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Bnei Akiva Dallas

Shabbat Oct 17, 2015; 4 Cheshvan 5776

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Am Yisrael Chai

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A Dvar Torah on Sukkot by Bat-Chen and Netanel Weil"

Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv 6:40pm

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There are moments in life

that can be compared to a
Mabul, a flood.!
The past few weeks have
been crazy, a "Mabul" of trouble,
with attacks coming from all
directions, and we realized that
the world is full of cruelty
(hamas), or rather just Hamas.!
Not knowing what the next
day will bring relays a sense of
insecurity, which doesn't help
uplift our mood.!
What can we do during these
days, and what can we learn from
the story of Noach regarding the
recent days?!
Many times in life, when we
are experiencing a diculty,
entering are own ark seems like
an escape; we think: "I'll save
myself, and then the Mabul can
come." There is good from going
into an "ark," as we can see
from Noach. Entering the ark
brought a blessing to the
world; it formulated
"family" because only
after exiting the ark
does the pasuk say,
"Noach went out,
and his sons and
his wife and his
sons' wives with
him everything
that moves upon
the earth,
according to their
families they went forth from
the ark."!

Only after the lion, mammoth

and camel have learned to
huddle together inside the ark to
survive the terrible Mabul
outside can they meet the new
world. This is where the concept
of family was created, which is
much more than a collection of a
genetic code. This is especially
relevant right now. Am Yisrael is
in its own ark, flooded by the
enemies surrounding us, and
while we are all together
experiencing the pain as a
nation, we must learn to live in
peace with each other, to
increase love and be a family.!
We shall send the dove of
peace, and meet the world as
new people.!
"Zion shall go out into the
world, beautiful, stronger,

Bnei Akiva Dallas

Shabbat Oct 17, 2015; 4 Cheshvan 5776

Song of the week: Bilvavi


Transliterated: (tune can be found on YouTube)"

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh l'hadar

k'vodo, uv'mishkan mizbeach asim
l'karnei hodo, ulner tamid ekach li
et esh ha'akeidah, ulkorban akriv lo
et nafshi, et nafshi hayechida.


I will build a tabernacle in my heart to

glorify God's honor. And I will place
an altar in the tabernacle dedicated to
God's divine rays of splendor. And for!

the eternal flame I will take upon

myself the fire that fueled the Binding
of Isaac. And as a sacrifice I will oer
You my soul, my unique soul.!

Israel Update: Terror

Attacks Strike
Recently in Israel, there has been a wave of
terror attacks. Most have been stabbings, but
there have also been shootings and stoning.
Also, swept across the media are false
statements made by Arab leaders about the
murderous rampages Israelis are causing.
However, all of the terror does not sway Israel
from her natural reaction to these types of
hardships, which is being united as one solid
and strong nation. Israel, and all Israel
supporters across the globe, are saying
tehillim, signing songs, and praying for all

injured to be healed and for the terror and

violence to stop, replacing it instead with

This week in Jewish

History: 14 Tishrei
In the year 1290, the last of the
16,000 Jews expelled by King
Edward I left England. King
Edward had banned usury and
forced Jews over the age of seven
to wear an identifying badge.
Some Jews managed to remain in
England by hiding their religious
identity, but thousands were
forced to leave. (Years earlier, King
Henry III had forced Jews to pay
half the value of their property in
taxes, and ordered Jewish worship
in synagogue to be held quietly so
that Christians would not have to
hear it.) Following the expulsion,
Jews would not return to England
for 350 years, when the policy was
reversed by Oliver Cromwell in

Bnei Akiva word of

the week!
Mifkad noun \me-f-kad\
:Bnei Akiva snifim all over the world start
or end their meetings with mifkad, a "chet", an
assembly where announcements are made,
members are counted, and the ideology is
reaffirmed. The text of mifkad is the same all
over the world, following a basic structure.

Joke of the week!

How do we know they did
not play cards in the ark?

1. animals!
2. ark!
3. babel!
4. dove!
5. flood!
6. Noah!
7. olive!
8. rain!
9. rainbow!

Noach sat on
the deck!