full D€aial
BuDb6 ofairplanc leaving with loot€d iternr. Records ofrecorded flights, airplanes

56602 20-Iul-2008 Christopher l,oy Copy ofall documsrts, photogaphs & newspap€t clippings on the following two Admin
l. Mr. D6vid Bt€n Lrae 2. I,fr. Rok JayMathews.
56603 28-Jul-2008 Don Todd Copy ofde blowing doolmedtsr a" R€aords rdatingto the itrvcntion oflhe
midoahip by Don Allea Todd. b. Reaards reladng to thginvotion oflhe laser
disk by DoD Allen Todd. c. R€cords relaung ro the inveqli
for comDut€rs bv Don Allel Todd. d. Records relatins

P,geS oIU



PagEg olrA
DOCID: 3552273

ur.rclAssrFrf rylFeR+s€f,4*,{sf, €rl* (bx6)

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56606 28-Jul-2008 Sara Rose R@r€soting the First Muslim Mosque of Pittsburgh, seeks disclosure of atry Neither Nor Dery
itrfmmatior collocted about the Mosque, ordqs or instructiods to colt€ct
information about ttr€al and the inclusroD ofthem or their activiti€s in a TALON {bx6)
data base; why or whqr they or their activiti€s wse chosm as a target; the means
by wfiich information was collected; how the records wqe being shar€d or
diss€odmtgd; the rqotion and desfudion ofthe record$ policies or proc€dtres in
place to protd the pri cy ofth€ records; how, why or when the collection of
iDformation will be susp€od€d or t€rmhated; polici€s or proc€dues for
cross-refseociog r€cords about the group with information aboul any oth€r
56610 04-Aug-2008 Marisa Daly Sightiog reports for Iuly 25, 2008 fi-om 3i00 a.m. to 4:00 a. m.; locarion - Coll€e Not Wi&rn
Poirt, NY. /// CLARIFIED 3 Se 08 - Any infomatioD associat€d with a€.ial
pheron€aa oq July 25, 2008 (3:00arE to 4:0&m) at Coll€ge poiDt, NY, to include
doolmenls, pholograph.q witDess rqort$, air aafrc commuDication tap€s, and

04-Aug-2008 RichardStoraci Records pertaiDiog to James Il W. Thompson, AKA Jim Thompsoq r€sidcnt of No R€cords
who disaDD€ared in Malch I 967 on a triD to N{ala\,sia

56620 3l-Jul-2008 Aihley Macveigh N8m€s ofprivate altomg6, ag@cies, individuals, 6rms or groups task€d with No Records
revie,*bg or screaoing podilg pat€at applicatiods ilr codjucdoD with the s€.r€cy
ord6 reconm@dadons pusrant to 35 USC 181-4. Also, oa rDug
ofcompasad't ,. '
lisling vr wq,aru
for these prillste attordeysi ag6ci€s, individuals, etc., and mntacl infomation ofall
culrat oficials tasked with suo{wisisp these hdividualyasacies-


Pace 11 oI 24

56623 2E-Jul-200E Saxa Rose Disclosure ofary record(s), documat(s), 6l{s), comlurucations Benorandum(a), Diplicate R€quest
order(s), agreeneo(s) ard/or hstructionG), creat€d tom January 1, 1970, to the
pr€s@t ftat w6e pr€par€4 r€{eiveq Fatlsmitteq oolected aDd/or maintained by
the FBI, the National Joitrt Tfimism Task Force, or any Joint T€rrorism Task
Fo.c€, lhe Natioml Security Agary, the Deparh€ot ofHomelard S€ofity, or Oe
D€panmat ofDdase ('DoD") or any ofits componeds, including but not limited
to the Comtqi ellig€oc€ flold Acivity Agcrcy ("CIFA'), its Directorare ofField
Activiti€s ("DX"), and Thr€at add Loc€l Obss%tion Nolice ('T ALON") dalabase
to the or its a.livities.

Copy ofthe orgdizatioMl desariptio4 a sadple issue ofthe newslett€r and a

sampl€ copy ofthejoumal published osliDe or in paper by: l) NSA Computer

56626 3GJul-2008 DoDt€ Wilso! Infornatiotr otr bume oqrsin€ats by DOD, CIA and $e Departmot oftusticf,t Admi6
from 1977 to qrr6t datq to tesl drind cooEot drough tr6f, communicalions
sr61€d. Test is disguis€d as pre-emplolm€tr1 sefldty ch€ck by oDe or |

56646 07-Aug-2008 Jonathm Clemale Doorln€nts conc€rDi,lg Vi€lDam-€'a SIGINT prcduct related to: l) tbe "medicil
c€ntq" or "feld hoqpiral" for the Vid Cong "War Zotre C" capnued dwilg
Opaadon BATTLE CREEK circa Novembs 16, 1966, rear the village ofAp Suoi
Tre by etcrnants ofthe US Arny, 3rd Brigade, lst Infanry Dvision; 2) Vi€t Corg
"nodical section" Csrral Officq South Vidum (COSVI.O Rear Area Hdqtrs
(bxQ-P.1.8&36 located io Tay Ninh Province or the "Parrot's B€ak" regioD ofcambodia, circa
Novemb€r 1965 - March 1968; ed 3) the incid@ce ofmalaiia among Viet Cong or
Nonh 1965 - March 1965.

Page12 Dl24
DOCI D: 3552213
pArtr 14@
56658 l9-Jun-2008 Mohan Raghukul Copy ofl-140 (Inmigrant Petition fo! Alia Work6) all informatiotr 61ed at USCIS DJplicate Requ€st

Warid HaIl. Infonrmtion from 1967-2007

5A1l O{-Aug-2008 NalheJones Documetrls r€latiDg to Sovid dd Warsaw Pact 6piomge activitie agaiDst the
United Stales aDd NATO beginning in 1981. Th6e activiti€s were codslam€d $X€)
Opqalion RYaN (Ra]<€lno Yad€rnoye - nucled missile Bttack) by lhe KGB and
GRU atrd includ€d monitoring Anqicad and Europ€al facililies for a possible first

Docum€oa relating to the NATO military €xqcises named Auftmn Forge 83 and Requ€stq not respond to
Arcb6 83. fee lett€r

04-Aug-2008 NalhmjoDes Copies ofF{rlog or ind€x (aka FOIA crse log) to a[ Fre€dom oflnformation Partial Daial
has r€ceiv€d in

56'794 l8-Aug-2008 Owql EdwarG All docw€ats rdating to Projed Aquaius, ftoject Sigma and Project Snowbird. Admin Clo$re


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copy ol tno uKl I lu m€ssag€s aid aDy
2001 ofthe int€.c€rtion of Flidt 93.

5682'1 18-Aug-2008 Rob6t coanan All doaumerts, pep€r ad or el€ctsonic, i.ncluding €mail, related to the acquisition Wilhdrawn
md use of72Mb QDR m€mory oncludilg QDR tr aDd QDR n+), l44Mb QDR and
DDRI mernorv. or for ssme,
56835 l9-Aug-2008 J€ss€ Franzblau AII doolmfnts relalod in vhole or i! pa$ to the assassuatioo ofModcan Full Deaial
presidalial cadidste toD the dliDg Institulionsl Re@lulioDary Pany eRD, Luis
Donaldo Colosio Murri€ta, on March 23, 1994 at a carpeign rally in Lonas
a ,ood iri Tiiuana. .

56856 08-Aug-2008 lan Rucsell All r€cords, il€s, or oth€r information ioB the Nalional Secrrity Ag€lcy rdatiDg Not Within Purview
to an obj€d in the sky above Ne€dl€s, CA & Topock, AZ area on May l4th, 2008
b€tweqr 2:00 am ed 4:00 am. This s,ould include sny NSA t€sl flights iD tbe area,
trackjng ofa[ ouect that cluld b€ spac€ d€bris, helicopt€rs serd to assist in fiash
reEieval, ot othtr informatioD retding to \d!at the objet cluld have b€€o.
Eyeqritnesses say rhe obj€6t crashod oee Topoclg AZ ofthe Colorado Riva at
atuund I :00 am and th€n was quickly rdrievod by sky crane tlpe healy liting
helicottes withi! a halfan hour.

for 2008.

