I stood with my back against the wall, my arms around Bella, and my eyes on Carlisle. This was pointless, as well as absurd; we already knew who would be going to meet our alleged vistior.

Alice smiled at me, thinking the same thing I thought. 'You and Emmett are going. I can see it.' She thought, going over the vision of Emmett and I in the woods, walking towards a far away figure. I nodded at what I had known before, smiling slightly. Too bad that smile wasn't genuine. All my thoughts were consumed in the unknown wearabouts of my first daughter, Renesmee. I assumed that was where Bella was too, because she seemed unnaturaly out of it. Though we knew she was safe, we just didn't know where safe was. "We need to finish up here, everyone." Carlisle stated, "We need to have whomever we choose to go out there as soon as possible." he continued. I nodded. "Why don't we just vote?" Bella suggested, adjatated with the whole situation. I sighed, thanking her mentally for thinking of that. Carlisle nodded. "Edward and Emmett." Roslie said. "Emmett and Edward." Jasper added. "Emmett and Edward." Bella stated, still slightly annoyed. "Absolutely Edward and Emmett." Esme agreed. "Edward and Emmett do seem logical." Carlisle continued. "Em and Edward." Alice announced smiling at me, I nodded to her. "Simple. We should have done that before." Carlisle said whilst smiling at Bella. Bella shifted uncomfortably.

Esme stood up as Rachel came down the stairs with her cell phone in hand, rubbing her eye with the other. Oh, how I wished to sleep, how I wished to have something to pass the time with. I sighed and loosened my grip on Bella. "Looks like I'll be talking to Renesmee in a moment." I mumbled into her ear, releaseing her from my arms, but longing for her to be back in them. I walked over to Rachel whom held out the phone, "Edward." she prompted me. I smiled at her and took the phone. "Well look who called." I said in a a tad curtly into the phone. There was a comotion on the other end before anyone replied, "Sorry. I went cliff diving." she said to me. I sucked in a sharp breath, getting ready to run for it. "Its okay. I'm okay. Nothing bad happened!" she told me whilst her words were running together, barely forming a single word. I relaxed my body, my fear was disolveing. I shot Jasper a rather harsh glare before turning back to Bella. "Define bad?" I asked her calmly, Bella closed her eyes, her lips forming a tight line. "Well," Nessie began, "Nothing, actually. Just left my sweater at the top of the cliff, Jake looked like he fell off and died." she said, "I wished he died.." I mumbled too low for her to understand. "Hm? Whatever.. Anyway, yeah that and I almost froze.." she mumbled the last part as though she were pondering the concept of it herself. I sighed, "And you're okay now?" I asked her still feeling calmer then I would on my own. I turned to Jasper and gave him a small, apologetic smile. He nodded, keeping his mind concentrated on my emotions. "Good as new." she announced, I smiled. "Good." I told her, "I wouldn't want you any other way." She laughed when I said this. I was rather amused, but then became serious. "Okay, well we need you two to come back now. We have to talk to you both, and then we have to send you off." I told her, grimaceing at the plan we came up with; Bella and I. "Of course. We'll be there faster then you'll know." She told me, "Love you daddy. Bye bye." she said, "Love you too sweetheart, bye." The line went dead as I replied. I shut the phone and walked to Bella, whom was having a panic attack whilst watching me on the phone. I pulled her into my arms, hugging her tightly to my chest. "Its okay, my love, she's okay. Their both alright." I repeated, knowing repition made Bella slightly more comfortable. She was still huffing in my arms as Esme and Rachel came back, Esme's mind was thinking the worst. "Everything's okay. Edward's just trying to convince Bella that, what with her not foucsing on the conversation." Alice chided as I almost spoke for myself. I nodded to her, a little annoyed, yet rather thankful. Bella was calming down as I held her for the next few minutes, the room cleared of family as time passed. "I promise you she's okay. She'll be back before you know it, love." I told Bella as we sat on the

