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For Immediate Release:

Conscious Riddims Records (Hawaii) Presents…

The Launch of Hawaii’s newest Record label with three stunning New
CD Releases!!!

First Title: Mr. Bass Man All-Stars 2

The amazing and long anticipated follow up to Mr. Bass Man All-Stars 1,
featuring the unique and some-what underground voices of Jamaica’s Best
Hidden talent:
Steve Tulloch, Fever Grass, Organs, U Mykes, Tuffy Melody, Donaki and
Also Jolly Stewart singing the original version of Yami Bolo’s “When a
Man Loves a Woman” a song which Jolly Stewart wrote for Yami!

Mr. Bass Man All-Stars 2 (two) the third release from up-and-
coming producer/bassist Andrew Campbell the man known
throughout Kingston as “Bassie.” This is modern Reggae music
performed to perfection by some of Jamaica's brightest young
artists. Seven singers come together on this recording to produce
some of the best positive Reggae music to come out of Jamaica
in years. This album proves that Rasta consciousness is still alive
amongst the youth of Kingston. Noted veterans Andrew “One
Blood” Thompson and Earl “Chinna” Smith and more lend their
talents to this recording.
Coming Soon on Conscious Riddims Records!

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Second Title: “Gather the Remnant”-
This is a DJ Friendly double disc cd. Featuring artist from the four corners of
the earth.
Representing Jamaica: Lutan Fyah, Jah Mason, Michael
Rose, Sugar Minott, Steve Tolluch, and others…
Representing Virgin Island: Niyorah (St. Thomas), Iba
(St. Criox), Xkaliba (St. Croix), and Tuff Lion (Philadelphia) and
Representing the Hawaii, California, and
Venezuela- Biblical, Sista Kat, Ishence, Soul Medic, and Tru Love
(California), Ras Sparrow (Venezuela), Roots Gwaan, and Kali of
Ooklah the Moc (Hawaii)
Riddims and Beats: All written, produced and composed by one of
Jamaica’s best Bassists Andrew “Bessie” Campbell at the legendary
Tuff Gong Studio. Featuring a legendary cast of musicians:
Drums- Leroy “Horse Mouth” Wallace, and Mikey “Boo“ Richards
Guitar- Earl Chinna Smith and others
Keys- Ray Rochester
Synth- Lloyd Obeah Denton
Percussions- Uziah “Sticky” Thompson
Sax- Romain Tinguely
And others

All songs carry heart felt lyrics and important messages to heal the world in
this day.
Description of Riddims:
At nine AM one morning, leaders of Jamaica's downtown music scene,
Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, "Chinna" Smith, Andrew "Bassie" Campbell,
"Obeah" and Mikey "Boo," stepped into Bob Marley's Tuff Gong Studios.
By midnight they had created some of the best Modern Jamaican Roots
Riddims to date. The instrumentals and dubs were the inspiration for this
double disc cd.

Rassparrow (coming soon)

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Third Release: Xcaliba: USA- United States

of Africa

Virgin Island is the latest hot spot for Roots Reggae Music. Following in the
foot steps of Jamaica’s foundation… Virgin Island is exploding with New,
Conscious, and unbelievably solid reggae Music. Spearheaded by the
Midnite Band, whose lead singer was featured on Xkalibas first release
“Baptizing inna di Ghetto” on St. Croix’s Ground Breaking Records label.
Hailing from the Island of St. Croix, Xcaliba is a Big Name in the Islands,
even with his humble attitude. Just off His first Hawaii and west Coast Tour,
Xkaliba is poised to make an impact on the reggae community as a whole. A
style reminiscent of Yellow Man and the original Jamaican Djs. Xcaliba
comes with conscious, hard-hitting lyrics, on such tracks as the stand out Hit
“Mr. Problem”… Also Featured on the Gathering the Remnant Compilation
with two, huge new tunes!
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