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Peer Review Sheet: Found Genres

Author’s name: ___Alison Fensterer_______
Reviewer’s name: Elijah Wells
Author: Before exchanging papers with one of your classmates, fill in the following
information about your draft.
State the type of genre you have chosen to create and what your main
purpose is: Are you trying to explain a process, persuade a person of authority, or
state your legally-binding wishes?

The genre I decided to create is a letter. I wrote a letter to my grandma telling her about
college and all the experiences I am having.

Describe the best section of your “down” draft so far.

The best section of my “down” draft so far is the part about the football
games. I think that it is funny and it’s actually true so that just makes it better.
Explain one or two problems that you are having with this draft that you
want your reader to focus on.
I want the reader to focus on if I told her enough about college. Could there
be something else I could tell her about or is there a part that I could add on to.
Content/Organization - What topics should, or might need to be, included in
this genre of writing? What headings/sections should be included, and how should
they be organized for maximum effectiveness in the accomplishment of your
purpose? List the necessary content and organization criteria below:
Well the first part of a letter would be the date. I put the date that I wrote it
on but the final copy will have a different date because I will make revisions. It
starts with “Dear Maw-Maw”, so addressing her. Then it ends with “With much love,
Mae”, so it has a closing thing. Then each paragraph is about something different.
Tone/Diction/Style – What language selection choices are necessary for this
genre of writing? Casual, formal, a combination? Is it appropriate to use long and
complex sentence constructions, or should information be communicated in brief,

succinct sentences? Are specific words necessary (as in a resume) to accomplish
your purpose? List all below:
Different letters have different tones, styles and dictions. My letter is way
more casual than a letter would be to my boss. I chose words that I would use on a
daily basis and ignored spellcheck. The sentences I used were long enough to get
across the point but not too long. No specific words are necessary for my letter.

Reviewer: Read the author’s comments above, and read the entire draft through
once without making any comments. Then reread the draft in order to answer the
following questions related to the criteria being used to construct and evaluate the
Content/Organization: Evaluate based on criteria listed above by the author.
Suggest where content should be added/subtracted and where organization could
be improved. Give specific examples.

I feel like maybe you split your ideas up into too many paragraphs and some of your
paragraphs could have easily flown together as one idea.

Tone/Diction/Style: Evaluate the draft so far, based on these criteria. Suggest
where the writing would benefit from a different tone style or word choice. Give
specific examples.

Your tone and word choice is very comforting and laid back and I think that it is
good that you don’t have it in a very formal style.


Suggest solutions to the problem(s) the author wanted you to focus on.

For the problems you suggested, that is something you will have to decide for
yourself. If there has any important exam grades you wish to share with her or
exciting things that have happened to her that you want her to know about then
you can let her know.

Important: When your reviewers return your peer review sheets, please pay close
attention to (but also evaluate) all comments and suggestions for revision. Please
seriously consider your peers' suggestions on how to improve your paper and
accomplish your main purpose successfully.