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Moshier Community Art Center 

Art for Burien & Beyond 
Spring Classes 2010 

Beginning to Advanced Ceramics
A relaxed class environment where students of all skill levels NEW!
“I Can’t Draw” Drawing Class
can delve into handbuilding or throwing on the potters wheel. The ability to draw isn’t a skill your born’s one you
No class 5/31. Instructor: Ken Turner can learn. With practice and experimentation, anyone can be
Fee: $200, Ages 15-Adult, 10 classes successful at drawing. This class is perfect for beginning and
Mondays, Apr 12-June 21, 9:30 AM-Noon continuing students. No class 5/31. All supplies provided.
Instructor: Kelda Martensen
Beginning to Advanced Handbuilding Fee: $112, Ages 15-Adult, 8 classes
Learn handbuilding construction techniques, such as coil and Mondays, Apr 19-June 14, 6:30-8:30PM
slab methods, as well as experiment with surface design.
Instructor: Hunter McGee
Fee: $220, Ages 15 to Adult, 11 classes
Wednesdays, Apr 14-June 23, 6:30-9:00 PM TAKE A WORKSHOP! 
Beginning to Intermediate Pottery Wheel  
This class is for people new to wheel and those who have Master Artist Workshop with John Taylor 
learned the basics. Instructor: Vicki Hamilton Ceramics and Storytelling 
Fee: $220, Ages 15 to Adult, 11 classes Spend  the  day  with  artist  John  Taylor  storytelling  with  clay.    In 
Thursdays, Apr 15-June 24, 6:30-9:00 PM
this one day, hands‐on workshop, see the techniques John uses 
Eclectic Clay to create his amazing pieces and then try your hands at creating 
Learn altering techniques and new forms both on and off the your very own narrative vessel!  All supplies provided. 
wheel. Some prior clay experience is helpful. Fee:  $75, Ages 15‐Adult, 1 class 
Instructor: Lauren Laughlin. Saturday, May 22nd, 9‐4pm 
Fee: $220, Ages 15-Adult, 11 classes
Tuesdays, Apr 13-June 22, 6:30-9:00 PM Introduction to Hand Printing 
You don’t need a press to be a printmaker!  Learn how to design 
Pottery Wheel
This class is for students who have learned the fundamentals of
and carve your own block prints in this relaxed and fun class.  A 
throwing. No class 5/31. Instructor: Ken Turner $20 materials fee is to be paid to the instructor.  
Fee: $200, Ages 15-Adult, 10 classes Instructor:  Kelda Martensen 
Mondays, Apr 12-June 21, 6:30-9:00 PM Fee:  $20, Ages 15‐Adult, 1 class 
OR Wednesday, May 5th, 6:30‐9pm 
Fee: $220, Ages 15-Adult, 11 classes  
Tuesdays, Apr 13-June 22, 9:30 AM-Noon
Glass Bowl Workshop 
Clay and the Garden Design and create your own glass bowl in this fast‐paced, hands‐
Enhance your garden space with unique hand built pottery or on workshop.  Learn the art of glass fusing with this colorful and 
sculpture made by you! Instructor: Janet Crawley versatile  medium.    All  supplies  provided.    Please  bring  safety 
Fee: $220, Ages 15-Adult, 11 classes glasses and lunch.  Instructor:  Delores Taylor 
Thursdays, Apr 15-June 24, 9:30 AM-Noon Fee:  $100, Ages 13‐Adult, 1 class 
Saturday, May 8th, 10‐2pm 
Studio Only  
Students must have had one-year experience at Moshier prior
to enrolling in studio. Moshier does not have the space to allow STAR Lanterns:  An Arts‐A‐Glow Workshop 
for production work. No Instructor. Create your own laminated star lantern and illuminate the night 
Fee: $198, Ages 18 to Adult, 11 sessions in this two‐session workshop!  A $15 materials fee is to be paid 
Wednesdays, Apr 14-June 23, 9:30 AM-9:00 PM to instructor.  Instructor:  Denise Henrikson 
Fee:  $40, Ages 15‐Adult, 2 classes 
Thursdays, Apr 22 & 29, 6‐9pm 
206‐242‐7752 or 206‐988‐3700 
Art Escape 
Little Hands Art Studio A great class for beginners and experienced artists with  
Use that creative energy and make art!  Students will work in  dis‐ABILITIES.    Explore  art  though  paint,  clay,  collage  and 
a  unique  art  studio  creating  and  exploring  the  visual  arts.   more.  Instructor: Shariana Mundi 
Instructor:  Kelda Martensen  Fee: $38 each session, Ages 10‐Adult, 5 classes each 
Fee:  $65, Ages 3‐5, 6 classes  Session 1:  Wednesdays, Apr 14‐May 12, 10:00‐Noon 
Mondays, Apr 19‐May 24, 9:30‐11:00 AM   OR  Session 2:  Wednesdays, May 26‐June 23, 10:00‐Noon 
Mondays, Apr 19‐May 24, 11:30‐1:00 PM   

