SWT Andy Pitt (Choir)
Andrew Welsby (HR Director) lon Johnston (Customer Service Jon Choudhry (Operotions Christion Roth (Engineering Simon Gimson'(ComplionJ" ond lmprovement Steve Bunce (Heod of Employee Relotions) Modi Fisher (Employee

R.epresenring Sroffs'Side
Employee Representotives:

Director) Director) Director) Busin"ss Director) Communicolions (Secretory)

--l Dove Michoel Compbell Rickey Goodmon

Butler Dye






Coroline Senior


Heritoge I


Dove Henderson Kevin



Full-Time Officiols Peter

Mick Pollek, UNITE Grohom Morris, ASLEF

Andy Pitt opened the meeting, ond oll-round introductions were mqde. Apologies were sent from loin Anderson (TSSA). Andy Pitf gove o summqry of SWT's current position, covering the
following key points:

. . . .

The predicted improvement in the economy thof is being widely discussed hos not been seen in the reol economy yet.

Although public sector budgets will come under scrutiny, the environmentol ogendo ossociqted with troin hovel should be positive. Continuing to provide o good service to our possengers will put SWT in o better position when spending pressures orise. We need to focus on being efficient in the shorFterm, whilst keeping the long{erm position in mind. Since toking over os Monoging Director, Andy Pitt hos been impressed by the level of commitment of the good people who work well together ot SWT.

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HR Updote

Andrew Welsby, HR Director, gove o summory of key HR octivities, covering the following key

He commenced by exploining thot the HR teom hos hod o 33% reducfion in heqdcount, but believes the core octivities ore working os well os they were before. lt hqs been q chollenging yeor in lerms of the reorgonisotions, the chonges hove moinly been ochieved through volunteers leoving the compony, ond olso through good vqcqncy mqnogement. There hove been 2 disputes, I on redundoncies ond I obout Free Doy poyments, but thonks to good industriol relotionships, these hove not progressed further.
Aitendonce siqtistics show thot the compony torget of 97% offendonce hos been ochieved for 4 oul of 6 of the lost periods. There ore l0 octive Employment Tribunol coses, which is the lowest level for o number of yeors. Grievonces in 20Q7/8 were 300 per qnnum, ond reflected o culture of individuols writing letters rother thon tolking things through with locol monogers. ,l00 This is now proiected to decreose to coses in the 2009/10 review yeor, which would equote to only oround 2% of our stoff roising o formol grievonce. The Tell Us survey is currently out ond being completed, ond the some questions qre being osked os per lost yeor. ln troining ond development, we hove troined 47 new drivers ond 55 new guords, ond run 6 ticket office courses. 20 new drivers hove now received on NVQ level 2 on completion of their troining. Stoff side osked whether the quolificotion could be oworded to current drivers, Andrew Welsby ond Jon Choudhry undertook to keep this in mind, but sfoted thot it con be difficult to motch the requirements for operotionol ossessments qnd the requirements of the quolificotion. There hos been on interim voluotion of the pension scheme {os ot December 2OO8), which ,l00% showed o decline in the funding position from close to in December 2OO7 to oround 75%.The economy hos since picked up, however it is still likely thot ot the next full voluotion, we will be in o worse deficit recovery position thon ot the Decemb er 2OO7 vqluqtion. Stoff side osked whether there were ony plons to toke oction qs o result of the interim voluotion, ond Andrew Welsby confirmed thof there were no currenl plons to do so.

Kevin Smith rqised q query obout returning to dufy ofter medicols for the MB stoff ot Bournemouth. Andrew Welsby replied thot there hove been no chonges to existing orrongements, os loid down in the fleet restructuring ogreement.

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Item 2

Cuslomer Service Updote

lon Johnston delivered on updote on the moin octivities within the Customer

Retoiling Updote The Ticket on Deporture fociliry is now well estoblished. Over I million tickets hove been issued on South West Troins since lounch (moking up 2% of totol tickets issued), ond the focility is now ovoiloble qcross the TVM fleet. STAR Telesoles, which is o new, more intuitive ticket issuing system for the Customer Service Centre is due to go live in December 2009. The new website wos lounched lost week, which is much eosier to novigote ond hos o customer friendly loyout. There is on upgroded ticket booking engine focility, designed to increose ticket soles, by cleorly exploining oll ricket types ond ovoiloble price options. All chonges cqn be mode internolly, which will give o significonf soving on ogency costs, ond overoll the site focuses more on key business priorities. TVMs ore now in o stoble stote, following recent seryer ond credit cord problems. A softwore fix is now in ploce io improve reliobility, ond more softwore developments ore being plonned for rollout in 2010, but will now be prioritised to ovoid future reliobility issues. Avontix hqs now been reploced with Avontix 2. This is on updoted version providing us with o newer, foster ond more relioble mobile ticketing issuing system.
Stoff Accommodotion