55887 20-Aug-2008 Rog€r Msn€r Declassified clpyofthecRlTlc m€ssages arld myfollow up rcpolts ftom Admin

56888 20-Aug-2008 Idr lhbiru Reque$ all itrfomatiotr relating to protest€r goups at the ag€acy that was provided Gt{rnled h Full
ro rhe ACLU ofMD.

ttNct AssIFmDffieR€FHgALrJseolqJ- Non - Responsiw

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56905 l2'Aug-2008 Michael RavDitzky Copy ofthe lists ofp€riodic emplo]€e mloquia, bro*n b6g luDch tatk, and
€trrplo)€€ sexninar discussions hdd at NSA HQ h 2005, 2007, and 2008, pref€rably
at nidmum. th€ir titldsubi€cl the sDeak€r and the date.

20-Aug-2008 rravis r.eBlaoc _ _ is pr€sady ddained by lhe D@v

toxe_ t"rH*k we se€k all records in aDy way
relating to or matiodng the detabeg and all records conc€ming the U.S.

56912 l7-Aug-2008 Jam€s Scott Photogreb fi'on theNSA Wcb site re lte U.S.S. Lib6tl'; picture

56945 25-Aug-2008 Michael Rolhmill€r R€qu€st lhe cldre FOIA cls€ ile (9527A) whicl is l]ad6 my narne and was
n re[ on y lanuarv I yy /.
Exact tim€ wh6 Uncle Ho (llo Chi Minh) died? I know it was th€ moming of3 Duplicate R€quest

56966 U-Aug-2008 Stac€y B€rry Any form ofevid@c€ Oat the court s'6tem will fitrd as tnre and believable evidoce Adsin Closue
ofd€ctroDic harassmqll, sllch as pulsed microwavg ulEasound and voice FM
through wall radar, \oice (o skull trassslissiolrs, as wdl as laser in.drlcad llas(na


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3552273REO{JESTER - OXa
REOUEST SURIECT // -- ![sgslllQl
56968 2GAue-2008 Travis l,eBlaqc On bdtalf is presdrtly d€tabed bythe - Q!{cate Request
Unit€d Stal€s atcuatrtanalno Bay DAsrdon Ca.lnp. we seel ajl records in any way
relalmg !o or nmtio ng Oeddajneq atrd all reaords concerniDg theU.S.

569',t2 2&Aug-2008 i\4anh€wAid Copies oflhe following doorm€nt cllrrotly on dle with NSA'S Cerlts for ,
Crlptologic History (CCID: NSA MaNal 22-r (TSC), NSA Organizarional
28-Aug-2008 JesseFrezblau All documeals related !o human righa abus€s conmifted b'y the Mexican military Full
during coontfr-dntg op€'atioos cdried oul from Decembft 2006 until July 2008,
this includes but is aot limital b the following: *
The rQorr produced ty Modco's
Naliooal Huma Rights Conmission (CNDI{ b}, its Speish aaronym) pres€lted in tbx6)
July 2008 by conmission presid€ot Jose Luis Sobcran€s. wbo announc€d rbai ov€r
600 complauts ofmilit ry ahises, including forced disappearanc€s, torture aDd
srbitlary dd€ntion wse 6led shce Presid€nt Folipe Caldoon took o6ce iII
Dec€'Ibs 2006. * The eight formal complaints pr€sented by the CNDH in July
2008, accusmg the mililary oferongfrlly killing sev€o civiliaN in the states of
Michoac@ and
29-Aug-2008 Atrna Dick Namq titlg mailing address, facsimile numbs, and email ad&ess for pEsons in Partial
&e followillg positioN in NSA o. drpartmmt and e3ch subag@cy or major
opsalrag componqt, regional offcq area ofEc€ or olhd rnajor establishm€nt
within NSA: 1) Human Relations Dtuectors; 2) Civil Rights Dir€qors; 3) E4ual
EmployE€ot Opponunity Direciorsi 4) Labor ReJations Dir€qorsl 5) Work(s
Comp@sation Dir€ctor$ 6) TraiDing Dtectors; 7) Pssonnel Oftces/Employee
Relatiotrs Ofrc€s/Labor Relalions Ofllc€n a) ChieB ofstafing; b) ChieA oflabor
Reldtions c) Chiefs ofEmploy€e R€lations; 8) G€oeral Counsel OtEces: a)
Assislatrl or D@uty Ga6al Counsels for: Litigation, Administrative Law,
EEO/Civrl Rigblsi Labor and Employm€t|t Lawi 9) ChiefEqual Enplo)Il€trl

02-5@-2008 J€fteyRichelson R€qu€stcopi€softhefollowiflgDlRgrans:329,325,323,321,308,32'7,285,241,

207, 168, 159, 89,88,69 and 26,


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57016 02-S€p-2008 Jesse Franzblau Al doorm€nls including but trot limit€d to intelligac€ r€pons, c€bles, memos, No Records
'bri€6ng pape$, iDtelligeoce bdldins, and background papqs rdatiog to
coo-&ontations bdwe€d Modca! security forces @d m€Nrbqs ofthe gu€rrilla goup,
23 S€pt€tnbef Comllunist L€agu€ ja Juneof1975. Doqrmerts should illclude d|y
afiests aDd dtterlion ofguerrilla insurgfilt during this
57022 03-SeF2008 Shane Can6 Copies ofdoofteats relat€d to John Mccah's release iom Norlh Vi€tnam€se Adnit Closure
custody, hcluditrg those that d€al wilh lh€ d€cisiotr to release him, thc date ofhis
rdeasg co$rmnic€tions kve€tr the US and the Vifiarnese r€garding his release,

57034 21-Aug-2008 l-olmie Inng Docum€dls telated to &e crash ofa U-6 Beaver ofthe 3rd Radio Ros€arch Ulit No Records
Aviation Sectio[ oD the moming of 14 January 1965. Request p€rtains lor€sedch ,1
inr^ rh. a A'ffw sn;}1, A d6ir rfimn;h

57036 2l-Aue-2008 LDlie Irng Dodrmsrls related to the 6ash on 12 F€b 1969 ofa RUIA (Ott€r) belonging to rhe Adnin
l46th Aviation CorDpany, 224th Aviatio! Battalion h Tay NiDI ProiDce or

57048 03-Sq-2008 Michad Sabim Records od: .maDory €ralal + SICINT; *memory aasal + soviet union; *spin No!
glasses or spin glass or glassy dynamics; *pErbotronics. Pr€tty much aalthing on
whdh€f thqe is the digltest possibilily that €rasing memories widr SIGINT-related
t€chnology rs possrble. I am also illerested in rhe reladonshlp oftheNSA witb
Boeing ed lacl'heoq and whetbd th6e 6re any idteresting aircraft lhat have
stflmod Aorh NSA'S signals int€llig€ace research. .altsnative Fopulsion;
*skunkworks. Funhermore, I am intqesled iD ey documeots on teleportation wilh
SIGINT-related teclinology' iTel€portation; 'rdisi egration + radialio& I am also
vhqher th6€ is atr{hins o! : *Lr@tziar wornholes.
57.J4.9 03 -Sq2008 Ch6le3 Laskey Doolm€ol that was r€s@rc-hed 6 wrin@ in r.h€ time S€pt. 1954lbru May 1956, il No R€cords
was initiated ar the 50lsr Cp. ASAPAC in Korea and \ras finished at ASAPAC in
JaDan. It was id lhe NK s@tion and it had to do with ca! siars. The oth€r author

5106'1 3GAug-2008 Mchael RavDitzky Copy ofthe wS site ra6c statislics tur lhe public wdsites adainistered by NSA Pafiial Daial
covering tho last year or two. I would be int€rest€d itr such feahres, ifyou have
th€rn, as refqriflg sites and ftequ@tly invok€d Google ke]q,ords, oDIy if]or havc

5707L 23-Ffl.|-2co1 Diara JelliD€k copy ofDtA traidrg video in which Diana Jellinek was the lead actr€ss in Adrnin Closuge
tV" and/or 'O.S.fV."

