[Title of movie name] >>>>>> DECEIT Script: Name of movie: Deceit Characters: Monisha……………….

protagonist Sonal ………………… Victim Camiel ……………….. antagonist Setting: It is set in the UK, London, (place to be confirmed). The first two minutes of the movie takes place in Sonal’s house and the streets, during the evening/night. The streets are narrow, and in the distance you can see trees and lampposts. Sonal’s house is semi terraced, in front of her house is a front yard, big window on the porch door. There is an alley way on the side of the house. Movie brief: Monisha is a law student at UCL, but she is fed up with law and instead spends her time partying. On the way to a party she finds she is being followed so seeks refuge at her friend’s house, only when she arrives she sees her friend lying dead. There is a knife covered in blood next to her, the police say the only finger prints are her own on the knife. A suicide case. She spends 2 ½ years trying to figure out who killed her friend Sonal. She begins to give up when she finds a book on criminal psychology. She tells the papers she knew who the murder was and all would be revealed within 24hrs. She bluffs to get the villain to return so he could be captured, the villain certainly returns, this time he has a new target, Monisha. The villain doesn’t manage to kill her as her friend walks in just in time. The villain escapes, but she thinks she knows who it is, he wore the same clothes that night. She remembers seeing the same clothes the night she was being followed. She tells the papers and takes this man to court, only he’s an MP. He paid the police to destroy all evidence. He is taken to court and wins the case; Monisha has no evidence linking MP Phil Brown to the crime. Then he gives a speech on live TV and as he does Monisha is killed. MP Phil Brown gets off free; he was like on TV, he couldn’t have committed the crime . Was MP Phil Brown responsible for the killing of these two girls? He didn’t murder Monisha, but he hired someone to kill her. However, the murderer for Sonal’s death was MP Phil Brown. (None of this was told, throughout the movie) MP Phil Brown was close friends with Sonal’s dad and killed her because she always did so well in school. She was always compared with MP Phil Brown’s son. He killed her in envy and covered up the evidence. Monisha knew too much and was on the verge of a break through so also had to be killed. The movie ends after Monisha is killed. A court rule MP Phil Brown Guilty and the movie ends with the lawyers giving evidence and the judge rules in their favour. The final shot shown the mallet go down.

Starts with V.A.S.A Production presents “Deceit” Location is identified and zooms in from Google map, shows Europe, then zooms into the UK, then zooms into London and then zooms into (somewhere), and then zooms into the street. There will be a still shot of the street and we see Monisha walking down the road. Monisha receives a text from a friend. (Match on action on phone) camera looks at phone and it says “meet at concert gates  “ Monisha walks past a tree, and passing the tree, she notices there was blood on the tree; she then gets paranoid, due to a branch behind her snapping. She begins to walk faster in the opposite direction of the tree and makes it obvious that she is going some where else. She calls Sonal; (Dog is barking throughout the dialogue) Monisha: (stuttered and terrified voice) Sonal: Hi Monisha, how you doing? Monisha: (silence) Sonal: Monisha, you there? Monisha: (Stutters) Yeah, can I come over to your house? Sonal: yeah, but what’s the matter? Shouldn’t you be at the concert? Monisha: No time to talk, I’ll let you know when I get there, thanks Sonal (cuts phone). Sonal: What’s up with her, she cut the phone straight away, she always says love you bye. Villain is hiding behind the bloody tree, looking at Monisha, the camera is shaking and heavy breathing can be heard. Monisha turns around quickly and the villain hides behind the tree (camera looking at the tree), but Monisha doesn’t see anything. The villain then runs in the opposite, the camera is shaking. A dolly of Monisha running, she is breathing heavily and she stumbles quite a bit. Cut to the house and then cuts back to Monisha. Monisha looks at the house, there is a zoom in on the door, she runs to the door and rings the doorbell (alerting villain to escape). No answer, Monisha knocks on door, but door opens when knocked on. Monisha: (confused tone) Hello, Sonal, you there? Sonal, where are you?

Still camera shot of Monisha entering the house and then walking into the living room. THUD Crane shot, showing Monisha falling on her knees and she notices a bloody knife besides her body. (Camera now on Sonal’s body) Close up on Monisha’s face and an extreme close up on Monisha’s tears. 180 Degree Rule, showing from Sonal’s view towards Monisha. Camera focuses on Monisha, she is rising up slowly but petrified and she’s trembling. She screams and there is a zoom out. An extreme close up on the house door, which is then put into a close up on the house then just keeps on zooming out until it reaches a long shot of the house. The scene fades out. Producer and Director’s name Deceit [name of movie]

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