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List of Education And Training Company / Institution

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Asia Development Centre

Captureasia Indonesia


EXPLORE Training & Consulting

Granada Human Capital

Indonesian HR Professionals Society

Language Studies Indonesia

MacKay Group

Naba Consulting


NLP Indonesia


PT Bina Insan Performa (human capital)


PT Intra Chemico


PT Inti Edukasi Utama


PT Kiat Global Batam Sukses


PT Lestari Expectations Thanks To


PT Mairodi Mandiri Sejahtera


PT Occupational Safety and Health Indonesia


PT Sarana Solusi Indo


RDC - The Real Driving Centre


Trimitra Consultant



(+62)21 992 78 495

- +91
+971 553708824

(+62)21 30029761/ (+62)21 33332674

Phone (+62)21
Fax. (+62)21

(+62)21 70620373/(+62)21 7452049 CP: Ms

Phone (+62)21 70872200

Fax (+62)21 765-2090 -> contact through website

Tel. +62 (0)21 2550

Fax. +62 (0)21 2550


Tlp. (+62)2261138447
Fax: (+62)227563481
CP: Evi Fatmawati :

Phone +62 - 21 70908438

Fax +62 - 21 7502361


Phone +62216348525
Fax +62216394117
For further
information please
contact Mrs. Tetty

Phone +62227215668
Fax +62227215668

Phone +62-217204241
Fax +62-21-7204241


Phone: +62 21 720

1419 | +62 21 725
Fax: +62 21 720

+62822 9988 8732
Fax +622177217174

Phone: +62 21
7452275 & 7451948
Fax: +62 21 7452049
Contact Person : Ms
Dwi Lia Indriani or
Ms Jeanne Bayak


infocaptureasia-network. Com

Sudirman Park Apartment, Jl. KH. Mas M

29761/ (+62)21 33332674

A-10 Ground Floor Infocity 1st Sector

Gd Bellagio
Lt 1 Unit L2-06
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12950

Training Center
Nariba Building 3rd Floor
Jl TB Simatupang No 49
Jakarta 13760

20373/(+62)21 7452049 CP: Ms. Kun Sumarto- Admi

Bintaro Jaya IX Blok G1 , Jakarta 12330,


Tower II
Seventeenth Floor
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman
Kavling 52-53
Jakarta 12190

One Pacific Place, 15th Floor,

Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 52-53,
Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

Batam Kepulauan Riau

Gedung Graha Paramita, Lt.Dasar
Jl. Denpasar Raya Blok D2, Kuningan
Jakarta 12940

Gedung Tiga Raksa Lt.2 Blok 3E.

Jl. Soekarno-Hatta No. 606 Bandung

Jl. Senapan No. 16 Sumur Batu

Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat 10640

Jl.Karet Pasar Baru Barat No.15 Jakarta


Ruko Batam Permai Blok 3a Batam

Batam Kepri 32943

Jl. Kerajinan 2 No. 20

Jakarta Barat 11130

Jl. Ph. H. Mustofa No.35 Bandung Jawa


Jl Teuku Nya Arief

Peratmina Learning Center

Jl. Sisingamangaraja 53 Jakarta INDONESIA

D'Mall Branch
Ruko D'Mall (Depok Mall) Blok B
Jl. Margonda Raya, Kemirimuka Depok

Trimitra Consultants
Bintaro Jaya IX Blok G1
Jakarta 12330 Indonesia

We are offering the most

practical and applicable
training/ workshop/
Business Assessment/ and
HR consulting.
the one and only
standardized with ISO
Asia Developement Centre is the only development provider in Indonesia who has ISO 9001:2008 certification .
9001: 2000 in Indonesia ,
we become client's first
choice who needs practical,
applicable, and effective
Our modules and delivery
trainings are :
1. Human Resources Series
2. People Development
3. Organization
Development Series
4. Communication
development Series
5. Salesmanship &
Marketing Series
6. Finance & Taxation
All modules officially
registered and protected
with Intellectual property
rights , origin, and
academical studied.
Why we are the Client's
First Choice:
1. The one and only
Internationally Standard by
ISO 9001: 2000 in
2. Free 3 months Coaching
to implement your
delivered training/
3. Budget wise/ Mention
Your Budget, and we do
the rest
4. NLP (Neuro Linguistic
Programming) approach in
training delivery to
accelerate learning of
participant and
5. Fun, relax, insight focus
and deep method