57089 09-Sq2008 R Scott Mox.leA All agancy records iDrolving Helisaean lrc. or Bebsra Perid or Rod Anderson }fti, lecdras /
ofthe corDoration) for theD6iod Janudv 1. 1995 lo the Dr€sqlt dav. / / /

rr'rlcLAssIFr[DAoR4FHCr*L.USEerfl#- L?lu]
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?noncorDtoo3"R?rr%?73*"n-"ru* REOUEST SUBTECT DISPOSITION
D4tr -NA!@
57101 lcsep-2008 Richard Mowbray Copies ofthe last AFSA Phone Book (1952 or 53), and the fiIstNSA Phone Book. Padal Dedal
Both bools contab€d organizatioml claris a wdl as the familiar name and
numb€r. They also contained my nanq my mothers trane aid ay future wife's

5'lll1 f3-St[|-2008 JonahBosseiwitch Doqlm€dts regading l) s€qrity

issues in the AIJTOVOII ndwork; 2) Admin Closue I
uaulhorized acc€ss to theAUTOVON ndwork 3) m€etings tlat took place at the
FBt Ls Algeles Fidd OfEce fiom 21 drough 23 Jan 1976 conctrli[g
unaulhorized acc€ss to tbe AUTOVON Ddworlg th€se meetings w6e atknded by a
Mr. B. A. Fong6, an NSA communications analyst. the time6ame ofint€r€st is
57118 l3-S€tr2008 Richud Hob6tr RecorG regarding .he transmissiod ofm€ssag6 on lhe date of 6/8/67 by tbe U.S.
militaf,y and the U.S. gov€rnm@t regarding the attack on dre USS Liberty naval
v€ss€l oD 8 Jun 1967 by Isradi plarles and to.!€do boals. AIso se€king transcripts
(in Etrglsh) of @y Israeli milirary and Isradi gov€mmat mmmunicatiotrs whdh6
monitor€d by U,S. ass€ls or those oblained fiom otl€r sources. If infomation is
olassiffed and carDot b€ rdease4 would like to know wtral pgcanage of
inbrmation is consid€red classified and not available to the Dublic.

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Friedmatr ColleclioD housed af fte l4rrshall Likdy could be rdlrned: 14

UDclassified iterns: l) R@onofcodecompilation section Geoeal HQs, Amaic€n
Expedilionar-y Forca, Dec l9u-Nov l9l E; 2) Fiaal R€pon offte Radio
Intdlig@ce S6tion, G€scal Slaff, G€naal HQs, Ah€aice Expeditionary Forc€s;
3) Pcmutation Tables involviag a feature ofnon-Traniposabiliqi; 4) Principl€s of
SolutioD of IV Mlirary Fidd Codes used by tle cermatr Aruy iD l9l7; 5) cerlnan
Mlitry Ciphers fiom Fe$Nov 1918; 6) Fuflh€r Applications ofthe Pri&ipl€s of
Indirecr Syomsry of Position in Sec.nd&y Alphah; 7) Iield Cod€s used by the
Gama! Army duing the World Wm; 8) Am€ricm Army Field Cod€s in th€
Americ{I ExpeditioDary Forc€s dlring lhe firs1 World We;. 9) Notes oo the Uaisoo
Ssvic€ and the Liaison Intdligoce Services ofthe Gfinan Army duriag the
World War; l0) Ga€fal Solution for tte ADFG\D( S'it€nr; I l) the Conrributions
of&e Crypto$aphic Bueaus h tle World War; 12) The PriDcipl€s oflndfect
Sldm. 6y of PositioB in S€condsry AlpahMs md their Applications i! fie
Solution ofPol'"lphabftic Substitution Slsteos; 13) Statistical Mdbods in
Cry?leab€is - Re,,/is€d Editiotr; 14) Anicl€s on Cryptography aid Crlptanallsis
(r€priated fi'on tle Signal Corps Bull6in). Fioe€a Classifed ltems: l) Miliiary
Cryptanal)€is Ii 2) Militny CiyptaoalysisIl 3) Mlitai/ Cryflanalysis ltr; 4)
I{ilitary Cryptanalsis IV; 5) AaaIFis ofa Mechatrical, El€ctrical, Cr}ptrograph, Pt
I (H66n Machire); 6) Aralysis ofa Mechanical, El€ctricd, Cq,ptograph, Pt II
(H€benn Machioe); ?) Prhciples ofcryptogams produced by the IT&T Clphs
MachinE 8) Gea€{al Solution for the Double Tra$position Cyph€r; 9) Ana\sis of Fx6) .

the Hagelin CrFtograph, tJ?e B 211; l0) TM 32-220, Basic Cryptograph$ I l) TM i\bn'..R6poreNe
11-434 el€tn€ttary Mlitary Cryptography; 12) TM I1435 Advarc€d Military
Cilptogaphy; 13) Sralistical Mdhods in Cryptanalysis, 1935 (author, S. ull ck);
14) Studies i! Gmnan Diplomatic Code dlring World War I l5) €n Enciphfln€nt
ofthe Gsmm DiDlomatic Code 7500.

57130 15-5*'2008 Erio Zs$€oyi All informatiotradd r€aords i! lhe Agalcys possession on Edward Conze) formdly Neilhrr CoDtrrn Nor D€try
Eberhard tulius Co[zq aka Edward Julius Didrich Conze), a Gsme bom in \

UNCI.ASSMIED/EOR4SI€I*L{'6+€ifl F_ 20 of A
DOCID: 3552273

57140 19-S€p-2008 Ncbdd Tholrpson Copyoflbe following dodm6tts: l) 'l'he Dumbs ofFolnsals submised ill
r€spoase to 'cster fbr Assued Softwarc (CAS) Sofrware Assurance Initiatives
Suppolt (SWAIS) Conlract" RFP # not releasod. This RIP was released on 4/25108 (bx6)
s/ifi a final RFP Arn@dlncrl1 on RFP 5/14/08. It was awarded to S]camore
Ndworks in slmmq of200E. 2) Copy of&e wimilg coDtrad (including proposal
pric. ofbase atld all optioo years) pf S),catnore N€twork's vinniDg bid h response
57141 l9-S€p2008 Richard Thompson (tltFot Ot Copy of theFloyitrdoquq€nls: l) The number ofproposals Partial Daial
submiu€d m rfspoEsetol RFP H98210-0&R-0.245. This RFP was
' 1ele6€d on 3/l 8/08 with a finai R-FP Anends€at on RFP 4/09/08. lr was awarded
(bxQ-P L E6-36 to Data Comput6 Coryoration ofAmaica in summs of2008. 2) Copy ofthe
wifidng contract (inclusiog proposal pric€ ofbase ald all optiou )€ds) od Data
Comput€r Coryroftlion ofAm6ica's winning bid in response to the above r€qu€stod

t9-SeD-2008 RichardThoEDson -d]lffHeLlf fhanlllnber of proposals sutrnitted h r€sponse io

I-ti6 IRIP H9E250-0E-R-2170, This RFP was rel€ased on 8/l l/08
a 6dRFFEAdrneat on 08/18/08. It was award€d to Kinmich Software
E)slaEn lnc. od 9/15/08. 2) Copy oflhe wiming clnfacl (including pmposal
ofbase and all option )€ars) ofKiEmic-h Softwarc Slst€rns, Inc-'s winniDg bid
above reouesled H9825G08-R-2170.

5'1143 l9-Sq2008 Richard Thompson Copy ofthe folox'ing do(rlm€ats: l) The numbq ofproposals subrdtted in Pdtial Dsial
respoose to 'E? Techology Support Ssvices: RFP H9823G08-R4683. This RFP
was r€leased on 4/23108 with a fillal RFP Am€odh€nt on RFP 7/10/08. It was
aw6rded to Comso, lnc. oD 9/10/08. 2) Copy ofthe wiDning contract (itcludbg
$oposat plice ofbase alld all ottion years) ofco$so, lnc.'s win$hg bid in r<slonse
io th€ above rcqu€sted H9823G0E-R-M83.


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19setr2008 RichardThonp6on (Uri/FOt€t Copy of The number ofproposals
submiued in r€spons€ (bx3)-P L. 86-36
RFP was r€l€asod oD 7/17108 with a final am@dm€{l oD 730l0E. It was swaded
to Haggeltr Copput€r Consultants od 9/09/08. 2) Copy ofthe win riog conuact
(hcludiag proposal pric€ ofbse ard all option l€ars) ofHenggder Computer

fGS€p-2008 KevinF€dton Access and copies of four doorm€ols related to reshictive caveats plac€d on NSA Full Deslal
r@orts dissqnhat€d to tle US hlellig@ce co&muoity arctlnd 1999-2000. The
doclrm€dts ae m€otioDed iD th€ 9/l I Commission R€por! aDd aro: (l) NSA (bx6)
€mail, Mlliam L- to Karro C., "disftibution resfi.tions," Dec. 10, 1999; (2) NSA
Willian L. to Anthonyl, "doj restdctioEs." D(...20,1999; (3) NSA email
William L. to Brim C., 'disseminaaiotr oft€rrorism reporthg" Dec.29, f999; (4)
NSA memo, A$r D. to othss, "R€porting GuidaDce," Dec. 30, 1999." These
doormclls are m€otion€d in eadoole 71 on page 337 ofthe 9/l I Commission

l8-Sq2008 RichardToronlo Copies ofNSA doqrm€nts concqning one Ralmond Arthur Palm6, ofwisconsin, N€ither Confirm Nor Ddly
deceased. My rcquest is for any pag€s )ou msy hav€ in ]our fles previous to l\,fr.
Palmds death, as wdt as any fl€s tbat may have coBe up ftr declassifcal.ron aier
his death.


