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cls aIX-a bilingv / intensiv - 15 iunie 2010

Subiectul I
Underline the correct variant.

15 points

1. The walls of her room were covered with / by posters of her favourite band.
2. Dont forget to close / switch off the lights before you go to bed.
3. On Saturday my mother has given / gave me 15 Lei.
4. She is a friend of my / mine.
5. Salads are more healthier / healthier than pizza.
6. Miss, can / may I open the window, please ?
7. You can speak English, cant / dont you ?
8. Mr. Brown still doesnt need no / any glasses when he reads the newspaper.
9. His friend, which / who lives next door, is the best chess player in town.
10. They told me they will / would join us on the trip.
11. Paul never is walking / walks to school.
12. She left the building an hour before / ago.
13. Peter is more / much taller than John.
14. They havent called already / yet.
15. Although / Despite the waiter was at fault, he didnt even apologise.
Subiectul II
15 points
Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space.
Use only one word in each space.
Young people work .(1) during the .(2) but over the weekend they visit their
friends, .(3) television, go .(4) a disco or to the cinema.
In big cities, the first performance or showing, as .(5) is called, begins at.(6)
two oclock in .(7) afternoon and the show goes .(8) from then .(9) about
half past ten. The cinema is not emptied between the showings, .(10) that once you
..(11) paid for your seat you can stay in the cinema .(12) long as you like.
.(13) is usually one main .(14), some advertisements and a trailer telling about
the film .(15) the next week.
Subiectul III
Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

10 points

When he got back he .1(tell) Mum about the old lady in the shop and how she had
managed to avoid going to school when she .2(be) a girl. As soon as he finished he
saw that he .3(be) wiser if he had said nothing. Talking about school .4(give)
Mum ideas. If you .5(go) to school this term I .6(drop) by and see the
headmaster. He will probably let you start at once.
I .7(not want) to start at once. It ..8(be) only about two weeks to the end of the
He will wonder if you .9(not turn up) because Dad wrote and told him you

Subiectul IV
10 points
Read the text, then decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).
An average beehive contains more than 50,000 rooms (cells) and more than 35,000 busy
bees. Each bee has its own special job.
The queen bee lays eggs daily twice her own weight; the drones or male bees mate with
young queens; and the workers, or females, act as nurses, guards, room builders, and
gatherers of food. These workers make 37,000 trips to find flower nectar, and carry it
back to the hive to make 500 grams of honey.
The wings of honeybees beat at the amazing rate of 200 times per second. Thats why
bees buzz ! Bees use their wings inside the hive to create good air circulation during
warm weather. In winter, the beating of bees wings keeps the hive warm.
Bees buzz, but they dont know it. Most authorities believe that bees are deaf.
1. Bees have special jobs.
2. The male bees are the workers and act as guards.
3. Queen bees are called drones.
4. Female bees act as room builders and they gather food.
5. Bees use nectar to make honey.
6. The queen bee makes trips to find flower nectar.
7. The wings of bees beat 500 times per second.
8. Good air circulation in the beehive is obtained
through the beating of bees wings.
9. Authorities believe that bees can hear very well.
10. The drones act as nurses in the beehive.


Subiectul V
10 points
Read the text below carefully. Some of the lines are correct and some have a mistake. If a
line is correct put a tick (v ) at the end of the line; if a line has a mistake, write the word
at the end of the line and correct it.
An american and a Scotsman were discussing about
the cold experienced in winter in the nord of Scotland.
Why, its nothing at all compared to the cold we
has in the United States, said the American.
I remember on winter when a sheep, jumping
from a hillock into a field, become suddenly frozen
on the way, and stuck in the air like an mass of ice.
But, man, exclaimed the Scotsmen, the law of
gravity wouldnt allow that.
I know that, replied the American, but the law
of gravity was frozen, too.
- Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii
- Timp de lucru 1 ora
- Se acorda 10 puncte din oficiu


Subiectul I
1. with; 2. switch off; 3. gave; 4. mine; 5. healthier; 6. may; 7. cant; 8. any; 9. who;
10. would; 11. walks; 12. ago; 13. much; 14. yet; 15. Although.
Subiectul II
1. hard; 2. week; 3. watch;; 5. it; 6. about; 7. the; 8. on; 9. until; 10. so; 11. have;
12. as; 13. There; 14. film; 15. for.
Subiectul III
1.told; 2. was; 3. would have been; 4. had given / gave; 5. go; 6. will drop; 7. dont want;
8. is; 9. do not turn up ; 10. would come.
Subiectul IV
1. T; 2. F; 3. F; 4. T ; 5. T ; 6. F ; 7. F ; 8. T ; 9. F ; 10. F.
Subiectul V
1. american ; 2. nord ; 3. v ; 4. has ; 5. on ; 6. become; 7. an; 8. Scotsmen; 9. v; 10. v.