Bella's book 2- Chapter two There wasn't many days that I woke up and Edward wasn't there.

But today was one of them The note laying on the pillow beside me was addressed to Issabella Cullen. It ha d said he was out hunting, that he would be back very soon. And most important o f all, that he loved me. I never got why he loved me. Just that he did made me the happiest woman alive. I hated it when he was gone. I groaned and Alice was at the foot of the bed befo re I could blink. "Are you in pain?" She looked concerned. "No, I'm not in pain, just wish Edward was here." "Oh. It will be about five minuets exactly." Just the thought of that made me ha ppy. Rosalie walked in smiling. "How's my newest sister and nephew or niece to be?" She was staring at my stomac h. "Fine, I haven't felt any morning sickness....." Just then it was like my last words had triggered something inside me. I got up and ran to the bathroom as fast as I could with my hand cupping my mouth. So far this was the worst part of being pregnant. I had my head bent down in the sink washing my mouth out when suddenly, There wa s a cold hand caressing my neck. "Are you alright, love?" I could smell his sweet breath washing over me. I turned around and kissed him until I was flushed and dizzy. "Welcome home," I whispered. He chuckled. "You seem happy this morning. I'm sorry I left you on such short notice. I shoul d have waited. I shouldn't have left like-" I was kissing him again. He chuckled once more. "I love you," he said smiling. "I love you too." There was a moment of silence as we stood there, my head on his chest, his arms around my waist. The quite was starting to bug me. Then my stomach growled and I knew he could here it. I giggled. " Can we go down stairs and get something to eat?" "Yes," he said smiling down at me. "Are you feeling well enough to eat though? I 'm still sorry I left I should have been here." "Don't be silly. Your eyes were pitch black and the circles under your eyes were getting pretty scary to. You needed to hunt. And yes I feel fine enough to eat. I'm starved, lets go." Esme was already down stairs cooking. "Hmm. She's already a step ahead of me. I'm going to have to get used to the sup er sonic hearing since I'm going to be here for a while. I herd her giggle. I pulled Edward to the couch, setting on his lap. "What do you want to do today?'' he asked. I really wasn't in the mood for anything big. I felt kinda' lazy. "I'm not really sure," I said in a thinking tone. "We could just hang out with A lice and Jasper and Rose and Emmett if you want." He had that confused look on his face like every time I mentioned hanging out wi th Rosalie or something. "What?" I asked. "Nothing." I flipped on the T. V., not feeling like arguing with Edward today. Nothing was on so I just settled for the news. There was something on about how some mans da ughter had ran away with her handsome 17 year old boyfriend. This made me giggle . Edward grinned, saying nothing. But then it hit me. We were going to have to leave soon. I wasn't going to be ab le to see Charlie. And especially now when my stomach is starting to look more a nd more like a watermelon each day. You could already tell I was pregnant. "We are going to have to leave soon wont we? Charlie can't see me like this."

He just nodded. Looking afraid to say much more. I must have looked like I was g oing to have an outburst in any second. He kissed my forehead and said everything was going to be alright. I just sighed , and stared out the window of a wall.

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