P.ee22 cf,24
ot8ff o' -tfr ?'fi"?7 3*"o*"r""
" .N4@
were Dr€oaleo.
leceivo4 tiaNmitted, clllected andor maintained by the D€?artmat ofD€feNq
Natiooal Seority Agency, and./or U.S. Ndth€m Cotr|natd relating or refqritrg !o
the following: I . Any records relatiDg or rddring to the r€questor$ includiag but
not liDit€d to, r€cords that document any colection ofinformation abou!
monitorilg, suveillarcq obstrvatiotr, qu€stioning intgrogalion, investigatioD,
antloi irfltmtion oiany requesloN br their adiviti€s; 2. Anyrecords aulhorizitrg
orddtrg, insfucting, or agleeiDg to coll€d ilformalion about, nrc.titot condud
suv€illarce o4 olEqvg qu6lion, intsrogalg i[v61igate, an(yor infilfrate atry of
theRequestors;3. Any r€cords r€latbg or ref€rdng to how, Ety or wha any of
the Requ6lors was selected for collection ofhfornation, moDitoring $rveilmcq
observation, questiooiog, intcrogatior, inv€stigation, asyor infiltrationj 4, Any
r€cords relating or rd( to how collection boul, nonirorjD& surveillaDc€,
obseflation, questionin& itt€rogaEo4 investigation anayor infltration ofany of
the Rqueslors was or uiill be conducr€d. 5. Any r€cords relating or ref€rring io the
oa$€s ofany fedeol, state, or local govgtrmeot ageaci€s paticipating io ey
collection ofhfomation aboul, monitoring, surveillarcq obsFvatioq qu€stioning
iltqrogation, investigaiioD, aod/or infiltration of ay ofthe Requeslors: 6. Any
records relatilg or ref€rring to &e sp€cific mle ofthe l-os Angel€s County Terrorist
Early Waaing Grcup, lhe Joint Regioml Itrt€lligeoc€ C€trt€r, or atry loc€l JoiDt
Tqrorism Task Force or in atry coloction ofhformation about, ironitoriog,
surveillancgob6s tion, qu€stioring, interrogation, investigation, ard/oi


Non - Responsive

P^9e23 oIU
|O 3552213
DATf, .NA@

57203 26-Sep-2008 Mc.lrlelRaymotrd Copy oflhe cur@t Memb€ship list ofthe CNSS (Conmittee oo Natioflal Security Wilhdra$n

57209 29-5+2008 MichaelHarlur Copy ofthe conEacl betv,/€€a NSA and CCLC'S Childr€a's World L.€aming C€oter. GI.nred_Injull
Would blelo see the frl conlract. Utrdsstads th€ c{rr€ot contract is being
chmged and would lite to see the previous and Oe n€w one ifpossibla Nalrow€d:
22 October 2008; l,"ft. Harlal wants the most current Modifcalion !o tle coDtsact.
CLARmED: 6 Nov@$s 2008, Mr. Hlrlan would like a copy ofthe SOW. He is
looking for informatiol otr tho Fd€ral rutcs ed regulations NSA must follow at

29-Sep200E Aril€hitoin€o Fidard and USA wrote a Memolatrdum ofunderstediDg agreemori iD Jme 1987. Full D€nial .

UNCLASSTFIEDTTOR€Ff rcntltltst-Otitif-

57223 30-Sep-2008 Kristine Husk€t Records-cotrcsning or relatiDg lo: l) coElrudcatioDs b€t\,r€e NSA atd rie Neitber Confirn No! Desy
woery ror wortdwide Fiaancia] Td€commutricarion (-SWFI..)
lo el€cE- oDic surveillaocr or ph)sical se.arch€s of the daraUase
of S Wfff aolnf-i'"
S€p 2001 to l0 s€p 2008; 2) Assi$anc.e provided p".*_i,"
coun €s16busb€d uftter s€ction 103(a) for rJIeFlSA.oflg?8
SwUt aI irj* or
Amodn@ts Act of
ruud olr-@ullg suctr assistece.; 3, assisrance p,rovided
by SWIFT puxsuant lo ,
*it'.c y96.s€(,iotr 251! (z){a){DXB) or 2Togotoftirle 18, Us
Looet 4 I assrslance pro\,tded by SWIFT pursuant
to a clir€ctive utrd€r secfion
102(a){4),_ lo5B{er as added by secrioD toftbe prolect
emarca eo of zObicr,Utic
tuw r 10-55), ot 702(h) ofRSA Am€sdmeals Ac1of2008 dir€cring suc!
assisrance; 5) assistarce provided by SwlFT iD conneclron
wrlh an intdlisace
acu\4ry mvoivutg cornmunicat ioDs lhal was aulorized by rt pr€sidrrl
e oi
re Us
gurilg lbe psrod begiEllroe I I S€p 200 I ad €fldmg oD t 7 Jatr 2007, tha! was
c€srgnqt to dq€d or prevenl a tfiorist attack or aclivities iD prepantion
for a
tcrrorisl auaclq agaDsl rhe USI 6) assislance provid€d by SWI_FT
Lhal was rhe
slrDjed ol a wnhm roquest or directivq or a sgi€s ofq.rtflat
rcqu€sE or alir€qives,
f 9m the b ead of rle NSA (or rbe depury, ro SWt FT inOicating rirat dre
activiiv was
aumonzd Dy rhe li€srdfrlr adcqmined lo be lawful: 7) records refledbs the
validity of such above derorib€d search, courf or<ler, *riaor
r€quesl or dlr€qive; ad 8) comnuaicalions from SWIFT io
response to oc,l atore
d€sGibed searcll court order, wrilt@ crr!ficatiotr, wdfto request
or dir€ctive
O+Oct-2008 Ja.obsiegel
Oo* news orgrmizalioos such as Fox News, CNN, and ABC,
Ilale Deeo.:ls€( colsDmdt agarcies for
No Records
9y damage control, or fur their own means


: ,,.1


Socidy ofworldwide htEbaqk Financial Tel€comEuDicatioD (SWIFI) relatiDg to

decEonic surwillance or physical searches ofthe database SWIFT ftolo 1 I Sep
2001 to 30 S@ 2008; 2) assistmce provided by SWFT p$slr8nt to aD ord6 oflhe
court €stablishod utrd€r s€ction 103(a) oftbe Foreig! Intelligoce Surveilla$c€ Act
of 1978 Am€ndments Ao of2008 (FISA Am€fldm€r{s Acl of2008) directing such
assistatrc€; 3) assislarce provided by S$,IFT pursuant to a cstification in writing
undd s€ctior 2511(2xa)(ii)(B) or 2709 (b) oftitle 18, US Codq 4) assisrance
provided by S\tr'IFT pursuaDt to a dir€clive unds s€ction 102(a)(4), 1058(e), as
added by socti@ 2 ofthe Proted Am6ica Act of2007 (Public Law 11G55), or
702(h) ofFISA An€odm@ts Act of2008 direcling such assistancq 5) assistance
provid€d by SWIFT, in coD!€ction witb an intdligerc€ activity ialolving
communications, thal was authoriz€d ry the k€sid€{t of&e US during fte p6iod
I I S€" 2001 lo U JaD 2007, tbat was desig!€d !o ddect or prevot a te{T orist
arack, or activiti€s itr pftparation for a terrorist attaclq againsl the US; 6) assistanc€
provid€d by SWIFT thai was lhe subj€ct ofa wdtt$ r€qu€st or dircc1ive, or a s€ri€s
of sritt@ requests or directives, iom the head offte NSA (or tbe deputy) to
SWIFT iDdjcating lhat |ie activity was au$orized by the ft€sid€nl and d€rqmlned a,,4,
to b€ la*drl; 7) records refl€qing lbe validity of srrcb above d€sdibed search, iffi-l e""oon"t*
- ..
orda, writt€n crrlifcadon, $Titta r€qu€st, or directi\€; and 8) mrnrnuDications
Aom SWIFT in respoDse to such above desrribed search, gollrt ord6, writto

UNedacted of 6ll iaformatior about Jaoice C. Doskey, inolud€d but not iimited to AdEitr Closure
i.Bforlnation disclosable undq Tide 5 ad aI olhq hformatioD trot gohibit€d by

@rrtal €drplolmdt stmding, immediate sup€wisor's tramq ratrk and

locatiotr, phone trumbers, hel oficle id€ntity, lmit name and numb€r, ho\r to
contaci h€r s€arrity ofrc6 ald qrbiclq atrd all oth€r informatioo available that is
lae:frrl to releose, it is being usgd solely for the purposes pr€psation ofan
-----------lb-t(5-P.1. 8c36
Copy ofthe Buildiog Health Scjeocrs €pideniological study pqform€d a1 rhis
complex, to rnciude apperdices. (22 Oct 2008: Requ€st€r clarifed which Appodicrs
Panial Dglial

r€qu€si€d: E. F. ond I.)

