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Issue 1-October 16, 2015

September threats lock down San Diego schools

By Viviana Bonomie
News Editor
On Thursday, September 17,
most students at La Jolla High
were in their fourth period class,
waiting for the lunchtime bell.
Instead, they were surprised by
a bell that announced that they
were going into lockdown.
The student reactions varied
from those who were concerned
about what was going on to those
who laughed it off as a drill. It
wasn’t until text messages started
coming in from concerned parents that most people caught on
to the fact that there was a threat.
According to NBC San Diego,
the anonymous man who called
LJHS, also called nine other San
Diego School District schools,
some calls included threats of a
gunman, while others only mentioned possible devices on campus.
The schools from the dis-

trict who were targeted included;
Clairemont, Crawford, Kearny,
Mira Mesa, Morse, La Jolla, Patrick
Henry, Point Loma, San Diego, and
Scripps Ranch.
According to 10 News, all of the
calls were made approximately
within a 20-minute range, the first
being made to San Ysidro High at
about 9:15 am where a man made
a call stating that “something was
going to happen.”
Here at LJHS, the office was a
flurry of movement before the
phone call was even made. Since
the San Ysidro call had been made
so early in the day, the San Diego
Police Department had already
been alerted and several cops were
already on campus in order to perform a search for any sign of dangerous activity.
At around 11:20 am a phone call
was received which sparked the
immediate lockdown.
As the police department


searched the campus, students
and teachers were instructed to
remain in their classrooms with
the windows shut and the doors
locked until the “all clear.” The
lockdown ended at approximately 1:20 pm, two hours later,
which resulted in a 30-minute
lunch and two, 15-minute class
During the two-hour lockdown, students and teachers
alike had to endure the hunger
that came from a lack of a lunch
time and the problem faced with
a number of people having to
use the restroom, but not being
able to due to the restriction on
leaving classroms.
Because of these issues, the
school has now decided to take
new precautionary methods that
include portable toilets and extra
food and water for each classroom, in case an event like this
happens again.

Walking out of the office after
being in a conference room overflowing with people, I was glad to
finally be able to leave the small,
tension-filled, room. As I walked
toward the quad, I saw a mixture
of concerned parents either waiting for their student or talking to
police officers, asking for more
This was the first time any of the
students at LJHS were part of an
actual lockdown, and the reactions from the students were very
mixed and while everyone was
glad to hear the threat was nothing but a hoax, many are dissappointed that the caller has yet to
be identified.
Calls being made as a type of
prank in order to frighten or cancel schools have been an ongoing
problem in San Diego. Last year
schools like La Jolla Country Day
and Canyon Crest Academy also
experienced similar events that

Examining The Pontiff and Politics
By Jimmy Irwin and Julia Walton
Staff Writers

By Lucy Barton
Staff Writer
Saturday, September 12 marks
the third time in a few weeks that
a hammerhead shark has been
spotted off the coast of La Jolla.
La Jolla has seen more than its
fair share of these animals ever
since the first one appeared a couple miles from La Jolla Shores on
August 29th, coming as a shock
to the three kayakers who caught
the event on video while fishing.
Their footage was featured all
over the news that day, showing
the 8-to-10-foot shark continuously circling their kayaks, its
dorsal fin protruding menacingly
from the surface of the water.
Despite the frightening situation, these kayakers seem to
show no alarm, laughing and
joking about the shark, and even
going so far as to try to provoke
it. According to NBC, the shark
showed “aggressive behavior”
and even followed the kayakers as
they paddled back to the beach,
prompting the lifeguards at La
Jolla Shores to close down the
beach from Scripps Pier all the
way to the Cove for the day.
The next day, while the 24-hour
shark advisory was still in effect,
another hammerhead made an

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

appearance off the coast of the
Shores again. According to Fox 5,
this shark followed a kayaker until
he was able to make contact with a
lifeguard boat.
Both of these encounters were
filmed, the first one only of the
shark above the water, but the second, being filmed underneath the
surface of the water, gets such a
high-quality close up of the shark
that it doesn’t seem real.
Theories for the appearances
of these sharks center around the
fishing practices of certain kayakers in the area. Once the fish is
caught, instead of keeping it on
the line in the water until the kayakers are ready to paddle back to
shore, they gut the fish right there,
dumping the blood into the water
which then could possibly attract
the sharks into the area. According
to Fox 5, the kayakers drained the
blood of the fish right off the side of
the kayaks and into the surrounding waters immediately in order to
“keep it fresher.” These sharks are
then drawn to this blood, therefore
bringing them into an area where
they would not have necessarily
come to on their own. As a result,
these fishers may inadvertently be
the reason for the rare shark sightings in La Jolla.

resulted in lockdowns.
Since the event, no news of further threats have been reported,
but the effectiveness of lockdown
drills has since been put into question. Mother of junior Sofia Soltero, Maite Soltero, was picking up
paperwork in the office when the
alarm rang out. She was therefore
obligated to stay in the office for
the duration of the lockdown.
When asked about her opinion
on the procedure’s effectiveness
she stated, “Yes I think the lock
down is effective for the students
protection [but] I still believe
there is room for improvement. I
feel the people that are inside the
lockdown should have access to
more information and updates.”
Many students also feel that this
procedure seems somewhat counterproductive, stating that locking
us in the place where a threat is
made will, in the end, not save

Pope Francis planned an
eight day trip to both Cuba and
the United States from September 19th to 27th. Catholic News
Service stated his hope is to share
with these two countries his “vision of a Catholic’s approach to
family life, economics, immigration, and good governance” and
to help people realize that even
though there may be differing
opinions in these areas between
countries, the church stands
firm in its values everywhere.
The Pope visited three cities
during his stay in Cuba, which
began on September 19th. He
visited the capital city Havana,
along with Holguin, and Santiago. On his stop to Holguin, he
held a Mass with over 150,000
people. According to NBC News,
during the Mass he based his
speech on the need “‘to slowly
overcome our preconceptions
and our reluctance to think that
others, much less ourselves, can
Visiting Holguin had some
political background as it was
the place that Cuba’s communist
leaders Fidel and Raul Castro
grew up. September 21, the day
he was in Holguin, was also the
date that he felt a calling from
God when he was a teenager,
which led to his current position
in the church.

Pope Francis greets President Barack Obama at the
Vatican in spring 2014.
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia
Commons / White House

Pope Francis has become
world famous for his radical
changes in the Catholic Church,
many have hailed him as a 21st
century pope, one that is ready
to address the challenges facing the world at this time. He
is also famous for his compassion, humility, and progressive
stance on many issues, such as his
open-minded attitude towards
gay marriage and abortion, and
his adamant heedfulness about
the dangers of climate change.
His stance has polarized him
from people on both the political
left and right. It is for this reason that so many are interested
in what the pope has had to say
about America during his time
He landed in Washington
D.C. on September 21st where
he made history twice; first, by
being the first pope to address
Congress where he talked about
how important it is to make sure
politics are always done for the
good of the people. Second, he
made Junipero Serra, the founder
of the California mission system,
a saint, which is the first time a
canonization has ever happened

on American soil.
While in New York, he visited
the United Nations General Assembly, speaking on some of the
issues that have been front-andcenter in his papacy. He dwelled
on the unjust treatment of the
poor and how they have “sacred
rights” to land, labor, and lodging. He also strongly encouraged
people to take better care of the
planet, and stop harming it in the
pursuit of money.
In Philadelphia, he praised
America’s ideals of religious freedom, but also warned how injustice can destroy a nation.
One of the most controversial
topics he addressed was sexual
abuse of children by the clergy.
He condemned the priests who
do this, saying they are supposed
to be bringing children into God’s
church, but instead squash their
love of God.
The pope’s visit to Cuba
was significant considering its
high population of Catholics.
And, while bringing along certain
controversy to his visit in the U.S.,
it will certainly not be an event to
soon be fogotten for the people
who witnessed his coming.

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Syrian Refugees Cry for Help

How Should Europe Respond to the Ever-Growing Problem of the Syrian Crisis?
By Nikolai Gaenzle
Staff Writer
In 2011, following the Arab
Spring protests, Bashar al- Assad's regime began a malicious
military crackdown, targeting
members of the Free Syrian
Army and civilians alike. Although many NATO and UN
members provided supplies
to these liberation groups, the
death toll continues to rise
-310,000 by April 2015- and
a mass exodus of civilian refugees set out with their sights
set on Europe.
This trend of Syrian mass migration is not new to the world,
with over 3.7 million already
relocated to Turkey, Lebanon,
and Jordan.
This initial move began in
2012 as a result of the systematic targeting of innocent civilians by Assad, rather than the
resistance fighters he was previously targeting.
With the majority of other
Middle Eastern countries at
full capacity, many European
countries have begun to open
immigration to these refugees.
Of all European Union countries, Germany, guided by the
polices of Chancellor Angela
Merkel, and Sweden have set
examples which they hope
the rest of Europe will follow;
according to a BBC interview
with Merkel, Germany is willing to accept 800,000 refugees
this year alone.
Despite the precedent that
has been set forth by Germany
and various other EU members, many seem hesitant to
accept such large numbers of
migrants. Over the past weeks,
The Guardian has released re-

A line of Syrian refguees crossing the border of Austria and Hungary on their way to Germany
on Setember 8th, 2015. Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons
ports stating that Danish police have begun slowing the influx of refugees by blocking off
sections of highway and international railway traffic, while
Hungarian officials order that
they begin closing borders
The European countries
have various reasons for their
stances on the migration of
these refugees. Germany and
Sweden have a growing need
for civilians in the workforce
while the UK and Denmark restrict the immigration because
of the fear of ISIS infiltrators.
Although countries have their
differences, it is becoming ever
more apparent that countries
shouldn't have to accept hundreds of thousands of
immigrants, nor should other
counties be turning them away.
The European Union needs to
come to an agreement that will
allow for these Syrian refugees
to be evenly displaced through

Editors’ Note
The Hi-Tide, an open forum, is
the official student newspaper
of La Jolla High School. Unless
otherwise noted, opinions being
voiced in the Hi-Tide belong to
the individual author. The HiTide welcomes letters and opinions from students and staff
members. If you have a letter to
the editor, please drop it off in
Room 514, or give it to any HiTide editor. You may also email
submissions to Submissions should
be typed and cannot be anonymous. The Hi-Tide reserves the
right to refuse any material. Advertisements are measured per
column inch. To advertise with
the Hi-Tide or to to purchase a
subscription, please email us or
call (858) 454-3081, extension
4514. Issues are distributed every four weeks. No part of the
Hi-Tide may be reproduced
without written permission.

