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NEA DALLAS STANDS Up For YOU! President: Angela M. Davis De vist ay Sh | 2 Secretary: Diane Birdwell ‘Treasurer: Peggy Pickron VP of Teacher Affairs: Delna Bryan Building tomorrow's future, today! ‘VP of DCS ESP: John Luster “Small enough to know you, Big enough to serve you” Dallas ISD Newsletter October 2015 Message from President Angela Davis NEA-Dallas filed a Class Action Grievance against DISD on behalf of all affected members that submitted the signed participation authorization form regarding the Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEN) and associated scorecards on Friday, October 2, 2015, NEA-Dallas feels that, the TEI process violates the basic tenets of effective teacher evaluation in that it lacks transparency and clarity. Teachers are not given their final evaluation during the appraisal school year which deprives the teacher of a conference that is diagnostic and prescriptive with regard to any remediation identified by the evaluator that may be needed in overall performance by category during the school year. Teachers have been evaluated on information not provided to them in a timely manner or at all. NEA-Dallas and it’s grievant are asking the district to rescind and remove the current TEI scorecard; or that it be revised to accurately reflect the teachers performance which is, ata minimum, proficient; that the documentation used to determine the final evaluation be fair and equitable to all teachers and that a full investigation by a third party, outside of DISD into the efficacy and fairness of the TET process. If you submitted your information and are a part of this class action grievance you will need to make sure that you check and respond to any request sent to you via your personal email address. NEA-DALLAS 2015-2016 MEET AND GREET! lings are happening this year at NEA-Dallas and we want you to be a part of the progress. ; 4 > SO ea ene meee een} Te rarer ce err Ter) remo scenario etc Met Candeleria, TSTA Vice President Ovidia Molina, and ‘and (not pictured) Joyce Foreman. Deora ee ee Your Own Personnel File Don't rely solely on the district to compile your Personnel File. Maintain your own records to be able to verify and document any disputes that may arise over your salary, seniority, leave, evaluation, and other employee related maiters. Do not discuss the matter with anyone. © Donot respond to any charges presented to you. 1.Copies of your personal employment contract. © Call the NEA-Dallas’ 2.Centificates, Licenses, Diplomas, ete. office at 214-821-2000. 3.All observations and evaluations and your responses or comments. 4. Record of accumulated sick leave, personal leave, and if applicable vacation leave days. 5.Records of any incidents involving student discipline, violence, or other disruptive behavior. 6.Copies of letters and memos to and from administrators 7.Copies of letters to and from parents and colleagues. 8.Copies of all documents in your District-maintained personnel files. ‘You should have the following documents on hand: Do not agree to any proposals with help from the NEA-Dallas iaaaluaiomiaas eeathatataettatstepltctaithetetadeni office, Get your “We are NEA” NEA-Dallas T-shirt while supplies last. Make no public Must attend a meeting in order to receive one. statements about your situation, © Have NEA-Dallas review your written statements, October Events Contact NEA-Dallas for more details on events 10/9/15 Elementary Fair Day tonans High Schoo! Parent Conference ae ek sea tonsas Mid Senot Parent Conerene on ross DISD Board Briefing @ 1130 am foe ne Elementary Parent Conference wae set rb Ba aen Teal S20 logs Staff Development Day one lozss NEADallas Social TBD ene eras sonons DISD Board Meting 6:00 pm {Closed on Saturday. Sunday and all DISD Holidays]