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Key Royal Condominium Association, Inc.

Board Of Directors Meeting

March 30th, 2009

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Date of Meeting: March 30, 2009

Time of Meeting: 6:00 P.M.
Place of Meeting: Key Royal Clubhouse, 8204 Key Royal Lane, Naples, FL. 34119

President Joseph Kalinowski called the meeting to order at 6:05 P.M.

Call to Order

Roll Call: Joseph Kalinowski and Ken Stephens were present. Charlie Miller was absent. Also
present was Susan L. Bedyan and Steve Rodeiro; Property Managers.

Reading and Approval of the Minutes from the October 9, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting,
November 20, 2009 Budget Meeting and January 27, 2009 Special Meeting

Motion by Ken Stephens to waive reading of the minutes and approve them as written.
Second by Joseph Kalinowski
Vote 2:0
Motion carried

Old Business:

Joseph Kalinowski reported that The Elias Brothers Group has completed the painting
of the buildings and resurfacing of the Tiki Bar.

Officers Reports

Joseph Kalinowski reported that Affordable Alarms has installed 3 new cameras and
repaired the old cameras. The newly installed cameras are in the clubhouse, garage
hallway and Fitness Center. Also mentioned was the damaged tree by the pool gate
near Building 17. The tree is to be replaced by a 7-8’ Magnolia.

Joe Kalinowski spoke about appointing a Fines Committee since three residents
volunteered, but Sharon Stites’ Board position would result in her disqualification.
The remaining two volunteers; Susan King and Patti Place requested a third person to
be appointed. The responsibilities of a Fines Committee were discussed and a
question was raised on the procedure. It was explained that management, for the
Board, would be issuing fines letters based on reported/confirmed violations once
initial warnings were given. The recipient of the letters would be informed of the
violation, the rule, the date(s), the fine amount and a date to appear to refute the fine.
The committee would listen to the recipient and would then determine whether the
fine stands or was erroneous.

Motion by Ken Stephens to appoint Susan King and Patti Place to the Fines
Committee and to solicit a third member.

Second by Joe Kalinowski

Vote 2:0.
Motion carried.

Ratification of Contracts:

Cypress Landscape Maintenance

Maintenance Proposal: $ 4,150.00 Monthly/$49,800

Plantings in Front of Entrance Signs: 1,750.00
Laurel Lakes Median (Key Royal’s Cost) 1,300.00
Mulching 6,950.00
Pavers 3,720.00

South Point Pool Service

Monthly Service $ 500.00

New State Mandated Drain Covers 650.00
(4) Installed

Irrigation Specialists of SW Florida

Wet Checks on Pump Stations & Electrical $ 390.00

Checks & Quarterly Dive to Clean Filters

Motion by Joseph Kalinowski to ratify.

Second by Ken Stephens
Vote 2:0
Motion carried.
Questions From Owners

Sharon Stites asked if the camera at the gate was still operational. Ken Stephens
answered yes, that the keypad camera is working, but that we are still struggling with
the past gate company. Also discussed were the improvements and enhancements
currently being handled by our new gate company; Gateswork.

Debbie Graves from Unit 122 inquired about the gate remotes and having problems
with them working some times and not working other times. Ken Stephens explained
that due to the previous gate company’s repairs, the range for the remotes has
apparently been reduced significantly and that the new company is trying to work on

Patti Place from Unit 1514 asked why the gates are still open during the day and why
the office door has been closed on some occasions when residents come in. It was
explained that the gates were remaining open until the new gate company could
complete all necessary repairs and an evaluation would be done on returning them to a
24/7 operation. For the doors, Joe Kalinowski explained that the Board had
previously set up “quiet time” hours for the office manager several times per week to
shut down and get necessary work done that was being interrupted by walk-in traffic.

Andrea Kiss from Unit 231 asked a question about fines and complaints given to the
office as there had been a problem with a vehicle being “keyed” because of something
said to another resident. She was concerned about retaliation for anyone reporting


The meeting was adjourned at 6:33 P.M.

The Annual Meeting followed at 7:00 P.M.

Board Meetings are open to all Key Royal Residents.

Participation is reserved to Owners only.

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