October 16, 2015

Dear LJHS Students,
Another school year comes
by and with it new staff writers and a new editorial staff
begin their journey at The HiTide. Despite the changes, our
mission remains the same. As
journalists, it is our job and
duty to inform the student
body about the issues happening at our school and our
community. Ranging from
local news to arts and entertainment, we promise to deliver the best and most honest
articles we can write to make
The Hi-Tide one of the best
high school newspapers in the
country. To make reading our
newspaper an enjoyable experience to all of our readers, we
will be adding four new secYour Editors-in-Chief,

tions that will feature international news, photojournalism,
political cartoons, and an omnibus page, where we will display different advertisements
and announcements alike.
We would like to invite the
student body to submit their
work, whether it is a political
cartoon or an original photograph, to room 514 if they
would like to be considered.
We do ask that the material
remains courteous to others
using appropriate language.
The Hi-Tide will be distributed
every third Friday of almost
every month during fifth period. Be sure to grab your copy
before you head out!
Good luck and have fun.

Sara Espinosa and Nessie Navarro

its member nations.
I believe that the EU members should willingly accept
these refugees, many of whom
are educated, and allow them
to enter the workforce. If
an individual is willing to
travel thousands of miles on
foot and raft, risking their
own lives, and leave what they
owned behind, then they will
be willing to work wherever
they end up.

These men and women are not
necessarily looking for free
handouts; they are looking
for security. Many individuals
view this influx as a problem,
when we need to view this as a
way for the West to lend their
support. It is clear that these
Syrians need our aid and we
have a civic duty as human beings to provide help when they
have come to us with no other

How Much Skin is
Too Much Skin?

How LJHS Dress Code Standards Cover Up Too Much
By Nora Becker
Staff Writer
To be “dress-coded” at some
point during your middle or
high school years could almost
be considered a rite of passage:
congratulations, you’re old
enough to wear clothing that
may be distracting to someone!
The La Jolla High School
handbook defines unacceptable attire as, “bare midriffs,
tube tops, spaghetti straps,
exposed bra straps, off-theshoulder tops, backless tops,
very short skirts or shorts…
and any clothing featuring
controlled substances, weapons, obscenities, vulgarities,
hate language, sexual innuendos, or gang affiliations.”
It seems geared especially
towards female students, although power to the boys who
flaunt their bare midriffs and
tube tops! Our student handbook also states that a third
violation of the dress code will
result in a one-day suspension. Isn’t the whole point of
the dress code to keep an academic learning environment,
not to kick students out of it?
Sending students home causes them to miss out on the
learning occurring, producing
exactly the opposite result of
what was intended.
Our dress code is flawed in

more ways than one.
Imagine this: it’s hot outside,
it’s even hotter in the classrooms. You’re a girl, wearing a
shirt with spaghetti straps and
a skirt. You walk into class,
and instantly the boys cannot
handle it. The teacher cannot
teach; no one can pay attention because they are all too
busy looking at your scandalous outfit.
Basic human anatomy lesson #1: the shoulder is the
place where your arm connects to your torso. Everyone
has them! Basic human anatomy lesson #2: everyone has a
stomach too! And backs, and
even legs! Are you surprised to
see that?
Dear LJHS: the bigger issue
here isn’t that you dress code
a 15-year-old girl for being
able to see her shoulders. It’s
that by doing this, you’re implying that her shoulders are
“sexy,” and that she is “sexy.”
She’s a minor, and already she’s
being sexualized and objectified. If students can’t control themselves around some
body parts, that is a matter of
self-discipline and respect, not
To all the students at LJHS
who are distracted by clothing
someone may be wearing: It’s 8
am. You just woke up. Control

Why is America Letting the Craziest American
Lead in the Republican Presidental Election?


October 16, 2015

By Anthony Coan
Staff Writer
When I first heard Donald
Trump was running for president, I took it about as seriously as when I heard about Kanye
West and Wiz Khalifa attempting the same thing. Who earnestly believes a reality show
star, multiple-time bankrupt
entity would be a good fit for
the President of the United
But somehow, people think
he is. Though it is pretty early
on in the election, throughout
the country Trump leads the
next most popular Republican
nominee, Ben Carson, by 13 or
more points. There is no way
to tell if he will lose support
moving closer to the Republican Party’s official nomination,
but for the time being, Donald
Trump is the number one Republican candidate, and that
should be concerning.
The first thing you hear about
Trump, before anything about
his governmental policies
and beliefs, are his big ideas
and comments. His ideas for
America are extreme and absurd. One of his first major

ideas he proposed was to build a
wall across the Mexican-American Border to stop the flow of
illegal immigrants into the U.S.
and making Mexico pay for it.
He wants to cease all trade with
China and Mexico. To combat
ISIS, he claims he will “find the
next General Patton or MacArthur.” If elected, Trump wants to
put even less federal funds into
education while upgrading our
stockpile of nuclear weapons, of
which we already have at least
2120 already active.
There is no doubt in anyone’s
mind that these are big, impactful ideas. What some people
might not realize is how much
he can actually do, especially
while not destroying the United
States’ long standing relationship with the over 33.7 million
How is it ok that the second
most popular person in the
running for the most powerful
office in the world is blatantly
racist and dismissive of anyone,
not to mention more than one
sixth of the United States’ total
I believe Trump is tolerated
because people are tired of the

scared, politically correct,
hesitation politics seems to
have become. Nowadays, the
majority of politicians don’t
have their own thoughts or
opinions. Whatever they
choose to say is filtered in an
attempt to remove all possibility of dissenting opinion,
and to make what they say as
“politically correct” as possible. LJHS Senior Austin
Iverson describes the halfhearted support of Trump
well, explaining “Trump has
the business experience the
country needs. His stance on
immigration and relentless
attacking of opposing candidates are harsh and idiotic,
but he is striking a nerve in
this nation and getting us to
discuss problems our country
desperately needs solutions.”
No matter what your stance
is on Trump 2016, it seems
the possibility is growing
closer every day. I encourage
any senior who will be able
to vote in the upcoming 2016
presidential election should
do so, so we, as Americans,
can elect the best candiate.

Pumps, Push-Ups, and Purses:
Female Politicians Are Ready for Business
Why Women Aren’t Taken Seriously in Washington

By Ariana Dennis
Staff Writer
It can’t be denied we live in
a patriarchal country, as does
most of the rest of the world.
However, it can be argued that
women have made a good
amount of progress today.
But is our societal mindset
matching up with the achievements of women?
As the 2016 presidential candidacy goes on, it’s clear to see
the ratio of men and women
running is disappointing to
say the least but progress nevertheless. We judge candidates
by their ideals and politics.
However it seems that women in office still manage to be
judged on something completely irrelevant: appearance.
Recent comments stated by
Republican candidate Donald Trump about Republican
candidate Carly Fiorina in a
Rolling Stones interview are a
clear example of this. He states,
“Look at that face! Who would
vote for that face?”
Whether or not you agree
with her politics or not, his
comment was way out of line,
inappropriate, and irrelevant.
This is not his first incident of
making inappropriate and sexist comments towards women.
On a number of occasions he

has been degrading towards
females, including Rosie O’
Donnell. During the first GOP
debate earlier this August, Megan Kelley asked Trump about
his history of calling women
he doesn’t like “fat pigs, dogs,
slobs, and disgusting animals”
but was quickly interrupted by
him when he said, “Only Rosie O’ Donell,” as the audience
It is a completely inappropriate way for someone to refer
to anyone and the fact that the
audience cheered in support is
only more disappointing.
Democratic candidate Bernie
Sanders seems to recognize this
trend of sexism in the candidacy
according to an article by CNN
and states “In fact, I can’t think
of many personalities who have
been attacked for more reasons
than Hilary Clinton. And by
the way, let me be frank and I’m
running against her: Some of it
is sexist,…I don’t know that a
man would be treated the same
way that Hillary is.”
Even today, our country can’t
seem to treat women equally.
We need to judge and criticize
candidates based on their opinions and motives, rather than
their appearance.
Besides inappropriately degrading women already in of-

fice, the number of women in
office is embarrassingly low.
Despite the fact that women
are the majority of the population, there are still less than
20 percent holding congressional seats.
If that weren’t bad enough,
America ranks ninety-eighth
in the world for percentage
of women in its national legislature. Only five states have
women governors, and the
percentage of women holding
statewide and state legislative
offices is less than 25 percent.
For a country as advanced
as ours, and supposedly one
that is a symbol for equality,
we aren’t doing so well in that
The sad reality is that at our
current glacial rate of progress, “women won’t achieve
fair representation for nearly
500 years” says Cynthia Terrell who is chair of the FairVotes “Representation 2020”
project, which has a new
project on women’s representation.
We need to realize sexism
is still an issue and one that
is very much affecting our
ladies in office. Let’s make a
brighter future for America’s
daughters and a better atmosphere for our women today.


SQUAREone is a new monthly column format from Hi-Tide
News Editor Ryan Robson, pondering the key issues that
face American youth - in education and life - today.
Now Accepting Bribes
By Ryan Robson
News Editor is supposedly the
teacher’s best friend and the plagiarizing student’s worst
enemy. I hate to shatter the glorious myth of
pro-education, anti-profit private enterprise, but
the truth is this: TurnItIn’s parent company, iParadigms,
LLC, has favored greed over…
wait for it… academic integrity.
Faced with mammoth class sizes and the ever-present availability of copy-and-paste internet resources, many teachers have opted
to use the software developed by
iParadigms to automatically scan
essays and other student work for
non-original material, a practice
described as a “digital pat-down”
by The Chronicle of Higher Education.
In order to obtain a license to
use the TurnItIn service, schools
or districts pay iParadigms a fee
around $1600/campus/year to use
its system.
But iParadigms has a side business they don’t flaunt to the educators that pay to use the TurnItIn
WriteCheck allows students
to upload a paper and have it
checked not only for grammatical
errors, but also cross-checked using the exact same TurnItIn plagiarism algorithm.
What this means is that students
have the ability to upload a paper,
view the content that will be highlighted to their teacher as plagiarized, and make edits until the
similarity score is whittled down
to their satisfaction.
This poses a big problem for educators: it’s a very viable way for
students to completely sidestep a
supposedly watertight TurnItIn
plagiarism check. But here’s the
rub: a report for one essay (up
to 5000 words; 3 revisions) costs
Considering that 65% of students in the San Diego Unified
School District are classified as
socioeconomically-disadvantaged, that fee has the potential to
create a big achievement gap.
Thanks to iParadigms’ greed,
most teachers using TurnItIn
have now unknowingly given
their higher-income students
a very tempting advantage: for
$7.95, they can waltz right around
the fabled TurnItIn brick wall.
In a USA Today column on
this very subject, George Mason
University professor Alex Tabarrok argued, “I think professors
in those universities [using TurnItIn] are going to be outraged
when they realize what's going on
… It's kind of like finding out that
the arms dealer is selling to the
other side.”
Other educators have expressed
a similar sentiment, wondering
why a company that offers - for a

handsome fee - plagiarism detection to schools would turn around
and sell the key to the kingdom
for a measly $7.95.
To add to the already sour taste