a) Certification in LTE
(Long Term Evolution)
b) PMP Exam Preparatory
c) Prince2 Training
d) ITIL Training
e) CBAP Training
f) Six Sigma - Yellow,
Green and Black Belt
g) Scrum Training
h) Agile Training
i) Cost Management
j) Scope Management
k) Time Management
and many more
Description: Cognitel is
India s leading and premier
Technology (ICT) training
and consulting
organization. From its year
of inception, Cognitel has
delivered cutting edge
technical and business
trainings to large fortune
500 companies. Cognitel
has also been engaged by
leading companies to
develop highly customized
content for their own

Training Indoor-Outdoor, Financial training, Motivational Training, Workshop, Seminars, Event Organizer

Granada Human Capital,

Granada Training Center,
Company that provides
training consultant,
workshop, HR event
MCT - Motivation,
Character, Team Building
AMT - Achievement
Motivation Training
TLT - Team
Building & Leadership
TOT - Training of
Management Program

Gathering Program

Indonesian HR Professionals Society, abbreviated as IHRP, is a not for profit organization of human resource prof

BahasaIndonesia courses four years in development are designed to serve

everylevel of competency,
from Beginner to
Course instruction is
deliveredlive, in-person in
Jakarta, through private
tutorial sessions,
enablingstudents to achieve
their linguistic aims in the
shortest possible
time.Students may study at
their home, at their office,
or at any Jakarta locationof
their choosing.
Students outside of Jakarta
maystudy ONLINE from
122 countries worldwide.
(Online courses are
identical tothose delivered
live, in-person in Jakarta.)
Tutorial sessions
(whetherdelivered in
Jakarta or Online) are
conducted by LSIs worldclass facultycomprised of
former university
professors, linguists,

within the following

sectors in Africa, the
Middle East, Central Asia
and South East Asia:
Exploration and
Production companies IOCs and NOCs
Mining companies national and international
Seismic survey
companies - onshore and
Drilling contractors onshore and offshore
Construction companies
- EPC, EPCM and main
Defence and
Peacekeeping - conflict and
peacetime locations
Our team has extensive
experience in the design of
temporary camp facilities
in remote locations
combined with a global
network of camp
manufacturers, project
freight-forwarders and
regional general
contractors to support incountry operations. We
combine this with

Naba Consulting provides English and Indonesian language classes, soft skills training, business writing and prese

NLP INDONESIA is an institution specialized in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training and coaching. W

2. Human Capital Surveys

3. Psychological
4. Training and coaching
First group of service is
Human Capital
Management System. We
offer several automated
systems for your existing
human capital management
system. Ranging from
competence based model,
career management,
performance appraisal
system, merit system, and
organizational culture
Second group of service is
Survey. We offer you
varied human capital
survey. Some example are
employee engagement
survey, job satisfaction
survey, and organizational
culture survey.
Third group of service is
assessment. We have
developed computerized
human capital assessment
method. This tool can be
applied for recruitment,
selection, placement

PT. INTRA CHEMICO (INternational TRading Agricultere, CHEMIcal & COmmodity Ltd) is establishedin Jakar

PT. Inti Edukasi Utama, established from 1998. Business field: providing computer science and english education

We are dedicated training

in marine, oil and gas
trainng no 1 in Indonesia
with high calibre
instructure in industrial
sector. Our instituted is
focused in piping sector
upgrade skill, knowledge,
and experrience in Piping
Now we are provided some
of hot job training such as
Piping process ASME B31.
3, Pipeline inspector,
Pressure vessel design and
inspection, piping desginer
and drafter, pipe fitter,
welding inspector, etc.
We offer training with
lowest cost but we
maintain the quality to
participant. Get ticket now
to improve yousr sklii to
get best future in oil and
gas job arrond the world.

(BHL) has two division,

printing and training
In Printing division, BHL
provides all printing needs,
offset and continuous form
such as invoice, purchase
order, delivery order,
payment slip, tax form, roll
struck for cashier or
parking, etc.
In Training division, BHL
organizes behavioral
training such as motivation
(Precious Moment
Seminar), leadership
(Dynamic Leadership
Seminar), team building
(Dynamic Team Seminar),
service excellent (Dynamic
Service Excellence
Seminar) etc. BHL holds
public training monthly and
in house training for
companies according to
their needs.
Our clients are from
various industries such as
hospital, hotel, bank,
finance company,
insurance, shipping
company etc.