l3 Stotion gotelines hove now been completed, ond the developments hove incorporoted moior ond minor stqff qccommodotion refurbishments e.g. qt Forehom, Hoslemere, Stoines, ond Queenstown Rood. Other improvements include Guildford (Mess room Plotform 2 refurbishment), Roynes Pork (securiiy occommodotion olteroiion/refurbishment), Portsmouth & Southseo (Mess room refurbishment - high level plotform) ond Brockenhurst (Mess room refurbishment). ln eorly 20,l0, plonned improvements include Frotion {lnformotion office refurbishment), Alton (iicket office refurbishmenf) ond Southompfon Centuol (Revenue Protection office refurbishment).
Security ond Crime Prevention

Crime is down 87" on lost yeor, notobly: - Violence ogoinst person down l9% - Weopons offences down 68% Robbery down 44% Public order down 8% Sioff qssoults ore down 43% on lost yeor, with o detection rote of 57Yo, a vost improvement on lhe 20% rqte I 8 months ogo. Periods 16 this yeor RCOs hove reported I ,256 people for byelow offences, "Siop checked" over 1,000 people, issued 271 unpoid fores notices ond issued 741 cor pork penolty chorge notices. The remoining 42 stolions ore now equipped with CCTV, so every SWT stotion ond troin ore now CCW equipped. "Poy As You GO" on Notionol Roil This

will lounch on 02 Jonucry 2A10, ond oll SWT stotions in London Trovelcord oreo ore included. All ungoted stqtions will be fitted with plotform volidotors, ond oll goted stotions will

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be upgroded to occept PAYG. The current MOVie devices will be reploced with o new version {Hondy 4401, to reod PAYG cords. Stoff briefs ore being written ond will be issued in eorly December, olong with troining for revenue protecfion stoff ond guords cooches, to give on understonding of the complex new fore slrucfure.
Stoff side roised concerns obout the condition of the kqincrew focilities ot stotions, including ot Brockenhurst qnd Bournemouth. lon Johnston sqid thot he would investigote these concerns. Stoff side qdded thot they were concerned qbout stoff porking for drivers being moved to the for end of the cor pork of Woking to moke woy for customer premium porking. lon Johnston soted thot opportunities to chorge morket rotes for premium porking would be token, but thot this issue wos forming port of the locol consultotion, where ony concerns regording sofety should be roised. Stoff side olso qsked obout the progress with the Trqvel Centre ot Southompton Centrol. lon Johnston replied thqt the ticket office is moving, qnd the whole ficket holl is being redesigned. The design hos iust been signed off, so work will stqrt sho*ly. Stoff side olso osked for on updote on Woterloo Trovel Centre. lon Johnston soid thot they were owoifing o response from Dff regording the opplicotion to close the Trovel Centre, ond thot the plon is to hove dedicoted windows for odvonce purchose. The dqte for the chonges is not known, but it should hoppen in the New Yeor.

Stoff side olso roised concerns obout the lock of coveroge ot Woterloo, porticulorly of weekends, of stoff who con issue tickets, ond felt thot significont omounts of revenue were being lost os o result. lon Johnston stoted thot revenue protection is on ort not o science, ond even thot if oll stotions ore goted people moy still buy short tickets. The deployment of revenue stqff is continuolly reviewed, ond in most instqnces there should be someone qvoiloble who con sell o ticket. Stqff side olso osked obout whether on excess fore box could be put in ot Woterloo. lon Johnston exploined thot owing to the size of Woterloo, ond the foct fhot we ore not regulorly sending people to the ticket office, this would not be procticol, ond we should continue to give the messoge thot possengers should buy o ticket before they boord.

Item 3

Performonce Updqte

Jon Choudhry presented the pe#ormonce updote, covering the following:
Recent performonce

wos 93.9% MM (compored to o torget of 92.9%1, ond Right time wos 73.1% MAA (Torget 71.1%1. Right time improvements ore now beginning to level off, moinly due to temporory/emergency speed restrictions ot criticol locotions. There hos been o spote of "ill possenger" incidents, q number ot Clophom Junction, which hove impocfed on performonce. The Leof fqll seoson so for seems to be comporoble with lost yeor. The Felthom roil over river bridge collople hos impocted on recent performonce figures, pictures of the domoge were shown to the meeting. Jon Choudhry exploined the impocf of these fqctors through vorious forms of meosuremenf of performonce {All deloys, Network Roil deloys, SWT deloys on self ond the new meosure of cqncellqtions ond significont loteness)

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Current oreos of focus Jon Choudhry exploined the following key oreos:

. . . . .

