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Revision for Chapter 1

1.Which of the following is characteristic of good business writing?
D. it is complete, help build good will and the message is clear.
2. Good reader benefit is when we
D. explain logic behind your argument in order to ensure that your reader sees the points
3. The style for business communication is _____.
C. friendly
Revision for Chapter 2
4. Which of the following should a writer follow when adapting a message to meet
audiences' needs?

The writer must take care to protect the audiences' ego.

5. Which of the following is useful when developing the style for an effective message?

Using conversational, not "academic," language

6. Lisa is a part of the audience that is watching a panel of top business executives
engage in a heated debate. Some members are talking simultaneously, one member is
explaining her views through visual aids, and yet another is trying to answer questions
from the audience. Lisa can't keep up with all this simultaneous communication. Which of
the following terms best exemplifies the difficulty she faces?

Information overload

Revision for Chapter 3

7. Which of the following is the best alternative to "foreman" in a nonsexist language?


8. You were born in 1988. Your manager, born in 1960, seemed irritated when for the
third time you asked for assistance while drafting a problem-solving report. Chances are,
your manager expects:

more autonomy from you.

9. Open body positions include:

leaning forward with uncrossed arms.
Revision for Chapter 4
1. While looking at the draft of a document created by her, Anna realized that she had
mistakenly used the incorrect tense in a certain paragraph. Upon noticing it, she
promptly corrected the error replacing it with the appropriate tense. Which of the
following activities was Anna engaged in while correcting the original draft?


2. Tan chooses a pattern of organization before he begins writing a letter. Which of the
following phases of the writing process does this activity represent?


3. For a document with many illustrations, it is often useful to draw a box with a visual for
each main point with a short caption below the box. This is also known as:

a storyboard.

Revision for Chapter 5

4. Which of the following is not a way to increase white space in a document?
Using lengthy paragraphs
5. Which of the following should be avoided while typing main headings in letters or
Using uppercase for all the words in the heading
6. Which of the following refers to a standard procedure for designing presentation
Use clear, concise language.

Revision for Chapter 6

7. "I have negotiated an agreement that gives you a 10% discount on any flight ticket
bought using our corporate credit card." Which of the following is true with regard to this
C. The sentence lacks you-attitude because it focuses on the writer's actions.
8. Danny, a salesperson at Dunk Inc., is completing an order of 25 pairs of shoes that was
placed by a K-Pop artist. This particular artist is a major client and does a great deal of
business with Dunk. Which of the following sentences should Danny use in his letter to
the client in order to create you-attitude?
"Your order #202314 will be shipped this evening and should reach you by January

9. "You will be happy to know that we are giving you a new all-in-one debit card." Which
of the following is true with regard to this sentence?

It lacks you-attitude since the writer presumes to know how the reader will feel.

10. Azli, a sales manager at Cray Inc., notices that one of his subordinates, Sarah, has
forgotten to sign her vacation request. He sends out an e-mail informing all employees of
the appropriate procedure, pointing out Sarah's mistake as an example. This strategy

poor you-attitude because Azli's message does not protect the reader's ego.

Revision for Chapter 13

1. When writing the subject line for an e-mail, you should make sure that it is


2. Never write e-mail messages when youre



3. For a document with many illustrations (non text file), a long text document and with
extensive formatting.It is BETTER to send it as


an attachment

4. The subject line of a persuasive e-mail message should

Make a clear request
5. Which of the following should be done when writing Negative E-mail Messages?
Should be delivered in person, not by e-mail
6. When using a social networking tool in business:
Keep things professional.
Revision for Chapter 14
7 Which of the following sentences lacks noun-pronoun agreement?
C. Raul Gonzales, shooting a California-based movie, has moved into the city to get a
feel for its culture.
8. Which of the following sentences represents the correct use of an apostrophe?
Ramon's new smartphone is elegant.
9. Why should words be underlined or italicized in a document?
To emphasize them
10 .Which of the following is not an example of parallel structure?
D. You can pay by credit card, check, or just fill out a payroll deduction card.
Revision for Chapter 26
1. Mark has a few months left for graduation, after which he plans to job hunt. In order to
effectively job hunt he should:
B. identify his knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, and values by questioning himself.
2. Which of the following statements is not true about information interviews?

They help a person best prepare to enter the career field he or she wants to.

3. Tracy has been talking to her seniors from college working in a field she soon plans to
pursue. In order to ensure that she doesn't get caught up in the wrong job, she questions
them about their daily schedule at work, the challenges they face, their likes and dislikes
about their jobs, and the growth opportunities their jobs offer them. This is a typical
example of a(n):

information interview.

4. In which of the following ways is an information interview different from a referral

An information interview talks about what a job involves; a referral interview helps
learn about current job opportunities in the field.

