Dec 2007

Introducing SYSPRO
SYSPRO is an internationally-recognized, leading provider of enterprise business solutions. Formed in 1978, SYSPRO was one of the first software vendors to develop an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Today, SYSPRO is a global business solutions vendor, represented on six continents and by more than 1500 channel and support partners. Over 14,000 licensed companies across a broad spectrum of industries in more than 60 countries trust SYSPRO as the platform on which to manage their business processes. Customer focus is a core component of SYSPRO’s corporate culture and is one of the key reasons why SYSPRO maintains a strong leadership position in the enterprise application market. By focusing on people and building lasting relationships with customers and partners, SYSPRO consistently excels at guiding customers through all aspects of their implementation. The aim is to deliver world-class software that gives customers the control, insight and agility they need for a competitive advantage in a global economy. As such, SYSPRO provides a unique combination of robust, scalable technologies that ensure minimal risk and a high return on investment. SYSPRO is continually developing remarkable software that simplifies operational effectiveness and keeps customers in control of their businesses. Our vision is focused on meeting customer needs today and in the future.

The most integrated, uncomplicated and effortless business software solution for small and medium enterprises


“Improving supply chain response through enhanced visibility and co-ordination can lead to numerous business benefits, ultimately improving customer service and reducing operating expenses while also providing greater transparency into the strategy and processes within the enterprise.” Phil Duff, CEO SYSPRO

Introducing SYSPRO 6.1
SYSPRO 6.1 represents a quantum leap forward ‘simplifying success’ with improved architecture, business process and management tools, a greatly enhanced user interface, new features and functionality, workflow and customization capabilities. With greater visibility, customizable management dashboards, pre-built reports and proactive, configurable alerts, decision-makers can easily view and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time. This provides the business intelligence decision-makers need to address key operational issues quickly and more effectively. SYSPRO 6.1 contains a strong focus on corporate governance and sustainability:








CONFIGURED & PERSONALIZED SYSPRO ERP Integrating SYSPRO 6.1 with your business
n Encourages fiscal responsibility with Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and enhanced

Business Process Management (BPM). These two solutions encompass and support the metrics, processes and systems used in an organization to measure, monitor and better manage business performance n Improved reporting capabilities that provides integrated, clear and comprehensive presentation of business activities in support of corporate and operational strategy

Fluid user

Changing visualization into reality
The enhanced visibility and presentation of information that comes with SYSPRO 6.1 provides for an improved user-experience, transparent management and co-ordination at all levels within the organization. The process of turning visualization into reality is accessible to the end user - without the need for a high level of technical expertise. Users are empowered with the freedom to view the information they require in any application within SYSPRO. There is no restriction on where the information is sourced, or the technology used to present the information. The SYSPRO 6.1 infrastructure enables information from any source to be visible in a SYSPRO application. For example, the user can view SYSPRO Analytics or any workflow process

directly in another SYSPRO program, such as Sales Order Entry. Users can make use of pre-configured templates when defining various applications such as dashboards, roles and responsibilities, KPIs and reports. Alternatively, they could create new applications written in any .net language and render these in the core SYSPRO product. SYSPRO 6.1 uses Fluent User Interface components which have been developed to meet Microsoft Office 2007 UI Design Guideline specifications. This provides the user with a more universal and familiar interface. Any personalizations are seamlessly migrated with SYSPRO upgrades.

Overall initiatives in SYSPRO 6.1
Centralized administration
SYSPRO is becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of flexible set-up and security options. SYSPRO 6.1 allows users to configure these security options and enable all customization of the User Interface at the role level. There is a centralized administration application that manages all the security and a centralized tool that manages all the User Interface changes.


Enterprise Performance Management information at your fingertips
SYSPRO 6.1 provides a personalized user experience by allowing users to create and modify executive views and dashboards in any application. There are standard views provided with the software that are based on sophisticated list views and interactive charts; these can be deployed in a few seconds and will be active immediately as they use real-time information. SYSPRO Enterprise Analysis and Modeling (SEAM) provides empowered, personalized implementations. It embraces SYSPRO Process Modeling (SPM) and can be used to record all discussions and decisions made during sales and implementation. This information can be utilized to configure the SYSPRO application and provide insight into the structuring of the associated data.

Together, SPM and SEAM provide one source of the truth as well as an end-to-end alignment and understanding of all entities in an organization.

Business Process Management
Business Processes Management has been taken to a new level in SYSPRO 6.1 with the introduction of SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS), SYSPRO Process Modeling (SPM) and SYSPRO Enterprise Analysis and Modeling (SEAM). Built into the SYSPRO product, SYSPRO Workflow Services is a workflow engine that provides the capability of designing and visibly presenting workflow processes, thus allowing greater clarity and transparency of the organization’s business processes. This is based on Microsoft technology. SYSPRO Process Modeling provides pre-configured and modeled process patterns on which the user can model the company’s unique process requirements. It provides the user with a model-driven architecture that supports management by aligning IT with company strategy, business objectives and sustainability. Furthermore, it provides a transparent view of the user’s uniquely modeled processes and organizational roles.

SYSPRO ENTERPRISE ANAYLSIS AND MODELING (SEAM) Analysis of what you do (your processes) and why you do them

SYSPRO Process Modeling (SPM) Defines how you do things

Workflow Enables you to see and manage the flow of information throughout your organization






Business Process Management

Personalization and power-tailoring
Our customers increasingly expect a greater level of personalization from the solutions they buy. They expect control over the look-and-feel of the user interface and want to be able to incorporate their own data and their own special ways of processing that data in SYSPRO. SYSPRO recognizes this need and has developed an innovative, highly configurable User Interface (UI) that can be tailored according to users’ needs. SYSPRO 6.1 allows users to modify the behavior of any SYSPRO application and to extend business functionality. The end result is a highly configurable system designed to adapt as business needs evolve. Such changes are not affected by software upgrades. SYSPRO 6.1 also allows users to present information in the graphical format of their choice by using a combination of standards-based functionality. Each user is therefore able to shape their own aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-understand graphical format.





Enabling governance, risk management, compliance and sustainability
n Sophisticated centralized administration n Role-based security, tailoring and workflow n Access control and exception highlighting n Extended usage of Electronic Signatures n Integrated sustainability reporting n General Ledger statistical accounts, SYSPRO Reporting Services (Green/Lean) n Complete management of company assets and depreciation reporting

Extended depth and breadth of functionality
SYSPRO continues to enhance all aspects of functionality with the release of 6.1 by introducing features that will enable greater fiscal responsibility, enhance customer relationship management, greatly extend supply chain and production management and significantly simplify IT management.

Fiscal responsibility n Extended Asset Register n Actual costing n Cash flow forecasting Customer relationship management n Extended Contact Management n Customer sales rules Supply chain management n Expanded Requisitioning system n Stock reservations n Value-based trade promotions n Enhanced Warehouse Management n Inventory Optimization

Production management n Manufacturing unit of measure n Extended Factory Scheduler Simplify IT management n Role-based security n Customization management n Workflow monitoring n Automated applications

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