rug in the living room. Bella leaned on me, "I already know it and she isn't back yet." I sighed, colecting that yes, she is right. I sat with her for a few more moments, but there was other things I had to do. "I have to go, love, I'll have Rosalie sit with you and talk." I told her as I stood up. I kissed her forehead and went to get Rosalie. "I'm going, don't tell me." She told me as I walked onto the second floor, "Thank you." I replied to her as she jumped off the side of the stairwell, rather then walking down them. "Alice." I called to her as I entered her and Jaspers room. "I need you to search in the future. Look for anything that has to do with this visitor." I told her as she crossed her legs whilst sitting on the middle of the bed. I sat on the edge and watched her vision that was coming.

There was a girl with shoulder length dirty blond hair leaning against a tree in a small meadow. She wasn't moving, she wasn't breatheing. Emmett was ahead of me, only by a yard or two, intently starring at the girl. He said something I couldn't quite understand, and got no response. I said something to the girl, and her eyes flashed open, yet she still didn't speak. Emmett and I moved a little closer, still seeming to be cautious, and the girl appeared to be sleeping. Yet her eyes were open, which perplexed me to no end. As we moved a little closer, it looked like a jolt of energy flew into the girl as she shook awake. She jumped up, and stood straight.

Thats where the vision stopped.

I opened my eyes and looked at Alice, whom was rubbing her temples. "Anytime I try to zoom in on her, or to see more, it stops. It just ends. Like a black-out." she told me weirly, I nodded. "Don't stress yourself. Just take it slowly and try to see what you can." I told her, standing up. "No pressure, when should we leave?" Emmett asked from the hall, he looked relatively elated. Alice sighed, "At three fourteen." she told him, he blinked, "And its only one fourty-seven now." I answered him, he smiled and bound down the hall towards the stairs. I scanned the minds of my family members, seaching for my biological daughter and her boyfriend. 'I wonder what Ciarans doing today...'

'Is he okay...?' 'What month is this?' 'If the muscle tissues comes off here, then you can replace it there!'

I sighed, no luck. I decided I would wander downstairs where Jasper and Emmett were wrestleing in the backyard. I got distraced when I saw Esme in the computer room, I smiled slightly and walked in. "Hello mom." I said to her, my voice amused. She smiled up at me, "Hello son." she replied in the same tone. I pulled a chair up next to her, "Mind if I watch?" My expression was incredibly innocent when I asked this, she laughed. "You're too cute." she told me as though I was four, when I was older then her; in a way, of course. "Its part of my charm. What can I say?" I teased her, she laughed aloud. She was writing on a blueprint, designing a rather large house. It was elaborate, and it was beautiful. I wandered into her mind, wondering what she was thinking of. It was no help, she was thinking of the French newspaper she'd read earlier that day. Obviously hiding something, but it was probably for my own good. "Whats this for?" I asked her, motioning towards her large sketch. "Oh," she shrugged, "Well we're going to move again someday. I want the next house to be grand. More grand then you know." she announced, I smiled. "That. What is that?" I asked her as I point to a section of the drawing. She smiled up at me, "Thats going to be an outdoor kitchen." she said, and I laughed out loud. "That'll get a lot of use." I joked with her, she sighed. I knew she'd wished it would, and probably hopes it will. I would make sure she had plenty of people to cook for. In fact, I had an idea. "Hey, you enjoy human company right?" I asked her, she looked up at me with a sparkle in her eyes. "Why don't you build a bed and breakfast?" I suggested. I didn't realize she'd like it so much. She stood straight up, her chair shooting backwards, into a computer, and busting. Her hand flew over her mouth, she was ashamed. "Don't." was all I said to her as I slid the chair I was sitting in under the back of her legs, she sat down. I nodded to her, and cleaned up the mess. Esme was incredibly embaressed. "Its no big thing. Everyone does it." I tried to calm her, searching for Jasper's mental voice. . "One moment." I told her, she would be hyperventalating if she were mortal. I ran down the stairs and out into the backyard.

