Dispelled Negativity Ritual

April Full Moon Written By: Willow Wisp

Items needed 1 Gold Candle- represents God 1 Silver Candle-represents Goddess 2 Black Candle-ward of negativity-element of Fire Small bowl of water-represents water Salt-represents earth Growing Moon Peace Powder Incense-element of air Cakes & Ale Wand Matches or Lighter Paper Pen Fire proof bowl Set up Gold Candle Salt Cakes and Ale Within Reach Fire proof bowl, paper, pen Recipes Incense Matches or Lighter Water Silver Candle Black Candle Wand

Growing Moon Peace Powder Incense 1 part Gardenia-for peace 2 parts Lavendar-for peace 1 part Violet-for peace 1. Mix all ingredients together and grind into a very fine powder. 2. Sprinkle on a charcoal disc in a fire proof bowl.

Basil Cake ⅔ cups Unsalted Butter At Room Temp. 1-⅓ cup All-purpose Flour 2 teaspoons Finely Snipped Fresh Basil 13 tablespoons, ⅞ teaspoons, 2 pinch Sugar 2-⅔ whole Eggs Preparation Instructions Grease and flour a 13×9x2 inch baking pan (or a 9×5x3 inch loaf pan). Stir together flour and basil. In a large mixer bowl, beat butter on medium speed for 30 seconds. Gradually add sugar, beating 8 minutes or till fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating 2 minutes after each addition; scrape bowl frequently. Gradually add the dry ingredients to the egg mixture, beating on low speed just till thoroughly blended. Turn batter into prepared pan. Bake in a 325F oven about 45 minutes for the 13×9x2 pan, or about 1 ¼ hours for the loaf pan. Let the 13×9x2 inch cake cool completely on a wire rack. Cool loaf pan on wire rack for 10 minutes before removing from pan, then let completely cool on rack. Note: The beating time is important. I use my KitchenAid stand mixer when I make this cake. This cake also makes a wonderful base for fresh strawberries.
Oriental Rose 1 orange, sliced and seeded 1 Tbsp. malt extract(no pith) 1 tsp. sugar or honey 2 capfuls rose water 4 oz. skim milk 4 oz. orange soda Directions: Place your ingredients together in a blender, first

on low speed to dice the orange finely. Then turn to high until an orange-white foam is forming on top. Serve over crushed ice.

Pre Ritual Instructions (anything that needs to be done before doing the ritual, if a ritual bath is recommended, or a specific ritual meal, any tools that need to be created before the ritual) Must do a ritual bath before performing this ritual. Remove Negativity Ritual Bath Bath Sachet Arabic Gum-negativity Agimony-dispelling negativity Angelica-protects against negativity Put all herbs into a bath sachet and close tightly and place in bath water Circle Casting Starting in the east, hold your wand out in front of you. Visualize a white light going around you as you turn to the south, west and north then say: “This circle is being cast and no negativity will last” Repeat above two more times, see your light getting real bright around you. On the third turn to the north say: “This circle has now been cast and now is closed”

Corner Calling East

Light your incense and say: “Watchtowers of the east, element of air, please be with me tonight. Hail and Welcome!” South Light your Black Candle and say: “Watchtowers of the south, element of fire, please be with me tonight. Hail and Welcome!”

West Hold up your water and say: “Watchtowers of the west, element of water, please be with me tonight. Hail and Welcome!”

North Hold up your salt and say: “Watchtowers of the north, element of earth, please be with me tonight. Hail and Welcome!”

Invocation Light Gold and Silver candles say: “I ask that the Lord and Lady to please be with me here tonight, Hail and Welcome!”

Ritual work
Name of Your Blessing: Negativity Be Gone

Reason For Your Blessing: To remove negative energy

Items Needed For The Blessing: Paper Pen Black Candle-ward of negativity

Preparation: Light Candle

Your Blessing: Take your paper and pen and write down all the negative things that what gone. Fold the paper three time toward you and say: “May all the negative things in my life leave me now. So Mote It Be!” Now take your folded paper and light it with candle, place into a fire proof bowl. After the paper has burned into ashes, blow or snuff out candle. Take ashes and wax and bury in the ground.

Cakes and Ale Hold up your cake and Ale and say:

Energy Requests n/a

Thanks to the Deity Snuff or Blow out the gold and silver candles and say:

“Thank you so very much for being here with me tonight Lord and Lady, Hail and Farewell!

Releasing the Corners North Say: “Watchtowers of the north, element of earth, thank you for being with me here tonight. Hail and Farewell!”

West Say: “Watchtowers of the west, element of water, thank you for being with me here tonight. Hail and Farewell!”

South Snuff or blow out your Black Candle: “Watchtowers of the south, element of fire, thank you for being with me here tonight. Hail and Farewell!”

East Say: “Watchtowers of the east, element of air, thank you for being with me here tonight. Hail and Farewell!”

Opening the Circle Now going counter clockwise and starting in the north, hold out your wand and start seeing your white light growing dimmer as you turn to the west, south, then to the east and say: “Now this Circle is being opened and all negativity will be gone. Hail and Farewell!” Repeat above two more times. On the third turn to the east say: “This circle has now been opened, So Mote It Be!”

Ritual Ending “Merry ye meet, merry part Merry we meet again.”

Post Ritual Instructions (This is usually disposal information, anything that you may want to do with the things you have created, such as charms or blessed items.)
Take ashes, wax, salt, water and bury into the ground as an offering

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