5731I 12.0(1-2008 Brat Cahill R€cords iDlolviDg $e USAF/OMNG/WANG, there pursuils. dogfighls and Granted lrPfi l
oashes thal haff€r while an6 dese ufo's. The records l'm most intcr€sted in are
th€ ones that happar v,ittr in the lasl4l ,€aN, h Washiogton State hformation
atrout the locations, €le!€tion, flight area and or path, shape ofuft, size, lighls,
color, dalrr lme and duration. I would like to krow iflh€y w€re spoEed by \*'{:*
s'ito€sses or byradar, ifby radar, slarting wha md for how 1oIrg wihin the radar

573t6 l4oct-2008 Arlca€Bichg More information otr my relatrve G€orge A. Bicher. Your arcbiv€d irdicates that he cranted h FJ\
wrote material r€ardiig tle coddalkss Bo#cbmcl52, AccessioD#34774a, I would
like coDi€s ofthis mat€rial.
would - -
i'li''-- -.:- .:_ .t =r'a lbllo)

s1: t e t l-oq-zoog l,{a*€gl rierdi-tre j.Uti4blpali!! jrlsod glbgl]@alpariona i;; Bf€niei=-T l.rathe. an6m l.tor'Dov

5'7324 16-@-2008 Carol Gmenbug All 6l€s r€gdding lhe Octobe 15, 2003 bonbing near the Beit Hanoun junction in
trortlern Gaza in the Palestinim t€rritories, whici attack resdled in the deaths of
John Brmch?iq Msrk Pdsons. and Jobn Lind€ Jr.

57329 07-Oct-2008 Miciael L€bowitz R€qu€sl th€ fo[owing docum€ats: l.

Th€ name ofany comp@y, agqcy, or No Records
indiviftal task€d with the packhg, mov€m€ot and sbipping ofpgsoDal belongiogs
for agency edplo,€€s behg tra$f€rred or newly bjr€d; 2. The avgage motrdary
amouDt oeeaded by lhe ag€ncy to ship aDd move the persond belongings of a
n€wly hired eEployee or tr@sfq 3. The avaage mondary anourt o(p@ded ty
th€ ag€acy io ship and move the p€.sonal bdongings ofan avcage one-bedroom
aFatmat for a newly hired eldplo)t€ or lransf€r being shipp€d by himselfor
haseffroal Sourhqn Califomia to the Washitrgton, DC mqtopolitan area; 4. The
cotrtraci ad agreemeats betweo Oe ag€lcy aDd business tasked with srrch
shippiDg atrd movemat ofpssonal belongings.

LNCL"{SSrFIEry/toFOmCft r#SFeNtY.

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l6oct-2008 J€ony Small Reco.& coDcsning: l) &e project laowtr as any ofthe followiDg: IP Tracebacb
S€cudty LaDguag€s ad T€lecoEmunication Sotware, Q 6/17 TD 4068, Study
Group 17, or any oth6 lame fur developbg aod utilizing t€chnology l,o trac€ IP
addrBs€s atrd prevot aoonFrity on ttr€ iDtetnd; 2) corr€spondeac€ with any lb)(6)
agfllcy oflhe Peoplc's Republic of China concerdng lP Trac6ack Se&rity
languag€s atrd Tel€communicaliotr Software, Q dl7 TD 4068, Study Group 17, or
ajly olher oame for dcveloping and utilizing lechnology to trace IP addresses and

09-Oct-2008 DavidKaisg Copies ofagorcy reclrds, ifany relating !o

G€orge A. Kooprnan (19451989), a Full D@ial
ansllst and sltrepraaf. Specidcaly, records relating to Koopman's
with lhe Conscioumess

5n52 l7-Oct-200E Mchael ResaD Sovid Air Forc€s tron dre WW2 to ttre rnid 70s. At Ord€t ofBattle data on the (bx6)
WS (Sovi6 Air Forc!), PVO Strany (the Air Defose Foic€), mA Mltary
Tresport Aviaion), DA (LoEg Rallge Aviation). Sp€cifcaly Unit D€signatibtrs
atrd atbase locatiotr fiom the edly yeafs ofthe Cold War - 1950-1965 prefqably in

DOCID: 35522AA

57379 l5-Ocl-2008 Melissa Coodmal 1. Any atrd all legal meinoreda, Focedues, polici€s, directives, pfactices,
guidance. or guidelines crearcd bdweal 1993 &d the prestat pertainiDg to lhe (bx6)
acquisition, processing, analysis, rdsrtion, storage, or diss€minatiotr ofU.S.
commmications - q,fidh€r taryd€d for inta!€ption or incid€fltally int€rc€pted -
during lh€ course ofNSA surveillance aclivitid colducted inside or outside the
UDited Slates. 2, Ary and all rccords 6€{t€d b€twe& S@tembs 2OOl ad the
tll€seol conqtming complaints atout, invesligation oq or disciplinary actions
related to the NSA'S of U.S. communications.
57380 l3oct-2008 Rostrlaryl,aw Docum€ots r€garding all coDhacts awarded md6 solicitation #I9823G04-C-0002,
the Automat€d Documm!

5',t3E2 lGOq-2008 J@try Snall I - Records coDcqnitrg lhe project loow! as .try ofthe following: IP TracAack, Duplicate R€quest
Secuity l,anguages atrd Telccommunicatiol Sollwarq Q 6/17 TD a068, Study
Croup 17, or any olher nanre for develophg atrd utilizing 1€cbrology to trace IP
adab€ss€s md pret,en anonlnity on the j.nt€'nrt; 2) cor€spotrdace with any
ag€ncy oflhe People's R@ublic ofclhina concdtring I? Traqdack Seetity
taquag€s and Teleconmunication softrdg QW 6/l? TD 4068, Study croup 17,
or any oth€r name for developing and utilizing tecbnology to trace IP addresses and
2l-cf,,.:2008 ADdra'Bazley Aly/all infordario! about the breahip ofExxon Mobil, and B€ll Telephones, for AdmiD Closure

51398 22-&.-200a lawie Brodie Records of ally modtodng to me by r€mote technolory, esp€cially remote nqral
monitorhg, radio tra$missiot frackitrg/surv€illancg gps, 164 ed son implantod
device or rfid in aDy articl€ ofclolhing. Also
any satellit€ sdding sEobH light, as
in bluq whito and red fashing signals ioto my home and aqy oth6 activity used on

s7399 22-M,200E Johtr OMa[€y Copy ofthe docum@ts rd€as€d in Case Nurobfr 56796, includhg a1y copies ofthe .\
CRITIC messag€s and any follow up r€lDru ['om S€pt€mb€f I l, 2001 rdalillg to
tlnit€d Airlin€s Fliehl 93.
23'Oct-2008 GregorySlok€s Not Within Purview

': Pace 6 of 19
OROf 'flcltfi OMi_
: 35522AA

57415 23-Oct-2008 Johll Kibt6 UnsaDitizod.nod-r€dact€d version oflhe report eotitlod "S$dcic Acid from China, Admin