"Come." I commanded Jasper, he ran willingly. "Calm Esme, please?" I told him, Jake and Renesmee were near. "Go talk to her about the bed and breakfast. Make small talk." I said to him, he laughed at me, not knowing what I was saying, and ran. After sending Jasper up stairs, I went in search for Bella. I hadn't a clue where she was. I smelt her scent fresh on the stairs, I followed it to our room. She was laying face down in the bed, "Bella." I said softly, standing beside her. She looked up, and threw herself at me with such force that I stumbled backwards. She was worried, I could feel it rolling off of her in waves. "Their here." I whispered in her ear, already carrying her down the stairs. She wiped her eyes and fixed her hair, commanding me to put her on her feet. I wouldn't. Jacob and Renesmee were walking in the front door when we came down the stairs. I then set Bella on her feet, she ran to Renesmee and started whispering death threats in her ear if she left again. The fury of a kitten. I chuckled to myself. "Come, take a walk." I told Jacob motioning towards the front door. He nodded bravely. We walked out the front door, and down the driveway towards the forest. Jacobs heart was beating out of control, his pulse was as if he were running a marathon. "Why are you afraid?" I asked him whislt still walking deeper into the brush, not bothering to answer me. His thoughts weren't full sentences, they were bits of everything. I didn't know where to begin, or what to say, therefore we walked two miles from the house before Jacob couldn't bear the silence anymore. He stopped walking and turned towards me. "Okay, I know you have something to say to me, but can I ask you one thing?" he questioned, whilst his hands were shaking. I nodded, signaling for him to continue, "As Renesmee's father, I want to ask you. I know I'm not all proper or traditnol.. whatever.. but I want to do this right. I want to ask you for permission to have your daughters hand in marrige." I was stunned. I just starred at him, watching each move he made. "I, ugh, I umm.." I was mumbling. I never mumbled. He knew this, and was prepared to catch me if I fell. I wouldn't fall. I hoped. "I know, its a lot, but its what we want. I am in love with her, Edward, more then you'll ever know. Even if you can see into my head, you don't see it all." He exclaimed, "Am I thankful for that.." I mumbled to myself, he laughed. I watched as he pulled a black velvet box out of his pocket, and offered it to me. "Its not much, but I don't come from much." he told me as I

took the small box, "It was my mothers. Before she died, of course. Its been in my family for generations." he told me. I nodded, opening the small box. It was extremely modern, silver band with the white dimonds surrounding a small red gem. It was flawlessly cut; Renesmee would adore it. I listened to the thoughts in his mind, about where he would propse. I thought it was the most romantic place, it was.. cute, I suppose would be the word. "Thats a very good idea, Jacob." I told him as I placed the ring back in his open palm. "The ring is beautiful, absolutely stunning. She'll love it, and yes, Jacob, you have my blessing, son." I told him whilst smiling. I thought he was going to cry. He shoved the box in his pant pocket, and hugged me like I was his best friend. I was stunned for a moment, but I put my arm around him and pat him on his shoulder. I would smell rancid for a while.

Jacob and I ran back to the house, he was elated with the joy of my acceptance. I was happy for them both. Once we were near the street, Jacob phased back. "I don't care." I said in a thin voice, it'd be an awakward conversation. "Yes, I'm sure." I answered his thoughts. I cringed at the mental image, "Please. Don't think of what'd you like to do." I said, squeezeing the bridge of my nose with my eyes closed, "I am her father, you know." I said dryly, "And you will leave as soon as you clean-up and pack some things. If you need anything, and I do not mean 'anything', come find me. Otherwise, go find Emmett." I told him as I began walking again, he laughed. I rolled my eyes, putting my hand back down by my side. "I won't tell anyone, I'll let Renesmee do that tomorrow." I reminded him, he didn't care, he was too excited. I walked in the house, Alice was in front of me the moment I stepped in the door. "Its time to go." she told me, tapping her bare wrist franticly. "Why are you tapping your wrist like that?" I asked her sarcastically, "Jacob and Nessie and going to Forks until Tuesday, and Ciaran's parents allowed Rachel to stay with them until then, too. Right?" I confirmed, walking into the library, "Yeppp!" she was dragging out the 'P' for no reason. "Come on, Emmett, lets go." I said as I walked in. He jumped off the sofa, kissed Rose (ew) and jumped over the table to stand beside me. "You're practical." I concluded, he smiled theatricaly. "If anything, thats not it." he said laughing. I sighed, "Lets go." I told him as we walked into the hall, Alice on our heels. "Here, take this." she shoved a cell phone in Emmetts pocket, and another in mine. "Why thank you for being concerned about my personal space, Alice." I said smiling, she

