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College of Business and Accountancy
Lucena City, Province of Quezon




Title. This issuance shall be known as the Supplemental Rules on the Conduct of
Examinations and collectively referred to as the Rules.
Applicability. The Rules shall be the applicable to all Exams administered by
the professor or a duly authorized representative, and are without prejudice to the existing rules and
regulations promulgated and enforced by the MSEUF on the same or similar subject matter.

Exams. An Exam shall be administered by the professor, or a duly authorized
representative, and answered by the student only at the designated venue and on the specified date
and time for such purpose.
Absence. A student who shall be absent on the day of an Exam shall be given
a grade of zero (0) for that particular Exam and such shall serve as the respective component of the
students total grade, based on the mathematical formula provided by the MSEUF.
Tardiness. A student who shall, on the day of the Exam, come in after the
official start of the period allotted for the Exam shall be allowed to take the said exam but only for
the remainder of the period, beginning at the moment he or she physically appears at the designated
venue; provided, that the said student does not come in after a significant portion of the period
allotted for the exam has already elapsed.
Exceptions. A student may be allowed to justify and be excused from being
absent on the day of the Exam only if he or she is able substantiate a valid cause of the absence by
presenting, depending on the specific event or circumstance, the applicable document/s.
Section 6.1.
Medical Condition. An original Medical Certificate attesting to the
sickness or other medical condition of the student on the date of the absence requiring him
or her to take leave from the Exam on said day, which is duly executed and signed by a
licensed Physician.
Section 6.2.
Demise or Bereavement. A copy of the Death Certificate, duly certified
as true and correct by the National Statistics Office or the Local Civil Registrar, of the
deceased who is related to the student up to the fourth (4th) civil degree of consanguinity or
affinity; the date of death should be, at most, ten days prior to the date of the Exam from
which the student was absent.
Section 6.3.
Matrimony. A copy of the Marriage Certificate/Contract, duly certified
as true and correct by the National Statistics Office or the Local Civil Registrar, of the

Promulgated by Atty. Jose Maria B. Duhaylongsod

Supplemental Rules on the Conduct of Examinations

student who was absent or a relative of said student up to the fourth (4th) civil degree of
consanguinity or affinity; the date of the celebration of the marriage should coincide with the
date of the Exam on which he or she was absent.
Section 6.4.
Legal Incidents. An original copy of the police report, police blotter
duly certified by the relevant police officer, subpoenas, warrants of arrest and other
compulsory processes issued by duly authorized persons and bearing the respective official
seals thereof, which shall show that on the date of the Exam the student was compelled to
attend legal matters for which absence therefrom was inexcusable or was under pain of
contempt or punishable by law.
Section 6.5.
Other Circumstances. Other exceptional and compelling circumstances
may be considered by the professor in assessing whether the students absence is justified
and may therefore be excused. However, any and all claims of ignorance, mistake, both or
other rationale of similar import and effect as to the specific date and time of the Exam shall
not be an acceptable basis nor will ever be a valid justification of an absence therefrom.
Period. A student who wishes to avail of the remedy provided in Rules 6 and
8 shall give notice and present the applicable document/s to the professor within five (5) days after
the date of the absence being sought to be excused from.
Effects. A student who has to the satisfaction of the professor, upon strict
compliance with and without violating Rules 6, 7 and 9, successfully justified and substantiated his
or her absence on the date of the Exam shall be given the grade of incomplete or INC; and upon
such time, the applicable rules and regulations of the MSEUF regarding the matter shall thereafter
Sanctions. A student found to be procuring, presenting or submitting any
document specifically enumerated or determined to be required to be submitted in relation to
previous Rules, which appears to be or is given the semblance of validity or genuineness when in
truth and in fact it is fictitious, false, or fraudulent, shall be:
Section 9.1.

Given the grade under Rule 4.

Section 9.2.
Recommended for disciplinary sanctions under the applicable rules
and regulations of the MSEUF.
RULE 10.
Other Liabilities. The foregoing shall be without prejudice to any criminal
liability incurred by the Student as well as the person executing the said false, fictitious and
fraudulent document under the Revised Penal Code and any other applicable laws in force.
RULE 11.

Definitions. For purposes of the Rules:

Section 11.1.

The term MSEUF shall mean the Manuel S. Enverga University

Section 11.2. A student is a person enrolled in any course being handled, taught
and administered by the professor.
Section 11.3. The term Exam shall be synonymous to the terms examination,
tests as well as other words of similar meaning and shall be understood as referring to the
Prelims, Midterms, Semifinals or Finals as used in the MSEUF.
Section 11.4.

The term period allotted when used in relation to an Exam and in



Supplemental Rules on the Conduct of Examinations

the context of the Rules shall mean that span of time, with a definite beginning and end,
within which the students are allowed to write down their answers to a set of questions
presented in an Exam.
Section 11.5. A student is considered absent if he or she is not physically
present at the Exam venue for the entire period allotted for the said Exam or appears thereat
only after a significant portion thereof has already elapsed.
Section 11.6. The term a significant portion, in relation to the entire period
allotted for the Exam, shall mean a length of time from the start of the period allotted for
the Exam until fifteen (15) minutes prior to the end of the said period.
Section 11.7. A document under Rules 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 is fictitious when the
document does truly exist; false when the contents thereof intentionally or unintentionally
deviates from the truth; and, fraudulent when the contents are entered in bad faith and
intended to deceive or mislead.
RULE 12.
Separability. Should any provision of the Rules be declared invalid by the
proper authorities, those portions unaffected by the declaration of invalidity shall remain binding in
full force and effect.
RULE 13.
Effectivity. These Rules shall take effect upon issuance and shall remain in
force until subsequently modified, amended or repealed by the professor.
Quezon City for Lucena City, Province of Quezon.
15 September 2014