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Weeks passed in a blurr. There were things constantly needing to be done , weither it was planning for something or hunting and keeping our secret. Tomorrow was my birthday , which may I say I dreaded , with all the other things going on at once I didn't feel the need for a spectacular party though I refused to hurt Alice's feelings with my downer attitude. Mom had always said just let her have fun so that's what I did occasionaly throwing in petty comments on how that wasn't need but Lord forbid... Apart from that though soon enough I would be a Black instead of Cullen , the thought gave me chills. I felt so uncertain even though I knew it's what I wanted. Everything right now was just so confusing. I pulled half of my hair back and slid out of the vanity chair smoothing out the wrinkles in my shirt. I pulled on my shoes and darted outside. The scent of morning dew was thick in the air as I ran to the house. I loved mornings, so peaceful, so quite, so....Aliceless. I sighed as I opened the door,of course I loved my Aunt. Once inside, Alice gave a wide grin and nearly tackled me to the ground. "Okay so the wolf packs, our family, Billy ,Charlie, Sue ,Claire, Kim, Em-" I cupped my hand over her mouth and stared at her with the earnest most concern she might have lost it over night the way she was jumping about and her hair was a mess. Very unlike her.

Chapter 10-Overcast Written By Fayth E. Young

"We've been over and over this, Alice. I've got it thanks." I laughed quietly going around her to sit on the couch beside Esme. She wrapped her arm tightly around my shoulder and smiled warmly. Sam and his pack were closer with our family now , closer then imaginable. The most awkward friendship was the bond between Emmett and Paul. Only one other person had join the pack his name was Cory and he was older, Jacob had graciously let him join Sam's pack. Sam was now married to Emily and she was becoming round with his child after many failed attempts, poor woman. Leah and I had become closer to ,which I was determined to make happen weither she liked it or not. I wasn't her favorite person in the world though... Alice plopped down and leaned her head on my shoulder with a huff. But not just any huff, it was the huff that always came with the sad pleading face that was always sure to win me over. "I need to go grocery shopping...and food isn't one of my many expertise so I was wondering if I could get some help?" She asked quietly and I gave a sigh and smiled relieved it was an easy task. "Of course, when are we going?"I wondered and she flashed a smile. "Terrific, right now." She hopped up pulling me with her. "Don't wear her out, she has a long day tomorrow, Alice." Esme said. "She'll be perfectly fine, shes one of us for a reason. Let's go" She tugged on my arm then her eyes flashed and went blank. She shook herself out of it and pushed me back on the couch. "Stay." She demanded and shot upstairs. I could tell

she was "talking" to Edward because I heard his muffled "yes's" and "maybe's". A few seconds later they glided down the steps. "Morning love." My dad smiled. My mother ,Emmett and Jasper silently followed behind him and Rosalie slid threw the glass door. They all passed my father after he stopped behind the couch and went to the garage. Edward motioned me to follow him and I rose uncertain. "What is it?" I asked shakily. "An early gift, from all of us. We're giving it to you now because if Jacob is here you won't get to use it for a bit." He smiled. He tugged on my arm and I followed sort of dragging my feet but he didn't seem to notice wih his giddyness. He pulled me through the garage door and there was a chorus of my family screaming, "Happy early birthday, Nessie!" A low gasp slid through my lips as I stared at a beautiful car. Bright turqouise, slick and shiny , perfect for me. "It's a 2010 Comaro. Esme and Rosalie gave it some touch ups for you though." My mom said hugging me gently. "Thank you. I love it already." I beamed. I had driven a couple times ,so that wasnt a problem and I wanted a car. It really was the perfect gift for me. Jacob was going to throw a fit. Edward reached into his pocket and pulled out a case and a bag then dropped it into my hand. I opened the case first to pull out a drivers license and squinted confused how they acquired this. "Curtesy of Alice," My dad chuckled. Next I tugged the draw string on the little bag

and poured it's contents in my hand. It was a set of keys,well two keys and a clicker thing with some photo key chains of me and Jacob and My family. "Thank much. Again." I grinned and they filed out of the garage quietly. I turned to Alice and dangled my keys. "Can I drive?"