57416 23-Ocr-2008 l) Are lhere doormetrls available that Eack asbestovradon l€vels at NSA'S main
buildilg, specificaly tbe basem€at lerds iD the building? 2) Have studies beel
pqformed showing instarces oflug c8lcs in p€ople who worked itr these
sub-Surface levels at NSA? 3) Is Radon now being tsack€d io thcse sub-surface
levels oltheNsA builditrg? 4) Has S€ buildhg had asb€stos reoroved ftom any of
the suFsurface le\ds ofthe buildiDg and ifyes, whar ar€as wfte affeded? 5) Hav€
ey civilim or milit'lyposoD.De,l applied for disability a r€suft oftheir supect€d
€reosule to Radon at NSA? 6) I{ave any civilian or milit ry pdsontrd appli€d for
disability ,s a result ofthen susp€cted erqosure ro asbestos at NSA? 7) Have dy
civilian or militd'y pdsoDnel adied for disability as a result oftheir susp€cted
oeo$re to faulty air haDdling rystms used at NSA? 8) Have any civiliaD or
military pqsoDnel rec€ived disability palmols as a oftheir suspecaed
oeosure to Radon at NSA i 9) Ilave any civiliatr or military p€rsoDtrd recrived
disability payn@ts as a r€suit of lheL suspoct€d o{posuie to askos ar NSA? l0)
Have aly civilian or i litmy p€tsoDn€l rec€ived disability paym€nts as a r€sult of
their suspect€d €xtr osue to faulty air handlfug syslems used at NSA; I l) Is there
aDy ( cnlr€ot, ongoing or past) rdated to €reo$re to asb€stos, Radon or

57435 15-Oc{-2008 JahesRobsis *.r" t*"-r"*r -

the ar€a ofh)?trosis- I'm abo i! <r€sted in any backgrour4 hisloricat, or r€sedch
worls such coBtributors to bypnosis such Milton, Erikson, Dav€ EllE@, Erika
Fromm, and oth€rs lhat will help m€ to understand basic and advalcad induction

51437 f2-tu-200E Deborat \r'JeiDsteh Ingofal FOLA requ€sts from January 2006lhrough D€.€mbs 200? regtrding lhe Partial Dcsisl
monitorbs ofUS teleDhon€ cal1s uds the FISA law-

UNCI,ASSIFIEIMf ORtrfi €IALUS+€I{*_ 7 of 19
ulrcLASStrUEXy/rgRoffi cllificoriErF
rrcque$ Ic}r r. K@oros conc€mrng me proj€o r(nowlt {!s 6oy ot ltr€ lollowng: .l
Trac€back" "Seq[ity L&guag€s ard Tel€conmunicslion Softwarq' "Q 6/1? TD
406E, " "Study Group 17" or any oth€r na&e for developitg and utilizbg teclnology
to trace IP address€s and prev@t anonymity on the int6net; 2. Any and all
corr€spondeoce with alry agacy ofthe People's Republic of China conffrning "I?
Traffback," 't€crrity LaDguag€s @d Tel€commufcation Softwarg" "Q 6/17 ?D lbx6)
4068," "Study Croup U" or any otl€t name 6r deldoping and utiliziog teclmotogy
to trac€ IP addesses and

27-Oct-2008 JeorySmall l) Records conc€Ining the proje.r loown as my ofthe fo owitrg: IP Tncebaclq Dupliafe Reqll€st
S€anity Latrguag€s @d Tdecommuiication Softwar€, Q 6/17 TD4068, Study
Croup l?, o. any oah€r name for developing and utilizing techDology to trac€ IP {bx6)
adalress€s and prevqlt aDonyEily on the htqod; 2) Correspondace with any
agocy ofthe People's Rq'ublic of China concdnhg IP Trac€back, Secrrity
languages ed Tflecommlmicstim Soiware, Q 6/l? TD 4068, Study Croup 17, or
any othq name for developi[g and utilizing technolost to hace IP ad&esses dd

urrcL{sstr'rEly/FotoFFreftrfitro fF
Pege 9 of 19
lr-(Jct-zuuE tsr@keclar(e l) Major COI SEC Chalengei Seot]I€ Voice, fall 1974 rssu€ oicrptotogrc
Specl m Indo( 1969-1981; 2) (nissing) Progam Overview: History Status,atrd
Dr€{tions (r, Vol 10, No. l, Spring 1991 issre ofcryptologic QMrtsly; 3)
Wea&€r or Not - Encytr'ted? (l), Vol xII, No. 4, Fall I 967 issue ofthe NSA
T€cbnical toumal; 4) Working Against th€ Tide Parts One and Two, lr?0
Cryptographic Hi$ory S6i€s (SEA) lni6sing), listed lo lbe Cf$ts ofCrlplographic
History Broc[u€s; 5) Vidnaln: A SIGINT Pamdox (Parts I and II), May-Jue
2002 issueofcrwtographic Alamanac Ind€x; 6) SIGINTed theF U ofsaigoD,
Pan 1, July-Aug 2002 issue ofcryptographic Alamatrac Index and SICINT aod the
Fall ofsaigon, Pet 2, July-Aug 2002 issue ofcryptograpbic Alamanac hd€'(; 7)
Kq.L-007: The SIGINT Pss?ectivg S€!-Qt 2002 issue ofcrntogaphic lb)q)
Alamatrac Indoq 8) The Sovi€t l.hiotr's Iri"siou ofAfghanistan, 25 Dec 1979,

57568 23-Ocl-2008 Ahssa Domineuez Reou€st for hformation about NSA. Cranted In Full

5757E 23-Oc1-2008 Cvnthia NuII€z Wants to how more aboul the National Seclrdw Asmcv Granted In Full ,,

l75Rq 05-NN-1008 Ashlev Bone Crt]rv ofc.ntract NMN0?A A7?C rlonr wifh itsm.diff.qrions WithdFu - -

- --

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57605 06-Nov-2008 L€Iry Shockk? Acc€ss to NatioDal Archi!€s 61es, 'U.S. Strategic BombiDg SurveJA' Withdnwn
243119U62-Box 696, A.u€Iusl 14, 1944; Box 69?, Ausust 23, 1947; Box 946, Ford
Werkg the Ford Motof Compely's G6maD sutsidiary, also cotlribut€d !o lhe Nazi lbxo)


516i26 l0Nov-2008 H€ory Nqfdt Name ofawardee and lotal contact value fm ADET C6t€r for L€amir]g, Grad€d Io Futl , u
Technologies aad Strategies T€chnology Support proclr€d odrr the NSETS II .. '

51628 1l-Nov-2008 TbomasAorwine ADy rnclassifi€d doqrmats or ftrdiugs pqtailing to anythreats or tbreat groups n4rn6 qn"ur"-
donesficdly or iotsDatioDally (t€rrorist groups or oth6s) that desirc or have
a:.:- '
aiempt€d to aflack reNew YorkNew Jersey Ports in lhe lsn l0 yelrs. I would
also like !o include ey groups that have the;bitiry b lamct aay iype ofarack

sI645 l3-Nov-2008 ElizabdhSt€pontos Copy ofSAIC confacr #H98210-04{-1355 including all attachm66 and exhibits
but noiodifications, and a copy of&e o4ginal RFP and all anr@dmants
51646 13-Nov-200E M(fiael Gilday copy, h lhe original dectronic format, ofthe lot€rag@cy OPSEC Suppon Statr Full Dsial
GOSS) PowetPoint presatation'I-dhal Kqstrokes," available at
httns://mwhtrn iiiedis nil/t'Ierhrl t*tr^ka thinino



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VLX. 1.4" atrd "CCH Sqi€s VI.X.I.7"; 2) records listirig the memb€rs and make,up
circa 1953 ofa) NSA fiNt Directo IlG@ Ralph J. Cani{e's Advisory P&el, aDd b)

Itr a rec@tly declassiied ad rele€s€d US Crptologic History NSA C€|lts for

Cryptologic History - S6ies Vl Vol 5, Book 1, Am€ricaD Crrptology Diring the
Cold War; 1945-1989, Book I
Th6 Slnrggle ft)r CertralizatioD 19451960, two
mations are madebfa 1953 intstral NSA pand or cobmi$ee r€view, "a largely
itr-houie examination ofCOMINT, chairod by Dr. Il
P. Robe.tson ofcalifomia NoN Responsive
Institute ofTechoolo$/." Requ61 is for l) lho 6nal r€Eort ofthe panel or

57678 l9-Nov-2008 KellyMll€r Releosable s€ctions A thn] J, includitrg Statem@t ofworh ofcontlact

All propocals from and contrads vitb ProTel€com, LLC ffom January 1, 2005 to

Crpies ofal incid@t r@or,tJ tak€'r byNSA police ofrces during Octobe 2008,
pl€ase alon't i.oclude photogaphs or othfr drawings in lhis requ€st NARROWED:
incidf reports involvitrg a crime (i.e, thei ffom a vdricle or theft from som€ooe s
d6k), moro major tradc incida$ (lhose involving injury), and/or worhlace