CCSC move into WICC is now bedding down - cleor odvontoges hove been ochieved, including quick informqtion shoring with BTP Joint Driver / Guord Procticol Compony Doy plonned for Februory - Moy 20.l 0 New timetqble - hourly service to Exeter St. Dqvids vio Axminster Right Time Roilwoy group concept extending beyond the Wessex / SWT oreo (e.g.
Cross Country)

Will review of effectiveness of outumn poor odhesion


Stqff side osked if ioint TOC discussions on odhesion issues will be mointoined, ond Jon Choudhry confirmed this. Stoff side olso roised o concern obout o unit going out of service ot Bournemouth without fhe informotion coming through from control. Jon Choudhry soid thot this wos rore, ond communicotions qre normolly strong, but thot he would review the circumstonces of fhe cose in point.

Item 4

Fleet Updote

Christion Roth exploined thot the reorgonisolion within fleet is fully implemented, ond thot it offected monogement grodes ond cleoning stoff. During the yeor, there hove been significont improvements in terms of performonce ond reliobility, ond occording to the Key Performonce lndicofors, there hqs not been on impoct on business performonce os o result of the reorgonisotion. However, there is q concern qbout the level of cleoning in the inner London oreo. lO controcfors hove been token on of Wimbledon, which hos led to on improvement. Other improvements hqve been the new fuel shed ot Solisbury depot, leoding to reduced shunt moves ond on improved working environment. At Wimbledon, there hove been improvements in depot hondling.
Stqff side osked obout the tonking improvements on Closs 458 units. Christion Roth confirmed ihot fhe tonking modificotions ore ongoing, ond should be complete by mid Jonuory. Stoff side

olso osked obout the implicotions of the reopening of Eostleigh works. Christion Roth confirmed thot overhouls were olreody toking ploce ot Eosfleigh, but this is completely
seporote to the C4 octivities corried out by SWT. Finolly, stoff side osked obout whether there would be permonent cleqning iobs creoted ot Wimbledon, ond Christion Roth replied thot there were no plons to creote permonent roles os flexibility is still required bosed on the worklood needed. Stqff side osked for further clqrlficotion regording whefher voconcies ore being filled, ond Christion Roth replied thot this would be looked oi on o cose-by<ose bosis, but thot in o number of oreqs he wos still running over estoblishment.

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Business Improvement Updote

Simon Gimson, Complionce ond Business lmprovement Director, gove qn updofe on the HLOS proiect ond the current dispute over the interpretotion of the Fronciise Agreement.

A Government White Poper wos published in. July 2OO7 , ond required o rolling stock plon to be. produced byJon_uory 2008. The proposol will leod to on increose of oppr-oximot"ly tOO vehicles, through o l0 cor ro.ilwoy on fl"re suburbon roilwoy, ond should leod to for .l0,000 "opo.ity exfro the peok. Phose I is for the "Windsor lines" from Decemb"i I l, ond Phose 2 from December 2Ol3 will extend this to the other mqin suburbon routes. These

timescoles link to Network Roil's plons for plotform extensions. Despite relotively slow progress t? dlt", it is hoped thot on ogreement will be reqched before the election, there is srill o lot of off.

detqil to be tolked through, however this is the lost of the moior HLOS proiects to be signeJ

Stoff side osked whether the Woterloo lnfernotionol Terminol (previously occupied by Eurostor) will be. used os port of the plons. Simon Gimson replied thoi olthougf' N"w"* Roil hos not c-urrently been ollocoted the funds io moke the requiied olterofions, hJ would not be surprised

on the Airtroc-k proposol, os it is felt thot Airtrqck would be o good thing, but would require the supporfing infrostructure ond o workoble fimetoble to be feosiLb.

if it wqs onnounced thqt this wos to be pursued. Andy Pitt qdded thot there hod been o lot of octiviiy in porlioment discussing this topic. He qlso sroted thqt this linked to the current stonce

Fronchise Dispute
This dispute is bqsed on differences in controctuol interpretotions between SSWT ond DfT. Simon Gimson emphosised thot this is purely oboui interpretotion, ond not controct renegotiotion' The cose would now be heord through the roilwoy orbitrotion scheme, ond on outcome should be ovoiloble in Spring 20.l0.

Item 6

Full Compony Council Meeting Dofes for 2OlO

27h Moy 2Ol O ot I4:00 hours.
23'd November 20.lO ot



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