Walking into the store we each grabbed a cart. Alice's list was unbelievably huge , but I didn't fret because with that many werewolves coming it was a good thing. I sighed. "Where to first?" Alice asked scanning the store. "Let's start from isle one and work our way over and to the back." She nodded switching into serious mode and I gave a weak smile. Our buggies filled quickly as we scratched things off the list and scavenging for certain things together. We were now on isle seven and Alice was focusing on different potatoe chips, scrunching her nose in disgust at the ingredients. I leaned against one of the carts and looked around bored. A young lady caught my attention and when she saw me watching her she stopped dead in her tracks. Normal reaction , but usually they looked away , she did not. Another taller and paler woman appeared beside her and the short bronze skinned one looked away up to her. They whispered and through glances my way. If I cared enough I would have listened but didn't.

The pale one through a dark glare my way as the other stared at me with confusion. The pale teen snapped something and tugged on the shorter one's arm. I could hear her hiss "Lets get out of here." As the bronze one threw another glare at me her fingers twitched and she made her hand into a fist. And she silently glided away. Beside me a can of tomato sauce fell the the ground and exploded on a another shopper and my leg. I stared dumbfounded at the can then back to the empty space where the girl had stood. I was being pesstimistic. "Oh dear, I'll get someone to clean it up." The other customer said. I nodded slowly knocking the stuff off my leg. Alice hadn't seemed to noticed the commotion as she would reach for one bag then pull her arm back shaking her head. I walked over to her and placed my hand on her shoulder. "They'll eat anything you by, bottomless pits." I laughed. "What type ,Renesmee?" She asked stress layering her voice. I glaced over the choices and grabbed a bag of Doritos and threw it into the buggy. Alice smiled. "Good choice,That should be everything.," She said grabbing twelve more family sized bags. I shoved my hand into my pocket and pulled out my keys. She held out her hand so I dropped my keys into it. "I'll go get the car, you check out." She said whirling around not giving me a choice. I stared at the two overflowing carts and up the isle at her dissapearing figure. I pushed them up to the checkout and the clerk gawked at my load and I smiled warmly.

"Big family." I explained gently and she nodded. As she was finishing up the scanning I noticed the duo that had acted so strangely earlier heading for the door. They looked...frightened. Huh. So weird. "Ma'am..." The clerk said trying to get my attention. "Oh...sorry. It's credit." I said handing her my shiny black card. Outside I leaned against my car and waited for Alice who had went to the jewelers down the road. I never knew vampires could have ADHD. It was starting to drizzle and the wind asaughted my hair blowing it in my face. From behind me there was a twinkling like voice that said,"Hello miss." At first I didn't realized they were talking to me until they cleared their throat impaitiently. I automatically narrowed my eyes and pushed myself off the car to turn and face the spectator. It belonged to a girl with dark blonde cropped hair. She was short and had elegant feautures, dark unusally green eyes...The scent in the air was farmilair but I couldn't exactally place it. Her heart pounded loudly and heat radiated off her. I tilted my head as she waited for my response. " you need something?" I asked sharply, I felt the need to show authority for no reason that I could identify... "Yes...actually you can." She said opening her palms as in a peace motion but her evil smile suggested otherwise. I straightend up defensively. "And how can I assit you?" I asked , my mouth almost in a snarl. A by passers eyes grew wide and they went a wide margin around us trying to avoid what was

