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2.1 Focus of investigation (Issue of concern)
It is really important for teachers to possess an aptitude to teach the material through
different methods based on the needs of the pupils (Lanzinger, 2009) . Teachers need to be
able to meet the needs of students of varying abilities within the same classroom, especially in
presenting new words for them. Based on the researcher observation in the classroom, he can
found that the pupils’ vocabulary is still low for their age. Vocabulary is fundamental to the
mastery of the all skills, because the word is smallest element of the sentences. Having this in
mind, the researcher decided to use picture cards in teaching vocabulary for the young learners.
The researcher will use picture cards in various ways to see whether it can help to enhance
pupils’ vocabulary.
“As a teacher of language, you have thoughts about your subject matter,
what language is, what culture is, and about your students, who they are
as learners, and what you can do to help your students learn. It is very
important for you to become aware of the thoughts that guide your
actions in the classroom”
(Larsen, 2000)
A common and ineffective approach to teaching vocabulary is asking the students to
answer the question after explaining the meaning of the word. Pupils are easily bored with this
old, traditional method. Therefore, the ‘look and remember’ way of vocabulary learning seems to
be not effective for learners of the English language. To overcome this problem, the researcher
wanted to test whether the fun way of learning by using picture cards can really enhance pupil’s
vocabulary. This is because, by teaching vocabulary using picture, the pupils are able find the
new vocabulary from what they see from the picture. The use of picture as the media also is a
kind of indirect learning because when the students see the picture, they do not realize that they
are also learning to get the new vocabulary too (Elsy, 2013).

2008) said that a reader cannot understand a text without knowing what most of the words mean. (Howard.4. The researcher chooses this issue after he observes the pupils in the classroom. It is possible to help the pupils to learn English vocabulary without feeling threatened. 2002) also argues in favour of home-made materials saying that.1 Workability of the research This research is a workable research as it is really important for pupils to master vocabulary field. it is also possible for the teacher to come out with their own home-made picture cards. Other words are learned through carefully designed instruction. 2. Besides that. lacking of vocabulary will make us have difficulties in study English. The researcher has found that the pupils are weak in their vocabulary. It is also difficult for the pupils to deliver their ideas as they did not know the right word to be used. In addition. they add a personal touch to .2. reading and also other parts in language. picture card is a powerful teaching aid that can be easily accessed and use in various ways. 2. through everyday experiences with oral and written language. Students learn the meanings of most words indirectly. Learning vocabulary is one of the first steps of learning a second language. This problem is serious because it is leads to a greater issue afterward such as problems in speaking.3 Preliminary Investigation of the Issue (Literature Review. On the other hand.4 Analysis of Preliminary Investigation of the Issue 2. (Podromou. 2001). they also find it is hard to write sentences and understand audio clips as they are not familiar with the words. 2002) suggests that there is greater choice. freedom and scope for spontaneity when teacher develop their own materials. Thus using picture cards as the media. pupils will enjoy the lesson better. Knowing lots of vocabulary can make us study English easily. (Brennan. further subtopics) Vocabulary is commonly defined as "all the words known". The price of readymade picture cards at the store are not too expensive. yet a learner never finishes vocabulary acquisition (Moats.2 Problem Statement The pupils in year 3 have difficulty in understanding the meaning of certain words due to inadequate vocabulary.

2. vocabulary is a crucial part in learning English. is a large. not only in their education but more generally in life. Picture is already known as one of the teaching media.the teaching that students appreciate.4. The use of picture in teaching learning process is a fun activity because pictures keep the pupils from getting bored.2 Significance of the research This research will definitely have significance effect to the pupils’ vocabulary development. The used of picture is also a fantastic educational tool and makes learning more fun than usual. Our ability to function in today’s complex social and economic worlds is mightily affected by our language skills and word knowledge. rich vocabulary and the skills for using those words.4. 2. reading and writing vocabularies. As mention earlier.4. ‘Perhaps the greatest tools we can give students for succeeding. It is really important to have . 2004) stated that learner remember better the material that has been presented by means visual aid. 2004) 2. There is no question that people who have large speaking vocabularies generally tend to have large listening. Picture which is also known as visual aid is useful in teaching learning activity. like-wise people who are limited in one of these aspects are likely limited in other aspects as well. the researcher also collaborates with the pupils as the respondent. Tapping into the interest and taking into account of the learning style of students is likely to increase motivation and engagement in learning. the teachers and also the administration of the school. as (Pikulski.4 Collaboration To carry out this research. The use of pictures makes the vocabulary material more meaningful.’ (Pikulski. It helps the students memorize the word easily and represent the real object.3 Practicality of the research This research is very practical to be carrying out in the school.

The teachers also help in giving tips and advice on suitable approach to be used in dealing with the pupils. 2007). Hopefully this research can be a platform to creates pupils who are rich with vocabularies. It will definitely lead to a more serious problem in the future if it’s not prevented.5 Definitions of terms (optional. define it in regards of the study) Interquestioning. keywords.Activity of questioning done by the student themselves.5 Relevance to the school It’s really important to make sure that the issue regarding lack of vocabulary among the pupils in this school can be overcome.a good relationship with the school staff as they were responsible to help the researcher a lot during the research. This can be done in regular class and for present purposes. in group work (Mukalel.4. They provide the researcher all the information needed such as the pupils’ previous mark. . 2. 2.