rolled her eyes and pranced down the hall way. I sighed. "Who do you think it is?" Emmett asked, and I gave him 'the' look. "If I knew, or even had a clue, of who it was I wouldn't send my daughters away." I told him curtly, he didn't reply. 'Daughters? Oh, yeah, Rachel. Thats cool. God, Edweird is going mad.' I sighed, "Edweird, Emmett? Really?" I asked him, amused. "Thats a new one. Good job." I comended him, he laughed. "Do you always go into my mind at times like this?" He asked, I laughed. "Sure. Now lets go." I said, smiling.

After telling my Bella goodbye, as well as my daughters and their boyfriends, Emmett and I left. "I'm dying to know who it is." I mumbled to Emmett, trying to make conversation as we ran through the woods to where Alice saw the girl. "I'm sorry, but I am so thirsty." he said, and I sighed. "Go." I told him, "I'll be sitting here." He nodded, and ran deep into the woods, the oposite way we'd been running, towards the elk we'd smelt. "Of course he has to hunt now.." I mumbled to myself, leaning agianst the tree in which I sat below. I didn't mind as much as I made it seemed, really, I just thought of how inconvient it'd be. I pulled out a piece of grass from the forest floor, and began twirling it upon my fingers. Or I began trying, the piece of grass began to wilt as I pressed it between my fingers ever so lightly.

Emmett was quicker then I had expected. Though he did come back a mess. I sprang up into the tree, looking over him, eyeing his attire. "Can you keep anything presentable?" I questioned him, dropping from the trees. He just grinned at me like the idiot he was portrayed to be, "Nope!" he replied, I sighed as he did before taking off into the forest. "Hey, wait up!" he yelled after me whilst I smiled to myself and kept running.

Once we got a bit deeper into the forest, I haulted to a stop. Emmett zoomed past me, not realizeing I had stopped until he was half a mile away. "Come here.." I said in a casual voice, impaitent. He bolted back over to my side, his smile was rather smug. "Why? Were going to go that far eventually." He replied, his thoughts were now smug, too. I smiled to him, "No, we turn left now." I corrected him rather smugly, myself. He sighed, and walked over to my side before

looking at my quite seriously in the eye. "Left. We. Go." he said in a poor Itilian accent, his words were slow and deliberate. I threw my head back, laughing harder then I remember I ever had previously. I then heard Emmett laughing as well. It was rather funny, but I then tried to calm myself down. We began walking again, and I was mumbling to myself. "Let we go?"

As we continued to walk at a slow, steady pace, Emmett began telling me whom he believed our visitor would be. "She'll be hot." he told me in a straight-forward fashion, "So it'll be a girl?" I asked him, though I already knew that. "Yep." He answered, I sighed. "You're right." I told him, he smiled, "About what?" he said whilst attempting to hold back his laughter. "About it being a female, genius." I answered in an amused voice, he nodded. He then put his finger up to his chin as though he were deep in thought, pondering something new. "She'll be powerful, too, but what powers she has aren't quite clear yet." He announced, he seemed smug. I didn't know what to say to that, though the thoughts in his head made me believe him more.