57695 2l-Nov-200E Mooic€ Jores Documetrts regar&ng lhe A)OSS clnEacls sr'ith Northrop, CSC, CACI and Booz Requesrer did trot r€spond lo
Alla. f€.1e'.tfr /:
Page 12 oI 19
The following documtat relating to the prototFe EC-47 ARDF airaiat h Vic{aam:
DDR&E lDirc{tor, Def€nse R€search snd Enginedtug DoD] n€fno fo. DIRNSA,

The Request is conc€rned wilh the US raditiotr, s€cr€t dq€trfoo, and coercive
intsrogalon prog&ns. Sp€cifically, this R€qu€st seeks recorals cortainidg
itrformatioD about the circumstaocG aod ext€at ofparticipation in tb€se pmgrams
by the UK ad O(h6 Gov€rnmats atrd the tsansfer ofde{aiEees ftom the UK and
Oiher GovfrDmots io lhe conEol ofthe US or ils agenis. This Requesl also sed$ ;
records containing iDforEation abott sp€cific ddainees, their d€t@tions, and the
intorcgation tecbniqu€s used on them. Unless othawise s?ecifi€4 this R€qu€st
s€ej$ recorG p€rtainhg to pqsotrs rcod€r€d, dqahe4 or idcrogated worldwide
sincE S€ptembq 11,2001, Please disclose records conc€.ning: Agreeoclts
B€ffie€d lhe US ad the UK Agreetnots Betw€o the US and Olhs covctrm@ts;
tlK ParticipalioD aad Suppon ofthe US R@dition and Secid Deration Programs;
D€go Gacia; Olhff Gov€rtrm€ots'Participation ed Suppon oflhe US Redition
Progam; InformatioD About Sp€cific Alleged T6rorist Plots; ard, lnformariotr

57105 24-Nov-2008 John Bqg€r The following documedis g@6ated bd1vea 1 Jm 192 ed 3 I D€c 1995 which
. p€rlaiD to the form€r Yugoslavia: 1) conmunicdiots, memomdda" €tc. regeding
Boslia-HFzegoviDa provid€d to ofrcials at tbe Write ltrouse and any othq
or€nltiv€ tranch oficials, includbg but Do limited to offcials ofthe Natiol|al
Seqrity Councit aDd Oe Srate Dept, but €xcluding iltqnal doc1loedts ofNSA
o(c{pi as providod for bdow: 2) guiddi.nes, n€dioraBtla m oth€r doanmols re

:;ff T:,"fT'ft ,riH"ffi i1.,#?$;Tiiffisi$il:i#ff

labelhg ofilt€rcepts as pstaining to "haniao Paramilitaries.' 3) ftporls,
surn$aries/analF€s of intsc@ted cornsuDicatioDs, COMINT/SIGINT to/iom
individuals in Bo$ria-Htrzegovioa or whicl oth€rwise pertain s?€cifically to Bosaia
atrd its intsactioEs WlraD,lkadan Peamilitari€s; 4) r@orrs, hislorievaDabtical
uorks dc rudE thetopic ofBosDia, Bosdia-H6zegovinaJfomg Yugoslavia; 5)
reports, summaries, qc., ofintercqt€d communications to/fron individuals in
Bosnia-Herzegovina which p€rtain 10 Saudi Arabia or the Sudan; 6) lisls or c6talogs
ofNSA dodrm@t coll€ations pqtaioing to lhe former Yugoslavia.
cAsf, #

57716 26-Nov-200E Jefteytudelson Request for r€pon dded 'NSA.i CSS/JFCC'NW Entqprise A-rchit€c{ure hitiative lb){6)
Tecbnical Arclitearue Govqnance - R€commadations for the Way Atead" The
reort was r€f€renced in a Baltimore Sutr article "Managernenr Shonmmings Se@
ar NSA' {05060?).

57722 30-Nov-2008 Robtrt McKilney Recorils relating to Project SEGAAR
5'l'123 3GNov-2008 Nila Faraltmy Records hdd oD lhe use ofirnctional magn€tic resonance imaging (IMRI), FUU Dmial
el€cfroac€phalography (EEG), fimctioral ned infi-ared imaging (OUR)), Brai!
Elc.lrical Oscillations Signature (BEOS), inn-ded specfoscopy, or oths brain
scanning or measwer!€nt technologies ttrat seek tq ddecl tuth, dec@tion, guilty (bx6).. .

howl€dgq recoll€ctions or r€cognitio! of ev€ots, pemotrs or any otbq informatiotr,

rative laaguage, decoding visual imagEy itr tl1€ brain, intqrtion, or to othewise
assist in inrtrmsatins or idstlifvirs individrals fnr foll6w{m duestioni'o

57735 0l-D€c-200E R)"nBagwell Requ€sl acc€ss to and copi€s ofall incid€nt repons takea by NSA police officqs
dudng Nov€nrbg 2008. Please don\ include photographs or oths drawiags itr this

*at *""
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DOC ID:355228
51755 l3-D€c-2008 Jos@h MakiD Copy oftl€ followilg: P{ag€s 14, 15, l?, 18 and 20 ion SRH-149, as prepared Duplicate Request
21-27 lvlarch 1952, and lides "A BrielHistory of Communications lntelligence itr
the Uni[ed States" as shor'r at URL '' as posted

57160 03-Dec-2008 Pdq B}me Fil€s

Fit€s rdabed by NSA r€q8dins Dr. Hush Eve€tt nI {deceased 19 Julv 1982) No Records
5'1763 0l-D€c-2008 Tom Wronka Requ€s1tor hfonnarion regarding Confact O+C'0301 (Opgatioo aDd
Marntaece for Bdtsyille Facilit . Sp€cifically, we ar€ r€quesdng the oame ofthe ft!6r
Succ€ssfi. Of€ror, the Tlfe ofcontr&q the award amount for the Base Yed and

5'7767 24-Nov-2008 A Crislol Doqlment srtided SIGINT Readbeos Bravo Catryon Repons of 1967,
CLARIFIED: va s CRITICS Aom April lhrough June 196? on SIGINT R€adin€ss

57768 24-Nov-2008 A Cristol DeclassificatioD and rdease ofa lD€oro *Tittqt by Robrrf E. Ne'tol i! 1992 Paflial Daial
classifed UMBRA on the subj€ct ofope(ariotrs ai NSA and Ue tu$ory on rhe Ffgl ,resPonsiv€
Pucbto anack atrd the captuIe ofthe USS Pueblo. CLARIFIED 4 D€o08,lo be Non_

d.)cumat 'The Ctn|lre ofrhe t JSS P $lo snd hs Efl'dr nn SICINT Ctr6.ri6nr"

rNSA has ahy concsns about sigbdngs ofstrange obj€cts fling or hovqing over NotWithitr Puwiow

57802 IGD€G-2008 L€and€r Siolms ofl,ork motioood in the RFP for coofiact numbs
Requ€st the staeoeot
H9E230-05-R-1995/00 (Ent€rprise Business Manag€m€nt - EBMS). ,'

fte psiod 2001 to 2008, including but trot limited ro those covEiag h€r work for
snd wirh r€questilg party, Jack A. Shulmar, and including those involving atry
TSi/SCVCodeword clearcd activities, redact€d of all clolsiffed task related
l1-Dec-2008 ModcaJon€s Cledly rdeasable portioqs ofthe docum€nts reg€rdi[g coofact awarded to SI
ht€matiooal and L3 CoEmurications lmd€r Solicitation # H982300?R2725, the
Entqpnse Prograd Madageo€nt II requir€rtr@t. Specifcally, I aal requeting
copies oflhe followhg informatioo/docum@ts: * Awarded contsact, all relat€d

l1-Dec-2008 JackShulman All documfals, records, emails, correspond€oce, suveillaft€ records, itrtac€pt Full Deaial
recorals, traDscripls ofaudio and vid€o, vidoo records, photographs and information
io al1y form and formatled for @y medium regarding CompAm€rica-com (a/k/s
compamsica@compameric€-com and and its afiliat€s
An€ricln Conput€r Sci€atists Association hc., Amsican Comput€r Company,
Bdl North Amefica Corporatioo (a/da, ACCPC.oom, T€choology
Iltquational Corpomtion, TEC Int€riational Corp-oirition, Allia Express (aAla_ '. ''
alliaEbccoE), Enpire Storag€ and Processing (a4la The Earpire Compani€s) and
CompAmaica (a,4rla Cooputq Sales altd S€rvice Co.) aloDg with atry other related
ad afiliat€d cmpanies, pssons and places it occupi€s or opEat€s out ofincluding
phlsical od el€ctronic locations. CompAmsica-com has a principle ofrce location
at 6 CoiDmtlce Dr., Suite 2000, Cranford, NJ 07016. Pesonnel also have ar
op€rati.trg SOHO at 655 I[IIffist Ave., Westfiel4 NJ 07016.