Engineering Services, as a
professional institution that
services training,
consulting and Engineering
Services with a proud and
happy to work with the
brothers and sisters all in
building a nation of
Indonesia by way of
improvement, development
and human resource
development (HRD),
which will ultimately
improve The overall
performance of work and
speed up creating a
prosperous and prosperous
We as professional
institutions try hard
maximum service with
personnel who understand
the market needs and
supported by our
instructors-instructors who
understand and experts in
their fields each with the
qualifications of Professor,
Doctor, Master and Scholar
who came from the famous
institution, such as
Indonesia, ITB LIPI, UI,
Safety training providers
for the offshore industry as
well as for shore based
enterprises, manufacturers
and companies.
Consultants on all matters
of Safety and Health at
work, including safety
management system

products but we are fully

committed to offer the best
reliable solution to our
Supported by highly skilled
IT experts and having
partnership with numerous
worldwide leading
principals, we provide the
latest high-end technology
and friendly to all our
What makes SOLUSI
exclusively different from
any other IT companies is
that we deliver a very
reliable service with
proven commitment.
Furthermore, we have wide
range of experience for
Helpdesk operations and
the availability of Multi
principal service. We also
committed to improve our
services to customers with
the latest technology, tools
and solutions. SOLUSI is
implementing the best
practice solutions with
accurate and cost effective

claims and declining

productivity, as well as
costs incurred by
traffic violations. We offer
to upgrade staff skills
through Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving Training
is designed to encourage
changes in driving
behavior, strengthening
previously acquired
technical skills and
developing additional
support knowledge
concerning how to drive
safely in any conditions or
actions. With a target:
1. Zero Accident
2. Positive Driving Attitude
3. 100% Customer
4. Staying Safe & Healthy
at Work
Implementing safety &
defensive driving training
to your employees, is a
very reasonable
policyto avoid accidents,
decrease risk of loss, and

training services.
TC currently has 5 (five)
Practice Groups:
Practice Group I:
Strategic Management ,
General Management and
Management, Audit
Practice Group II: Human
Resources Management,
Organization Development,
Leadership, Personal
Development and
Recruitment & Selection
Practice Group III:
Project Management, CSR,
Supply Chain
Management, Procurement
Management, Logistic
Practice Group IV:
Business Development,
Marketing Management,
Customer Service /
Relation Management
Practice Group V:
Corporate Services,
including Company
Formation & related
services and
Representation Services

001:2008 certification . This is an exact prove in our quality which is focusing in the result, not only the process in organizatio

Event Organizer

of human resource professionals in Indonesia, founded in October 1999. It is a further development of the IHRP e-forum host

iness writing and presentation skills to clients primarily in the Oil/ Gas and Mining industries.

ining and coaching. We are a registered provider with a registered brand. We provide NLP based services and products. NLP

) is establishedin Jakarta. The company founders with all of their ability, experience and education background try to take th

e and english education for students and corporates. Besides providing Hardware computer and language laboratory.

y the process in organization and people development issue.We offer 5 (five) training certifications :1. Certified of Human Re

of the IHRP e-forum hosted at

ervices and products. NLP INDONESIA is established in March 14, 2006, by Hingdranata Nikolay. It run the 1st ever NLP P

n background try to take the chance and opportunities in order to participate increasing export and import of Indonesia?s prod

guage laboratory.

:1. Certified of Human Resources Management 2. Certified of Talent Management 3. Certified Train of The Trainers 4. Certi

It run the 1st ever NLP Practitioner program in Indonesia, approved by Dr.Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and The Soc

mport of Indonesia?s product due to fulfill domestic and overseas customer demand, whether from domestic as well as impor

in of The Trainers 4. Certified Balance Scorecard and KPI 5. Certified Competency Assessor etc

eator of NLP) and The Society of NLP, USA. NLP INDONESIA is the pioneer of the classic and updated Dr.Richard Bander

domestic as well as import sources for the distribution. PT. INTRA CHEMICO is prioritizing product quality and customer s

pdated Dr.Richard Bander's teaching in Indonesia.

duct quality and customer satisfaction by providing the best service