A sample WriteCheck report
highlights plagarized material

Screenshot courtesy of Ryan Robson

of the WriteCheck enterprise, it
is dubiously promoted via the
website On close
inspection, is not
an independent non-profit as one
might assume, but rather another
iParadigms venture in disguise.
While the site has detailed information on plagiarism and how it
affects students, there’s a button
resting at the top of every page
reading, “Check For Plagiarism,”
which leads to… you guessed it…
the WriteCheck home page.
This certainly isn’t the first time
iParadigms’ business practices
have come under scrutiny. Many
have criticized the company’s policy of storing submitted papers
in its database, saying it violates
copyright law and steals students’
intellectual property (a class-action lawsuit was filed; iParadigms
won.) Yet other parents have suggested that the use of a private
processor may violate the Family
Educational Rights and Privacy
Act, or FERPA.
Luckily, however, there is a simple fix to the WriteCheck dilemma
for teachers: they must allow students to instantly view their similarity score and upload up to three
revisions. While this is admittedly
not ideal (it opens up TurnItIn
to many of the same abuses as
WriteCheck), it effectively evens
the playing field and eliminates
that dirty $7.95 advantage. Many
teachers have even reported advantages to this approach.
Long-time educator Paulette
Swartzfager, of the Rochester Institute of Technology, has done
so, allowing students to view their
TurnItIn report and submit revisions.
According to the Chronicle of
Higher Education, “She wanted to
teach, not police. [A] student explained that Turnitin can be set to
allow students to read its reports.
The lecturer gave it a try, and now
all of her students screen their
work as a default.”
Said Swartzfager, “What's happened as a result of this has just
been wonderful … They use it as
a tool. They keep resubmitting it
and working on it until it gets appropriately in their own words, or
in quotations, or cited.”
The students,” she concluded,
are “not nearly so nervous.”
Got a burning question for the author?




By Brooke Kaufman, Jimmy Irwin, Zoe Mendel, and Joseph Carroll
Staff Writers, Distribution Editor
As we open the school year, it is the student body’s job to welcome all of
our new teachers. This year we have many new additions in staff, including
Ms. Bonnell, Ms. Cao, Mr. Fearnow, Ms. LaBrucherie, and Ms. Santana. In
the brief time that we’ve been in school, it has been our pleasure to speak
to a few of the new teachers and their students regarding first impressions
and expectations for the new year.
In the Math department, Ms. Cao has already been named for her sense of humor
and her ‘Viking Games,’ which reward each
class period for good behavior. It was also
noted that she was recognized for and won
the ‘Teacher of the Year’ award at a past
school as well as the Noyce Scholar award at
UCSD in 2013.
Ms. Bonnell teaches English classes for both
sophomores and juniors. A former SDSU
teacher for nine years, Bonnell has had experience teaching middle school, high school,
and even juvenile hall. In an interview, the
SDSU alum said that despite her years of
teaching gifted students, she did not have a
favorite grade level to work with.
Along with our new teachers, we have also
welcomed two new vice principals. Mrs. Ueckert previously worked as a support teacher for
both La Jolla Elementary and Scripps Ranch
High School. She says she enjoyed her job, but
the traveling from school to school made her
miss being a part of one education community. When asked what goals she would like to
accomplish here at school, Mrs. Ueckert said,
“I am excited to connect with the students
here at La Jolla, and hope that I can help foster
a school environment with respect, collaboration, and open communication.”

October 16, 2015

In the Science department, Mr. Fearnow takes
on both Honors and regular Chemistry as
well as sharing a classroom with Mr. Tenenbaum. With 14 years of teaching under his
belt, he seems calm and collected, ready to
take his first year at La Jolla High head on.

Most of our new staff additions have taken
place in the English department, with three
new teachers. The 12th grade British Literature teacher, Ms. LaBrucherie, is known for
being sweet. As a previous teacher at Kearny
High School, she organized three-day college
tour trips for both students and parents.

After working in the San Diego Unified
School District for the past fourteen years,
and more recently departing from San Diego High School, Ms. Santana has joined the
LJHS staff. She graduated from our very own
San Diego State University as an English major, and is now teaching one AP English class,
as well as four Advanced English classes.
Mr. Meeks came to La Jolla High from Alba
Community Day School, where he has been
a science teacher, assistant dean, and interim
principal. He said that he wants to create a vision for students, staff and faculty members,
empower others to take control of their own
learning, and establish an environment that’s
conducive to learning at LJHS. “[Students]
should set high goals for themselves, always do
their best, strive for greatness, and try to become lifelong learners,” said the VP.

All Photos Courtesy of Joseph Carroll and Ms. LaBrucherie

Recipe of the Month:
By Julia Walton
Staff Writer
The must-have flavor of the
fall season is always and forever pumpkin. You can never get
away from it. But this month
instead of making cookies,
brownies, or even blondies for a special treat, we can
make pumpkies. It is a simple
and fun way to get into the
fall mood by incorporating
the form of a brownie into a
delicious pumpkin treat. Although they don’t have any
brownie batter in them, they
take the shape of a brownie
and have the same soft and
chewy texture. However, since
chocolate can’t completely be
taken out of the picture, I added chocolate chips to the recipe. Finally, to spice them up
even more, a little bit of salted
caramel drizzled on top really made them perfect. Here’s
how to make them.

1/3 cup butter
1 cup of sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup pumpkin puree
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup chocolate chips

3) Add the egg and pumpkin
puree and mix.
4) Mix together the flour, salt,
cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg and add them to the rest
of the batter.
5) Add in the chocolate chips.
6) Spread the mixture into the

greased pan and bake for 35-40
7) For the salted caramel sauce,
put the butter, brown sugar,
cream, and salt into a small pan
over medium heat.
8) Bring to a boil then reduce
heat and let it simmer for 5

minutes, frequently whisking.
9) Whisk in vanilla then remove from the heat.
10) Put the sauce into a glass
measuring cup then after letting it cool, drizzle it over the
11) Devour your creation.

6 Minute Salted Caramel
2 tbsp butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/4 tsp kosher salt
dash of vanilla
1) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and grease an 8x8 inch
baking pan.
2) Using an electric mixer,
cream together butter and

Photo Courtesy of Sophia Dorfsman

October 16, 2015


Spooky Cinema
By Austin Iverson
Staff Writer
With Halloween around the
corner, it's time to break out
the jack o’ lanterns and make
ghost costumes with your bed
sheets. It’s the time we enjoy
pumpkin spice lattes, wear
sweaters and act like we get
fall weather, and voluntarily
let decorations, haunted houses, and movies scare us. In the
spirit of the season we asked
various students around campus to let us know what movies they use to get them in the
mood for dressing up and taking candy from nearby strangers.
Senior Nico Nave says his
favorite horror movie is It Follows. “I like it because the antagonist was always following
you through the movie so you
could never really relax and it
was always suspenseful.” He
also added that it’s the only
movie that, “made me defecate
myself and run to my mommy.”
Freshman Nyla Sammak
says that she watches The Exorcist with her friends every year
on Halloween. She says she
likes it because, “It has a great
plot, it’s beautifully entertaining, classic, and scary, and
possessions are some of the
only things that scare me.” Junior Ian Brown said, “The Labyrinth is frightening like nothing else. It will bring you to a
new world of fear and you will
come out of it scared for your

life.” When asked about why he
likes scary movies Brown said,
“Because they bring me to a different place in my mind I infrequently visit because of it’s dark
and horrific nature.”
Why do we enjoy watching
horror films? I think we let these
films scare us because we know
the images on the screen are
fake, but the scares and adrenaline rushes are truly genuine.
Thrill seekers are out for that
adrenaline rush they get in
scary movies just like on roller
coasters or driving fast cars. As
far as my personal recommendations, there are always classics like The Shining or Dawn of
the Dead, and modern movies
like The Conjuring and Insidious. If you’re looking for something fresh, try The Cabin in
the Woods, and if you’re feeling
really adventurous, download
and play the game Outlast (you
may laugh at the idea of horror
video games but the element
of immersion only offered by
the medium makes it infinitely
If scary movies aren’t your cup
of tea but you don’t want to be
left out on the Halloween fun,
try The Silence of the Lambs. It
is a crime drama that is creepier
than most, featuring Anthony
Hopkins and Jodie Foster, that
doesn’t quite cross into scary
movie territory but can still give
you the chills. No matter what
you choose to binge watch in
order to get in the Halloween
mood, have fun and don’t get
too spooked.



Trendy Times
A Monthly Column Featuring LJHS’ Latest Trends
By Jade Moujaes and
Rebecca Ryan
Staff Writers

Nyla Sammak

With every new school year
comes a new set of trends.
Old fashions come back into
style and suddenly everyone
is wearing the same brand of
shoes. This year, we have observed six key trends for both
boys and girls that are customizable enough to be unique and
yet up to date. First off, there
have been two major shoe re-

terns ranging from famous art
pieces to random fruits can be
a nice add-on to a simple outfit. The second apparel trend is
cuffed jeans or pants. Sewing
a small patch of designed fabric to the inside of your pants
adds a nice touch to the cuffed
look. Regardless of if you have
fun fabric, cuffing your pants
pulls attention to your shoes,
resulting in people checking
you out from head to toe.
This next one we have noticed working on both guys

Nico Nave
Adidas Athletic Shoe

vivals that have occurred recently.
The first being Birkenstocks,
originally made all the way
back in 1774. These shoes are
very comfortable and fit the
beachy vibes of La Jolla. The
second, more athletic shoe is,
Adidas, specifically the Superstar and Stan Smith vintage

and girls is shaved hair. Boys
that have been shaving the
sides of their heads and tapering the middle section long for
an edgy, attractive look. Girls
with shorter hair have been
shaving the underside of their
heads so that they can easily put their hair up in a bun
and add a bit of spunk to their

models. Adidas shoes are versatile, so they can be worn as
an everyday look at school or
for a run around the block.
Clothing wise, these next two
are easy details that can change
your look. One simple way to
make your outfit a little more
exciting is by wearing interesting socks. Socks with pat-

Lastly, if you are wondering
how to afford such a renovated wardrobe, check out one of
your nearby thrift stores. Apart
from secondhand clothing,
vintage items are easy to be
found. You are always bound
to find interesting, unique
clothes at affordable prices.

