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Important Dates

October 22

Sultan Field Trip

October 28

Grade 5 Assembly

October 29

Dress Down Day

Star of the Week

Yousef Al Duaij

Each week we will celebrate a student in the
classroom for who they are. This has nothing
to do with behavior, we are just celebrating
the fact that they are important to our
classroom community.

Dear Families,
I hope that everyone had a great Islamic New Year! As we are coming back, there
are quite a few things coming up this week. First off, we are starting a new unit,
Where We Are in Place and Time, and we are going to need some home assistance
which will be explained below. We also will be going on a FIELD TRIP THIS
CHAPERONES. Please look for the sign-up sheet to come home on Sunday.

Recorders are here!
Mr. Levi and Ms. Kristina will be selling recorders to students in grades 2-5 before school and
during recess times. Recorders cost 3 KD; please bring exact change. Students may choose
between BLUE, RED, and GREEN on a first-come, first-served basis. Grade 2 students will be
playing recorders during music class very soon. For all others with recorders, you are
welcome to participate in Recorder Karate during recess specials and other opportunities as
they arise.


Ask who, what, when, where, how, and why questions while
reading a story (Suggested questions on the blog under Helpful
Questions for Reading tab)
Compare and contrast two or more versions of the same story
by different authors or from different cultures
Form and use past tense of frequently occurring irregular
verbs (sat, hid, told, etc.)

Ways to help at home: Please have your child read nightly and then
tell you who is in the story and what did they do, where did they do
it and most importantly why did they do it. Please have your child

write 2-3 sentences per night using proper capitalization and


Place Value (100 can be thought of as 10 bundles of 10)
Less than, Greater than, Equal to (<, >, = )

Ways to help at home: Please have your child practice comparing two
numbers between 100 and 999. Please have your child look at an
analog clock and write down the time when they do their homework,
eat dinner, and go to bed every night.

Change over time impacts relationships

Ways to help at home: Please have your child work on creating a
timeline about their life. Please make sure that they have at least
3-4 pictures from different time periods of their life and how (ie:
infant, year 1 to 2, year 3 to 4, year 5 to 6, etc.)

Our class is in the process of building our community here at school. Every student
is an important part of our community. Please discuss at home their responsibilities
within our classroom and school community. Thank you!