It felt as though we'd walked for hours upon hours, though we did not. We kept walking towards the meadow in Alice's vision when I saw a girl of about five-foot-seven leaning back agianst the weatherd trunk of an old oak tree, her eyes were closed. Her hair was below her shoulders, it was a dirty-blond colour that went to her breast bone, and her skin was fairly white. I smelt the air, no scent of a vampire. Was this a mistake? Emmett then saw the girl, and he smiled. "Hey there beaut-" he began calling out to her, I hit him in the gut which ended his sentece, and threw him back into another massive oak tree, snapping it in two. I looked at him, rolled my eyes, and then turned back to the girl whom should be starring wide-eyed with fear at us. She hadn't moved an inch.

Alice's vision didn't show Emmett breaking a tree, so possibly I messed up what was to happen. Emmett jumped up and hoped into step as he walked back over to me, whipping the dirt off of his already messy clothing. "Sorry?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper. He smiled at me, his teeth were showing, too. There was a large gust of wind, which was odd due to the fact that wind didn't make it this far into the forest. It hit the girl under the tree as though it were a bolt of lightning, shocking energy into her. "Miss?" I questioned, anxious. She looked too much like a childhood friend that I was actually worried about her. "Excuse me, miss?" I questioned once more, using the voice that Bella

said was charming. We'd been taking two steps forward, unconciously. As I spoke those three words, her eyes flashed open and she jumped up on her feet, starring intently at my face.

Her eyes were a striking, vivid green. She wasn't human, though. "Hello boys." she said, her voice was annoyed as were her thoughts. Her German accent was thick in every word, rolling over each syllabel like molasses. Emmett was awestruck, he was starring at the beauty which was this girl. Rosalie, needless to say, will be envious of the attraction she holds for Emmett. "I know you don't know me, yah yah, but don't take this the wrong way, are you two gay?" she asked sarcastically, trying to upset us due to waking her up. Her humor reminded me, once more, of my childhood friend from so long ago. I felt Emmett put his arm through mine like the boys and girls did at prom, and patt my forearm. "Yes we are." he said in a bad impression of a valley girl. Was this his day for failing voice impressions, or what? I pulled away from him, flicking him in the forehead. I ran my hands through my hair, "Definently not. He's my brother, and I'm married. To a woman. Not a man.." I corrected him whilst he was rubbing the spot I flicked. "You really remind me of an old friend. You're sense of humor, and all." The girl told me, her thoughts were homesick for her human life back in the early nineteen-hundreds. I watched the pictures flash through her mind, though they were blurry, I knew exactly who the boy she was thinking of was. They'd had an arranged marrige, though they didn't feel anything between them that was close to love. They were both seventeen in the last image, the boy was ill. "And you miss him?" I asked her in a small, quiet voice. She nodded, "So much. He was my best friend." she said this as though she were crying, I thought I would cry, too. "Would you want to see him again?" I asked her, seperateing the words on purpose. She laughed a wicked laugh, "I don't think I'll ever see him again. He died of Spanish Influenza in nineteen-eighteen." her voice was sorrowful, she was trying to hide it. "I don't think so." I told her, watching the pictures she sifted through in her mind. She laughed again, "You don't know me. You don't know my name, or where I came from. Don't tell me I don't know what I do." she ranted on, reminding me so much of my best friend from my human years. I smiled up at her, she had a tear running down her cheek. "I know you. I know your name, I know where you were born, I know when you were born." I felt like such a stalker as I told her this, but it was the truth. She laughed, "Tell me, then." she was clearly amused as well as enjoying this. "You're from Chicago, you were born in nineteen-oh-one,

you're best friend was Edward Masen." I said to her, watching her eyes widen. She jumped back a step. "Who are you! Why are you stalking me?" she was shouting now, Emmett laughed. "He's Edward, and he's not stalking you." Emmett was clearly unaffected as he was in every situation, smiling at this beautiful creature. "Hello Blair." I said to her as another tear fell down her cheek and onto the forest floor.

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