Ian Brown
All Photos Courtesy of Austin Iverson

La Jolla’s Best Açai Bowls
Where to Find the Newest Trend Among Food Enthusiasts
By Alexa Kideys & Asha
Staff Writers
Açai bowls have become very
popular amongst the students
of La Jolla. Whether it’s a
quick breakfast at lunch or an
after school snack, you can see
them all over the place. They
are a healthy and delicious
snack that everyone can enjoy.
Just like student body population has grown in liking of this
nutrious snack, the number
of places to purchase an Açai
bowl have grown as well.
Açai bowls are an açai based
thick sorbet smoothie with assorted toppings; such as granola and fruit. The berries are
originally from Brazil and specifically found in the Amazon
Rainforest. Açai berries grow
on large trees similar to palm
Açai, the main ingredient in
the bowl comes from the açai
berry that grows off of trees in
Central and South America.

These dark purple berries are
a “superfood,” coming with an
array of health benefits, such as
being packed with fiber, antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. The berries are
also known for their medicinal
benefits, which improve the immune system and help improve
overall health.
There are many variations of
the Açai bowl and each place
that sells them has their own
spin. When asking fifty students where the most popular
açai places were located, these
names came to mind; Brick &
Bell Café, Juice Crafters, Juice
Kaboose, Seaside Smoothie,
and Trilogy Sanctuary.
After surveying the students,
it has been confirmed that the
two top places serving the açai
bowls that were best liked by
most students at our school,
were those from Juice Kaboose
and Seaside Smoothies with
votes of 19 and 16 respectively.
After being questioned for her
choice, Chiani Rousseau, a ju-

nior at La Jolla High School
“Even if you are a person who
dislikes açai bowls a lot, you
would be surprised at how
good they taste!”
Everyone has their own
preferences as well as their
own variations to customize
both flavors and tastes. Açai
bowls are easily customizable
and varied in the fruits they
contain, as well as the way
they are made. Some places
appear to make them taste
better than other places but
trying them yourself can help
figure out what your own
preferences are. Fruit and
granola enhance the flavor
of açai and give it a twist to
please the sweet tooth.
All in all, the verdict for the
best açai bowl in town goes to
Juice Kaboose. Junior Ashley Abbuhl says, “I like Juice
Kaboose but I order it with
absolutely no banana, with
extra granola, and coconut
shavings on top.”

All Illustrations Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan




October 16, 2015


Photojournalism is a new section of the Hi-Tide about the possibilities of storytelling inherent in the photographic medium.
Images - rather than words - will explore a specific theme each issue. This month, Photojournalism explores the theme of “Chaos.”








Photos 1,3,6, & 7 courtesy of Kyle Jetter.
Photos 2 & 4 courtesy of Parker Repp
Photos 5 & 9 courtesy of Max Davey
Photos 8, 10, & 11 courtesy of Tristan Macelli


October 16, 2015


























Vali the Viking

By Nikolai Gaenzle
Staff Writer
Beginning with this year’s first issue, the Hi-Tide will be running two continuing series
that will try to connect us all more closely with our school mascot, the Vikings. The first series is
being written and drawn by senior Natalie Miller and is called “Vali the Viking.” This series appears in the new comics/political cartoon section of the newspaper and details the new exploits of
Vali, who is loosely based on the ancient Norse god.
The second continuing series works more or less as a lesson in Viking history. It is called “Viking
of the Month” and will explore the lives and stories of famous Vikings both past and present. Since
many of you are probably not familiar with
who Vali is, we thought we would present
him to you as our history lesson.
According to Norse mythology, Vali (pro nounced “valley” in English)
was the son of the god Odin and the giantess Rindr. Vali is said to have been born as a
baby in the morning and by the time night
fell was a full grown god. Soon after reaching
this accelerated adulthood, Vali slew another
divine figure, Hodr, who had earlier slain the
god Baldr.
Many scholars theorize that Vali’s only purpose in being born was to bring an end to
Hodr’s life. Other scholars feel that Vali is
part of the younger generation of gods that will survive the destruction of the cosmos. Whatever
the reason for Vali’s existence in Norse and Germanic mythology, it is clear that he was spawned
to be an avenger.
Vali was most commonly worshiped in Norway, specifically the region of Valiskioll. The
name of this region can be translated to describe the dwelling of the divine, alluding to the home
of Vali.
Although Vali is pictured in this issue using a traditional Viking axe, he is most often associated with the bow, the arrow, and deathly vengeance.

LJHS is starting a new advice column!
If you have anything that is bothering you or would like a second opinion on
any situation make sure to write in to “Dear
You can send in a question three ways.
The first is mailing a letter to 750 Nautilus St,
La Jolla, CA 92037 with the recipient’s name
being “LJ HiTide.” The second way is by
emailing And,
the third is dropping by room 514 and putting your question in the advice box that will
be near the door.
These questions are completely anonymous so no need to put your name!
Best Regards,




October 16, 2015

“Iceland wa
s really bea
the waterfa
lls and ever ful and
ything was

October 16, 2015



“Even though it soun
weird, it was really
there, and that was
completely different fro
m here,
so it was so nice to
have a
cold rain.”

“Seeing beautiful beaches
in Menorca.”

“We w
islands nt to these
and [th
e boys]
were re
the wa lly cute and
ter was
clear. I crystal
beautif as

“I got to meet a
lot of people fro
different parts of
the world.”


n My
as clu
light w


“We went on this hike and in the middle of the hike we took a right turn and
we found a lake. There was a rock and
then we jumped from the rock into the
water. It was very fun.”

e boats to go
“Going on th
and going to

are really ha


ik to Ge
Anna Z
n: 3 We

ancesconi to
elona and M
fVictoria Wol
Natalie Coy to Greece
Duration: 5 Wee
Duration: 14 Days

Du Jett
rat er t
ion o P
: 1 an
0 D am
ay a
Du ec
ra eoe
tio ch
n: ea
11 to
Da Pe
ys ru




g, China
Morgan Albers to Beijin

Yaam Gonen to Israel
Duration: 29 Days

“Helping the kids out in basketball
and then they would ask for your

Katya Stro

to Mayanm
ar, Laos, V
ietnam and
In total, lik
e 6 weeks




as seei
trip w Lake
The hi ting Uros is
the flo


li , Engl
g ark
B eu
ne Denm cotla
Jen ope ( and S s
ern , Norw n: 2 w
d to S
to N Icela Dur
a Bac 2 Months
Alex Duration:

“I worked in a school in Thailand and
taught third graders for half of the time,
and the other half was just travel. And we
worked with Clean Water Initiative.”


a: S
Du uth A
on: frica,
2 W Zam





Wish You Were Here...
Students Describe the Highlights of Their Summer Trips

9 “Just being able to be out in like the wilderness camping, and then seeing
a bunch of animals that I wouldn’t normally be able to see.”

By Jade Moujaes, Rebecca Ryan, Nora Becker, and Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writers

Photo Courtesy of Each Participant




Courtesy of Renee Yedidsion

Courtesy of Natalie Miller

October 16, 2015
This comics/political cartoons page is one of the ways that we are trying to expand what
we do here at The Hi-Tide. Like all of the new areas of the newspaper, it is an experiment
with big goals. It is an attempt to stretch ourselves, to test our abilities, to see what we can
do, where we can go. This page could prove to be an utter failure, but that is not going to
stop us from trying. We’re swinging for the fences…
So far, we have one continuing feature, “Vali the Viking,” and then a series of comics/political cartoons based on recent events both here at our school and around the world. Our
modus operandi is simple: we sit around the Journalism room and brainstorm, generating
ideas and images until something good seems to have risen to the surface. Then, we get a
student here on campus to draw the comic.
You can see what comes from that brainstorming in the three different ways we handled
the issue of the LJHS dress code. In the end, though, we want this to be a newspaper that
reflects the whole school, and so if you have an idea for a comic or a continuing feature,
stop by room 514 and make your pitch.
I like to remember that Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane got his start in comics when as a
teenager he created a continuing feature for a local newspaper. It was very rough, but one
wonders where he might be today had that opportunity not been there for him. As a big
fan of Family Guy, of every young artist who ever had a dream, please let me extend this
same opportunity to all of you out there.
-Journalism Advisor, Robert Boyd, Room 514

Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan

“Vali the Viking” by Natalie Miller

Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan

Courtesy of Renee Yedidsion

Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan
Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan

October 16, 2015




Long Live America and Cuba: Thawing
the Queen
50 Years
By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
When you hear the name
Queen Elizabeth, you might
think of the thirty corgis
owned in her reign, or her
perfectly matched accessories
that always accompany her
outfits. The 89 year old Queen
is not only a beloved figure in
London, but also has now surpassed her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria in the
competition for the longest
reign. Other long reigning
rulers include Pepi II, a pharaoh who ruled for 94 years,
and Louis XIV, reigning for 72
years. The beloved Queen now
holds the sixth spot on that list,
reigning as Queen of England
for 63 years and 7 months. In
an interview with Fox News,
Prime Minister David Cameron described her as “a constant
rock of stability.”
As a celebration, the Queen is
opening the Scottish Border’s
Railway for a scenic trip from
Edinburgh to Tweedbank.
Despite her humble efforts to
keep celebration to a minimum, Brits celebrated with a
parade of boats on the Thames
River and fireworks as well as
street parties and phone calls
made to Buckingham Palace.
A spokesperson for the Queen
stated that she would rather
have celebrations for when she
turns 90 next year.
Born in 1926, Elizabeth gave
her first public speech at the
age of 13. She married the
Prince of Denmark in 1947,
and soon after gave birth to
four kids: Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward. Her coronation took place a year after
the death of her father, King
George IV, and the ceremony
was among the first major televised events in Britain on June
2nd, 1953. The only change in
her routine over the past few
years has been slightly less international travel and a slower
working pace. Regardless, the
Queen has kept calm and carried on.

Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons

By Jimmy Irwin
Staff Writer
America and Cuba: Thawing Relations After a Cold 50
YearsFor the last 50 years, relations between America and
Cuba have been icy to say the
least. Ties between the nations
have been severed since the
Cold War, and have only just
begun reconstruction due to
President Obama reestablishing diplomatic ties with Cuba.
The changes have left many
people wondering, “What’s
next?” But to understand what’s
happening currently, one must
first understand a little of the
history between the two nations. For the first half of the
20th century, Cuba was both
a tropical getaway for wealthy
Americans and a cash cow for
American companies investing
there. But, when Fidel Castro and his forces overthrew
the capitalist government of
Fulgencio Bautista in 1959,
the relationship between the
U.S. and Cuba quickly soured.
Castro, a Communist, built ties
with the Soviet Union. The U.S.
was involved with the USSR

in the Cold War at the time,
and tensions quickly escalated with Cuba resulting in the
Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962, when Soviet ships
brought nuclear weapons to
install in Cuba. Many say this
was the closest the U.S. and
Soviet Union ever came to
We interviewed LJHS History teacher Mr. Atwell about
those events. He recalled how
real the possibility of war with
Cuba seemed at the time. A
friend of his was a sailor on
one of the American ships
sent to engage the Soviets in
the waters between Florida
and Cuba. Normally sailors
had to report to base immediately, but since there was a
very real possibility he would
not return alive he was given
eight hours to say goodbye
to his wife of only two weeks.
Luckily, things were negotiated before any shots were fired
or people killed.
The trade embargo between
the U.S. and Cuba has been
in place for the last 50 years,
thus the communication and

trade between the two countries a mere 94 miles apart has
remained at almost zero. However, in 2014 President Obama
met with the current president
of Cuba, Raul Castro. He restored diplomatic relations,
and has lightened travel restrictions. The U.S. embassy also
reopened in mid-August, and
many predict that as barriers
continue to be broken down,
this once forbidden country
will open back up to America.

Photo Courtesy of Sara Espinosa

Muslims Against Isis
By Ariana Dennis
Staff Writer
Today’s society often associates Islam with terrorism. The
terrorist group ISIS is even labeled as Islamic, but Muslims
all around the world condemn
them for their inhumane acts.
More than 1000 Indian Muslim clerics signed fatwa, a ruling on a point of Islamic law,
against Isis stating “The acts of
the Islamic State are inhumane
and un-Islamic.” Mohammed
Manzar Hasan Ashrafi Misbahi, a leading Mumbai based
cleric issued the edict, and it
was signed by leaders of all
the main mosques in India.
Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority described the
Islamic state as the “Number
one enemy of Islam.” The Muslim council of Great Britain
claimed “Violence has no place
in Religion.” The association
of CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) repeatedly condemned the group as
being “Un-Islamic and morally repugnant.” They went on
to say that barbaric killings
committed by ISIS were clear
violations of Islamic beliefs
and even called on other Islamic leaders to also publically
condemn them. Turkey’s top

cleric also argues that the Islamic State’s threats are hugely
damaging to the Muslim community. The Organization of
Islamic Cooperation, which
represents 1.4 billion Muslims
in 57 countries around the
world states that the Islamic
State “Has nothing to do with
Islam” and has committed
crimes “That cannot be toler-

“...I quite
literally view it
as our jihad...”
ated. “The Islamic Society of
North America and 100 Sunni
and Shiite U.K. imams also did
the same by condemning the
terrorist group.”
However, it should be clarified none of these are apologizing for the crimes committed by the terrorist group as it
has nothing to do with them
and they should not be held
responsible. They are merely
condemning the group like
any other association would.
Many believe they should
not feel obliged compared to
non-Muslims, to condemn

them. Maha Hilal, a 32 year
old Muslim activist who serves
as the Director of Outreach
and Member Engagement at
the Peace and Collaborative
Development Network, says
“When I am watching TV and
I see pictures of ISIS fighters, I
don’t feel any relation to them,
I don’t feel any connection to
their theology,… I want Muslims to get to the point where
we see an act of terror and don’t
have to think, ‘How will I get
blamed?’” Amanda Qureshi, a
technical consultant and interfaith activist agrees, and says
“There’s a fine line between
apologizing for ISIS and proactively contradicting false narratives about Islam,…We are at a
point in time where we have to
bear the burden of wide-scale
fear and misinformation about
our faith and the cultures of
many of the people who practice it … I quite literally view it
as our jihad.”
Around the world Muslims
continue to practice their faith
of peace in these times of violence and terror. Humans as a
whole must continually condemn the terrorist group until
peace is restored, and Islam is
perceived as the peaceful religion that it is.

US Soldiers
Told Not
to Report
Child Abuse
by Afghan

Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons

By Samuel Kinsey
Staff Writer
It has recently come to light
that there has been rampant
sexual abuse of children by
Afghan militia commanders.
Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley
has said that he could hear the
boys being abused on the base
but was told he could not do
anything about it. Cpl. Buckley
was told by his superiors to ignore the abuse because, “It’s in
their culture.”
The practice has been happening for a long time in Afghanistan and it has adopted
the name “bacha bazi,” literally
translated to “boy play.” The
act is mainly practiced by local
Afghan commanders that are
in charge of the local militias.
The villagers are usually powerless to do anything, and have
grown to accept the practice
and simply deal with it.
Dan Quinn, formerly in the
Special Forces as a captain, was
pulled from duty and left the
army for beating up a local
commander that was caught
abusing children. The US has
taken a stance of looking the
other way and people such as
Col. Brian Tribus have said
that the abuse is a matter of Afghan domestic law and should
be left to the Afghans discretion. Some soldiers believe that
it is alright to ignore
the abuse; they think that the
bigger picture is fighting the
Taliban forces.
U.S. policy is intended to
keep the relations between
the U.S. and Afghan forces as
strong as possible to ensure
better teamwork in fighting
the Taliban. The abuse was
originally brought up by several village elders to various
Special Forces commanders
such as Mr. Quinn. The commanders have done things
such as taking militia wages
to buy “dancing boys.” Several
women have also been abused
by the Afghan
militia commanders, and the
commanders have been let off
with little to no punishment.
It is unknown if the U.S. will
step up and take firm action
against the abuse by local commanders, or simply look away.


Bo ts
Bo t
San Diego Looses Its Spark
By Tony Coan
Staff Writer
With discussions between
the Chargers and the City of
San Diego going from bad to
nonexistent, and the deadline
of September 11th for a new
stadium deal passing without
action, it seems there is only
one plausible outcome for the
City of San Diego, as well as
the countless amount of Chargers fans that inhabit it.
The Chargers are moving out
of the old, worn out Qualcomm
Stadium next year; competing
with the Oakland Raiders and
the St. Louis Rams for a stadium in Los Angeles with still no
decision on the location. After
trying and failing to find a suitable location for a new stadium
for 14 years, the team is finally
jumping ship and most likely
making its way north to Los
Angeles. The Chargers pay $3
million in rent per year. Additionally, just last year, the city
spent $12 million on maintaining their current Chargers
stadium. With all these repairs,
where is the reasoning in moving?
Kevin Acee, the spokesperson of mayor Falcouner said
“September 11 is effectively the
deadline for a January 12 election...San Diego is prepared to
work toward a June or November 2016 election if the Chargers return to the negotiating
table to work out a fair agreement.”
But the Chargers have criticized the effectiveness of the
government in finishing this
deal. “Unfortunately, the city
of San Diego made the fateful
decisions to waste the first five
months of 2015 on another
task force,” said Mark Fabiani,
the Chargers’ main spokesman
on the stadium issue.
Though we don’t know exactly how much losing the
Chargers will affect the local
economy, we do know how
much they help it currently.
The Chargers support a multitude of local organizations,
including San Diego Unified
Schools in fitness and athletics,
the San Diego Blood Bank, Susan G Komen, the Marines and
Military, and the Make a Wish
We also stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in
public funds raised. It seems
now all we can do is wait, and
hope for a miracle.
The final decision by the
NFL is supposed to be made
within the first few months of
2016. San Diegan’s are waiting
with bated breath.



October 16, 2015

College Bound
and Beyond
By Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writer
Walking through La Jolla High School, you wouldn’t
know that sophomore Alex
Kuo is a nationally ranked tennis player, or that she hasn’t
lost a single match this season,
or that she’s had the number
one spot on the women’s varsity tennis team since she started
last year as a freshman.
You also probably wouldn’t
know that the San Diego Union
Tribune named her a player to
watch this fall, which she responded to humbly and proudly, saying “It’s pretty cool… a
lot of good players are on that
list, so it’s definitely really awesome to be there.” Needless
to say, Alex Kuo isn’t the first
person that you might think
of when you think of a college
bound athlete.
“I started playing when I was
about five years old… playing

with my parents...” Kuo started out playing for fun, and
fell in love with the sport and
the challenge it brought at a
very young age. Kuo plays because she loves the sport, not
for the fame or fortune that’s
involved, or the letter on her
jacket. “I just enjoy playing
with my parents and my sister.
I get to meet so many amazing people, travel to different
places.” Kuo simply loves the
experiences that come along
with it.
Kuo’s dedication goes beyond high school practices. “…I love playing with my
coach at home,” in addition
to attending club and high
school practices daily. Alex
sprints for training, and participates in boxing, explaining
that, “… it’s definitely really
hard, but it helps you build up
strength, and it helps you later
on in your matches.”
As for the future, Alex wants

to focus on improving as a
player, and hopefully following
in her older sister’s footsteps,
playing collegiate tennis.
For now, however, she’s happy with her improvement this
year and strives to become
even better.
Kuo plans to play varsity tennis all four years at La Jolla, and
hopefully keep her position as
the number one singles player.
Kuo enjoyed her first year on
varsity, saying it was “…a really
fun experience,” and she had
the chance to play with older
sister Chloe, a senior this year.
Her advice to younger players is, “… practice a lot, practice with your friends, and enjoy it- don’t stress too much…
if you enjoy it and you practice
really hard you’ll get there.”
Alex Kuo is certainly not your
stereotypical student athlete,
and her enthusiasm and dedication to her sport are reflected
in her love for the game.

All Photos courtesy of Kyle Jetter

We Still Run LJ

September 16th, 2015, LJ girls varsity volleyball team played a long awaited game against
Bishops High School. La Jolla won in four grueling matches with a final score of 3-1, securing a win at Bishops home court for the first time in ten years.

the Gold!

