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Harvest Bible Chapel Modesto

1. God’s faithfulness – providing the means to meet the needs of our

Morning Service

Pastor Scott – health regarding his right ear
Sunday School – Teachers/children
Worship Team – communication, unity, synchronized
Sound Team/System – function well, timing –coordination
Ushers – awareness of needs/surrounding, servanthood
Welcome team – genuine friendliness, hospitality
New Comers – feel accepted, welcomed by the church.
The Church – worship in spirit and truth, to give generously, to serve as
God leads them to particular ministry.
9. Small Group Leaders and Homes
Gospel of John Series ‘Come Meet the Man’
Workers for setting up/tearing down on Sundays.

Personal Requests
1. Strength for the Adam/Laurie Wenz family: Aidan and Brynna
2. Marlan’s sister ‘Sheri’ has inoperable cancer in pancreas. Two months
or less prognosis.
a. Pray – that there would not be any pain/discomfort.
b. Pray – Kelsey’s heart to be open to God and His plan for her life,
that she will choose Christ.
c. Major relocation for Sheri’s dtr McKenzie/family to move from
Seattle to Fresno
d. Transition for McKenzie/husband and 3 small ones.
e. Decision with how to have their belongings transported.
f. Marlan/Rose will drive to Fresno after church; but return on
Wednesday. Pray for safe travel, and for wisdom to meet the
practical needs of Sheri.
3. Angie to recover from shoulder surgery. She will start Physical Therapy
this week. Pray that there would be continual healing and no infection.
4. Bill’s wife – Joyce to have the desire to come to Church w/Bill.
5. James’ son Taylor: grow closer to God.
6. David/Rebecca – for the tenant to find a new residence. Protection for
their property.

Believing firmly in the power of prayer…Eph.6:18

Harvest Bible Chapel Modesto
7. Charlie has cancer – both he and his wife Wendy are NonChristians;
however, they have become more receptive to Christ… pray for their
8. Kathy’s daughter – for Heather to return to the Lord.
9. Marie Martin and SIL Marshall w/his children visited last week: pray for
Marshall and his children; as well as for Marie’s adult daughter to
return to her family.
Sara and Steve Klein – for renewed hope for their marriage. They
have two small boys (3yr.old; 1 yr.old).

Strategic focus
1. Church Finances – for members to have a spirit of generosity; to give
2. The Six (Pastor Scott/Amy, Robert/Connie, James, Kathryn) for safe
travel to the Harvest University in October 18 – 20, 2015.
a. Gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in order to be
equipped so that the church members can be equipped for the
next level.
b. For our Sunday service HBCM on October 18.
3. We, as a church, would have a deeper/urgency for evangelism. For us
to see ourselves as Laborers to harvest the lost in our community.
4. Pray for soften hearts in our community as we tell people about Jesus
and the work He is accomplishing in the world today.

National News
1. Families of the Oregon Umpqua College campus shooting that killed 10; and
for the 15 that are wounded.
2. Wildfires: safety for firefighters, protection of property.
3. Relief from our California drought.
4. Shut down of Planned Parenthood

International News
1. Persecuted Church in the Middle East
a. Pastor Saeed Abedini is serving his 3 years from his 8 year sentence.
i. Wife Naghmeh/children – son/daughter

I have never met anyone who spent time in daily prayer,
and in the study of the Word of God,
and was strong in the faith,
who was ever discouraged for very long
~ Billy Graham

Believing firmly in the power of prayer…Eph.6:18