"Breakfast is ready Bella honey." Esme stuck her head out the door. I got up.

I wasn't really that hungry, but I'm sure Esme cooked something good. When I walked into the kitchen I changed my mind. It smelled so good! "Wow Esme, you didn't have to cook that much just for me." Esme giggled. "I love to cook. I don't ever get to do it often enough." "Well, what you do cook, you seem to do a good job at it! I'm never going to go out to eat again!" I winked at her. I return she just smiled and pecked me on th e cheek on her way out. I sat down at the foot of the table, grabbing a cinnamon roll, and started nibbl ing on it. "Edward?" "Yes, love?" " If you could turn back in to a human, what would be the first thing you would eat?" He laughed. "That's hard to say. It all looks pretty gross to me." I smiled. "Do you remember what used to like?" "Ummmm, I think it was cheesecake, but I'm not sure." "Yes, cheesecake is pretty yummy." Then I felt my little nudger. He was starting to kick a little harder. Not that it was uncomfortable though. I giggled. Edward raised one eyebrow. "He wants to try some cheesecake." Edward laughed too, but I could see a hint of anger in his eyes I would do just about anything Edward told me to do, but I have decided, we are having this baby.

After a long morning and getting sick four more times, the rest of my day was pr etty good. Alice and Jasper were out hunting, and Esme and Carlisle left, no one telling me why, so we spent the rest of the remaining hours of the afternoon pl aying chess with Emmett and Rosalie. I played with Rosalie, she best me, bad. No one wanted to play with Edward so I offered to. "This ought to be good. You better kick his butt, Bella since your 'e the only o ne who can! Now he gets to find out how normal people play. No freaky mind readi ng stuff here." Edward mock punched Emmett in the arm. "He'll probably burry me anyway," I sighed. "I'm no good at this game." Our game lasted the longest because I was actually trying to win. After all he d id beat me. Emmett looked agervated "Common' are you serious?!" Edward laughed. "That's just because no one can beat the master of chess. It's not possible." "That's just because you cheat 99.9% of the time." Edward just smiled at him. After that, Edward took me on a surprise date to Port Angeles. I was very surpri sed considering I wasn't supposed to be out of the house. He said it was just fo r me to enjoy myself. I raised my eyebrow and he just smiled and shook his head. He took me to the restaurant we went to after he saved me for the second time. I shuddered thinking about the for men ganging up on me, then my night in shining Volvo came to my rescue. I giggled. Then it was my turn to smile and shake my h ead when he raised his eyebrow. I was remembering how that was the night he told me he was a vampire. How myster ious he was, how careful. How he looked like he was in pain every time I touched him. I ordered the same thing I did last time, the first thing on the menu. He winked at me and ordered two Cokes.

"So what's the real meaning of this?" I asked because I knew it wasn't just for me to enjoy myself. The waitress set the food down in front of me and turned to Edward. "Are you sur e I can't get anything for you?" "I'm good," He replied. I giggled and then she walked away. "Never, in my life a year ago, would I have thought I'd be married to you, with a baby in my tummy." He laughed and grabbed my hand under the table. I laughed too." "Okay, back on topic, why are we here other than to enjoy myself?" "Eat, then I'll talk." He grinned that crooked smile I loved. I still took my br eath away. I guess I was never going to get used to it. I got my fork and stabbed a ravioli and shoved it in my mouth. It was good, just like last time. "Well, I know you that you have got to be tired of everyone hovering over you al l the time, asking you if you are alright. Have you noticed how Rosalie is hover ing over you? It's almost like she is protecting you. It's driving me insane." I was grinning a huge wide smile. "What?" I shook me head, hoping he wouldn't pry. I actually liked Rosalie hovering over me. It's better than being hated. "Okay now I'm confused. You go from not even liking Rose at all, to running stra ight into her arms when you saw her at the air port. What's the deal?" "It's not that I didn't like her-" "She wants the baby." "Oh." I sort of figured that any way, I just feel like she was the only one who would understand. I didn't want to continue the conversation. He would think I w as craze. I was getting full so I quit eating. The last thing I want is to get sick. Maybe we should go home. "I'm done eating now." I will never get used to his driving. Going over 70 miles per hour was not my cu p of tea. "Do you think when I become a vampire, I will drive like a maniac too?" He smiled. "Probably, yes." "Well, at least I'm not worried about being turned into a Volvo pretzel like las t time. I have no excuse." "That's right, because I will save you of course. And we would never have a cras h to start with. He was smiling. He was so full of himself. But I loved him either way. When we turned the corner to the house, there was banners and candles hung up ar ound the trees. The same ones that were used for the wedding. I turned to look at Edward, getting ready to chew him out, but he had a dark, vi olent expression on his face. The blood rushed from my face. What party could th e possibly have now? We drove closer to the house in silence.

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