US Womens National Soccer
Team Struck Again vs Japan
By Jenna Cunningham
Staff Writer
When the U.S. Women’s
National Team (USWNT) announced they would be returning to the World Cup Stadium
in 2015, soccer fans began
buzzing with anticipation, all
wondering if it would come
down to the U.S. and Japan in
the final two once again. On
July 1 it was announced that
it would indeed come down
to the two for the cup, fueling
each team with an even stronger desire to win. For Japan,
winning would mean they
defended their world title and
defeated their rivals, but for
America a win would mean
correcting history as they had
lost 3-1 in penalty kicks 4 years
prior in the 2011 Women’s
World Cup in South Africa.
Come game time on July 5,
fans and players were waiting
in anticipation of what the
next 90 minutes of game time
would entail. When the opening whistle blew, both tensions
and anticipations grew; the
Americans came out strong
scoring 4 goals within the first
16 minutes of the match, with
midfielder Carli Lloyd scoring 3 of them. Lloyd not only
scored 3 of the 5 goals that
would lead America to a win,
but she also made history twice
as she took the title for “fastest
goal scored in a World Cup final” when she scored in the 3rd
minute of the match and “first
player to score off a hat trick in
a World Cup final” which was
her 16th minute goal. Other
notable players included Lauren Holiday and Tobin Health,
who were able to score in the
14th and 54th minutes of the
game, and a couple Japanese
players who were able to rally
and score in the 27th minute
and score again in the 52nd,
due to an own goal by American defender Julie Johnston.
When the final whistle blew
at the 90 minute mark, America had won the match 5-2,
ending the 16 year wait since
America’s last World Cup win
in 1999. The win also brought
a sense of pride to not only the
country but female athletes
everywhere as the USWNT
was honored with a ticker tape
parade at the Canyon of Heroes in New York City upon
their arrival– a celebration
that hadn't been used since the
1984 Olympics. The U.S. win
also marked the historic end
of both Christie Rampone and
Abby Wambach’s professional
careers, giving the tournament
a bittersweet end.

October 16, 2015

Ayy Batter Batter, Swing!

By Jillian Murray
Staff Writer
Zach Seghal, a junior at La it! Hard work and dedication
Jolla High School, is currently definitely pay off in the end.”
committed to play baseball at
He plays shortstop, a fielder
Stanford. He made his decision positioned in the infield bewhen he was just a sophomore. tween second and third base.
The Hi-Tide took a couple min- Looking at the records from
utes to sit down and talk about, Zach has
this achievement with him.
a batting speed at an impact of
When asked if he was
88.104 mph. When asked what
planning to pursue a career
his greatest baseball accomin the pros, he responded,
plishment is, he said, “I’m going
“Yes. Without
to be playing for
a doubt! It has
Stanford, which
always been
is so awesome.
my dream
Aside from that,
to become a
I was ranked one
of the top 100
baseball player.
players in the
I always strive
to be the best.
His role modAside
from Photo courtesy of Zach Seghal
el on the field is
that, it’s such a
Alex Rodriguez
fun sport that I can’t imagine because of the fact that “he plays
not playing. Becoming a pro- through his negative attention
fessional baseball player would he gets from some people and
mean a lot to me and I’m go- always gives it his all.”
ing to work extremely hard to
On the other hand, off the
reach my goal. Stanford will field, his role model is his dadbe an amazing experience for because of his supportiveness
me.” When asked how long and dedication to his family’s
he has been playing baseball, happiness. With one more year
Zach said, “Ever since I was ahead of him in high school,
about 6 or 7 years old I began Stanford is right around the
to play. Haven’t stopped. I con- corner for Zach; perseverance
tinue to enjoy every second of prevails in the long run.
By Nora Becker
Staff Writer
The soccer world is doing
their part to aid the Syrian
refugees. The English Premier
League football club, Arsenal,
pledged to donate £1 for each
ticket sold for their match
against Stoke City to the Syrian
refugee crisis. The match took
place on September 12, with a
final score of Arsenal 2, Stoke
City 0.
Arsenal, based in the Lon-

A Run for
the Roses

By Jessica Penner
Staff Writer

2015 was an exciting year for
horse racing fans. This year, the
winner of the Kentucky Derby,
American Pharoah, also went
on to win the American Triple
Crown, a prestigious and difficult award to obtain.

In Memory of
Yogi Berra
By Jillian Murray
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Wikicommons

At right:
Madeline Gates,
recruited for
volleyball to


Photo courtesy of Kyle Jetter

It’s All the Rage

Recruitment Process Narrowed Down
By Jessica Penner Want to Play College Ball But Don’t Know How to Start?
Staff Writer
The athletic recruitment you are, who you play for, and sole factor in getting recruited.
process is a critical part of about a 15 minute video of Your club and or high school
every student- athlete’s ca- highlights.
coach should also be helping
reer. There are many differHighlights should consist of you by not only also advertisent paths a student-athlete clips showing off your speed, ing you and reaching out to
can take; different divisions, skills, athleticism, game smarts the various coaches as well, but
scholarships, and coaches, to and work rate. Aside from sim- giving you an honest appraisname a few. Also, the process ply submitting the basic sports al of your skill and the level of
of recruitment will vary for and academic resumes, you play that they think you could
each sport and each individ- should be reaching out to the be most successful in.
ual. Although the basics are coaches of the schools you
The rest is pretty much up
the same, it is still a complex are interested in. You should to the college coach. If they
process for every athlete.
be sending constant emails are interested in you, they will
For the average athlete, the talking about yourself and who come and watch you play, help
person who has the largest you are, as well as your interest arrange official and unofficial
role in their recruitment pro- in the school.
visits, and if possible let you,
cess is themselves. There are
To really set yourself apart the athlete, know where they
many things that an athlete from the majority of athletes stand in the recruiting procan do in order to be seen just like you, looking to play cess. But, the role the college
and heard by college coaches. in college, you should call the coaches can play is often limFirst, an athlete must narrow coach that is in charge of the ited by NCAA rules. Which
their search for schools, just sport you are trying out for. means, again, you should not
like any other student looking Personal interaction can make be discouraged if you don’t see
to go to college.
a great first impression. But, coaches chasing after you.
Next, the athlete should many of the rules for college
Overall you need to be acbe sending their athletic and recruitment can limit what the tively involved in the process.
academic resumés to the coaches say and do, so don’t If you are aggressively parcolleges that seem to best fit be discouraged if you are not ticipating, you have a better
their criteria. In the athletic getting the personal responses chance of being able to pursue
resumé, be sure to include you may be looking for.
your athletic aspirations and
who you are, what number
Obviously you are not the dreams.

European Soccer Teams Aid Syrian Refugees

don borough of Islington, was
the first among the Premier
League clubs to announce their
decision to donate to the Syrian
Children’s Fund at the international charity “Save the Children.” The team is reported to
have already donated £400,000
to the Syrian crisis since 2012.
The idea was born when
Portuguese football club Porto
wrote a letter to the teams of the

Union of European Football
Associations, asking them all
to donate a part of their revenue to the refugees. The letter
closed with, “Let’s play for the
Germany’s biggest football club, Bayern Munich,
announced on their official
website to contribute to the
effort. There are plans to set
up training camps for refu-

gee youths. These camps will
provide children with football
equipment, food, and classes
in German. The club will also
donate €1 million towards refugee projects, generated from
a friendly match. Before the
match against FC Augsburg,
each player of FC Bayern Munich was escorted onto the
field hand-in-hand with both
a German child and a refugee

child “as a mark of support for
the integration of refugees.”
All clubs in the German
professional football league
Bundesliga will wear patches on their left sleeve readi n g , “ # re f u g e e s w e l c om e .”
Crowds at several different
Bundesliga matches have also
displayed large banners displaying “REFUGEES WELCOME” to show their support.

American Pharoah was the
12th horse in history to win
all three races of the American
Triple Crown. The first victory
took place at Churchill Downs
racecourse in Louisville, Kentucky on May 2, 2015 at the
Kentucky Derby.
This summer’s race was the
141st Kentucky Derby and multiple records were broken. There
was a record-setting crowd of
170,513 people watching the
race, along with roughly 16 mil-

lion people watching from
their home televisions. The
record for amount of wagered
money in one race was also
broken surpassing the $137.9
million previously bet.
It was an intense race that
began with Dortmund, the
second favorite as far as betting on the winner was concerned, who was first out of
the gate and trading off the
lead with Firing Line.The two
were closely trailed by the

leading pack that consisted of
Carpe Diem and American
American Pharoah and jockey Victor Espinoza took the
last turn wide to get into the
lead by one head. In the final
stretch he simply continued to
increase his lead, ending with
an impressive time of 2:03.02.
He finished one length ahead
of the second place horse, Firing Line, and three lengths in
front of the third place horse,

After winning the second race, Preakness by seven
lengths and the final race, Belmont Stakes by five and a half
lengths, American Pharoah
became the first horse to win
since the 1978 winner, Affirmed. After the victory,
American Pharoah’s trainer,
Baffert said, “That little horse,
he deserved it.” American
Pharoah certainly deserves his
place in Triple Crown History.

Yogi Berra, one of baseball's
most noteworthy catchers,
passed away on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, in Montclair,
NJ at the age of 90. Being thebackbone of ten Yankees title
groups and an administrator,
he drove both the Yankees and
the Mets to the World Series.
The Yankees baseball team, Yogi
Berra Museum, and the Learning Center in Little Falls, N.J.,
announced his passing.
He was an All-Star for fif-

teen consecutive seasons. His
skills were often underestimated due too his size and
endearing demeanor; but he
will always be remembered as
an outstanding player.
Early in Berra’s Yankees
career, his manager, Casey
Stengel, addressed him in
an interview sponsored and
hosted by The Sporting News,
as a “very strange fellow of
very remarkable abilities.”
Berra was quite the jokester

on the teams he played for and
he never failed to make a teammate or his fans laugh. With
his positive attitude and contagious smile, “there was never a
bad game with Berra” Stengel
stated. He was always able to
create his own personal infamous quotes, or, “Yogi-isms”
that appealed to everyday people.
“When you come to a fork
in the road, take it … you can
observe a lot by just watching.

It ain't over till it's over,” is one
of Yogi Berra’s most notable
quotes carrying an inspirational outlook on life that is
specifically for his fans and
himself to live by.
Despite his last game being
on May 9th, 1965, 50 years
ago, he will always be an inspirational player on and off the
field. His impeccable baseball
skills will forever go down in
history and his positive mentality is sure to follow.



“Cool Clock, Ahmed”
Texas police detain high school student with homemade clock
By Lucy Barton
Staff Writer
When 14-year-old Ahmed
Mohamed arrived at school
in Irving, Texas on Monday,
September 14, ready to show
his teacher his homemade
clock, he expected praise and
surprise at what he was able to
do at such a young age. What

he did not expect was for the
school to call the police on the
grounds of a hoax bomb and
to be led out of his own school
in handcuffs that very same
“I built a clock to impress
my teacher but when I showed
it to her, she thought it was a
threat to her,” Mohamed told
CNN reporters. As an aspiring
engineer, he was devastated
when something he thought
would be regarded as an incredible feat for a freshman in
high school was actually taken
as a terrorist attack.
Mohamed was taken to the
station, but the charges were
eventually dropped. According to CNN, police said Mohamed should have made it
more clear what the contents
of his homemade project were,
but Mohamed’s attorney defends the boy by saying that
it was merely a child’s project
and there was no need for that.
Although Mohamed was

having a hard time back in Irving, he received tons of support for his case over social
media, coming in the form of
thousands of tweets from individuals ranging from President
Obama to Mark Zuckerberg.
As reported by CNN, Google reserved him a spot at their
science fair and MIT invited
him to tour their campus. The

President Obama invites Ahmed
to the White House via Twitter.
Screenshot courtesy of Twitter

hashtag #IStandWithAhmed
also started trending worldwide; people all over the world
heard about the incident and
tweeted to show that their support was with Ahmed during
this incident. The whole country seemed to become aware
of the injustice overnight.
Mohamed was awed by all the
support, and said it felt “outstanding,” according to Washington Post.
Mohamed plans on changing schools after this incident.
“I felt like I was a criminal,”
the freshman said, “I felt like I
was a terrorist.” Mohamed was
aware that all these charges
and threats were in some way
related to his Muslim race. He
talks about how in school he
has always been called “bombmaker” and “terrorist,” but he
never expected the bullying to
reach this level.