Rhythm and Rhyme 
Come  dance,  move,  sing,  rattle  and  roll.    This  class  is 
Afterschool Art designed for people with dis‐ABLILITIES.  
Draw, paint, and sculpt with clay in this multimedia class.  All  Instructor: Shariana Mundi 
supplies provided. Instructor:  Pam Fredback  Fee: $27 each session, Ages 10‐Adult, 6 classes 
Fee: $88,  Ages: 6‐11, 8 classes  Session 1:  Wednesdays, Apr 14‐May 12, 1:30‐3:00 PM  
Tuesdays, Apr 20‐June 8, 5:00‐6:30 PM   Session 2:  Wednesdays, May 26‐June 23, 1:30‐3:00 PM 
Kid’s Clay Participants must provide their own transportation and
In this fun class learn all the basics of handbuilding with clay.   attendant if necessary.
No class 5/31.  Instructor:  Alex Gaulstan 
Fee:  $88, Ages 6‐10, 8 classes 
Mondays, Apr 19‐June 14, 4:30‐6:00 PM  FAMILY WORKSHOPS 
Teen Clay Family Lanterns:  An Arts‐A‐Glow Workshop 
Be  inspired  by  and  have  fun  creating  artwork  from  different  Make  a  glass  lantern  with  your  little  one  and  brighten  your 
cultures  using  a  variety  of  handbuilding  techniques.  world!    Create  a  lantern  using  tissue  paper  and  a  wire 
Instructor: Janet Crawley  handle.  Child must be accompanied by an adult.   
Fee: $108, Ages 11‐17, 8 classes  Instructor:  Oleana Perry 
Tuesdays, Apr 20‐June 8, 4:00‐6:00 PM   Fee:  $5 per person, Ages 2 and up, 1 class 
Tuesday, Apr 13th, 9:30‐10:30 AM 
Lego Building
Learn tips and tricks from a LEGO professional.  Each week a  Hosted by The Eastside Association of Fine Arts 
new theme is explored.  Instructor:  Dan Parker 
Fee:  $95, Ages 7‐14, 6 classes  Drop in Figure Drawing 
Wednesdays, Apr 28‐June 2nd, 4:30‐6:00 PM  No instructor.  Please contact Annette Burt for more information: or 253‐941‐1488 

Teen Mixed Media Tuesdays, Apr 13‐June 15, Noon‐3:00 PM  

Mandatory set up from 11:30 AM‐Noon. 
Have fun making art, making friends and learning new skills!  
Fee: $10 model fee to be paid each session.  
Students  will  learn  a  new  media  every  two  weeks.    No  class 
5/31.  All supplies provided.  Instructor:  Kelda Martensen. 
Fee:  $95, Ages 12‐17, 8 classes 
Mondays, Apr 19‐June 14, 3‐4:30 PM 
How to Register 
Youth scholarships are available. By phone: 
Please call 206-988-3700 for more information. 206‐988‐3700 
Spring Pottery Sale 
Saturday, May 1st, 10:00AM‐3:00PM   
Moshier Art Center, 430 S 156th, Burien   
Twice a year the potters at Moshier Art Center gather to sell 
Moshier Community Art Center 
their handmade wares.  Beautiful and unique items for every 
430 S 156th, Burien WA 98148 
budget.    Cash  or  checks  accepted.  Call  206‐988‐3700  for 
more information.