happening. What was happening? I just had the strangest sense that this girl was dangerous...She couldn't be more than fifteen or sixteen. I was taller then her but her body looked just as sturdy as mine. "I would like to speak to you about some of our private matters". She replied slowly still with that contradicting smile. I took an unintentional step foward and my hands were claws at my sides. "What in the world could we have in common and how would you know about, I have never met you in my life!" I hissed. "I wouldn't be so sure." She said roughly. "I think you should leave me be." I said barely holding back a growl. I advanced another step foward and she took a step back ,her smile dissapearing. I didn't realize how fierce I looked until a caught a glimpse of myself in a store front. "We're just talking nothing else, I can assure you." She said slowly. A growl slipped up my throat but I straightened up when i felt people slip by me. There were two figures tugging the girl whom I was talking to away. It was the duo I had seen in the store earlier. I didn't really much pay attention to they're features until now. The tallest one had long black hair that flowed down her back, freckles, lanky but muscular, almost black eyes. The other was average heigth, bronze skin ...short brown hair that sat on her shoulders and the brightest of green eyes,very pretty. They all had immensly gorgeous features. I immediatly realized what was wrong, they were to much like myself. The tall one spoke, "Abigail why did you do that? You-"

The bronze girl cut her off. "Look at her face!" She snapped jabbing a finger at me, "She knows now! Greatttt. Get over yourself." I was takenaback but whipped my car door open and climbed in. I fishtailed out of the space and down the street to the Jewelers. I had already decided not to tell my family or anybody else... they had mroe then enough on their plate right now. As I walked into the store I saw Alice hunched over a glass and she was talking to the clerk who seemend interested in her choices. "Explain to me..." She began to say but I cut her off, "Explain to me why you take so long in every single store we go to." She spun around and grinned widely,"Sorry." She mummered. She turned back to the clerk and pointed to a jewel,"This one." A glove snapped against his hand and I jumped nearly a mile. I watched as he reached in and carefully pulled out a sapphire and place it in a case. She handed him the full amount in case with a thank you she turned to me and we walked out of the store. I didn't realize that my clothes were drenched until we slid into the car and Alice scorned me. "There's and umbrella in the trunk, you didn't have to ruin a outfit..." "Sorry," I mummbled and threw the car into reverse. On the way home I just nodded and agreed to her words, I couldn't repeat any of them if my life depended on it. I thought I was playing it up good until her brow furrowed and she looked at me.

"Renesmee, what's wrong? You've barely spoken this whole ride." I looked at her and blinked ,shocked. "Erm...You know there's just a lot to do and think about." The car slowed to a stop as we pulled into the garage. We climbed out and I gave her a gentle smile she walked to me and stood up on her tippy toes to peck my cheek. "Don't you worry about anything!" She said in her high bell voice. I nodded as I handed her the bags. "I think I'm going to go put together my less thing to do." "Make it pretty!" She called dissapearing through the doorway. I walked through the caopy trees to the cottage at a faster pace then a human but slow for me. Nothing that had happend made sense today, at all. I had never met them or even seen them for that matter. The only thing as far as I could tell was that we were both.... I stopped and listened. The was a loud branch snapping to my left , I whipped my head around and tensed up. I could tell by the sound of the ruffling leaves it was getting closer, a hiss slipped through my teeth. I caught the scent then as I inhaled and a smile spread across my face. Jacob stepped out of the bushes and raised a eyebrow at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and made a mad dash for the house, he was right behind me.I leaped into the cottage door and slammed. "Nessie!" He called outside. It was quiet for a second and I tilted my head listening carefully. When my phone vibrated it scared me to death and I picked it up half shaking form being startled,