By Viviana Bonomie &
Mitchell Itkin
News Editor & Staff Writer
Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon
was struck by a tragic school
shooting on Thursday, October 1. The suspect was identified as Christopher Harper-Mercer, 26, who killed nine
students and then himself after being wounded by police
on the scene.
The shooting took place at
around 10:46 am when the
Oregon Police Department
received a phone call reporting the event.
According to the New York
Times, Mercer was often withdrawn while growing up, but
was raised in a home where
his father collected handguns
and rifles while often going to
the gun range with his mother.
Mercer’s father, Ian Mercer,
apologized and sympathized
with the families affected by
this tragic event; The elder
Mercer didn’t claim to have
a strong relationship with
his son, implying that he did
not know what he was going
through psychologically.
This event has sparked government interest and is now
being analyzed in order to
create legislation prohibiting
the mentally unstable from
having the opportunity to
own guns. Many government
officials are proposing that automatic guns become illegal
for citizens to purchase, while
it is till debated if guns should
be legal for families that have
had a past criminal record.

By Brooke Kaufman
Staff Writer
In early September, the
Obama administration unveiled its revamped college information website. The site is
and for the first time, prospective college students can
use it to discover important
information such as how the
process of paying back a federal loan works, and how much
students who receive these
loans tend to earn after they
leave school.
The U.S. Department of Education, or USDE, first created College Scorecard back
in 2013 to help students and
their families choose the best
higher education for them. To
use the site, students choose
certain information about colleges they might be interested
in, such as what programs and
degrees are offered, the location, the size, and the name of
the school. The site will then
generate responses based on

what answers the student gives.
For example, if a student were
to type in that they wanted to
receive a bachelor’s degree in
biomedical sciences from a
public school in California,
College Scorecard would show
options for all the schools that
fit that description. Also, the
site would further generate
information about the schools
such as how many undergraduates attend, the average annual costs, graduation rates,
and salaries after attendance,
in comparison to the national
With the release of the new
data, came new controversy.
For example, the recently developed information on student earnings is causing problems for some users, because it
only applies to a specific group
of students who received a
federal loan or grant to attend
college. Furthermore, questions over the quality of the
data released have risen. Various colleges, universities, and

the American Council on Education have expressed their
concerns that the Education
Department compiled the
data without any external review. However, both the president and the USDE maintain
that, “‘all Americans will now
have access to reliable data on
every institution of higher education.’”
Overall, the public’s response to the new data was
highly positive, and it even
has some saying the American
education system just took a
very important step forward.
Anthony P. Carnevale, director of the Center on Education and the Workforce at
Georgetown University, said
that, “‘the administration’s
release of the data they have
represents a crucial down payment on the data we need at
the federal level…The administration’s data on earnings are
imperfect. But the only substitute for imperfect data is better data. The game goes on.’”

October 16, 2015

El Niño: SD Impact
By Asha Alagiri
Staff Writer
The upcoming El Niño has
become one of the most popular subjects regarding this
winter. This storm is caused by
small changes in the environment which cause a huge rainstorm.
El Niños are known for
the copious amounts of rain
that can last for days or even
weeks. The next El Niño has a
95% chance of occuring here
in Southern California. The
rainfall is predicted to help
with the severe drought that
California is currently facing,
though there is some concern
that the rainfall may not be located where it is needed most.
An El Niño storm has not
occured since 1998, when 18
inches of rain fell in San Diego
alone in just a matter of days.
The mudslides and flooding of
the past El Niño led to whole

hillsides to collapse along with
homes. It even caused landslides which created $550 million worth of damages.
Some officials say this may
be the strongest El Niño since
the 1950’s.
Meteorologists approximate
that this rainstorm will last
about six months with on-andoff storms. There will also be
huge snowstorms, bringing in
a good snowpack to Colorado.
Although San Diego will be
getting one of its biggest storms
that it has had in a while, the
worst of the rainfall will be in
Northern California.
Professionals recommend
clearing drains and waterways
from leaves and debris and
keeping flashlights, batteries,
and several gallons of water
handy during the storms to
come. Also having some unrefrigerated provisions would be
very beneficial in the event of
losing electricity.

El Niño’s Impact on LA: 1990s vs Now
Graphic courtesy of LA Times Graphics
Source: NOAA Climate Prediction Center

Settlement Reached in
Baltimore Freddie Gray Case
By Lucy Barton
Staff Writer
The city of Baltimore has
become the first city to offer a
settlement to the family of an
individual killed in a police
brutality incident involving a
black male since the death of
Mike Brown in August 2014.
Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie
Rawlings-Blake, was one of
the officials who approved the
$6.4 million deal to the family
of Freddie Gray on Tuesday,
September 8, in the hopes that
“this settlement will bring a
level of closure for the family,
for the police department and
for our city.”
Gray, 25, was arrested in
April 2015 and was placed,
while handcuffed, into the back
of a squad van without being
belted in. Police then continued to take an unnecessarily
long route back to the station,
making repeatedly harsh turns
that resulted in a serious injury
to Gray’s spinal chord, which
ultimately resulted in his death
a week later.
Despite debate at the time as
to whether the officers involved
had intentionally worked to
harm Gray, The Baltimore Sun
reports that they have all “been
charged with crimes ranging

from murder to assault,” all
the while pleading not guilty.
All six officers are set to have
separate trials in the months
As reported by CNN, Mayor Rawlings-Blake stated that
part of the reason she approved
the settlement was to “avoid
years and years of protracted
civil litigation.” Similarly, Gray
family attorney Billy Murph
is relieved with the decision,
stating that the case could have
taken up to three years had the
settlement not been approved.
On the other hand, some
people believe that this settlement was not solely for the
benefit of the family of Freddie
Gray, but instead as a peace offering to the people in order to
prevent more riots.
This case may likely be the
one that sets the precedent for
police treatment of all citizens
equally, but the question is
what will that precedent be?
As The Baltimore Sun explains, the question is whether
all deaths at the hands of the
police force will be dealt with a
settlement as large as this one,
or whether it all banks on the
amount of attention by media
and the protests of the people
it acquires.


October 16, 2015

Old Dogs, New Tricks
By Austin Iverson
Staff Writer
Throughout the years the
breakneck speeds, blaring
guitars, and pounding drums
have stayed the same, but what
about the artists? Even if you
hate heavy metal, you’ve heard
of Iron Maiden, Motörhead,
and Slayer. The new wave of
British heavy metal brought
both Iron Maiden and Motörhead across the pond in 1975,
and their sound shaped what
we know metal to be
today. After 40 years,
Iron Maiden and
Motörhead are still
going strong, both
this year. Motörhead’s “Bad Magic” released August
28th and Maiden’s
“The Book of Souls”
dropped September
Motörhead’s lead singer
Lemmy Kilmister is turning 70
this December, and fans’ main
concern about the album was
how his voice would hold up.
Lemmy is known for living the
typical rock and roll lifestyle;
he’s toured non-stop with the
band since it started, smokes
an impossible amount of cigarettes, and gets through a bottle of bourbon a day. He told
The Guardian that he, “Didn’t
really want to be in the lifestyle without the music. And
I didn’t want to be in the music without the lifestyle.” But
how can a human body be put

through so much punishment
Slayer, one of the “big four”
and still manage to tour for a of thrash metal founded in 1981
new album at seventy years released their new album “Reold? Lemmy says, “Apparent- pentless” in September as well.
ly I am still indestructible.” Bassist and lead singer of SlayMotörhead’s “Bad Magic” has er, Tom Araya, has always been
the exact same muddy, thrash- known for swinging his hair
ing rock and roll sound that and over the top head banging
they had in their late 20s.
while performing. As a result,
Iron Maiden’s “The Book of the 54 year old recently develSouls” is 92 minutes of three oped back problems on tour
galloping guitars, operatic vo- which required surgery. Now at
cals, rock drums, and perfectly concerts he is required to sit still
precise musicianship in typi- in order to protect his spine.
cal Maiden fashion. With six
How far will these artists
Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons go for their music?
Most people would
consider them insane
for subjecting their
bodies to this kind of
treatment for over 40
years, but when you
get paid to do what
you love you do not
stop. In my opinion,
the recent trend of
old bands getting
back in the studio
members of an average age of is caused by a void in the cur59, the musical fidelity of the rent music industry. The radio
album is as impressive as their is filled with pop and rap writwork in the 80’s on “Power- ten by executives and processed
slave” and “The Number of the to a pulp, and the metal scene
Beast.” Clocking in at 18 min- has evolved to be too extreme
utes and one second, the last for most. These bands coming
song on the album “Empire of back mean more modern muthe Clouds,” is Maiden’s lon- sic with a classic sound that has
gest song to date and a feat of been lost in translation across
musical ability worthy of being generations. With these three
the last song they ever release. legendary bands’ new albums
They haven’t confirmed that and Metallica currently in the
this is indeed their last album, studio, there is only hope that
but lead singer Bruce Dickin- future bands will be inspired
son is going through tongue to go back to their roots and
cancer treatment making an- move towards a more vintage
other effort extremely unlikely. sound.

