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God of Heaven and Earth

As I was pondering some things today as I often do, I try to keep

my mind on spiritual things all the time. Of course I do not mean
it is hard to do so and I have to struggle with it, I am saying it is
my nature to think upon spiritual things and it is a battle to get
into a natural state of mind to do my normal duties of life. God
has been so gracious and good to me and since He has opened
my eyes, I see Him everywhere and He is altogether perfect,
beautiful and utterly magnificent. He speaks to my heart and
mind all the time, in the little things and in the big things. In
people, places, times and events, in history and in present day
truths and in the future of things to come, in His Word He is most
The Lord has me always writing these things down because they
represent the Law of Adoption concerning the witness of the
Bodily Change. So sometimes a few words, sometimes many
pages but I try to get these things down as quick as I can lest I
should forget. I know these things are from the Mind of the Lord
Himself as we have been born of it.
So as we have said before, this earth is heaven and it was all
about a state of mind or a divine perception. Now in its current
state we say it is not heaven, but will be heaven in the Millennium
and this is true. However if this earth has ever been heaven, it is
still heaven. It might be hidden beyond the veil as to the mind or
as to the hidden world underneath the sea that will surface, but
one thing is for sure this is the same earth that was here in Noahs
Day and in Jesus Day. It went through a change to show the fall
and crookedness of man, so as we say man was hidden from God
via a veil, then the glories of this Earth had to be hidden or
camouflaged as well. As the veil is removed from man, it will be
removed from the earth. Thus the earth will come back upright
and reveal a restored Garden unto a glorified celestial Earth.

So let me get to the point. Heaven is or we say was one time this
earth. We say the earth, like man, has an inner earth and an outer
earth. The earth has fire within and so does man. Man was made
from the same earth and thus making Him the earth. More so
than anything else is. For if man is to rule the earth, then it stands
to reason for Him to be Lord over it and to be made from it. A wife
is from a man and He rules her. Light rules the darkness. From the
man came forth a woman, then from the woman came forth the
Man Christ Jesus. We say from Jesus came the Christ and from the
Christ as to the resurrection came forth the Jesus. Remember now
things said here can be used as keys to open up even more of the
many past writings.
So Earth is heaven. Heaven is God, for it is His Throne. His Throne
is The Kingdom of God as we say. So as we have said before,
these are all One. They are God. Earth is Heaven then Earth is
God. The Kingdom of God is God thus the Earth is the Kingdom of
God. And the Kingdom of God suffereth violence. The violent take
it by force. See now think about the Garden. As we seen in the
Garden, that it was heaven. God used a portion of the Earth to be
symbolic of Heaven. Remember this has been hidden and veiled
until now. God always uses a spiritual type to show the true. So
Eden was the place God used to place Adam and Eve in. The true
Garden was Earth. Now see it in these dimensions. When God was
in the First Man Adam and then Eve subjected herself to the
Serpent, then God became hidden within the veil. God hiding in
the darkness. God behind the Badger Skin. Man being the Woman
of God carried that seed till Calvary and then out come the Man
Child, or the Second Man Adam.
So we see God in the person of Adam falling. We see the Earth at
the Flood falling, we see the Jew showing the woman or fleshly
bodily perspective going out at Calvary as to a falling. And we see
the Christ as to His Soul going into the flames of hell as to a fall.

See a fall in all 3 dimensions. The natural, the physical, the

spiritual. The Earth, the Jew, and the Soul of Christ.
Now upon His glorious resurrection, we find things are changing.
We find His soul not left in hell, we find the Lord God bringing
back in the Jew and we find the Earth coming back upright and
being celestially glorified. The Spirit glorified, the Body glorified
and the Earth glorified.
So this Earth is Heaven. It is the Kingdom of God that has suffered
violence. This explains how Satan walks among the Stones of Fire
and is able to enter the presence of the Lord as to being in Man,
the true wife of God, or God's Eve, and covered in His Grace for a
time. Till all that should birth the Man Child have done so.
We say we are waiting on the tribulation to come and change the
world back. Well we know it is 7 years of bad government. Not
that a wicked evil government will rise, though it will show a type
and shadow for sure. But the government of this world has always
been wicked. So we see it will not be a secret hidden evil, behind
the curtains operating. They have always been doing that. What
will it be? It will be the "revealing" of that wicked corrupt
government! God will put the curtain down. Folks you know in the
Word it has always been Satan was the God of this world. So who
is it that has been the true evil governement? Satan. He has been
here since the garden fall. Until the body is changed. God will
reveal Him as the Anti Christ. He has always been, just never
known. This also ties in with the side of Jesus, being made Sin.
So we see the Earth is Heaven and is God. It is going through its
stages as to from the fall to its restoring to its glorifying. Jesus
said He was in heaven, though His body was standing on the
Earth. We say of God, He is Lord of Heaven and Earth. Heaven is
His Throne and Earth is His Footstool, so our pastor told us, well is
my footstool out in the barn? No, it is right here where I am. This
was God's way of veiling this until the time. If the footstool and

the Earth are where God is then the footstool is not only in
heaven, but is heaven. The throne, the man in the throne and the
footstool are all ONE. It is just semantics to a whole other level.
God used words to allow them to enter the mind in such a fashion
that they would be divided and begin to separate and start the
process of contrasting in the Mind of Man, for the purpose of
Divine Comprehension. He suffered the shadows to come into the
mind to divide and sow asunder so that creation could be defined,
so then He could rend that veil and use the contrast of darkness
to reveal Himself who is Light to our hearts to substantiate
Himself as to existence.
As in Heaven, so in the Earth! What we bind on Heaven is bound
in the Earth and what is loosed in heaven is loosed in the earth. In
Revelations we see an Heavenly view and an Earthly view. Just
two sides of the self same coin. Now the Lord can and has
returned to remove the dark shadows of separation from the mind
and bring all back to a state of Oneness. He is pulling all things
back into Himself. So where are we? In Heaven. Where is Heaven?
All around you. Now Satan was cast out into the Earth, and He
was wroth and angry. He went about seeking whom He may
devour. This has to do with the Tribulation. It has to do with the
change of the body. Jesus did not have to wait till a time called the
millennium to be in heaven and sup with the saints. He even said,
I do always the things I see my Father doing. Look around at the
Earth, in every stage and state of Life, what is it doing? Light
came forth from the darkness, the Earth watered itself from
within, the child comes forth from the womb. For the child to
come forth from the womb, it had to fall into the womb first, via a
serpent and stones. So we see the childs beginning was not the
Mother, but another level and another dimension, even the Father.
I pray this short but glorious revelation enlightens your eyes. May
God Bless You.
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