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Republic of the Philippines

Region VIII (Eastern Visayas)
Division of Leyte
Inopacan District


S.Y. 2015-2016

In Science, earthquake describes as an abrupt, often violent movement of

the Earths surface. It is an occurrence that happens anytime and anywhere in the
universe. This is ordinary in the Philippines because this nation is frequently known
as the Pacific Ring of Fire due to the numerous active and inactive volcanoes
existing in this pretty country. When this occurs, it can cause enormous
devastation and damage to many lives, buildings and properties.
To be prepared ourselves with this cataclysm, the Department of Education
sent a spoken order to perform an earthquake drill activity to all public and private
elementary and secondary schools every month of July. The chief purpose to this
exceptional activity, is to help the students/pupils to be well informed on the
crucial thing to act first during its occurrence and so they can have also a chance
to share the information they have learned throughout the drill to their family and
the whole community as well.
For this reason, last July 31, 2015 (Friday) at 9:30 in the morning, the
Caminto Elementary School conducted the said order from DepEd, Leyte Division
an earthquake drill within the school vicinity. Before it started, each class adviser
oriented each grade level some imperative views on what to carry out during the
final earthquake drill. Each class Adviser also supervised and facilitated the
orientation and they gave instructions also to their pupils as guidelines on what
they should supposed to execute for the period of the said drill activity. The ringing
of the bell was used as a signal to start the drill and gone this way. While the bell
rang once, all pupils were prepared themselves. When the bell rang twice, all of
them hid under hard and strong desks/tables. When it rang thrice, they went out
from the classroom with both hands covered on their heads and ran into the school
plaza or in an open field which was far from any electric post/wirings, big trees and
buildings. The teachers checked and counted the number of pupils who were
participated during the earthquake drill orientation inside the classroom. Finally,
the School Head added some recommendations to be always calm and nor be
frightened and must bring possible things which are needed whenever this disaster
occurs anywhere they stay.
As observed, the earthquake drill activity was joyfully done with the active
involvement and undeniable interest and willingness of each person concerned.

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