“These Shining Lives”
A La Jolla High School Production
By Jade Moujaes
Staff Writer
Every year La Jolla High
department puts on two shows, one
straight play and one musical.
This year, the straight play is
called “These Shining Lives”
written by Melanie Marnich.
This play takes the audience
back in time to the 1920s and
early 1930s.
The script follows the character of Catherine Donohue as
she finds herself working for
the company Radium Dial that
sells watches that are painted
with radium so they can glow
in the dark. The four main
characters of the show, Charlotte, Francis, Pearl, and Catherine, eventually develop radium poisoning.
This story helps shed light
on the lack of employee safety in the 1920s. Although the

particular characters in the
play are not real, the events
that happened are. This historically-based script teaches
the bravery and courage of
those who fought against unfair working conditions in the
face of adversity. This tale is all
encompassing as it deals with
romance, friendship, letting
go, and fighting for what you
believe in.
The audience follows the four
women’s ups and downs as
they deal with their ailments
and get closer to their impending death. Although the story
is tragic, there is a greater message of hope and it examplifies
the human will to survive.
Vlad Jebran, who plays Cathrine’s husband Tom, says, “If
you want to see really good
actors, like [the] best actors
in the school, just come to the
play. It’s a very dramatic play,
but the actors we have in it

can handle it and put out really
good work”.
The director of the play herself,
Mrs. Treger, says, “This is kind
of a feminist piece, but mostly
it is a fight against the man, the
corporation piece. It was one
of the first class action lawsuits
and it’s a really beautiful play
that blends science, history, law,
and drama. It only has thirteen
actors in it and we’re going to
do it in a very small space and
so it should be a really special
and unique experience.”
The whole cast is excited to
share their hard work with the
student body. The performance
dates are November 13th at
6:30pm, November 14th at
6:30pm, November 18th (which
is pay what you can day) at
2:30pm, November 19th at
6:30pm, and November 20th at
6:30pm. The tickets can be purchased at the finance office or at
the door.



Gatsby Comes to Civic

By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
You’ve read the book, you’ve
watched the movie, but have
you seen the ballet? Septime
Webre’s “The Great Gatsby” is
coming to San Diego this October. Performed by the California Ballet Company based
in Kearny Mesa, this modern
ballet is a mix of all styles including tap, jazz, and swing.
Unlike other classical ballets,
“The Great Gatsby” features
live singing arranged by Billy
Novik, the musical producer.
The California Ballet Company, directed by Maxine
Mahon, was an extension of
the Ballet Russe de Monte
Carlo, one of Russia’s oldest
and most prestigious companies. As one of the first ballet
companies out west, Mahon’s
reputation has been built
up over 48 consecutive seasons. The company has now
grown to accommodate over
30 dancers, some of whom
have come from places as far
away as Japan. Popular shows
performed by the California
Ballet Company include “The
Nutcracker,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and “Dracula,” all in the
lovely theatre they call home,
the San Diego Civic Theatre.
This is the first season to feature “The Great Gatsby.”
Although it is not a classical production, “The Great
Gatsby” is based on the classic story that takes place in
New York’s West Egg in the
1920s. The movement is extremely styled, lacking almost
any classic lines found in other ballets. The emphasis for

Photo Courtesy of Zoe Mendel

this production is not on how
pristine or classical the moves
look, but rather the emotion of
the time period they convey.
Kendra Wingfield, a California Ballet Company member,
shares her experience as one
of the younger twin girls at
Gatsby’s parties. Her favorite
scenes are the party scenes. “I
really get to explore the acting
side of my role,” she says, “I interact a lot with the principal
dancers, so my acting is just as
important as my dancing.” According to Wingfield, Webre’s
choreography contains lots of
intricate, fast footwork. Although the steps are challenging, Wingfield enjoys the “freedom to explore movement as
you want to interpret it.” When
asked about Jared Nelson, who
is teaching the ballet to the
company and plays the role of
Jay Gatsby, Wingfield states,
“Jared pushes you past your
limits, in a good way. He has
definitely inspired me to be at
the top of my game, dancing
harder than I ever have.” And,
after months of hard work,
the company and staff are rewarded with a full-length ballet. “Naturally we all have our
moments of stress and anxiety,
but as we get closer to the show
and see how well everything is
coming together, we get more
excited,” Wingfield concludes.
Not only is this show a great
supplement for the AP American Literature class, but a wonderful performance to take
part in. Come to the Civic
Theatre October 23-25th for a
night of live music, high spirits, and of course, great dancing.

Photo Courtesy of Ms. Treger


October 16, 2015



Colbert’s New Era Meet the Masters
La Jolla High School’s new school murals

By Nikolai Gaenzle
Staff Writer
Stephen Colbert, the satirical
news mogul, was on a hiatus
from television since December of 2014. However, this
past month he made his debut as the host of the famous,
“Late Show,” on CBS. Despite
Colbert’s popularity on his
original show, “The Colbert
Report,” which aired on Comedy Central, his debut on CBS
pulled only 6.6 million viewers
the first episode. In comparison, the host of other popular
shows, such as Jay Leno and
Jimmy Fallon, manage to pull
in almost 11 million viewers
per episode. This posed the
question to many analysts,
“Why are Colbert’s views so
One theory, proposed by
Alex Furrier of the Daily Wildcat, is centered around the lack
of fresh jokes and gags that
Colbert has not yet brought
to the, “Late Show;” “They appear drawn out, one-off hits
that were unfortunately drawn
out into full length segments,”
Furrier wrote.
Others, such as Alyssa
Rosenberg of the Washington
Post, believe that Colbert is not
getting the ratings many were
expecting because he is simply not producing the caliber

of material that he did on, “The
Colbert Report.” “Colbert has
yet to meet the standard he’d set
for himself,” says Rosenberg,
“We are used to a Colbert that
is a bit more aggressive.” Despite Colbert’s lack of quips and
gag segments, he is still providing the viewers with a plethora
of guests; everyone from Emily
Blunt to Jeb Bush have made
appearances thus far. However, one staple of “The Colbert
Report” remains in the “Late
Show” - Colbert’s discussion of
permanent topics.
“The Colbert Report” was synonymous for bringing on many
famous individuals and often
times debating serious and occasionally, personal, issues. This
has been nowhere more apparent than the “Late Show’s” interview with Vice President Joe
Biden. Not only did Colbert
and Biden discuss the integrity
of many members in Washington, Colbert was able to have
Biden open up about the tragedy of his late son.
These types of loaded questions are what make Colbert a
captivating host and interviewer; many other hosts would not
dare ask about these touchy
subjects. Whether you enjoy
Colbert or not, he is a brilliant
host and masterful interviewer
that has the potential to take the
“Late Show” to new heights.

By Brooke Kaufman
Staff Writer
Looking around campus,
students may notice a new art
feature in the five hundred
building. That is because last
school year, Ms. Shamrock
and students from her AP Art
Studio and Senior Art Studio
classes decided to create an
art project that would simultaneously beautify the
drab school walls, and
educate the student
body about phenomenal art. Thus “Meet
the Masters” mural
project was born, and
with the help of local
La Jolla art advocate
Jane Wheeler, Ms.
Shamrock and her
students worked tirelessly to create a collection of murals that
not only brightened up the
hallways, but also replicated
famous pieces of art ranging
in time from the Impressionist to Modern era.
Staging for the project included prepping the boards
on which the artwork was to
be displayed with gesso, an
art supply commonly used to
get canvases ready for painting. Then, the students used
projectors to transfer images
of the original artwork onto

The Lot

La Jolla’s new movie viewing experience
By Asha Alagiri &
and doors that create an outside be ordered inside of the theSophia Ketring
and indoor dining environment ater, ranging from your avStaff Writer & A&E Editor
for the patrons. The front of The erage movie theater popcorn
Lot is crowded with tables, but to flatbreads. The menu also
On September 30th, La Jolla’s the feel is still an open one be- includes a large selection of
new movie theater, The Lot, cause of the spacious outside drinks and milkshakes.
opened its doors to the public. setting.
The owner of this unique
The Lot offers people a unique
As you move further into theater is Adolfo Fastlicht.
movie going experience by the space you will find the area Fastlicht is a movie theater
combining a restaurant, bar where you can purchase tickets mogul who has been a part
and cafe in the front of the to see a movie in one of the 7 of developing multiple luxucomplex with seven movie viewing rooms. As you enter ry movie theaters including,
viewing rooms in the back.
the rooms, you will find 75-90 Cinepolis and Cinemex, a
The atmosphere is very open leather chairs and a warm com- luxury chain in Mexico. It is
and lively. It is hard to believe fortable
apparent that his experience
that less than two years ago atmosphere.
in developing those two emthis same building was home
There are also buttons that can pires has added up to create
to Jonathan’s Market. The be pressed if the patron would The Lot, the epitome of luxustructure of the building has like to order any food or drinks. ry movie theaters.
completely changed. The con- Unlike regular movie theaters,
The Lot presents an extravcrete walls have been trans- The Lot has a large array of agant movie going experiformed into rows of windows unique gourmet foods that can ence that it is clearly skewed

the canvases, so that the final
projects were as close to the
original pieces as they could
be. Finally, acrylic paint was
used to complete the designs.
The overall finishing of the
murals took about four weeks,
but work didn’t begin until after students submitted their
AP portfolios. As said by Ms.
Shamrock, “It was fun but labor intensive!”

ARTS, or A Reason to Survive, a program that provides
art classes for underprivileged
children. “They had a whole
hallway of murals executed
by students. Then, I took that
concept and added the idea
of Meet the Masters”. The five
hundred building was picked
as the location for the murals,
because in addition to being
the place in which art classes
at the school are held,
Mrs. Wheeler says she
felt the building’s hallways were perfect in
terms of transforming
space and making it
more visually appealing.
When asked what
the murals’ futures
at the school are, Ms.
Shamrock replied that
the plan is to make
Photo Courtesy of Brooke Kaufman
the installation perLocal artist Jane Wheeler manent, but perhaps add to
knew Ms. Shamrock from an the art at various locations on
art project they worked on to- campus. Her classes this year
gether several years ago in the had hoped to complete addisame five hundred buildings. tional murals downstairs, but
Mrs. Wheeler decided that she with the cancellation of AP
wanted to do another project Art for the 2015-2016 school
before her daughter left high year, this is sadly unlikely for
school; so after she recieved now. Meanwhile, the Meet the
approval from the PTA and Masters mural display adorns
Principal Podhorsky, Meet the hallways of the five hunthe Masters oficially went un- dred building, adding a pop
der way. Mrs. Wheeler says of beauty and culture to our
she was inspired after visiting school.

Photo Courtesy of Sophia Ketring

towards older audiences with
its smaller selection of movies
and sky high prices. The cost
of one ticket for a movie ranges from $22-$24 dollars depending on your age and what
time the movie is playing. If
you want food or a drink from
the theater you cannot manage
to escape without at least pay-

ing $7.
Mr. Essex, a teacher at La
Jolla High School says, “It’s everything a movie going experience should be. If it was a bit
cheaper it would be perfect.”
Overall, The Lot is a unique
place to kickback and relax
with your friends on a special

Concert Calendar
Twenty One Pilots,
Oct 16,
SDSU Open Air

Janet Jackson,
Oct 17,
House of Blues,

Oct 21,
House of Blues,

Madonna, Oct 29,
Valley View
Casino Center,

Mac Miller,
Nov 18,
House of Blues,