"Hello?" I answered. "Open the door ,Nessie. It's more convient then the window...and trust me if I have to I will use the window."Jacobs husky voice said seriously. "'Kay," I laughed. Closing the phone I reached and opened the door. He stepped in sopping wet and grabbed me into a tight hug. "Jake..c'mon....ew..I just got dryed off." I grimaced and pushed back. He refused to let go and chuckled," Afraid of a little water?" "A little?" I contradicted him. He released my waist and cupped my face with his big warm hands. I covered my mouth with my hands and she my head. "What?" He asked confused with a hurt expression. "Your lips might be wet too." I grummbled through my palms. He smiled and shook his head slowly prying my hands away from my face. "Stop being silly, Nessie." He mummured pressing his lips to mine. I pulled back and made a face. "I was right." I smiled. His eyes narrowed and he pulled my face back to his. I got caught up in the moment so I didn't really notice when somebody came in and evidentally Jacob didn't care, they cleared their throat and I pulled back, blushing. "Sorry," I sighed and my parents chuckled but something about it wasn't right..."What's wrong?" I asked pulling out of Jacob's arms. "She's not just your's Jacob." My father growled at

the thoughts In jacob's head. "Dad." I said pointedly catching his attention. He stared at me for a minute and sighed. "Alice, sees Caius coming back...We aren't particuarly sure when." "Why?" I gasped as I reached for Jacobs hand that was shaking. He hesistated and my mom dropped her head into her palms. My heart pounded faster then normal. "Tell me..." I said sternly. My dad stared at the floor."Our destruction...somewhat but mostly they want you. You ,Alice, or Bella shouldn't be in danger. Aro craves for your powers to bad." "Me? I have no power." My voice was two octaves higher then normal layered with stress. I stroked Jake's hand with my thumb , he seemed to be holding his breath. "Don't worry about it for now, we'll figure it out. Just don't get mad at us because we'll be watching you like a hawk from now on." Jacob pulled me by the waist to the couch and pulled me down with him ,his arm wrapped securely around me. I looked up at my parents with a worried expression. 'He'll be fine' my mother mouthed to me. Jacob and I sat like this for a good hour ...he just stared at the television. Every once in a while I would catch him looking at me out of the corner of his eye and his arm would tighten for a moment. He hadn't stopped quivering the whole entire time. "Renesmee, your mother and I are going to the house. Please come with us...for the sense of your safety of course." Edward said. "I can watch her," Jacob snapped standing up.

"I don't need a babysitter." I mummbled but they ignored me. "As of now you do." Dad chuckled sliding out the door and closing it. I groaned and stood up and began to tread to my room. "Sorry I'm such a bad babysitter,Geez." Jacob smiled ,he was walking beside me. He caught me by my waist and I grummbled. "Whats wrong?" He asked brushing the hair out of my face. "Nothing, Im just going to change." I replied. "Well,ya' know I promised your parents I would watch you..." "Nice try! Don't think they meant it like that though." I giggled. He pursed his mouth to one side and stared at me and I raised an eyebrow. A sinister smile spread across his face and he hitched me over his shoulder. I squealed and giggled. "Put me down!" I said laughing uncontrolably. He plopped me down on my bed and kissed my forehead. I smacked his arm and he pulled back. "Ow,Ness." He complained. "Oh c'mon I didn't hit you that hard." I got up and slid into my vanity chair. He sighed and stared at me with a smile laying down on my floor. "What?" I wondered pulling the hairbow out of my hair. "This whole imprinting thing, It's crazy, all I ever can think about is you. I definately don't mind but it can get distracting." I turned to smile at him, "I bet I could relate." He was quite for a moment then pointed to a box

with some of our pictures on it ."What's that?" He asked. I shrugged,"Just some random stuff I've kept over the years." "Like..." He pressed. "Like... Just stuff. You can look if you'd like." I said handing him the box. He pulled out the promise braclette he had given me when I was only months old. "You kept this?" He asked shocked. "Of course I kept it! It means a lot to me..." I said snatching it away. He smiled pleased and dumped out the box on the floor. Notes, pictures, and other things spilled out. He picked up one of the notes and he looked up at me. "Nessie! This one is nearly four years old." I shrugged again, "I told you I always cared about you." He beamed and pushed the stuff back into the box. "Now I need to change....Get out!" I said yanking him up and shoving him out. He through a glance at me over his shoulder as I closed the door.