5. Paul is attending a job interview at an advertising agency. The demographics of the

agency show that majority of the employees are aged between 24 and 32. However,
Paul, who was previously was occupied as an entrepreneur, is 38 years old. At the job
interview Paul should typically:
B. be able to point to specific cases where he has learned from young people and worked
well with them as well much older customers.
6. Robin is in a referral interview with a person who doesn't have the power to create a
job position for him. However, the person is helping Robin revise his rsum. Which of
the following will be an appropriate behavior from Robin's side?
C. He should enclose a copy of his revised rsum with a personal thank-you letter after
the interview.

Revision for Chapter 27

7. You have decided to give up corporate life for a job in forestry. Which of the following
rsums should you use?
B. Skills rsums
8. You were president of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society, which raised $1,000.00 for the
local hospital. On your rsum, you should:
C. mention your title and role, but specify that Phi Beta Kappa is an honor society, so
people won't think that it's a social club.
9. You won a national scholarship because you participated in a writing contest. Even
being selected for the finals of this contest was very prestigious. On your rsum, you
should list the scholarship:
under "Activities and Honors."
10 . Choose the best re-write of this career objective: "To use my four-year degree, PC
certification courses, and business experience to generate revenue for an international
computer company."
C. Selling advanced routers made by Cisco Systems, and to help it generate more

Revision for Chapter 28

11.The primary purpose of a job application letter is to:
get an interview.
12. To make the job application letter professional, the applicant should:
address the letter to a specific person.
13. Which of the following is true of a solicited letter?
It is used when the applicant knows that the company is hiring.

14. A job applicant writes a prospecting letter to:

apply for a position that the organization has not advertised.
15. Which of the following is true of a T-letter?
D. It is a cross between a traditional job application letter and a rsum.

Revision for Chapter 29

16. How should a candidate respond when asked to describe himself using one
C. He should pick a positive adjective that can be supported with a specific example.

17. The best response to the question "Why should I hire you?" is to:
explain one's strengths for that job.

18. Which of the following is a good practice in preparing for an interview?

D. Carry extra copies of your rsum and portfolio even if the interview doesn't call for

19. How should one represent his or her strengths in an interview?

C. Strengths can be presented at the end of an interview for lack of an earlier
20. Which of the following is a good question to ask an interviewer?
This sounds like a great jobwhat are the drawbacks?

Revision for Chapter 30

1. Which of the following is not a quality of a follow-up letter after an office visit?
B. Including receipts for expenses to be reimbursed
2. A follow-up letter should:
contain a tone of enthusiasm.
3. A follow-up letter should do all of the following except:
asking for the status of the application.
4. When an employer gives a verbal job offer to an applicant, he or she should:
express pleasure at being offered the job.
5. Which of the following should applicants not do when the first job offer they get isnt
the one they most want?
Accepting the offer over the phone

6. Which of the following is not a method to show enthusiasm?

Maintaining a steady posture

Revision for Chapter 18

1. Which of the following is true of the different roles that people play in groups?
A. Positive roles and actions do not help a group resolve internal conflicts.
Clowning involves making unproductive jokes.
C. Blocking implies comparing group process and products to standards and goals.
D. Showing group members that they have been heard and that their ideas are being
taken seriously is a sign of blocking.
Withdrawing helps build loyalty and resolve conflicts.
2. Which of the following is true of effective leaders?
A. Effective leaders are most likely to adopt a dictatorial style of leadership.
Effective leaders are mostly arrogant.
C. Effective leaders avoid asking others to share their work styles and obligations.
Effective leaders encourage groupthink.
E. Effective leaders look at the goal and identify the steps needed to get
3. To reduce the number of conflicts in a group, you should:
avoid discussing problems.
ask group members to deal with their problems independently.
adopt a dictatorial style of leadership.
D. make responsibilities and ground rules clear at the beginning.

4. Which of the following sentences displays good you-attitude?

A. Why have you submitted last year's sales report instead of this year's?
You should learn to be more careful when editing documents.
C. I think that the quality of this document can be improved with
D. I don't think you have the necessary knowledge or skills to complete this simple task.
5. Which of the following positive roles played by people in groups involves asking
questions and identifying gaps in the groups knowledge?
Seeking information and opinions
Encouraging participation
Revision for Chapter 19
6. In an organization, _____ meetings typically occur when there is a need to announce
new policies and products, answer questions, share ideas, and motivate employees.

regular staff

7. As the person in charge of a meeting, one should typically:


remind the group of its progress when they're behind schedule.

ensure only the leader of small groups are invited to participate.


limit creativity, fun, and networking in meetings.

schedule controversial issues toward end of the meeting.
A good agenda indicates
A. The names of the participants of the meeting.
B. Only include the final decision.
C. The food menu/ lunch menu.
D. How much time is allotted for each item.

9. A company wants to adopt a decision-making strategy that allows for participation of

all its employees. For speedy implementation of ideas and equal involvement of all
participants in the implementation, it wants to ensure that the employees unanimously
agree on the plan or idea. The most appropriate decision-making process for such a
scenario would be:
adopting an authoritative decision-making strategy.
adopting an autocratic decision-making strategy.
through voting.
through consensus.

10. Which of the following virtual meeting channels limits both tone of voice and body
All of the above