ulcr,AssmnD/F0R.1x'I'IcltmrsborEy 16 of 19

records, lra$cript! of audio atrd video, vid€o r€cords, photoglaphs and infijrmatiotr
in any folm and formatt€d tor atry medium regarding (a/.Va and and its afiliates (bX3)-P.1. 8&36
Am€ricrn Comput€r S,ci@rists Association Inc., Amoican Computer Company, (bxs)
B€ll Nortl Ah€rica Corporation (a^da,, TeclEology
late.national Corporalion, TEC htqnational Cofporation, Allia Expr€ss (&4da
allianu.crm), Empir€ Storage and Pmcessiry (a4da the Empire CoEpani€s) and
CorlpABsica (alda Comput€r Sal€s ad Sdvice Co.) along with any oth€r relat€d
and affliated coEpalies, pqsons atrd places it oooupies or opeat€s out ofincluding
phlsicd and elecEoDic locatioDs. CompAa€ has a principle o6ce location
at 6 Commqce Dr.. Suite 2000. Crdford" NJ 07016, PssoDnel also have m
ChrisSaladim Rocords releas€d on 15 S€D 2000 ofunideot'lfied nvins Obiects cranted In Full
57815 14-D€c-2008 Dais Colomb lnformalioD rdated to theJapsneseBiologic6l Weapons progam during World War No Records
Two and Uni! ?3 l.
57816 09-D€c-2008 Ali Bgdoutr R€cords iD atry fdm or formal (lpecifically induding smail, ev@ ifqrrsrtly only
mainlaio€d olr back-up media), including but Dot litrdted tO aDy rocords gedqated
purua{ to rhe ft€a4db€r 5, 2007 "I,t@orandum ofAgre€Naent B€twean the
D€patm€nt ofD€f@se atrd the Dr?artn€[t of State on USG l\ivate S€curif,
Crntractors: (MOA). These itrcludg but are dot limited to: 1. All notifications or
inv€stigaDoDs ofa "s6ious incid€[t itrvolving a PSC" fietrqat€d by lhdu.S.
Enbassy Baghdsd or CONOC, crcnveyed b MNF-I, RSq or the Crovsnmglt of
kaq, as des.ribed in Section VII, paragaph 2 oflhe MOA; 2. ADy r€cords
r€g€rdbg aDy proposals for or the oeaditure of "condoleDce payments" to the
fanilies of lraqi nationals, ps S€ctiotr VII oflheMoA; 3. AnyrecorG rega.rding
lhe conduct ofinvestigations relal€il to any "s6iola ircid€nt iNolving a PSC",
itrcluding, but not limircd to: a. lhe assignment ofpfisoDnel to conduct to conduct
the itrltstigatioD; b. the evidence gath€r€d, iDcluding witnesses with whom they
spok€, c. and the 6!al dispositiotr or refaral ofth€se claiBs. Forths, we seek any
similar r€cords g€o€lated at€r Octobef 2001, in any form or fomaq regmdiDg,
louahirg upon, des{ribitrg or relating to co radors accused 04, suspected 04 or
involved in viol€nt crim€s or pot@lially criminal activity in Afghanistar or lraq.
linally, we seek recorils r€garding the r€fqral ofinvestigSroDs, cases, or claims to
the U.S, Depanmart ofJustice, or any oth6 sgercy, d€panmart, offic€j ag@cy
compotreat, subsidiary or oficial. Th€se includq but aredot limited io, r€cords
relating to: d. o6ces and persoDrel involved in the decisioD to ref€r the
iDvestigatioos, c€s€s or clairns, e, the decision to ref€r Oe cases, investigations or

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ttNCLASSIFmD/iIOROFfreHrrUStsgN,rL (ixa-
DOCID: 88REOT'ESIER Non - R€sponsive
easE_{ RnoDEST
Rf,OIJTST StlRrr'.a"r
57829 i4-Dec-2008 Howardsalt€i Requ6l accixs to and copi€s ofunclassified or declsssided vdiioDs, ard/or - With&awn
ecqrtive suniharieq or the doanmerts iB their entirdy, oftheNational Security
P.sidentirl Dirdtiva aNSPD) ofcmr'e w Fn,lh Admini.t,li^n nnml# ?<

l7-D€c-2008 JesseFrezblau All docrldeats itr whole or iD pan relatod to Ricardo Mguel Cavallo, a forns Neithe ConfimNor D6y
Argqfit|e militdy traval conmaldd ofthe Arg@tine Navy Mechsnical School -
hown by i6 SpaDish acronyfi ESMA. .This requ€st iaclud€s but is not limited to
d'ccumglls that me{tioo the follou,ing; - The ar€st ofca\alio in Modco in 2@0,
atrd subsequ€ot ocadition to face charg€s iD Spainh National Coun (a Audifrcia)
for iutematioDal huqan righE violations carried out undcr his commard at
RESMA. - The qtraditiotr ofca!"[o ftom Spain to Argotina in F$ruary 2008
whefe he is orra y staodiig cbarges for hurnan rights ah$€s commitred urder
his commald dur-ing the yeirs ofArgatina's military govsnmrat Aom 1976-t983.
57851 17-D€c-2008 CarolGnenburs Records legarding 1) lE FS 2002 shootiog oD Kis$rfin Rd in Caza in
tle the FuI Dqia-
Pal€stjnian t€rritones, r€$ ring in the d€ath ofAlulaAnsgi and woundirg of
l'{oshe Saperstei!; 2) security coordinatioo b€tweer NSA ad rhe Psl€stinian iili-j n*""*,*
Prev@tive Security S€ivic€sj 3) secudty coordinatiotr bdw€@ NSA and the
Pal€stinian Ced€r6l Se.idty Scrvice; md 4) decurity cbordioadotd bew@ Isra€l - - - :i-
atrd the Paleslinian Authoritv. insofar a! lhe NSA rvas in}( vdl in rftose

5?E58 lO-Nov-2OOE Johalvtuttingly Copies ofThe Enqre$ial Aliea Trmsldion Study Imded h 1972 dudng Cmnt€d In Full
Presidfll Nixon's admiDisEatio! andor The Spac€crat that oashdd h the New
Mai.. dffi, in thc Rmwdl ln.iddi

57869 23-D@-2008 A.nnaThorpe Re HAIPE ocap6ulation structure and rcutitrg s€tup, what is releasabl€? For With&awtr
€lomplg can we show Suite A €ocrpsulation9 I assume sirce Suite B is I?sec that
it is public info. Is Oal correcl? Ary iDfonnadon 1hal d€scribes tbe dala strucllsq
are lhere any onlire resourc€s?
ulrcr"{ssrFrEDitruRorTretf,ri{tr€rfl *-
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'DOCID: LINCLASSIFIED'7ft tRtrff e*+rttSEOl{I#- ab)c) --

5'7873 16-De-2008 . Delmon CrewEl Hsein descriH inbrnarioor l. The Kitrg At&ed Pl@; 2. Documdts pqtaining
to "Th€ King Alfi€d Plan," i.oclusive ofaoy amerdnats and./or revisions that may
have beea madq 3. Docun€nts pqlaining lo 'Ro( E4" aDd/or "Readin€ss Ex€rcise

57ui 2e-Dec-2008 -MicraerRawitzkv

#ir"iB$:J'&?fi'u#'*:fr:t#ffi,#:fffrr:u,ti,P FJ8,"311:
Non ' BssRonsM
1945-1989, Book I: Stuggle for Csruali;;1ioq'1945-1960, l-homas R

57897 l8-Dec-2008 Susi€Dow . l. audio recordiDg ofan outgoing call ptaced Aon a sate ite phone in Iraq ro (650) Neiihfi Condrm Nor D6y
?2E-7871 h Moss B€ach, Califomi4 USA on Octobd E, 2003; 2. audio recordiig
ofd outgoing c€ll plac€d tom the ssme satdlite phone in Iraq (coordinates below)
to a priiate cell phone fu the northeast kaq region on Odob€r 9,.2003. locstion:
. Grid Coordilsl€s 3ESMD052666293, Lat N 34 Deg 54' 16.998", lrng E 43 Dog
5?',45836", All 232 m.

Ul,{CLASSmfi D'FOROf iieft tffi Dolit:r-

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